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there's not a word about civilian casualties, all attacks on civilian targets. it's not a war yet, but all people here are collecting aid supplies, but solely for the civilians evacuated to russia from the separatist regions. many are convinced that their tanks are riding to the rescue. if you, i know it's not a war, it's a special minutes. reparation against nancy's who have seized power in ukraine. voicemail greeting was eventually ukrainian president as jewish. how can he also be a nazi? i'm with the recently, we live in surprising times where you are by different, of course they support our putin. but if it's not a war on the right, it's not a special military operation. you're backing for their president, for many russians. while those who oppose him face ending up behind bars or piece talks between ukraine and russia are due to start this morning. as rushes invasion of its neighbors enters its 5th day,
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the 2 sides are expected to meet in better roofs near the ukrainian border. ukraine's president below the mil zalinski says he doesn't expect to break through, but he's willing to send a delegation to try and, and the war it was call. as the sun rose over the capital, clear point, though ukraine said there were sporadic car, pre dawn blasts there, and that in the, or the 2nd largest city car keep ukraine says it's still in control of all major cities. despite the russian onslaught in many parts of the country, several residential buildings have been hit and ukraine says over $350.00 civilians have been killed so far. you are watching special coverage of the war in ukraine here on dw tv. i'm terry martin. the russian rubel has plunged to a record low dropping more than 30 percent against the us dollar. this comes after the us and europe imposed sanctions aimed at cutting the country all from the global financial system. long queues of russians scrambling to withdraw money from
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cash machines could be seen across the country. and an attempt to prop up the rubel rushes central bank doubled its key interest rate to an unprecedented 20 percent and ordered domestic export companies to sell foreign reserves. the international community is raising its voice against russia over its invasion of ukraine. the united nations security council is called a rare emergency meeting of the 193 member general assembly due to take place to day 11 of the councils. 15 members voted in favor of the rush of the resolution. russia voted against the move while china india and the united arab emirates, abstained. russia was unable to use its veto to block the resolution. since the boat was procedural us and its allies of un say, russia is becoming isolated attack internationally. it is called for an emergency. european union has decided to finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and equipment to ukraine is the 1st time the e. u is sending weapons to
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a country under attack. well, european commission, president ursula on the alliance says the block is also closing its air space to russian aircraft and will ban state own media channels. russia today and sputnik, she also announced new sanctions targeting the regime of evolution leader, alexander lucas jenko, for supporting russia's invasion. we will target to be yourself on a lie and explain the significance of these developments. as the war in ukraine rages on and ukrainians like bravely for their country, european union steps up once more its support for ukraine and the sanctions against the aggressor, aggressor that is put in russia. for the 1st time ever, the european union will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment to a country that is under attack. this is a watershed moment of more. let's bring in our correspond. christina one was in
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brussels. christine, tell us more about how the e u is moving on ukraine. what are these believe is steps mean? well, terry, the, the significance are off of this announcement by the european union to collectively purchase our military r weaponry, lethal weaponry for the ukraine. an armed forces cannot be understated as was if on the line they, the e commission president said it is a watershed moment. it's never happened in the european union's history. in the weeks leading up to this invasion. we have seen individual member states from the european union are making military contributions to the ukrainian armed forces, but this was bilateral and was no means coordinated at an e u level. in fact, many people did not expect when we heard the news yesterday that this was actually going to happen. people thought assumed many people analysts thought that your opinion was going to continue to encourage individual member states to support the ukrainian armed forces. but to take this collective decision, i was really,
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really significant. so they're going to be using an instrument that they created chord at the european piece facility. and we understand that money or to the tune of about 450000000 euros has been set aside at to purchase things like lethal ammunition air defense systems, anti tank systems. there are then going to be given to the ukranian armed forces at this e p, f i. this european piece facility was instrument was set up last year. it has been in use, for example, as supplying the african union or with with assistance, but not lethal assistance, not the kind of ammunition that the ukrainian armed forces will be getting. so certainly very significant and is expected to bolster the crane and armed forces as they continue to battle the russians on the ground. so something of a watershed moment here for european security and foreign policy as well. now ukraine is aspiring to join the european union. that's part of what all this
