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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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boy, d, w ah, this is the w news live from berlin. civilian targets under fire in russia's war on ukraine. an apartment block suffers a direct rocket strike as russian forces attempt to seize control of a key suburb. moscow says it is using cruise missiles against ukraine, seeking refuge from russia's aggression ukrainians make it to safety in poland, including children whose fathers turned back to fight for their country. while chancellor, all of sholtes meets with the leaders of eastern european nato allies,
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the 1st refugees from the ukraine conflict conflict arrive in germany. ah, michael ok, thanks so much for joining us. ukrainian of forces have been fighting back against russian assaults on the outskirts of keith authorities are urging citizens to defend the capital weapons, including guns are being given out to residents. the ukrainian army says it repelled an assault on a military base in the capital. russia says it has launched a barrage of cruise missiles and rockets against ukraine. ah, an early morning mrs. strike on a residential block and key of here's the moment of impact from inside. one of the apartment, san russia says it's only targeting military
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facilities. ukrainian officials call this a cynical attack on civilian infrastructure. no debts have yet been reported. but for some, it was very close. ow, xhylia. now we go, was a direct hit into the living room. we were lucky to escape because we were in the kitchen. my wife and our older child had their legs broken, watch, the younger one was taken somewhere by the rescuers. i'm looking for him now and that's why many civilians are sheltering and basements or fleeing altogether streaming towards ukraine's western borders. 100000 have crossed into poland this week as they seek a safe haven in the e. u. the president wants the regional block to go one further and fast track ukraine's membership. laurie norman, your academy, doctor, later residential buildings destroyed by misses and artillery of the final argument
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for the world to join us in stopping this. occupational invasion, i say is frankly as possible. look, the ukrainian people deserve and have the right to get membership of the european union, ultimately, celeste, the europe. this'll be the main evidence of support for our country and beat them, get nicely grain. still, his forces claim their repelling the russian advance. moscow says it's launching missiles from both the air and see the 2 countries fighting a propaganda battle as the war rages on that speak. now to andrea jessica, a reporter, specializing in crises, migration and human rights. who joins us now from ukraine. she's on the phone because she says she's at a secret location, which of course, she can't disclose. andrea, tell us what's been happening around you. we are standing in front of the main police station at the moment, and that's a long, long queue of man. the young man who won to join the territory defense and go in
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there and come back out with munition and collection calls. and they all say they're going to fight on to the and ready to sacrifice their life for the country . and they also waited that they can beat the russians. we heard some summary fire this morning in the city about 5 or 6 streets away from where we are staying at came from to side. so it seems there, are there 6 fighting going on already? and people are desperately buying food in the few shops, but i still open but everything is mainly gone it's, it's hard to get anything to eat any more, everything the clothes, of course, the metro is not running anymore. so the city of very quiet right now. i just want to ask you very quickly about those men that you saw essentially enlisting. was there a look of resolve in these in these people's eyes, or was there just a sense of this is their duty?
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well, i think they, they consider their duty. they are not really willing to talk to us. this is something that we have experience in the past 2 days. also that the sentiment against europe is this quite bad right now. people feel that we desire to help less. they are asking us why we don't do anything and why we don't to help. so they are not really eager to talk to with them. john is benny most of them. and yesterday we had to stay in that we went there, there was alarm and we went to the bunker and we were told to go because they was your a p and there. so yeah, and that's the, that's how people feel here. now they, they really are kids by europe, your journalist, what are your fears now regarding press freedom in the ability of the media to report on what's happening in the country? i think the problem is that the news come within seconds and nobody can follow
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really anymore. what's going on? the interesting thing is that within the city it is really hard to know what is going on there. just so many rumors going around. people of course, pick up this month and there's a lot of bullshit that is being told here was, was supposedly, is happening, which when you do some fact checking is not true. but yeah, emotions are high and people are not very, very, very sensible anymore about what they say. understood. that's andrea jessica in ukraine. how many thinks and stay safe? of course. ok, thanks a lot. russian president vladimir putin has repeated a call to ukrainian soldiers to surrender. also, making baseless accusations against the ukrainian government. you should have the brochures. once again, i appeal to the service men of the armed forces of ukraine. your system do not
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allow now not cease to use your children, your wives and elderly, as human shields. take power into your own hands. it seems that they will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this gang of luck at excel, and you will not see who set the keys and took the entire ukrainian people hostage . journalists, a survey said enough sky joins me now for moscow. sergey putin there, of course, calling on the ukrainian armed forces to stage a coup. essentially, what's the feeling in russia as to how putin's war is going to reaction thin? there are inside russia are very different. you can see jubilation only on stage 2 on tv channels on there, the propaganda machine says that russia is act like her great father, like the usa. they also to humanize ukrainian officials.
