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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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oh ah ah, this is dw news law from berlin, russia and ukraine whole talks. as lot amir putin's war rages on, the 2 sides meet face to face and bella. ruth hope's are high expectations. low ukraine is demanding an immediate cease fire and withdrawal, but russian attacks on key cities claim more victims. also coming up with hundreds of 1000 flea ukraine, poland, and other nation set of shelters. while families open their doors, the european union says refugees will be welcomed with open arms. plus president
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volota mirror zalinski asked for ukraine to be allowed to join the european union without delay. he says his country needs equality and protection, and russians raised to withdraw and exchange their money. the ruble plunges to record lowes as western sanctions. begin to fight. ah, i'm nichol foolish. welcome to the show. we want to start with an overview of the latest developments in the war between russia and ukraine. they, the 2 parties have begun their 1st talks since the conflict broke out 5 days ago, ukraine is demanding a cease fire. and the withdrawal of all russian troops from its territory. negotiation are underway and bela bruce at the moment close to the ukrainian border
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. ukraine has sent it's defense and deputy foreign ministers. while russia's former culture minister is leading its delegation, raising questions about how seriously moscow is taking the process. ukraine says it's major cities are still holding out. a senior official says russian rocket strikes have killed dozens of people in the 2nd biggest city har keith. hundreds more, were wound it. and just a warning, some of our viewers may find the images and this next report, distressing with the paternity of this conflict. in plain sight, more medic say the people here were injured as russian troops. shells the port city of murray, awful. one of them, a 6 year old girl, doesn't make it yet another pointless. loss of life crush
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essays, it's not targeting civilians. but pictures such as these, which ukraine says is the residential building in flames in the northern town of china have seemed to disprove that claim as to these satellite images showing craters caused by russian artillery fire near residential areas in the city of khaki in the east ukrainians say they will do all it takes to defend their country. a civilians learn how to become soldiers. ukraine's foreign minister makes clear the extent of his resolve that they will never give up. he also have this appeal to people in russia. court will resume american fo, would like to address the citizens of the russian federation. luke, what vladimir putin turned your country, you'll be country into. he declared an invasive war against ukraine. she sent here your sons for husbands to kill ukrainians. capture our lands destroy our cities.
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ukrainians did not want this war, but they will fight for their land and their homes. no green significantly. good. thank you mary. apo residents are sheltering from the fighting in an underground. jim. many have been here for 5 days. despite what is happening outside to some are trying to be optimistic through my luther. let's hope for peace negotiations because everyone wants peers and some kind of result up so that civilians are being killed where the majority here. but when you're below, for now though, there is no peace in this is the new reality for the millions of ukrainians who just last week were leading normal lives. let's get the latest now from data. we're correspond and funny for shara she is in western ukraine and the city of camella litski. funny what the situation in ukraine today people are
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experiencing the sift they of this full scale invasion and what that means. hundreds of people have been injured. scores of people have been killed and how to keep as of that city, and particularly in the eastern part of ukraine is on their heavy shelling and bombing, same situation or similar and keith with the 1st blast. starting just before dawn critical situation. also in the southern eastern part of ukraine, russia claims have been seizing a 2 towns, but also a nuclear plant. they are now at the situation. ukraine here remains very much critical, and people are bracing for yet actually another night. that's to calm, not knowing where those miss also going to strike that. russia intense a $22.00 attack a towns and several various parts of ukraine with. and really they're wondering if there is any end in sight of all of this, or if that it is just going to continue and asked a to a point where it simply ukraine is no longer what it used to be. but it's being
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basically flattened by the russian aggression. that's what people tell me. he and hands hamilton, ski in the western region of ukraine. now a funny, we're getting reports on social media. food shortage is a supermarkets with empty shelves. people trying to stock up and not being able to what can you tell us about that? give experience this ourselves say that they are so many a supermarket either that they're closed, but the ones that open, they still food. laugh, but obviously you see a lot of empty shelves and people scrambling to to, to get to very essential things by the way, notches food, but also gasoline, gasoline. without that, you're not going to leave this country. now also i have experience hover an outpouring of support among the ukrainians. it's incredible. actually i have never seen something like this in my life, especially in a situation like this, that people, whatever they have are trying to donate it. for example, here to internally displaced people,
