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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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oh no, ah ah, business dw news live from both russia and ukraine, whole peace talks, as vladimir putin, small rages on. the negotiating table is set for a meeting today. ukraine says it has little hope for a resolution. meanwhile, the battle continues for control of the biggest cities, with russian troops seen closing in all the capital. keith, also hundreds of thousands, flea ukraine, poland, and other countries set up shelters. while ordinary people open their doors,
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the european union says refugees will be welcomed with open arms. the you also steps up its response to the war, funding weapons for ukraine, closing air space to russian plains, and banning some pro kremlin media. and russians raised to withdraw and exchange their money. the value of the rubel falls to record lows. as western financial factions begin to bite. ah, i'm gabelle as well come to the program. a ukrainian delegation has arrived and bella ru swear. it's holding peace talks with russia aimed at ending the invasion. now in its 5th day, ukraine said it would be pushing for a cease fire and the withdrawal of russian troops from its territory. bill origin officials published this picture of the room where the talks are taking place.
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ukraine's delegation includes the defense minister and the deputy foreign minister . meanwhile, ukrainians have been forced to take shelter as the russian invasion continues, the government says it's still in control of all major cities of prussia is growing . busy on the strategic port of mario pole p if and how he if have also endued heavy attacks. ukraine says more than $350.00 civilians have been killed so far. weapons of war at a children's playground in khaki. as all of these images uploaded to social media, purportedly show russian soldiers of the person filming says they are shooting at houses for nothing but they run into fierce resistance. a trail of russian reconnaissance vehicles is left smouldering as ukrainian soldiers drive the russian army back out of ukraine. second largest city,
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the regional governor says khaki is back under ukrainian control the capital key if is also putting up a fight. while explosion after explosion goes off near the heart of the city. a war just outside the window. many fleet to subway stations when they hear air raid sirens, it was my family. i moved to our relatives place because they are closer to the metro station. and there is a better opportunity to run down the metro station itself is heavy bomb being take place in the east apartment buildings in ruins, a gas pipeline, and an oil depot in flames. in an effort to stop the destruction, ukraine's president agrees to peace talks. the man is still got the ukrainian and russian delegations will meet without any preconditions. holden, frankly speaking, i do not really believe in the outcome of the meeting young those of you to visit
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betsy's will station. meanwhile, new satellite images show a convoy of hundreds of russian military vehicles approaching the capital a sign that the fighting there may become even more intense. let's get the latest now from dw correspondence funding for china on the ground. she's in west of ukraine in the city of camella litski. finally, how has the situation developed in ukraine overnight? everyone is on the edge. we are in the western part of ukraine, but even hear sirens went off again in the middle of the night. people wondering what to do, go to the bunker, does it even make sense to go to the bunker every day is a feeling of you or are you really safe right now, but the shelling at least stop for a few hours in the cities of her keith and keith, but they started again a just before dad. so people, they, especially in ki, frighten in the capital city. i mean, have here where their intense fighting that there are own going between ukrainian forces and between your russian forces. people who live in these big cities,
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i specially concert and very just not just for one, how those negotiations. i going to go on today between a ukrainian delegation and the russian dedication. what consequences that, that's going to mean a for ukraine, but also simply a people are panicking at this point regardless, which part of ukraine you are, but especially in the east, on, in a northern and in the southern part of ukraine. because those spots are intensely a bombed and have been experienced in stance. shelling over the course of the past few days since this full case invasion started last week on thursday. from a new new satellite images show, a russian military convoy outside keith that was nearly 5 kilometers a law that suggests a major sold a could be imminent is keith prepared to defend itself. president zelinski in fact, just announced that he's going to release prisoners with any military experienced
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with any experience to go to the front line and fight. now already a few days ago, he said anyone was able to all the gun, please show up. i issue a gun and make sure that you help the ukrainian forces. so here you have it, of course, said the ukrainian government of course, is very much aware of the fact that they are inferior compared to the russian truth . a comes to the quantity of the soldiers, the quantity of equipment at the same time that russian force that isa and circling in many parts of the ukrainian border. and is invading on many parts from bella. ruth m and a, from russia. they're facing a very, i resistant population years, so not just a military force, but also a lot of civilians who are by the way, just across from here are signing up to be drafted. even the ones who are supposedly to be drafted anyhow. but they don't even want to wait for that phone call. they want to go to the front by the want to fight,
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and they want to defend their country fun. we also getting reports many on social media of food shortages, supermarket markets with empty shelves of what can you tell us? indeed, a lot of supermarkets and the ones who are still open, actually i have a problem providing just enough for everyone. but that doesn't mean that people do not have access to food, at least when it comes to your places for like, for example, like this one where we are right now, a people are donating whatever they can for those who arrive your id, piece in town, really displays people, but they also donate for people who live in this town. for example, elderly people who have no access to anything anymore. there variety of cells left or trying to leave across the border or close to here is the romania border. close meaning about a 3 hour drive, but at least closer than going towards a pool and which is about 1012 hour drive right now to everybody's trying to pitch in here and trying to support each other. incredible and very impressive to me to
