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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CET

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boy, d, w ah, ah, this is the w news live from birth and maybe a report suggest germany could be ready to deliver weapons to your crime. earlier chance of olaf shalt met nato allies to discuss top of sanctions against russia. it's thought germany could now agree to st. 400 rocket propelled grenades t crime. that is, he kind prepaid for another night on the bombardment from brushing artillery and apartment block in keith's office, a direct rocket strike. but you, prince president, says his forces are still in control of the capital that as the russian invasion
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sends tens of thousands of families flaying across the border into neighboring countries with some men forced to turn back and defend their homeland. ah m. anthony, how'd walk into the program? germany could reverse an initial decision not to say in weapons to ukraine after crisis meetings in berlin. the leaders of poland and lithuania were in berlin to urge germany to take stronger measures against russia. johnson, the oldest sholtes, met with the polish prime minister and let you any president to discuss tougher action to support ukraine. maybe report say germany could now agree to send several 100 rocket propelled grenades to ukraine via a 3rd country. bolstering the nato, a military present in several e. u countries is also now believe to be on the table. with me
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is the w political correspond, thomas farrah, thomas, welcome. there are reports coming in of a change in plans here. what is exactly happening? well, essentially you mentioned that with the r p g 's for a long time, germany has had a stance that it does not send defensive weapons to ukraine. there are different reasons for that. one is germany's own belligerent history, but germany for a long time also believed that sending defensive weapons to conflict. so, and in particular, in this case to ukraine would have made a diplomatic solution more difficult. so this reported change basically using the 3rd country to allow ukraine to receive germany, to ukraine, to receive weapons from germany. would certainly mark a significant change of direction in that very important german policy. germany is one of the few countries that has so far had this restrictive policy of not sending
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defense weapons to ukraine. other countries that the united kingdom are they not? it states had, from the very beginning, said they would support ukraine with defense weapons. so a small and significant step, if you like german chancellor shop was leading the made as the leaders of poland. in lithuania, he, in berlin. what else there was on the table? well, we heard previously from the polish lead, a very strong words indeed of criticism towards the german liter, towards the german government, essentially putting pressure on germany for germany to change the one hand this policy on defensive weapons. so if this indeed is confirmed by the government, it would be a significant change, which is also the response to growing pressure from germany political allies. on the other hand, there's the issue of swift, the financial system. germany is one of the very few countries that is still reluctant to banning russian from the swift system. there are rent reasons for that
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. and again, this is something that the polish leader was very clear to emphasize today before his meeting with all sorts. a lot of criticism, as he referred to. why not? why, why? why not just take this step immediately, specifically because germany believes that could be collateral damage in a very significant way for germany only for germans german businesses that deal with russia. but also when it comes to gas deliveries, it has been a concern here in germany or fear. actually, i would say here in germany that this could lead to problems in gas deliveries from russia to germany. so that's one of the reasons why germany has been so reluctant on this pressure is nevertheless, growing more and more countries within the european union are saying that this ban for russia on swift is actually necessary. so this means that germany's stance may also change as pressure grows for a germany, for germany to take a different stance, and that person is growing. we're also hearing in the last hours that the 1st
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groups of people fling the war in ukraine are arriving here in germany. do we know how many people are expected to arrive? well, if you look only, for example, at the border region with poland at the federal state of brandenburg, they're saying they're expecting over 10000 people, or at least they're preparing for over 10000 people. but that is not really that is only really a fragment of the whole situation of the whole problem here of the whole discussion on refugees as well. the united nations was stressing earlier that if the situation worsens in ukraine, if the war continues in ukraine, their plans include up to 4000000 people who could leave ukraine to different countries, including germany. so that's why germany as well as other countries, are preparing for the arrival of people who are fleeing from the war and ukraine. political correspondent, thomas barrow, thanks very much. will you for and is preparing for another night on the bombardment from russian artillery. there's been little respite in 3
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days of fighting, as the ukrainian military resists russian assaults. authorities are urging citizens to defend the capital. keith and the army says it repelled an assault on a military base to the south. president vladimir zalinski says his forces are still holding keith. russia has launched a barrage of cruise missiles and rockets an early morning, mrs. strike on a residential block and key of here's the moment of impact from inside one of the apartment, sir, where russia says it's only targeting military facilities. ukrainian officials call this a cynical attack on civilian infrastructure. no debts have yet been reported. but for some, it was very close was only when we go was a direct hit into the living room. we were lucky to escape because we were in the
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kitchen. my wife and our older child had their legs broken watch. the younger one was taken somewhere by the rescuers. i'm looking for him now and that's why many civilians are sheltering in basements or fleeing altogether streaming towards ukraine's western borders. 100000 have crossed into poland this week as they seek a safe haven in the e. u. the president wants the regional block to go one further and fast track ukraine's membership. removing the iraqi at the map that the later residential buildings destroyed by misses and artillery of the final argument for the world to join us in stopping this occupational invasion. i saved, as frankly, as possible mac. the ukrainian people deserve and have the right to get membership of the european union. so less a europe this will be the main evidence of support for our country. she and peter im kid, nazi at grade. still his forces claimed their repelling the russian advance.
