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part of the, the conflict between ukraine and russia, russia simply doesn't like this, or at least putins government. now assuming that ukraine does retain its independence after this war, what are its prospects of becoming an e. u member? stay terry, in recent days, are we have a heard from the likes of for the polish president or the the government in slovakia and a publicly calling for ab ukraine to be granted a pathway for accession inside the european union. although i will point out that most member states have not officially or come out in support of that. they have not stated their support of it. and this is something that the ukrainians for their part, aspire to they, they applied for you pre k, e u membership in 2008 of course that application was unsuccessful and it doesn't appear that talks have opened up since then. there are currently no talks for that
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. and but interestingly, we also heard from this weekend, i guess at this is that the highest level a common we've heard was left on the lion at this weekend as saying that the ukrainians and i quote, are one of us that we want them in. of course, the caviar they, i was at down the line and is, is a conversation that we will be having then. so it doesn't appear that there is appetite from the majority of e u. member states to admit ukraine or to certainly fast track ukraine's membership into the european union. and i will point out that there is cooperation already cooperation with the ukrainians and the e u at different levels. the eastern partnership, for example, and just just this morning at the council president char michelle, was saying that the you already has an association agreement with the ukraine and he suggested that that could be deepened as so that gives you a good sense of what the leadership of the european union is thinking and that it's deepening existing cooperation ties, but not necessarily i'm creating
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a pathway for, for membership just yet. christine, in the past we've seen various crises reveal split with among the european union members. storage is this crisis bringing you closer together. it absolutely is a terry in a way that many thought was unthinkable. in fact, some experts have gone as far as to say that even moscow didn't budget for the level of unity and coordination that we've seen in the european union from the onset when those initial reports emerged off, those russian troops amassing at the border. of course, you had some member states, a different views about whether or not an invasion was imminent, but there was always the underlying agreement that, that any aggression towards ukraine was not right. it was collectively condemned. and we've seen decisive action following that, of course, because of the different conflicts of interest in terms of how the sanctions have
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been rolled out, et cetera. member states have had different views, different ideas, but for the most part, if you take into consideration that any decision that the european union takes has to have unanimous agreement. and they have come out with some of the most strongest sanctions that we have seen. the brock impose in his history so that naval coordination, cooperation, that unity not just within the european union, but also with partners in washington within the nato alliance as well. has really been something that is being celebrated here in the european union. it's also brought a more sense of a collective european this that the project is something that needs to be protects, is that what ukraine is facing. it's not just the ukrainian problem, it's a europe, ian problem that europeans need to come around together to stand up to this enemy. that is russia, that's not just ukraine's they to me, but is europe's enemy as a collective terry. christine, thank you very much. are corresponded, christine was there in brussels,
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tell the european union is organizing a huge logistical operation to deal with the hundreds of thousands of ukrainians fleeing their homeland european commission, president or slip on the alliance said the block will welcome them with open arms. huge queues have formed as people try to leave. most of the refugees are heading for poland, d. w, correspond at max sanda is at the border and sent us this report. exhausted, but happy to have made it to poland for natalia cooks, i had her son even an opportunity to finally rest. they're group left ukraine with the 1st alarm and only got her now. i'm not scared about sam, me and my son might skate ice care about my my husband, my parents, natalia tells her husband how to stay behind. he may have to fight into, of course, my son. right. cry ran as a. yeah. and because his separate a separate and i,
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he wanted to seize their husband, always call him and i say i wanted to be with you. a former warehouse now serves as a provisionary shelter, a safe haven for those who don't have anywhere to go. there is no shortage of donations including food diapers, and blankets. most of it is handled by volunteers. people from all over poland and even abroad are pitching into help with rides out of town and even places to sleep . putney. hey, hey, is this mom? we are very concerned about everything that's happening. this is great injustice and i think everyone should help as a positive of the implement that joseph eric and frances are also need of help in a during students barely made it across the board. they tell us, this is not the only report of africans having been sent to the back of the queue by ukrainian border guards. there was a lot of this mission going on there,
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where iraqi had to like beg, people to like take him to the border. so we could find a way to escape. well, of course, racism discrimination, no one listen to was gone, of course can color and everything back inside of gamekeeper jenko was waiting for his wife to reunite with him and his son, ilia, e to us. mary clark treat for me for his mother. the trip isn't over yet. she is still stuck at the border after a night out in the court. mamma, those are groom. his mother is also under huge stress, but she is holding up. she is very strong. she is now helping other people with her at the borders. yeah. william hall and trying to calm them down and offering her course so they can keep warm. so when you say the wireless massena, together, they plan to carry on to latvia and then perhaps to england, just far enough away from the war. and our correspondent markets under who filed a report i was standing by at the polish ukrainian border and joins us now. max was
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the situation this morning with refugees where you are right, terry was, i was saw at the same warehouse was shot that report out last night and let me tell you between last night and today the situation has changed quite fre, magically. so maybe we can have, have the camera pan around a little bit to show you what the situation is here. now, it seems that every single one of these 500 costs that was put in place to give people some rest after a long journey has occupied by now, people are sleeping. people arresting from a very arduous, long journey even on the floor. it seems in part, but this is a place where they can turn to i to get him to get shelter. it's snowing outside it's, it's quite cold. it's quite cold here. during the night, they get some food here. there are some donations. and i believe you can see them right now that are being brought here by, by volunteers, and bye bye bye organizations and are being handed down distributed here. so the people that are here right now are in comparison to the people that we saw coming
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over the last couple of days, mostly people who don't have any family connections here in ukraine. so you have a large ukraine community and poland. people would have received their, their relatives extended family members here and, and take them in. but the people that are here now, we've spoken to a lot of people who are usually who would be not ukrainian citizens here at the moment. so from, from african nations, from the paul from the, from the paul from angola and another places they like this fixed. and we're being told that we're not allowed to film here right now. so let's, let's, let's move a bit further up. so the situation here is let me tell you also quite difficult at the most me deteriorating a lot more people coming in this place has we're experiencing some, some issues with transport. a lot of people who are here right now seem to not really have an idea of what they're going to do next. and so they don't like them.