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conflict is about, assuming that ukraine retains its independence. christine, what are its prospects of actually becoming a new member? stay well in, in, in, in the days and after the invasion and began have some e u member states l opened up their conversation they, they made public remarks expressing that ukraine should be granted a path to accession into the european union. poland for example, slovakia are for example, the polish president just this weekend. and also this weekend we heard are from the commission president was to live on the line, she said, and i quote, they are one of us referring to ukraine and we want them in of what else as she, she put a caviar to that to say down the line you might know, terry, that in 2008 the ukrainians did apply for e u membership. add that an application was unsuccessful for a number of reasons and as put by the european union, they cited the corruption and the need for the reforms. there are some countries
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already in talks with the european union right now ukraine is not even in talks, but it's parliament. i took the decision in 2017 to adopt a law that made e u. membership out of it's a strategic foreign policy and security policy. and it doesn't appear at the momentary that there are more e u member states, or who have expressed that keenness that desire to bring a ukraine into the fold. of course, they would be implications for the european union. for example, if ukraine were to have been a european union member now, much more would have been needed in terms of perhaps boots on the ground in support of the ukrainian armed forces. so it does appear that the majority of member states are, are reserved about that they've, at least not made public remarks at the kind that we've heard from, from the polish delhi ab president, as well as the slovakian ahead of state. so you, so the majority of emergencies are reserved about this. so,
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so is this crisis in ukraine regarding ukraine bringing the e you closer together or is that another source of diversion? sorry, the united nest. i can call it that, that we seen in the european union on, on, on this, on, on, on coming to ukraine's defense on, on condemning a russia. and has been something that a lot of people i have been taken by surprise. in fact, some analysts have gone as far as to say that even vladimir putin in the kremlin didn't budget for that level of coordination and unity among the european union member states. and it was collective condemnation of russia's actions from the very get go collective decisiveness in terms of the reaction that we've seen are in the, in, in, in the aftermath of this invasion. there have been meeting after meeting here in brussels of foreign affairs, minister of foreign ministers and, and the head of state. some of those meetings, virtually meetings with,
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with allies in washington, the nato partnership as well. and we've really seen what many cor, unprecedented unity i'm even for some members, states are that have certain issues in the european union who are known to perhaps lean towards russia. even these have come into the ford and not only condemning russia, but expressing the importance of the european union countries light like hungry the, the hungarian, our premise to victor alba, coming out and saying that we need to preserve the opinion that this is our future . and so these are very unprecedented times that it really has brought the block together in a way that many i have have been taken by surprise by terry crusade. thank you very much. our correspond christine moon, whether in brussels now the european union is organizing a huge logistical operation to deal with the hundreds of thousands of ukrainians fleeing their homeland european commission president or slip on the alliance said
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the block will welcome them with open arms. huge queues have formed as people try to leave. most of the refugees are heading for poland, d w, correspond, mcsaunder is at the border and sent us this report. exhausted, but happy to have made it to poland for natalia cooks and her son, yvonne, an opportunity to finally rest their group. lift ukraine with the 1st alarm and only got her now. i'm not scared about sam, me and my son might skate ice care about my my husband, my parents, natalia tells us her husband had to stay behind. he may have to fight into, of course, my son ryker. i ran as a. yeah. and because his separate a separate and i, he wanted to caesar hard about all this, call him and i say i wanted to be with you. a former warehouse now serves as
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a provisionary shelter, a safe haven for those who don't have anywhere to go. there is no shortage of donations including food diapers, and blankets. most of it is handled by volunteers. people from all over poland and even abroad are pitching into help with rides out of town and even places to sleep upon new. okay. yes, that we have very concerned about everything that's happening. this is great injustice and i think everyone should help cause the booking implement that joseph eric and frances are also need of help. the nigerian students barely made it across the board. they tell us, this is not the only report of africans having been sent to the back of the queue by ukrainian border guards. there was a lot of this confusion going on that were irrational, had to like beg people to like take him to the border. so we could find a way to well, of course racism discrimination. no one listen to was gone. of course can call on everything. back inside of gainey,
