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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2022 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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come to pass, despite all our efforts to find the diplomatic solution. moscow bears sole responsibility for the deliberate, cold blooded and long planned invasion. we condemn russia's aggressions in the strongest possible terms. on call on russia to immediately cease its military action. we stand with the brave people of ukraine. we fully support ukraine's sovereignty and to the total integrity. it's right of self defense on its right to choose his own. paul was the russian ministry, besides the ukrainian capital, moscow has said it will topple the ukrainian government. the mayor of care for the amount that the that has announced that the defense of the city has begun. thousands of civilians are flat. those who remain are braced for a violent confrontation. oh,
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another terrifying, started a day in keith. overnight. there was more destruction. bombs rained down, forcing residence to flee, to safety in bunkers, metro stations, and sellers packed with residence, grappling to come to terms with their new reality. oh yes, it's hard, but i'm holding on. the hood of a nearby house caught fire and there were many victims. and we were waiting until 7 o'clock in the morning in our apartment, in the corridor in the bathroom until the end of curfew, local, so that we could come here. i work here at the policy. should houston? oh, i feel mostly tired and anxious. nathangelo. it's
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so strange. none of us feels really. yeah, i don't even know how to relate to it. oh, my goodness of your for them. what we see above them. soldiers on the streets of central, keith and reports of gunfire near the government district and on the edge of the capitol, an enemy aircraft, the ukrainian army claims they shot down. meanwhile, ukraine's president sent a message to russia as he assailed law though a bitter ranch. if even russia will have to talk to a sooner or later, yes, you should talk about how to end the fighting and stop this invasion that for the sooner the conversation begins. well, the fewer losses there will be for russia itself that are there some way i see. but in moscow repeated unfounded claims from the kremlin suggest there's no end to russia's invasion in sight. the aim of the operation was openly declared
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demilitarization and d not to vacation, but most of these we want the ukranian people or as president putin said, you got older people living in modern ukraine to have the opportunity to freely determined their future. destiny was about boardman. but for most ukrainians, the only future they are contemplating now is whether to remain in their homeland or to flee with european union leaders of agreed new sanctions on russia over its invasion of ukraine. but they held back from by cutting it off from the global swift payment system, a following resistance from countries including germany, european commission, president, a sort of fond alliance as measures agreed. a would have a major impact on the russian economy. we will hold the kremlin accountable the package of massive and targeted sanctions. european leaders approved tonight, clearly demonstrates that it will have maximum impact on the russian economy and
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the political elite. and it is built off 5 pillars, the 1st that the financial sector. second, the energy sector, the 3rd is the transport sector forth our export controls and the ban of export financing. and finally, visa policy. well, let's hear now from svetlana to canal sky us. she's the leader of the opposition in bella. rue switch borders that ukraine, which has been an umbrella rake, excuse me. bell ruth, which has been allied with russia in its assault, was forced into exile by the country's autocratic leader, alexander lucas shanker. a welcome to the w. and can we start with your reaction to the events of the last couple of days? no, yes, the in the morning, of course we walk up a new reality. the didn't expect this a war would happen. we didn't believe in these. and, but we see that illegitimate regime made bureaus. the contract ressa are put in
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partner with lucas sanker and attack to korean. and this is the price or august didn't get is paying for cremmit support and to enter to enter, which allowed got and got to stand power. and so i really want to express, so there are to be, it's all ukrainian spillers and people don't want to fight special. they don't want to fight against ukraine, our neighbor people, the law for and the one to be friends. of course, with them. it's hard. i mean, what you base us on because we hear in the west where we hear the narrative that is coming out of the crime. and we're here the narrative from the crime and talking about the not vacation, talking about a genocide against russian people. this is the same story, the russians i hearing, so if that's what they're hearing, what makes you so sure, they don't want to. well, no i what people in the 21st century have to and it had to realize that
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situation by themselves and not to follow propaganda messages. because people in any country can decide the future for themselves. and they want to use the building, which they want to live peacefully in the countries, and i'm going to keep them with the ukrainians. no, nobody complains a government abusing them or whatever. and of course, they say this narrative, this message is sent by russia. that doesn't have anything to them, you know, nothing that nothing real on part of russia's at a top has been learned from military base in your country by the ruse. and it's sort of a protein in complete control of the country. we see that an illegitimate, risen regime can control situation. any more question. got lost. he's legitimacy in
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2020 and now he is selling our country to, to kremlin. now he's like a huge, a craft carrier for russia, and there's provides its territory infrastructure meal through facilities and russia and the bill was an air defense system is 72 russian, me style and fight attack. and i know that you called on members of, but they, by the us military not to participate in russia. what sort of response have you had you know, i know that the majority of those and people don't support this war, don't support the participation or for that there was an army in this war on the 12 percent. believe that bill was and must, those must send. it's so sold us and only the 10 percent and support of russian
