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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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business with putting in any more, as we thought we could. and who for chance to shoulds, quoted himself once again saying as much diplomacy as possible without naivete. and then said, but we have learned, essentially, we cannot now conduct dialogue with pooty. it's just, it's not working. it was interesting because actually the last thing that she was talking about was that we want peace in europe and we will always push for peaceful solutions. however, the world is now different and i think, i mean, we were hearing things that we would never, ever expected just months ago. you know, talking about this important investment in the military to great applause. i might add a 100000000000 in this year alone. now being earmarked for upgrading the military and boy does it need upgrading, as we know many capabilities of the german military looking very, very rusty in recent years. and then he said, very clearly blacked as of in black and white. we will be committing more than 2
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percent of our g d p to military spending. nato allies have been pushing for that for years and years one u. s. president, after another. i think many of us remember, even the pressure that was put on by barack obama this. well, apparently, it is finally going to come to pass. that is a very, very big step for a social democratic chancellor to take absolutely extraordinary times. chief political correspondent melinda crane. thank you. fuel analysis. all right, and we're going to be crossing now to our chief political editor, mikaela christina, who was there listening to those speech as mckayla. give us a sense of what's just been said, the enormity of what has been said, the look i'm i'm still rubbing my ears and eyes frantically. it's safe to say that over the past 24 hours with the turnaround on german policy to now deliver weapons
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to ukraine. after all slapping all of a sudden more than twice the current defense budget. on top of the bonus fab budget, which has to be decided in the bonus talk at now cooling on, not even pushing out as an aggressor who clearly and nobody here in germany believe they can still do business with wanting to strengthen nato on the green party. and the social democrats, who traditionally leaning towards pacifism now saying, yes, this is what is her, cried right now. it is actually safe to say that over the past 24 hour, we have seen a paradigm shift in german security, defense, and foreign policy. as we have not seen of the past 24 years in total, that is the magnitude of what has happened here today in the german bonus talk. and this is also why we saw very emotional scenes with the ukraine ambassador being in the room here today with parliamentarians standing ovations for him,
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resounding support of ukraine and unity between the opposition and the governing social democrat coalition, which i have not seen before. and this is all less than $100.00 days into will. so it's being transferred here in germany. now this brings me on to my next question that we, we also heard from politic maps, the opposition leader. we heard the fact that he was talking about a common path parties united way, offering support. so this really can be seen at the moment as unity to an extent amongst japanese political parties, main political party, absolutely resounding unity that some action unity is needed. that defense spending has to skyrocket. it's nothing below that. and that is now nato needs to be united that, that unity or have so it said is the strength of the west that this is her
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a historic moment. we live in a new era and he said that requires that unity also to be carried forward and flourish. mats who is angry, michael successor as party leader who lost in the past. elections did not become chancellor. he actually said, we all here share the responsibility for the under funding of the german armed forces. they need to be able to defend themselves that were at pains actually to determine what they could actually deliver to ukraine and support. because in there is such an over stretching of resources in the german armed forces. so it truly is a new era also in terms of how germany is thinking about its own security and assisting partners. but there's one cabinet. of course i have to say because opposition is opposition for the man said, well, those 100000000000 euros. we still need to talk about this because that would mean a taking on new debt. something they are fundamentally opposed. but at this crucial moment in time, the broadest possible imaginable unity with even those voices in the greens
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and who have an audience that is against any form of bolstering defense. what so ever now, being on board to take this very unusual step here, but will have so it is she phyllis clapper. mikaela. christina, thank you very much. ok. returning to the latest events on the ground in the ukraine, ukrainian president village may zalinski has accused russian forces of targeting civilian infrastructure after a fortnight of attacks across ukraine, overnights moscow hit at fields and fuel facilities, including a civilian oil depot, 30 kilometers south. give it forces also blew up a pipeline near ha, heath and the east authorities say the blast could cause an environmental catastrophe. ukraine's pipeline operator says it hasn't yet affected supply. this