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even if they themselves don't have much. so it's incredible how people are now really trying to come together support each other in every way possible, as you're trying to fend off this aggression by russia, not just by taking up arms and actually go as a civilian to the front line or a trying to support the territorial defense, but also simply trying to help those who are now locked up in their apartments. elderly people with no support whatsoever because maybe they overlap. relatives have already left the country all tried to do to set half a 1000000 of people who apparently have already gone abroad and left ukraine. so yes, very spanish, but there's also, apart from the spanish call to get basic things. there's also support among people trying to help each other in this very dire situation. denovia correspondent for shar and western ukraine. thank you so much. european union has launched a huge logistical operation to deal with the people fleeing ukraine. the un says
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more than half a 1000000 have crossed into neighboring countries. long use have formed at border crossings, and european commission president was left on the line says the refugees will be welcomed with open arms. most are heading for poland and d, w corresponded max sundance, and this report from a shelter on the border exhausted, but happy to have made it to poland for natalia cook said her son yvonne, an opportunity to finally rest their group. lift you crane with the 1st alarm and only got her now. i'm not scared to about in my son. might skate ice care about my argument. my parents, natalia tells her husband how to stay behind. he may have to fight into of course my son gray cry ran as a. yeah. and because his separate a separate and i he wanted to caesar, husband always call him and i say i wanted to be with you. a former
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warehouse now serves as a provisionary shelter, a safe haven for those who don't have anywhere to go. there is no shortage of donations including food diapers, and blankets. most of it is handled by volunteers. people from all over poland and even a broader pitching in to help with rides out of town and even places to sleep upon new fund assessment. we have very concerned about everything that's happening. this is great injustice, and i think everyone should help cause the building implement as joseph, eric and frances are also in need of help. the nigerian students barely made it across the board. they tell us, this is not the only report of africans having been sent to the back of the queue or ukrainian bordered arts. there was a lot of this confusion going on where you actually had to like beg people to like take him to the bordo. so we could way to escape. well, of course, racism discrimination. no one listens, who has gone, of course,
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can call on everything. back inside of gainey, keep each ankle was waiting for his wife to reunite with him and his son, ilia, e to us. mary clark treat for me for his mother. the trip isn't over yet. she is still stuck at the border after a night out in the court. mom with those are groom. his mother is also under huge stress, but she is holding up. she is very strong. she's no helping other people with her at the borders. yeah. william colon and trying to call them down and offering her course so they can keep warm. so when you figure the wireless machine you, together, they plan to carry on to latvia and then perhaps to england, just far enough away from the war. fighting between russia and ukraine in forces is intense and chaotic. let's turn over to d. w. william glue, croft who has the latest on the military situation on the ground. well, thanks very much. now, military analysts are saying that russian forces have taken what's called an
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operational pause. that doesn't mean fighting has stopped. it means that there been no major attempts to push further into ukraine. so let's have a look at where the battle lines are. and let's have a remind of these are estimates that are changing rapid leader based on analysis from military experts. so we've shown you already how russian forces are pushing into ukraine from 3 sides. it looks like we've gotten something wrong with the wall, so i will just try to explain to you that, that we've seen that forces are coming in from the north, from the east and from the south. um, these freeways, here we go. we're looking at key of now, maybe we can just move ahead to keith where there's been some heavy fighting. now keith is very close to the border with beller root for russian. troops have been for weeks training under the auspices that they're just training, but they have since moved into ukraine. inoffensive positions. and while ukrainian forces are defending the city by quite fiercely and holding forces they are,