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campaign, 56 percent believe bill must a neutral and i hope that people in the new club today and the army understand this as well. and they will not feel new criminal order. so the regime that was a lot of criticism of western governments for not supporting are you enough on the opposition enough when the regime in better was cracked down on the pro democracy movement the to lead. there's a lot of the same criticism now when it comes to supporting ukraine, that i wonder how you feel is the west of failing eastern europe. you know, actually i am grateful for to european union for united position about bureaus. and i saw a lot of sympathy and solidarity bill resent people, but actually the 1st throne package of sanctions have been imposed in 10 months
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after correct down of no bill recent uprising. and of course it's too late. and i think that half measures only harm in this situation, and i'm sure that much more could be done towards bill regime and much more can be done now to, to support ukraine when i'm just on that with so much of the world's attention are focused on you cried, i want to do, do work better is, is fight for democracy. will get forgotten. her fight for the for democracy will never be forgotten. and more over, as the bill arose is a part of this. at ration, of course, it will be interconnected. this crisis in ukraine, and moreover, while all the attention is on this ukrainian or russian prizes, very important events are going on in barrels. you know that it,
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this sunday we are going to have so called referendum launched by illegitimate regime. and what is there are concerned about this random that's a oh gosh, and is going to amend our constitution and the paragraph about neutrality and no nuclear stages of our country is deleted. so it could be a risk and became a threat for european security because you know, question is unpredictable and next day after this can so cold constitutions adopted nuclear weapon russian nuclear weapon can be on the territory or for billers, sobering thought. so thank you so much for joining us of the origin of this needles for atlanta to kind of scar. thank you. this is d w life from birth and we'll get the latest business news related to this invasion from d. w 4 to rob was ah,
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welcome to this update on the latest business related news regarding russia's invasion of ukraine. we begin in brussels, where you lead, as have agreed on further sanctions against russia. following the emergency summit, european commission, president ursula on the line said the blocks, 2nd rafters, sanctions in a week would have maximum impact on the russian economy. political elite is she forwarded. the measures aim to target 70 percent of russia's banking market as well as keith. they turn companies, it adds to further sanctions imposed by the united states as well. the latest sanctions against russia include in terms of the financial sector, the u. s. is putting restrictions against all major russian banks. meanwhile, the u is also cutting the ability of the russian state to access the blocks, capital markets, or asset freezes and travel bands for a number of individuals, including politicians in oligarchy, with close ties to putin. there are further sanctions against the russian energy
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sector. after putting the north stream to pipeline on hold, you is threatening to curb exports and imports for gas giant gas from other sanctions target the technology sector as well. the will stop supplying high tech components and software to russia, and the u. s. says it will severely restrict which is access to semiconductors, computers and telecoms equipment still on the table. so is disconnecting russia from the international payment system. swift. but that would come with severe problems to western countries too. and so far hasn't been agreed upon where we can now speak to veronica grim from the german council of economic experts. thanks a lot for joining us. let's talk a bit more about the latest you sanctions, what impact they actually going to have on russia? and so meanwhile, the youth summit, it meet on a package that has been prepared for a week. so excess of major ration banks to you,
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your pin capital markets will be blocked. assets of certain russians in europe will be frozen and good for the energy industry. you may no longer be delivered to russia and some other things. and so the fact that the sanctions were passed without much concrete. lucy can be seen as a sign of particularly good preparation are also inadequate preparation because after all, in the masses in wage and maybe tougher sanctions would all last been appropriate. and one has not decided to cut out russia from the swift payment system. so this would be quite a tougher sex and that has not been chosen up to now. yeah, they have decided that they're not going to exclude russia from this into the system that would make it very difficult for russia to trade with other countries. why have they stopped short of fat at this stage?
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and so it has been said and that that have to be sanctions. that would remain in case more c, r sanctions would be appropriate. however, this situation might have been occurred already today. so the swift sanctions would have the practical effect that cross border payment would no longer be possible and would also restrict payments within russia. so this would be what senior sanction, actually, and it had been applied before to other countries. in the past, for example, i ran north korea dentist example in iran after the 2012 exclusion, half of the exports. and the sort of international trade of iran had collapsed. so it had a very big impact on iran, but it is being saved up. like you said,
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germany is one of the countries that says that it wants to keep this sort of in the armory for use later on. but what sort of a situation would it take for this actually to happen? and this is very hard to answer for me. so i think the in house being massive up to now and it seems that this situation has also not been expected in the way it's happened before. so i would think that an exclusion of swift would be appropriate as a sanction. but it has not been decided maybe because it has not been prepared sufficiently up to now. right. but there are a member states that are pushing for a poland. for example, latvia, countries that feel a lot more on the threat from russia. i want to talk about actually the impact of what's happening in ukraine for ordinary europeans. it's
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a continent that's already struggling with inflation and.


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