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moscow says it's launching missiles from both the air and see the 2 countries fighting a propaganda battle as the war rages on. will they doubly correspondence? sanisha joins us on the line now. she was in here but has now moved to another location for funny. tell us way warren paint the pitcher forest of what's going on around you. i mean hammond, etzky, which is about a 4 drive normally under normal circumstances from key f, but we actually needed 14 else yesterday to arrive here. now behind you see actually theater. people come here to watch a movie, but no, actually people are coming here to donate food for those internally displaced people, especially those are coming from key for right now who are picking up food, trying to look for some sort of short shelter actually on the billboard right there you read in ukrainian, that is a headquarters now to support i. d. peace. so also here 3 or 4 hours in terms of distance from here. if you have a location where people are either scrambling to find some,
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some very essential things, also a place to sleep tonight. while those actually live in this city are considering themselves to leave because they are various military infrastructure close by about 30 to 50 kilometers. you have either a meter warehouses or a military air base and they have come under intense shelling yesterday, but also the day before in fact. also driving to this direction yesterday, we also witnessed explosions had to turn around, take a different route. cars were signaling turn, turn around, it was a very, a critical situation and people are in a way, asking themselves really were, is that place that is still safe in some way to stay in ukraine? they're not many laughed. the situation is very volatile. so here in how many giver i'm staying right now, there are battles bang for in many locations funny, but none more symbolic and strategically important than keith. what are you hearing
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about the fight to hold? you crunch capital. keith remains a priority for russia to be taken over both in terms of taking over the government, but also to basically break at the very strong motivation there that there is among those who volunteer to fight to support the ukrainian forces. really the situation in key right now is a big my mast is no other way to express it for me as i've just left left it a day ago. but one day has brought such a change in terms of people really are trying to find shelter. in fact, all natural stations have turned into shots right now. they do not operate any longer. and the russian forces have really debacle. the russian forces have built up just 30 kilometers away from keith. and really the question is just how soon all of them are going to enter if they do the city center and what that's going to mean
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in terms of street fights and how the shelling there in keith, between ukrainian and russian soldiers. now, what is very important to know that so far russia said that they are only the only interested in critical military infrastructure, military infrastructure, per se, but in fact, today also residential building was shout in keith, and many, many civilians have been injured as well all around just until today, at least about 19080 people goes to 200 have died about 1000 people have been injured in, in the entire country. unclear whether they're all civilians or are also casualties among that number of 198 that our soldiers. but regardless, it tells you something that this a conflict, this full scale invasion that started just 3 days ago is far from over. the devilish funny fisher in ukraine. thank you. people and keith are facing a choice of whether to flee or to stay for those who cannot leave,
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must scramble to find shelter when russian attacks begin. they below the city. this already built system of tunnels. the metro with another night of air raids ahead, the people of give head to the metro gives underground. public transport system is now a network of bomb shelters. for days now, people have come here to seek refuge from russian rockets and bombs. i was waiting for a bus to evacuate me. our company had organized our evacuation and rented a bus to pick us up the now the bus can't enter the capital. i stayed at another station 1st and now have moved here to service bomb shelters is exactly what the underground system was designed for. it was built after world war 2, when the soviet union feared
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a nuclear war. the deepest station is more than 100 meters under the surface. it's very safe here. i think. i don't know whether it really is, but at least it feel safe here. after the russian attacks began, many people fled the city, but some are refusing to leave a game i will give is being protected. well no, i come down here to wait until it's safe to go out. i have no other plans. i trust our army and i trust that it will end. well. i have no desire to leave, give, or ukraine about. it's a particular irony that the 1st time the shelters are being used is under an attack, ordered from moscow. the former soviet capital that once ordered this underground
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network to be built. when russia and ukraine were part of the same country of a more, i'm joined by ego course of his and investigative journalist from ukraine, fixed security reasons, we won't reveal the exact location, ego 3 days into this invasion. tell me about your experience so far. i haven't seen any direct fighting myself, but many explosions. there were some gunfire, not far from my building last night. the locals think that us special operations forces were involved everyone who has family or will not everyone, but many people have families have fled the city and moved west some. i stayed behind many of joy, territorial defense units. everyone's comment determined if nervous and people are just bracing for the worse than hoping for the best. you talk about hearing the