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kewpie jenko was waiting for his wife to reunite with him and his son ilia. to us, mary clark treat for me for his mother. the trip isn't over yet. she is still stuck at the border after a night out in the court. mamma, those are graham. his mother is also under huge stress, but she is holding up. she is very strong. she's now helping other people with her at the borders. yeah. william hall and trying to calm them down and offering her course so they can keep warm. so when you figure the wireless massena together, they plan to carry on to lot via and then perhaps to england, just far enough away from the war. and our correspond mcsaunder who filed that report. i was standing by at the polish ukrainian border and joins us now. max was the situation this morning with refugees where you are. right. terry was so were saw at the same warehouse. we shot that report out last night and let me tell you between last night and today the situation has changed
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quite fre, magically. so maybe we can have, have the camera pan around a little bit to show you what the situation is here. now, it seems that every single one of these 500 casa, was put in place to give people some rest after a long journey has occupied by now, people are sleeping, people are resting from a very arduous, long journey, even on the floor. it seems in part of what this is a place where they can turn to i to get him to get shelter. it's snowing outside it's, it's quite cold. it's quite cold. here during the night. they get some food here. there are some donations and i believe you can see them right now that are being brought here by, by volunteers and bye bye bye organisations and are being handed out distributed here. so the people that are here right now on are in comparison to the people that we saw coming over the last couple of days, mostly people who don't have any family connections here in ukraine. so you have a large ukraine community and poland. people would have received their, their relatives extended family members here and,
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and take them in. but the people that are here now we've spoken to a lot of people were usually who would be not ukrainian citizens here at the moment . so from, from african nations, from the paul from the, from the paul from angola and another places they like to speak. and we're being told that we're not allowed to film here right now. so let's, let's, let's move a bit further up. so the situation here is let me tell you also quite difficult at the most me deteriorating a lot more people coming in this place has we're experiencing some, some issues with, with transport. a lot of people who are here right now seem to not really have an idea of what they're going to do next. and so the goal clyde emma says it is the last, and i'm sorry, i think we have to leave. okay, max, max sand, our correspondent there at the polish ukrainian border. are we have to cut that interview short as we're obviously seeing security at that at that center for
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receiving refugees as a, as preventing him doing any further filming, or help to bring mac it max. and later on you're watching dw news. if you're just joining issa recapping our top story here, it's, of course, ukraine. peace talks between ukraine and russia are due to start within hours as russia's invasion of its neighbour enters it's 5th day. battle roost is hosting the talks in a location near the ukranian border. it's published this picture showing the room where the discussions will supposedly take place ukraine's president laudermill zalinski says he doesn't expect a breakthrough, but he's willing to send a delegation to try to. and the war civilians in many parts of ukraine, were forced to take shelter on sunday. as the russian onslaught continued. crane says it's still in control of all major cities, but the pressure is growing on the strategic port. city of mario kim and car keys
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are also bracing for fresh attacks. several residential buildings have been hit and ukraine says over $350.00 civilians have been killed so far. weapons of war at a children's playground in khaki. as all of these images uploaded to social media, purportedly show russian soldiers, the person filming says they are shooting at houses, but they run into fierce resistance. a trail of russian reconnaissance vehicles is left smoldering as ukrainian soldiers drive the russian army back out of ukraine. second largest city the regional governor says khaki is back under ukrainian control. the capital key of is also putting up a fight while explosion, after explosion goes off near the heart of the city. a war just outside the window
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. many fleet to subway stations when they hear air raid sirens was my family. i moved to our relatives place chris, they are closer to the metro station and there is a better opportunity to run down the metro station itself is heavy bomb been take place in the east apartment buildings in ruins, a gas pipeline, and an oil depot in flames. in an effort to stop the destruction, ukraine's president agrees to peace talks. the man is still going. scott, the ukrainian and russian delegations will meet without any preconditions, golden. frankly speaking, i do not really believe in the outcome of the meeting, yet those of you to visit. ready betsy's official. meanwhile, new satellite images show a convoy of hundreds of russian military vehicles approaching the capital. a sign that the fighting there may become even more intense. let's get the very latest