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you got here yesterday and the president, president putin called the ukrainian the leader says a bunch of junk is yes, but also people feel different feelings. i mean, i spoke to the people who live in belgrade. they sit next to the border with ukraine, and they haven't been living on the stress for several days to dance just outside their windows. and for last 3 days they can hear the sound of explosions that also cause windows. and so it's very stressful for them. and you also can see people get out to the streets of mosque of st. petersburg and other cities of russia that protest against the invasion of ukraine. i understand the kremlin has moved to titan restrictions on social media,
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most notably access to facebook. what more can you tell us? yes, lots of people can access the facebook well and also to winter russian media watchdog ross come not 0 or says that it is a reaction to facebook block in the russian state or on tv channels. so like, and also some in the mass media like lemme to rent a room, but also a lot of independent mass media in expand that they can blog. can they blocked in just to recent to hours because or ask on the door prohibits to use the term war while talking about the conflict in ukraine. they say it is the russian military operation and ukraine. and what every mass media in russia should use.
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we've seen protest in many russian cities. how broad is the opposition to this war in russia? it seems like it is a huge, a position in the russia. a 1000 saw sign journalist. even doctor sent teachers sign letters open letters, editions against the war. also a lot of celebrities, prominent people, and they're actually synagogue writers, my boss onto war on publication. on instagram, they brought us to the black square and say no to war. so it seems like a position is really great in the russia. really appreciate your time and perspective journalists, a surrogate center north sky. many,
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many thanks. thank you. the european union has already imposed economic sanctions on russia. french and naval forces have now intercepted a cargo vessel loaded with cars, heading for russia. they suspect it belongs to a company targeted by the sanctions. president manuel mccall fears the war in ukraine will have lasting consequences for your dollars. if i can tell you one thing this morning, it is that this crisis will last, this war will last and all the crises that come with it will have lasting consequences. and so we must prepare for this with great determination. and great solidarity was the book. saudi died. german chancellor of shorts is meeting with poland prime minister in lithuania, as president here in berlin to discuss further sanctions on russia. western nations have already imposed a wide range of sanctions following the invasion of ukraine. on friday,
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both the u. s. and e. u announced plans to put sanctions directly on president vladimir putin and his foreign minister, sergei left off. but the polish government says it wants you to go further and sanction russia much more harshly. we're joined down the studio by our political correspondent, thomas sparrow. thomas german chancellor sholtes met with the leaders of poland. in lithuania today. how significant is this meeting? it is very significant and we already heard from poland leader, why he actually came to berlin. he said that he wanted to shake germany's conscience knocking germany to leave its selfishness aside. strong were extremely strong words from poland leader towards germany's off shots in particular what poland once you already mentioned, one of the 2 elements is much stronger sanctions towards russia. one of the key elements there is germany is reluctance to go with other european countries and
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band russia from the swift financial system. the 2nd element which poland ones is for germany to send weapons to ukraine. it is, by the way, i request that ukraine has stressed many times, and so far, germany has only promised to send to $5000.00 helmets. in fact, those 5000 and helmets were delivered on friday from germany to ukraine. there's a big debate here in this country as to why germany has so far not sent any weapons to ukraine, as other countries have done, like they not get states or like the united kingdom. and let's go back to that ban on the swift financial system. germany is holding out here in europe. please explain what thinking is on the. essentially what germany believes is that by doing that, by blocking russia from the swift system, there will be significant collateral damage. i'm quoting here giovanni's
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a foreign minister in a bad book in particular because this system is used not only for german businesses that carry out business affairs with, with russia, but also for payments on gas deliveries. and there's a specific fear has been expressed, for example, by germany finance minister, that gas deliveries to germany could be cut if indeed, the european union decides to bind russia from this swift system. however, germany has stressed that they are open to discussing or taking russia out of swift as long as the consequences for specific european countries are also taken into consideration. so germany is one of the few european union countries that still remains hesitant when it comes to this with decision. and everybody here in europe is very nervous about what's going on with energy sources right now. you know, we're also hearing about the 1st group of basically refugees leaving ukraine as a result of this conflict. having arrived here in germany,
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what more can you tell us about that? and this is actually another big and potentially difficult element of this whole crisis. united nations estimate say that already over a 100000 people have fled ukraine, that if their estimates proved to be correct, if the war continues, if the war intensifies vague, there could be up to 4000000 people leaving ukraine. and the 1st people fleeing the war in ukraine have already arrived here in germany, particularly in the eastern part of the country. so in the german state that borders with poland, already officials de stressing that they're preparing for the arrival of around 10000 people. the 1st families have also arrived here in berlin. berlin officials also saying that they're preparing for, for this arrival. so there's also a lot happening in that regard. preparing for the arrival of people who are fleeing the war in ukraine, an onslaught. thomas sparrow. thank you so much now