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they're converging on multiple points. now the question is, how long can ukrainian forces hold off those russian troops? and how much more will russian troops be committed to battle after this operational pause has been reports that there's been supply line issues, issues with fuel, with munitions. these kinds of things have been slowing up. the russian, a vans and ukrainian forces have been putting up a tougher fight then may be, was expected. but let's not fool anybody. these are brutal, brutal battles. people are dying. we can see just some of the destructive force here. it's gonna be a long way to go, and the question is, just how much is vladimir putin willing to commit to this fight this unprovoked invasion of ukraine? my uncle kraft, thank you so much. and we want to talk more about the military side of these most recent events for that i can now welcome egan, adams. he's a retired nato general,
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and for star german general, welcome to d, w. general for weeks we've been hearing that russia's army is far superior to that of ukraine, but they haven't progressed as far as most to had expected. how do you explain that? now i posted believes that the calls that come with the spirit of your brain forces is much better than that of the russians. we have seen the situation during the 1st day that the some of the forces of the ukrainians were concentrated on the east and try to defend in the east and their party surprised. i would like to say, when the attack occurred, mainly from the last, from the battle rushing area down to 2 years after i would say a restructuring of the forces. putting more forces in the north of here from around here. if the green forces start at the very successful defense, i would like to say,
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even if they are not as high except as the russian forces concerning technology and the respect to fix it. but there is something they obviously can balance. why a bit us fear it, they show and i'm always surprised when i see reports from own or from romania, where i see men who have brought their release into the mentioned countries. and then turn back to ukraine is saying, i would like to defend my whole country. russia does have one of the world's most powerful army. so didn't underestimate ukraine's resolve. or is he trying to once again, make ukraine and the west under estimate him? no, i do not believe that there is an intent from fulton site or to to create such kind of picture megan on the assessment of that. what the capacities of the russian
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forces. i believe the capacities are quite good, no doubt about that. or with regard to the way with regard to things artillery and all the other things they are stronger than you're paying forces. but then this part, the, that is part the balance by the spirit shown. and by the way, how the ukrainian people do that. and from that point of view, i'm surprised as you are, and i really a lot of other people are about that about that results if you have seen the receipt today after 5 days. but, but that certainly isn't fitting well with is that what about russia sanity now? what can we expect in the days going for any thank now there is one important point i would like to say based on the strategic structures, all the operational, the operation approach, the russians have shown in previous years and how they can conduct the battle. i'm still convinced that we have only the few 1st nationals in better board in by the,
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by the russians, and i'm waiting for the next action on. and then we will see for that successful defense. but all the, the gradient shows is still going to continue. so that means that for the time being i will not say the premium you are going to win the something which is to low from my side. and if you want to do things with regard to reduce takes a lot of things where i say something i cannot assess to what extent the ukrainian army has the necessary storage to conduct the battle for longer time. but this year, for, during the last days, the last 2 days, i would like to say obviously the russian forces have even were struggling with logistic let us. but i want to ship something like that. so from that point of view, what is in this regard? park, the balance we will see during the next days will be the 6 was successful, better conductor, where i do oh, yes, the gradients will get it better in
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a better way. and i show that you to a certain extent, that could cause an explanation. this identifying that the russian forces are going to lose, that we will have another escalation done with regard to strategic weapons or something like that. that was interesting from yesterday to hear that president bush and go from the us. s offered, used to put more put in our us forces into that, into the battle and in ukraine. yeah. let's talk a bit more about a possible escalation yesterday president for his countries deterrence forces including its nuclear weapons system, on high alert. how worrying is that? no, there is a special situation, no doubt about that, but a something where i would like to make the other you haven't seen the similar
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situation already in 2014, when the, when the election of the, of the peninsula was conducted. so from that point of view, used to then to within a certain, in a certain phase, what i have for today and what i've got by so sources, is that the defense minister and sells this reporting to prove that these forces are, i will call the company ready, so that means that in the areas where there are maybe garrison's or maybe for station in the certain solutions, therefore use the race that level. but as you have said, they can be used for the purposes, but they can be used as conventional wyatt's. the, from the owner from that is still not an issue. however, it is something which has to be carefully observed where i can only give the recommendation with regard to any kind of x is to be taken from the western side. to move that very cautious. it doesn't make sense to escalate the situation from