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comes with some russian forces was seen entering the city. after meeting stiff resistance. they've ordered to advance in ukraine from all directions. and we can cross straight to d. w correspondent, funny if a child who's in malesky in a west and ukraine. good morning, funny. tell us about the night and how things are looking where you all this morning brought to the cloud. com for i am right now, but people always preparing where is the next shelter work and they go to it again . they hear there is an alarm. you have to go, they are military, i am, it is a military base me by mid to warehouse, about 30 to 50 kilometers from here that have been attacked on the previous days and not last night. however, but there was a critical infrastructure attacked near keith as we have just heard an oil terminal . and also there was a lot of fighting the north eastern part of keith, apparently saboteurs addressing as a ukrainian soldiers. and apparently, also
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a taking a tank most likely of, from a, from a military are based near you. cray, a near keith. and that's been heavily uh, fort in between the ukrainian or russian forces. these conflicting information by the dat, a military base, hostile mal is don't russian or in ukrainian hands. but as we have just heard president lensky pointing out that there were a really a lot of attacks and missiles that a beer, a, a raining basically over various you q pregnant cities, also attacking civilian infrastructure. and he also said that the russian forces don't even a, don't even take it to at least try to prevent, to attack ambulances or anything that somehow connected to civil infrastructure. so very difficult night in various parts, once again in ukraine. and yet we've just heard, funny that a russian delegation has arrived in belarus, supposedly to offer talks with ukrainian officials. how is this going down in
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ukraine? was the government's response to this zalinski just stated that they are not going to go to buy the roof. in fact that they see, they say, in a way, almost like is a provocation because it was from beller road, according to ukrainian government. where use a russian, a troops were dispatched from so a to them, having a meeting in by the roost with the crate of the russians is, is basically something that doesn't serve their interest. they say they're ready to negotiate, but not embarrass. in fact, a couple of days ago president zalinski suggested voss saw as a possibly play. so poland, there was no reaction to that. there is a door open to negotiation from the ukrainian perspective. this was something that was put forward all the for this entire full scale invasion started on thursday, but the, the iraq, the ukranian president zalinski also makes via is not going to happen on any condition, but also not just in, not in belarus, for the very res reason that i, i just mentioned because they are seen as being part of this entire escalation
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that's playing out here in ukraine. all right, dw carbon correspondent, funny fetch in ukraine. thanks a much let's take a listen to what ukrainian president latonia zalinski had to say in response to the kremlin ortho to talk. that's why we say now not minsk, other cities could be the venue for the meeting. of course we want peace. we want to meet, we want an end to war jania and would join now by natalia smile and say the who is a journalist in moscow. natalia welcome. we've just heard this announcement of the russian delegation in belarus. the kremlin says it's offering talks with, with ukraine. can you tell us more about this development? yes, just about an hour ago they've been, they've been information about from their russian, the kremlin press secretaries to give it to be scoffed. who announced that a russian delegation has already arrived to better was to see, to have gorman,
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which associated close to the border with the ukraine into the border with russia in there already. there are 2 whole talks with the ukranian side here has been this back and forth. what comes to negotiations? because on friday, a russia, supposedly after the suggestion of ukraine to discuss the neutral status of the country. i suggested belarus as the and the place hope this negotiations and they say they even stopped this military operation for a couple of hours while waiting for the response from ukraine. and what came then was a suggestion to hold talk somewhere else. and. and after that, the rashly resumed its attack. and now we heard this, that there is a negotiation going on there, but also the same. at the same time, russian president vladimir putin addressed directly to the ukranian army into the ukrainian people, urging them to basically talk to russian government directly to overthrow government in key f. so there is an extra enough,
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clear position here on whether russia actually wants this talks and also in belarus . right now today's important day because today there was a referendum on constitutional referendum in bowers. so baller was, is the static also own fate and by it path forward. but present local shameka and billers from said has already confirmed. they're also ready for the stocks. all right, natalie? as well. and favorite in moscow, thanks so much for them. thinking you're watching dw live from barrett berlin, and here's a quick recap of what's happening. jasmine chancellor, will have shaw this has laid the blame to russians. invasion of ukraine on president vladimir putin. sholtes defended his landmark decision to send defensive weapons to ukraine. sorry, saying that could be no other response to pigeons. aggression at i forget you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store.
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and that will give you access to all the latest news for around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you'll possibly news story, you can also use the d w app to send those photos and videos of what is happening. now you're up to date and don't forget there is a full complete coverage of russians war against you. craig on our website, that's d w dot com as well as on twitter and instagram. dw, thanks so much. ah, with
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