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from dw correspondent. funny fought char. she's in western ukraine in the city of kaminski. funny, how has the situation developed in ukraine overnight? not really for the better. in fact, there were several attacks on the city of ki, from the city of had keith. he's a major cities. of course, this is where we have seen the increase of a violence of shelling over the past few days. ever since his full scale invasion began last week on thursday. now 8 is really unclear, is going to continue, but everyone, especially keith, is bracing from major as sold as the did the, amid the fact that there is a is sure, and there are by the ukrainian president that he's going to try to negotiate that there is this a talk possibly even this morning at the ukranian about our ocean border trying to bring about at least some sort of a ceasefire. but the situation is very tense also. here actually were we are right
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now, 3 hours a west of it, keep a sirens blaring. yes. tonight. and so really i really preparing to go to the bunker again. no explosions were heard. however, oh and no reports about that, but they are military unit units nearby. and what we can see actually coming to our position here today, lot of families backed up early this morning trying to flee the country towards romania. why there are, there is an influx of refugees here. 200 in ski, from kia, from many other parts of ukraine. solicitation is chaotic actually at this point. it is panic nervousness, but also the hope that maybe if there really is a talk today, at least so on the pause can be achieved. funny, we're looking at her, we've seen some satellite images showing a massive russian military convoy just outside of cuba, this congress about 5 kilometers long. this suggests that a major assault could be imminent. as you mentioned, how is kia,
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preparing to defend itself? it's incredible. the way people here on the ground tra holly were trying to unite over the course of the past few days. in fact, just in front of me, i see people signing up to be drafted voluntarily before they actually get that phone call to go to the front line. others are, again, are donating blood and trying to help the way they can. so if you ask an ordinary ukrainian deal to tell you, yes, we are prepared because we are motivated. of course, if you look at the numbers, russian troops versus ukrainian troops. russian troops are superior compared to 2 of the ukrainian defense at the same time. have yourself to look at the fact that so far, at least russia did not succeed, to occupy any major city and did not go beyond that line. in the dawn bus. they occupy the self proclaimed republics of your hands and don't yet, but no further progress actually has been made other than of course of the increase
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of attacks in so many parts of ukraine. what about the humanitarian situation? they're funny, we're seeing reports on social media, food shortages supermarkets with empty shells. what can you tell us? we witnessed that ourselves, obviously i, we are factored in the waste in that way to that. of course, we also need to get a food and very bases basics, just like any one else. and yes, it empty shelves, but they're still a basic things available. depends on which supermarket you go to were you actually live home, any supermarkets open. and that the best really right now is for everyone to stoke up on certain things. certain items given could be that there is a, a black or maybe inside that means no electricity, no access to the internet. so it means a people are trying to actually without overly panicking really, because then would be even longer lives. but in a way everyone here is bracing just to be prepared, especially those who cannot go,
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who cannot leave across the board. that he's off course, especially mad between 18 and 60 years old. who have to stay day are not allowed to leave ukraine, but also people who simply do not have a car or enough gasoline to leave ukraine and bring their families and themselves to a safe region. thanks very much for now. our correspondent, funny patch, other in western ukraine ukrainian citizens and businesses of swung into action to help the country defend itself against the russian invasion. civilians are collecting and distributing donations for people fleeing the fighting and to support the army. factories are switching from producing goods to making weapons the production line at a brewery in live and instead of ale. molotov cocktails are being mixed. ukraine's defense ministries urging citizens to prepare the homemade weapons. this
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is the shelves at this brewery are stocked with auntie prudent merchandise. the idea to contribute to the war effort came from an employee who took part in ukraine's 2014 revolution. says the owner, ah, we are doing this because someone has to do with we have skills. we have been through 2014 as 5th revolution. the my thumb where we had to make an usa molto cocktails. many ukrainians diplomats and international groups have fled here from the capital. keith, it's one of ukraine's main cultural hubs. and though it's far from the russian border, there is still a strong sense of duty. all could all live as an am i there should be no bloodshed on what they're doing now is beyond war. we're young little war of tara. it is impossible to describe oak supply of