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sounds of the brushing military, the bigger and better equipped than you. do you believe you can withstand this russian attack? yes, i think i can, the past few days have shown that the russians have not been as effective as we, as many experts go to predicted. they've made blunders. ukraine has made surprising what has managed to inflict surprisingly heavy losses on them. and obviously the, the ukrainians have much higher morale because they're fighting for their very existence. whereas the russians seem to be mostly very young people who are born after work and came to power. and many of them don't really the p o w is captured by craner saying that they were just told they were heading towards exercises when they were ordered to invade. and then they found themselves just thrown into an invasion, which i do think he has a yes sir, you go, you'll get your friends. president is urging civilians to battle russian troops
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with self made molotov cocktails. what i do plan to do, i'm planet, stay an report and do my job. i want to make sure the world sees all of this and what happens here and i, i will, that's my focus. i am not planning to get into combat unless i or my friends or colleagues are directly threatened. i think my role is to report the news and show the truth. do you think the people who are choosing to stay and fight ego? are they the few, or are there many, how many people are prepared to stay and take up arms against the russian army? i've heard of various estimates that death, tens of thousands, 5 joined territorial defense units. i can't get from that right now, but i for it is quite a lot of people and people are joining and rose. there was a pole that dab showed that about half of ukraine want with good stay and fight or
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support the military in some way. ego cause of i wish you luck and thank you for your time. thank you very much. well, we're going to hear from vladimir putin in a moment. this russian president vladimir putin as repeated a call to ukrainian soldiers to surrender. also making baseless accusations against the ukrainian government. let's hear from you. sure, so, but i shared once again, i appeal to the service men of the armed forces of ukraine. you'll notice them do not allow now not cease to use your children, your wives and elderly, good. as human shields. take power into your own hands. it seems that they will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with his gang of luck at excel, neo nazis who settled in cliff and took the entire ukrainian people hostage this against the little on join now by pavel. so can now he's an analyst,
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specializing in the russian military and based in moscow. welcome back to j. w. pavel putin's calculation seems to have been that his forces would secure a swift and clear victory from what you see. is this going to plan? well, it's so well known and often repeated in the american military, especially that the best finest military plans go to rubbish as soon as you meet the enemy in the field because the enemy has his own plans. so that's exactly what's happening. lou, this be decisive, right? now it's not too early a bit to say the russian france affairs seems to be a bit off schedule, though, the russians still have the initiative. that's for sure. and the opinions are just pushing back resisting, but the russians have the initiative and can use it. was the summer,
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especially for a boy, is that ukrainian military and political structures are somehow still holding. and the premium resistance is still organized. actually, the pent again generals believe that in 72 hours, 3 days, the ukrainian organized resistance would collapse, and then it would be maybe guerrilla warfare. so they were providing actually weapons before the war broke out weapons that can be used by guerrillas, shoulder washed, stinkers and javelins and other such anti tank weapons. but the premium military, their staffs are still working. it's an organized resistance, and that's not good. that's not good at all for the russian strategic plans to take over ukraine and rewrite their constitution, rewrite everything. because if there's continued and maybe even successful
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organized resistance that will raise the morale of the korean soldiers and population. and it will be harder for russia to operate. and actually if it drags on it could be a war of attrition that russia can actually the and lose puzzle their incredible words to, to hear that. but the brush on my list is for if they're coming up with a change of plan now, which is being spoken of that by going to now broaden the offensive in ukraine. what does that mean for the situation on the ground? well, i think it really began with a kind of hybrid warfare and with every one of expecting, i mean special forces, white forces, paratroopers penetrating in not really classical things that the russia merger good of. not the way we are say 5 being in syria where they liberated syrian cities by turning them into piles of rubble. a. so if a vague,
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the most likely they'll take the or a thing more seriously, more russian style and be more aggressive in using heavy weaponry. and that's not good, of course, for it to break the morale of the ukrainians, apparently. and still, when this conference, very russia, leadership is not ready to compromise and withdraw. though, of course they hoped it would be swift, especially that the swift victory would mean that the less than a sanctions machine was the most likely to lose its pace. if it's all over, but if it's not all over and if there's continued resistance and organized resistance, the west also change instead of just punishing russia, they'll begin sending real weapons. i mean tanks and heavy guns, maybe even jet fighters, helicopters, attack helicopters. i mean, why do you send not so gorilla forced to do a right. the state of falcon,