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our end. and what is my feel, what my fears in this regard is that the reactions may expect. one mister putin will not be able to be calculated to a certain extent because it is in some areas already irrational. what he has done during the last weeks at heart, neither general agony, i'm thank you so much for your time. was a pleasure. thank you. and we're now going to take you to new york, where the united nations general assembly is meeting to consider the world's response to the war in ukraine. the session has begun with a minute silence to remember the victims of the conflict lead lesson. and mister, president of the general assembly, excellencies, the fighting in ukraine must stop. it's raging across the country from air, land, and sea. it must stop. now. russia,
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me silent that bombardments have been pounding ukrainian cities day and night. the capital keith is in circles from all sides. in the face of the containing the tax caves, $3000000.00 residents are being forced to seek safety in their homes, improvised the bomb shelters, and the cities, subways. you can in governments, as distributed the meaningful number of items to the population. we the state of the objectives to participate in the defense of the country. according to n, h yard off a 1000000 ukrainians fled across the country's board of those. although russian strikes are reportedly largely targeting you canadian military facilities, we have crappy, mal accounts of residential buildings, critical civilians to the doctor. and that the non military targets sustaining heavy damage. these escalating violence which is resulting in civilian there,
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including children. he's totally an acceptable enough, is enough. soldiers need to move back to their barracks and leaders need to move to piece. civilians must be protected. international humanitarian and human rights law must be upheld this over entity independence and that he follow the integrity of ukraine. we need seems rational recognized, borders must be respected in line. we general assembly resolutions use the presidents. we are facing a tragedy for ukraine, but also a major regional crazy, potentially disastrous implications for household yesterday, russian nuclear forces were puts on high alerts. these is a chilling developments. the mere idea of a nuclear conflict is simply inconceivable. nothing can justify the use of nuclear weapons. mister president,
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we faced what could easily become youtube's europe's worst humanitarian and refugee cries is in decades with the numbers of refugees and in total use placed, multiplying by the minutes. i am grateful for the compassion, generosity, and solidarity of you clenched neighbors who are taking in those seeking safety. it is important that the solidarity is extended without any discrimination based on race, religion, or ethnicity. the neighboring countries will need all our supports in the days and weeks to come. united nations will continue to assist with these efforts. if the president on saturday i spoke with present soleski and they should lean, that united nations would not abandon ukrainian people and convey the audience emulation to enhance humanitarian assistance. even before the events of the past week, un was providing some 3000000 people on both sides of the contract line. we do meditating
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assistance. united nations is not working. 24 times 7 to excess humanitarian needs and scaling the delivery of life saving support to many more people desperate for protection and shelter. but thankfully women and children, elderly people, and those with disabilities. we are fully committed to staying and delivering for everyone affected by these deadly conflict across the country. some of our personnel are expanding existing programs and others are pretty padding new operations to get help to those who need it fast. i want to, i like see concrete sections 1st. i've been located $20000000.00 us dollars from the sentinel emergency response fund to support the emergency operations along the contract line. in the eastern or blasts of the net scandal. one sca and in other parts of the country, these would allow us to help more vulnerable people get the basics. shelton, food, want that, and they'll scare as soon as possible. seconds, i have a warranty them,
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you know, why does the, when cries, is coordinated for ukraine's evil? yes, we the government with all relevant actors on the ground, supported by the residences, humanitarian coordinator, and the un country team. at the same time, we are bringing together partner, seen and outside the country, and searching personnel into the country serves. tomorrow we will launch 2 for the 90, the emergency appeals for ukraine and the region. when that the rest is escalating, humanitarian needs inside the country, including rising internal displacement and another response to the needs of people crossing international borders to seek refuge in countries neighboring ukraine. as we ramp up our efforts, it is essential that the safety and security of un and associated but so now he knew crane are protected in accordance with international law. and that you meditate in excess who vulnerable people and communities is guarantees. i call on all sides to pull their obligations while all freedom of movement of humanitarian