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it says it's allison, i'm sorry, i think we have to leave. okay, max or max sand. our correspondent there, at the polish you or any in border i, we have to cut that interview short. as we're obviously seeing security at that, at that center for receiving refugees is, is preventing him doing any further filming, or help to bring back at max. and later on you are watching d. w. news live from berlin. if you're just joining us. here's a recap of our main story piece. talks between ukraine and russia are due to start within ours as rushes invasion of its neighbor enters its 5th day. battle roofs is hosting the talks in a location near the ukrainian border. it has published this picture showing the room where the discussions are supposedly taking place, ukraine's president below to me as a lance. he says he does not expect to break through, but is willing to try to end the war. crane and re craniums have been forced to
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take shelter. as the russian onslaught continues, your grains is. it's still in control of all major cities, but the pressure is growing on the strategic port. city of mario pl. kia and car keys are also bracing for fresh attacks. ukraine says over 350 civilians have been killed so far. weapons of war at a children's playground in khaki has all of these images uploaded to social media, purportedly show russian soldiers. the person filming says they are shooting at houses, but they run into fierce resistance. a trail of russian reconnaissance vehicles is left smoldering as ukrainian soldiers drive the russian army back out of ukraine. second largest city. the regional governor says khaki is back under ukrainian control the capital key of is also putting up a fight while explosion after explosion goes off near the heart of the city. a war
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just outside the window. many fleet to subway stations when they hear air raid sirens with my family, i moved to our relatives place because they are closer to the metro station. and there is a better opportunity to run down. the metro station itself is heavy. been take place in the east apartment buildings in ruins, a gas pipeline, and an oil depot, and flames. in an effort to stop the destruction, ukraine president agrees to peace talks. the man is sure you've got the ukranian and russian delegations. we'll meet briefly without any preconditions rolled and frankly speaking, i do not really believe in the outcome of the meeting and they do have universal. ready that he's with meanwhile, new satellite images show a convoy of hundreds of russian military vehicles approaching the capital. a sign
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that the fighting there may become even more intense. we have correspondence on the ground in ukraine. one of them is funny font cha, she's in western ukraine in the city of melanie. it's keith fanny. how has the situation developed in ukraine overnight as if people had a couple of hours of sleep without that sound of sirens or shelling in keith and in car here. but that started to change again just before dawn when both cities specifically also had a key for fighting is really a going on intensely where that shelling intensified. what we can see currently for the current situation is there's a lot of conflicting information circling around here. one, a referring to a major, a very powerful nuclear plant. indeed, one of the most powerful nuclear plants for europe, which is located in the south east of ukraine. russia claims that they're controlling this power plants. ukraine says that's not the case. also,
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a russia is now saying that there is a passage, a safe way out out of keith. if people want to leave, where as ukraine says, people should stay at home. so as things start to escalate even further, so is the conflicting information between what is being controlled by which country people are really bracing here for more for an increase of attacks. despite the announcement of that today around 12 am local times at noon. look, a time at that ukrainian and russia and delegation is supposed to meet at the ukrainian border with bell ruth and have talked to the question really is with what result? and in fact, some people still doubt. here i am right now in the western part of ukraine, whether those talks are actually going to take place in new satellite images funny show a huge russian military convoy outside the ukrainian capital care that convoy is
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nearly 5 kilometers long. this suggests a major assault could be eminent. how is clear, preparing to defend itself? kiss is prepared in terms of they know that the bulk of the russian troops has been all around here for days. now the question really is, is it as russia claims that the 1st one to have every civilian outer as many civilians, l before they flattened his entire city and be that the major institutions that belong to the government? or is it that actually ukraine destroying everything still beat the forces they have to repel via russian aggression? we do not really know to be honest to tell you for a fact what is going to happen to in key f and in terms of the crashing how prepared ukraine is. of course, if you look at the numbers, russia is much more prepared in terms of quantity, people on the ground military equipment and so on, bought ukraine and she also see on the ground. do not underestimate the motivation
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of people regardless of age and gender, who are ready to stay here ready to fight. so that bulk of rushing through that he's ready to actually invade and add the entire city. they inc, here, is confronted also with people who have taken up arms are ready to resist at any cause to defend their city, the capital city of ukraine. and i would say other cities as well, judging what i can see behind you that a few, they appear to be sandbags in front of that in front of the building. a correct me if i'm wrong. what about the humanitarian situation? funny, i'm seeing reports on social media, food shortages supermarkets with empty shells. what can you tell us beyond me, by the way, is a theater that used to be a theater, a tour now into the hat, quarter for id piece, internally displaced people who are i fear from here for other parts of the country . even though i have to add load of people who stay here in kinaski, i'll also try.


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