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see that in this very, very volatile time for ukraine for insecurity. but the possible implications, of course, for the rest of the world. people here on the ground are not hiding in the apartment. they're coming out. they're trying to support each other, and they want to motivate each other that they are going to win this very, very terrible fight that's going on right now, over the sovereignty of their own country. in terms of morale of the population, there are some strong signals of solidarity, whether ukrainian people are coming out of europe on sunday, from germany and the you sending more weapons to hundreds of thousands of demonstrators across europe, calling for an end to russian aggression. how is that being received in ukraine? one short answer finally i, that's the route that i've heard here quite often today. finally, there's more arriving. i'm even speaking here about the 450000000 increase of defense budget for the european union to, to, to provide weapons,
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military gear for you crave for the very 1st time you history. also, i, nato's had shot ambrosia analysis. more is coming, more military support is coming from nato, but you also have the voices of those who said why actually just now, why not even the forty's full scale invasion started last week and many others also saying how about sending european troops here, natal? sure. but of course, you all know that this is going to likely be an even bigger confrontation. just imagine there were a russian, a troops facing a u. s. rules. this is definitely something out. it seems very much inconceivable at this point. but of course, a with people bearing to branch in ukraine for then everything is important no matter what price, as long as they have this feeling that there is really support coming and not just words, but actually that the words of the rest and allies, among them are put in action for the support of the ukrainian civilians,
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especially finally, we've talked about the peace talks that are happening today. or is it giving people at ordinary people on the street that in your, in ukraine any hope? just the hope that maybe during that time or initiation is ongoing. maybe there's a pause in fighting or having said that, no, actually, of people here on the ground that he's the ones i've been speaking to say. they don't believe this is going to bring any change because after all, this negotiation is taking place. while these countries being bombed by russia, while i aggression increases, why people are dying and are being injured, by the hope at least a given the fact that this a negotiation is to take place after all, the ukrainian delegation has also arrived represented by the ukraine defense minutes and also the advisor to the president on the also the russians are they now at least this little hope. ok, so there is a, a door open for to talk to talk to each other to listen to each other. and to
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somehow use that very small chance that there still is to avert an even a big escalation here. the deeply implications, not just for ukraine, but really when it comes to the piece and the security architecture of the whole world. the w corresponded funny for child reporting from western ukraine. thank you . funny ukrainian civilians have been pitching in to resist the russian invasion with their lives turned upside down. ordinary rec ukrainians are getting involved in collecting donations and gathering supplies for the army to w correspondence. mathias billing on met some of the volunteers helping refugees and soldiers in the city of units or southwest of cave. they bring everything they can spare clothes, food money, as refugees, move west and soldiers east to it's the front here in vineyards and central ukraine . people are organizing aid for both on
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natalia who doesn't want to give her last name. leave the youth center in peace time. she's used to organizing outings and summer cams now at war. she's busy directing volunteers and sorting donation new paul in the last year. so i never imagined doing any of this. i'm learning all the time. we are improving our work every minute we are getting their college said the minutes and center ukraine has so far been bad, heavy fighting, although air 8 alarms are frequent but like everywhere in the country, people here have been under a shock since russia attacked. now everyone was to contribute. a wave of solidarity
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is running through society. natalia is out and about her on the clock. the nightly curfew is the only time she's not on site no more than just the door. mom brought the icon to the home and doing nothing and just waiting pushed. and i'm also definitely not leaving. this is our home that we love, homer and we're not going anywhere. really shy was it's not only about donating goods many also contribute that time making come a flash and it's for the army. green and brown clothes are separated from the donations and cut into pieces. the rest is a lot of handy work. the ukrainian army has been at war for 8 years, still lacking many basic items, including protective equipment and many here have somebody at the front husband, brother, sister, or in natalia's case, a 19 year old son. as it is. okay. yeah. we are in
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touch, i can talk to him once a day. it's those few minutes that i'm waiting for one day it's you guys being active is also a way for many here to deal with their worries. let's have a look at the overall situation on the ground in ukraine. the russian military has attacked targets across the country in the 5 day since the invasion started. explosions have been reported across ukraine, including near or in the cities of mario, paula desa ha, kiff, and the capital keys. heavy fighting continues around journey of close to the border with bella reuss. by late sunday, russian forces have taken variance. got this city on the eyes of see russia has also been attacking ukraine from 3 sides from bell, a roof in the north, the donates. got lou hans, break away regions in the east and from the from premier in the south. gremlins
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military advances have however, been slowed down by strong opposition. russian president vladimir putin has put his countries deterrents forces that includes its nuclear weapon systems on high alert. in a video from the kremlin, put in said natal powers had made aggressive statements toward russia. he also pointed to economic sanctions that were cut off russian bonds from international transaction was really believe you really did. not only our western countries taking unfriendly economic steps against our country do with that. i mean, the illegal sanctions that everyone knows about very well. what the top officials of leading nato countries, those are also making aggressive statements about our country, the v. c. therefore, i order the minister of defense and the chief of the general staff. but had to put the deterrent forces of the russian military. but it was room to
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a special mode of combat duty.


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