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our russian military analyst spiced in moscow. thanks so much for joining us. thank you. now many of the people caught up in the invasion have fled to neighboring countries. tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees have played since thursday. not surprisingly, most a heading to countries neighboring ukraine include you members, poland, slovakia, hungry romania as well as non you member. moldova is fighting worsens. these countries are now bracing for more refugees. in the coming days. the train station in the polish city of premier shall 10 kilometers from ukraine for many ukrainian refugees. it's their 1st stop after crossing the border. these 4 children are having their 1st hot meal in 30 hours after traveling 450 kilometers through ukraine. their fathers weren't able to join them. they stayed behind to fight. the children are now waiting for their mothers to arrive. just for the moment. they
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were masses of people on the way. we took a bus towards the border and then whooped. then we stood in a long q, you suddenly we saw our cousins and we've been together since then. we waited a long time for the transport from the border. and now we're finally here. the way was hard and long because of traffic jams, they had to get off the bus and walk the last 15 kilometers to the border near live if they heard explosions. good. it was terrible that there were rockets sign. we came here with that passports, we only have a birth certificates, we were lessen to poland as refugees, young as you see, the polish authorities have decided to let all ukrainians into the country. even those who have no passports, which are normally required to enter the e u at the train station as well as in several reception centers. they are
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supported by volunteers and the military. the refugees are relieved to have escaped the war. but they're all so worried about what they have left behind the events in their country. those who are not picked up here by friends or relatives are taken in by private individuals. the willingness to help is great. within a day of the russian invasion, 30000 refugees arrived in poland from ukraine. the government in warsaw expects that up to 1000000 people could flee to the country and it promises that they will all be taken in. well, you are gonna get any williams is the head of communications for the united nations high commissioner for refugees in geneva, switzerland, welcome tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees have already arrived in poland. do we know how many more people are expected to leave you crime? as you can imagine, the situation is extremely fluid,
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and as of yesterday we had accounted for 50000 refugees that fled ukraine. by this afternoon it was a 150000, and the number continues to grow. i fear that there will be many, many more who are either on the move or will be on the mood for when security allows them to move more freely from ukraine. if it does come to the worse you talking about tens of thousands already. we were expecting many, many more as you say. what are other countries doing to prepare for that eventuality? well, we are, we are planning within you and hcr for up to 4000000 people that would become refugees in the neighboring countries. this is, of course, the contingency planning. we have no idea the number will be smaller or larger at this point. but right now, we're very grateful that all of the countries neighboring ukraine has kept their boarders open and more than that,
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they have really provided all of the necessary food water, medical attention, as well as basic needs. and it's not just the government, it's also the local communities, they've really gone out of their way to even open up their own homes to families. really providing them creating food banks coming together to really show that they are welcome and that they, they are showing solidarity to the ukrainian just quickly. europe has never been particularly unified over the topic of refugee. thank you. witnessing a unifying effect in response to this aggression right now what we're saying is unconditional support and welcome and solidarity. certainly, we hope that that will continue, that the borders will remain open. and that obviously that will be able to mobilize even greater support in the coming days and weeks. it's very clear that agencies
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like you and hcr, will need to reinforce our existing staff capacity and supplies on the ground. you on the get any williams, head of communications for the human h c. i. thanks so much. thank you. and you're up to date for the sal coming up, put out a doubly new special. asking the question, what's driving? let me put, stay tuned for that. don't forget the website as they are at all times of day at d, w dot com. stay with with
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who are in the ukraine. what's driving from team to him? russian. it's way too old. great. but to what does that to me? well, well, his ice calling to tend to lead a search for what's driving to team d. w use next on d w,
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making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show that was the issue, shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to family. ah, well, the streets to give you industry points on the inside of our cars. funding was on the ground and reporting from across the continent. all the trends doesn't matter to you in 60 minutes on d, w. o. so are driven by merciless read. others are fighting the destruction again to limit and leaders came to prison. they shut down the native to the the government is trying to destroy the indigenous people with a large scale burton a blank grabbers are exploiting. the amazon rain forest indigenous peoples are now
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bravely opposing them because it's not only the earth's brain lines that are dying . we built the ring 1st we cease to exist and or people die out. a long term report from the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d w. this is data avenues broadcasting from belinda in this special program. we take one step back and ask, why did vladimir putin invade ukraine either, but he claimed it was to de modify and demilitarized the country. but is that the real reason? and what to be on says to me about who teens russia? and what about president putin himself, joe biden believes he wants to re establish the former soviet union. does the u. s . president have appoint.


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