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many of the people caught up in the invasion have fled to neighboring countries. tens of thousands of ukrainians have already laughed. most are headed to countries bordering ukraine. these include e u members, poland, slovakia, hungry romania as well as non member, moldova as fighting worsens. these nations are now racing for more refugees in the coming days. the train station in the polish city of chimerical 10 kilometers from ukraine for many ukrainian refugees. it's their 1st stop after crossing the border . these 4 children are having their 1st hot meal in 30 hours. after traveling 450 kilometers through ukraine. their fathers weren't able to join them. they stayed behind to fight. the children are now waiting for their mothers to arrive, present for them on the day. there were masses of people on the way. we took
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a bus towards the border and then whooped. then we stood in a long q u. suddenly we saw our cousins leave it and we've been together since then . we waited a long time for the transport from the border. and now we're finally here. the way was hard and long because of traffic jams, they had to get off the bus and walk the last 15 kilometers to the border near live . if they heard explosions. good. it was terrible that there were rockets sign. we came here with that passports, we only have our birth certificates, we were lessened to poland as refugees. the as you see, the polish authorities have decided to let all ukrainians into the country. even those who have no passports, which are normally required to enter the e u at the train station as well as in several reception centers. they are supported by volunteers and the military. the refugees are relieved to have escaped
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the war. but they're also worried about what they have left behind the events in their country. those who are not picked up here by friends or relatives are taken in by private individuals. the willingness to help is great. within a day of the russian invasion, 30000 refugees arrived in poland from ukraine, the government and more so i expect that up to 1000000 people can flee to the country and it promises that they will all be taken in. let's bring in now d, w, corresponded max, and who ease at 8 the train station in financial maxim, more than a $100000.00 ukranian refugees have already arrived in poland. describe the situation. there were the train station in service, as you rightly pointed out, and it just became a lot more busy over the last last few minutes. the last train from ukraine just
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came in and brought up a lot of new people and people here actually a polish locals and people from the city council fire fighters as well. so they're working very hard to provide, provide help provided many donations like these food donations over here, and services to the people here who arrive here at the airport. so the handling out food, but they're also helping them with their next travel arrangements. so i'm trying to bring them together with the family and relatives if there are some in poland or a neighboring countries, or if not, help them with accommodation. bring them to some of the reception centers that have been put in place here in the country and the interior minister deputy in terms of poland. and i came to the area this morning and spoke to the press and said, i pointed out more than a 100000 people already have crossed from ukraine to poland. and they're likely going to be a lot more numbers. conservative estimates were about $1000000.00, but perhaps they're going to be even more than that. but it seems that the authorities are and, and locals are doing their utmost to,
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to provide assistance to the people who have come, you already max. it's literally busing there. i can't imagine that there's going to be a lead of any time soon. the refugees are often on the road for hours. i imagine they arrive though having not slept or eaten much. what condition are they in? that's absolutely right. i mean people, people are leaving. you train for reason, people are anxious people have fear, people have experience trauma perhaps, but also they are just very exhausted. did the trip through you train on and also the last, like across the border tex takes a lot of time at that. the land crossings have been particularly difficult of the car crossings because there have been huge pile ups of traffic to my to leave their cars and, and walk the last few kilometers to cross the border. so people who are right there and actually very exhausted. and in addition to that, the ukrainian authorities hm. made it changed the crossings
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at the style, the crossings. and you cannot cross my car from, you trained to pull any longer because a lot of the drivers were male and they're trying to keep anybody of the fighting age between 18 and 60 in the country. so now people who leave you train and cross the border to pull and actually have to walk, or if they come by train here to the train station. it's also very difficult because you're dealing with a lot of checks for the same reason. and a lot of delays. so people here are in a very difficult state max, i wonder how do people on the ground in poland actually view this attack in ukraine and are they, are they angry, or is there a few that perhaps russia mate may have them in it? sites me that's, that's difficult to say. i mean, everybody, everybody across the board is worried. that's for sure. there