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a lot of friends in other places and the stories they tell me a simply horrific. it is a horror that must be stopping up here here. if all else fails, he says they will use everything they have to stop. the invasion russian president vladimir putin has put his countries deterrence forces, including his nuclear weapons system. on high alert. in a video from the kremlin, putin said, nato powers had made aggressive statements towards russia. he also pointed to economic sanctions that will cut off russian banks from international transactions . so listen, was really believe you were, you did not only are western countries taking unfriendly economic steps against our country. that i mean, the illegal sanctions that everyone knows about very well. with the top officials of leading nato countries. those are also making aggressive statements about our country, the v. c with therefore,
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i order the minister of defense and the chief of the general staff that only, but to put the deterrent forces of the russian military. but it was due to a special mode of combat duty bdc was brand thomas, the gold here, he's a journalist and military expert, thanks for being with us. of president putin has put his countries deterrence forces and understand this includes it's nuclear weapons system on high alert. what do you make of this? well, 1st of all, you would expect that any, no, claire country may be the us from the united kingdom, and russia would have that deterrence forces on the alert anytime. so this is more or less at this point in time of the psychological operation. it's a threat to make an unveiled threat against the west. because if you see the situation on the ground in ukraine, there is no military justification for thinking about use of nuclear
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forces. so this means this is to deter the west to, to give a threat to nato and the u. s. and so father, us have said we have no reason to change our defense conditions. so we'll stay as we are, which i think is the only way to rick to the boys. for weeks we've been hearing that russia's army is far superior to that of ukraine, but they haven't progressed as far as many had expected in ukraine. how do you explain that? well, many in the west or all the west have been surprised by those. there are different maybe different reasons for this. one is what the pence are gone last night called creative resistance of the ukrainians, who are dealing with russian forces. while counter to their doctrine,
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their ambushing, they are attacking support convoys, all these things. on the other hand, as we've seen in the video from the front lines, it's not the newest, the russian material, it's not the newest tangs and all this stuff which has been brought up. so either russia is not as well equipped as everybody in the west thought over the recent years or russia is keeping it's most modern. it's best equipped troops still back and we'll bring them into the fight later. what i asked you about the steps that the e u has taken. are you members on sunday took significant steps to pop up ukraine's military? what difference will this make? oh, there is a potential for, for indeed making a big difference. we've seen mostly anti tang weapons and to tank guided
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missiles, stinger man pads, men portable air defense systems. and all this which is to be distributed widely, which doesn't need a long time education and training. but on the other hand, last night to do that for o u u foreign policy ahead said you would also bring in fighter planes. i haven't seen a confirmation for this yet, but this would mean a significant difference. because the ukranian now defense, strange enough, is still working. there is no russian asset. so carry already so far. that's also a surprise for most west annex polk, because everybody expected and russia would take over the skies over ukraine within a day. right? now the economist news outlet has suggested that the sanctions imposed on russia
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particularly on the central bank are so crippling that the kremlin might interpret them as an act of war. do these sanctions have any military significance in your view? well, normally i would say no, but if you see the kremlin point of view, they might well interpret this as an act of war. and this was all would also possibly explain the nuclear threat. we don't really know whether the kremlin says what's happening to our bang to our economy is the same as a military attack and we were wrecked accordingly. so that's still open to interpretation. ok, journalist and military expert tell us big old there. thank you so much for now. you want a turning point in europe's history. that's how german chancellor olive shots described russia's war against you. grain. speaking to a special session of parliament on sunday, shots announced
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a raft of policy changes that would have been unthinkable just days ago. germany will spend billions beefing up its military now and reduce its dependence on russian energy. german chancellor of shells is moving the country away from this traditional path admits defense and security policy to a tougher, more direct one shackled bytes 1st and 2nd world war history. germany has been hesitant to involve itself in conflict, but short says, this is a new era. the creek is an account of this war is a catastrophe for ukraine. but this war will also turn out to be a catastrophe for russia. russia has done the unthinkable. bringing the most aggressive military assault to europe since world.


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