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personnel, and to fully silicate safe rapids, and an imputed passage of humanitarian relief. i also urged international community to mobilize in support of our funding, appeals to address the needs of all those displaced by these crises, as well as other vulnerable groups whose numbers will only grow as the fighting escalates. is the president's. humanitarian aid is vital, but it is not a solution. it is simply 3 think the worst impacts of the conflict. the only true solution is peace. get tech on crane challenges international law and the multilateral system, rooted in the un charter. some of the possible consequences of a watch, the conflict are terrifying to contemplate regional tensions are rising. the late the security measures in the line, the high stakes, for all the economic repercussions of the crazies will have widespread impacts. and
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that count on every member state to leave up to the principles of the chart for mr . president, the guns at calking now, but the passive dialogue must always remain open. it's never too late to engage in good faith negotiations. and whether asked ali shoes peacefully. i hope that the direct dogs not taking place between ukrainian and russia delegations will produce not only an immediate oh, to the fighting, but also a pess towards the diplomatic solution. i welcome and encourage all peaceful efforts to end the bloodshed and loved these conflict. i think the countries who have offered to oceans facilitate negotiations. united nations is regular to support such efforts. if the president's war is not the answer, it is thus human suffering says, 1st destruction, and then immense. this systems destruction, and then immense distraction from the real challenges facing humanity. the climate
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crisis and biodiversity loss vitally need. the social economic recovery from the pandemic healing the divides of race and gender, and so many of the pressing 21st century challenges humanity can not afford to be locked in the mindset that the edges up the words, the past centuries. we need to look forward as united nations to overcome the scores of wash when to focus on solving problems, not making them worse. in cities around the world, people are taking to the streets and lemon, demanding an end to war. people in ukraine wants and needs peace, and i believe people in the russian federation due to we need peace. now. thank you . that was un secretary general antonia good terrorist speaking at this emergency session of the general assembly and to talk more about this session. i'm now joined by
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richard walker. he's our chief international editor at richard. what did you make of the speech? yeah, well, good afternoon. good harish expressing deep concerns about what is happening about the increasing evidence that civilians are being affected very much by the violence. of course, this is something that we also see coming in from, from our reporting describing the escalating violence is totally unacceptable and saying very near the beginning for speech that enough is enough and talking about the gamut of problems that this crisis is throwing up, referring to the, the nuclear forces alert vladimir putin, the issue yesterday at the weekend, telling his armed forces that he wants his nuclear forces to be on height. and to let you describe that is a chilling development and said that nothing can justify the use of nuclear weapons
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. and talk to also a great deal about humanitarian consequences. what's happening, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are now on the move. we have a new refugee crisis beginning here, which is which the europeans, of course, are racing to respond to. and then simply also voicing his frustration. this is something that we've heard from from good, cherish quite a few times. i remember also at the un general assembly in september, which happens every year in new york. i was there also the munich security conference just a week and a half ago here in germany where he was also addressing for him. all of this is a massive distraction from the problems that the world really has to address. things like climate change we've had today, the update from the i p c. c, with even greater, more serious warnings about how the stress of climate change is so urgent needs to be tackled. now, the rest of the pandemic and many other issues. and what we have here is not just
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a war is causing destruction and death for the people directly affected, but something that is completely distracting. the world's attention and dividing the world in a way that it makes it harder to deal with those common challenges. so maybe for our viewers who are not as familiar with the un and what they do and how they function, how is the session going to pan out and what's the expected results? yeah, so the background to this is that many viewers will remember that there was a meeting with un security council a couple of days ago where resolution was put forward, the condemned the russian invasion of ukraine. so there was a vote on that in the un security council, the now your security council has 15 members, 5 of them are permanent, and 10 of them rotate. and, and the vote came out with 11 members in favor, 3 extensions and one against only one country against that was russia, but its vote against him because it is one of the permanent members of the un security council.


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