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have has been a story come, mistrust tu, tu, tu, tu, to rush hour for especially some older parts of the polish generation. so people are doing very close to what's happening and a lot of people are afraid that this, that violence may spill over. and that perhaps being in the european union and being in nato might not be enough protection after all. but at the moment, the situation is very fast moving, of course and people are obviously worried and watching very close to what's happening. max sandra, with a group of very tired and hungry people there in nash, michelle, and many, many thanks. d. w corresponded funny for shar, joins us on the line, and actually we see pictures of her. there she is. she was in keith, but is no longer there has moved to another location altogether. funny. tell us where you are and what's going on around you. i mean,
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i'm an ascii which is about normally about 4 hours from keith. it actually took us 14 hours yesterday to get here. and what you actually see behind me as normally as theater. but it's no longer theater, but it has become a refugee center for internally displaced people from all, all regions of ukraine, a trying to find a shelter here. now on the other side, just across from this shelter, you see a long, long line of people, volunteers, a man of all ages, trying to sign off to help ukraine and defend itself. what's happening really here in an etzky is something it also also tells you what their situation right now is in ukraine. and that is a combination of a panic, a combination of resistance and, and, and still a hope though, that it may not go as far as, as a lot of people are worried, that it may, that this is going to be a rule for a long, long long time to calm people are hoping that there's going to be
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a negotiation between ukraine and russia to prevent the death and the further bloodshed among civilians among soldiers. and everyone involved here in this as situation in ukraine. and funny, as we saw those images of people who are now displaced, you get the sense that this is certainly just the beginning of what have you heard from you? cringe capital chief. what's happening, keith is, is basically just a big mess right now. people are panicking, they're trying to find shelter or go to the mattress station. the mayor of keep declared that or a natural i don't to not, i'm not going to operate any longer. they are only operating as a bunkers as shelters. now we have seen, of course, heart wrenching pictures of children huddling together are scared. and it is all very, very critical situation. as we are hearing that the russian military troops, i'll building up around the city,
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apparently only 30 kilometers from the city center. these are heavy russian troops build up, but already they're russian soldiers in on the ground in keith. so it's expected that street fight between ukrainian and russian forces are about to begin or even to escalate. at the same time, the president, president zalinski, appeared in a video on the social media early this morning. basically trying to show, i'm still here, i'm not going to lay down arms because he said, rumors have it that people thing that he is going to urge people to lay down their arms and dimitra dean militarized as is being expected by a russian president vladimir putin. so a lot of chaos and in fact, what is engulfing right now, keith and history on clear lot the next hours are going to bring they are just like, is unclear, was going to happen to the rest of the country as you're so many explosions across the country in various regions,
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even though the most intense shelling so far still is in the east and in the southern and northern parts of ukraine. ok, that's a d w. so funny for sure. are many, many things funny and please say says you're watching the w news. here's the main story we're following for you. recapping the latest developments, ukraine's military says it repelled an assault by russian troops on an army base in vassal cove. about 40 kilometers shout of keith. the mayor says there were heavy casualties. russian news agency interface reports that it forces have taken control of the ukrainian city of mel topple. if confirm this would be the 1st major city to full. street fighting continues in the capital. keith intense gunfire and explosions. roth, this city overnight. a missile passed, struck in apartment block in a cave suburb that russian forces were attempting to capture. russia says it is
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firing rockets and cruise missiles coming up our program for an african youth, the 77 percent. this time a look into corruption. in kenyan sport, there is complete coverage of russia's war against ukraine on our website, d. w dot com, a micro locum, in berlin for me in the entire news team. thanks for watching. ah, with
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ah, who? the 77 percent. this time is old about sports. both me and traditional plus an exclusive interview with marathon superstar. you keep to gauge what are these values that you see in august, so important? dixie. i took the go to the next to my fun. you'll send this to fun. you of going to stance the 77 percent on
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d. w. priceless treasures stolen from war zone 100 in looted for the international art. market. collectors covered these extremely valuable and unique pieces from the middle east, which fetched tom prizes at european auction houses in the moral business that fills the coffers of terrors. factions, blood treasures in 45 minutes on d, w. o. in many countries, education is still a privilege. hardy is one of the main causes some young children walk in mind jobs instead of going to others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children,
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all over the world can't go to school. we ask why and because education makes the world more just make up your own mind. d w mate. mine's ah ah hello and a one. welcome to the 77 percent. our program for you africa youth. i'm either kimani and this week we have a very special so for you coming to you from l door, it's the home of champion. this week we take a deep dive into the world of sports across the continent. here's what we have for you. we investigate how to tackle corruption in kenyon sports institutions, marathon legend and you took it till the secrets and how to keep your mind on track
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