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of their issues, and what we have here is not just a war of is causing destruction and death for the people directly affected, but something that is completely distracting. the world's attention and dividing the world in a way that it makes it harder to deal with those common challenges. so maybe for our viewers who are not as familiar with the un and what they do and how they function, how is the session going to pan out and what's the expected results? yeah, so the background to this is that many viewers will remember that there was a meeting with the un security council a couple of days ago where resolution was put forward that condemns the russian invasion of ukraine. so there was a vote on that in the un security council, the now your security council has 15 members, 5 of them are permanent, and 10 of them rotate. and, and the votes came out with 11 members in favor, 3 extensions, and one against only one country against that was russia, but its vote against her because it is one of the permanent members of the un security council. it has
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a veto. that means that it can block anything coming through. there was already a sense of some isolation for russia. there, there had been some speculation, the chinese, who often vote with russia in the un security council and russia and china being growing closer in recent times. there's been a lot of focus on the strengthening relationship between russia and china. they're pushing back against united states in the west will, despite all of that, china abstained in that vote in india and the united arab emirates with the other countries that abstained. but what can happen after there's been a vote like that in the un security council says something called a united for peace resolution can come up. and that is that there's a vote in the security council then to pass this on to the un general assembly. and that's all 193 member states. then of the united, you have to interrupt, you know, when here, because we can now bring the general assembly back up because we have the ukranian
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ambassador they're speaking let's listen and then continue. mark knew, which is why this is so hard moment he was killed and this is several moments before he has killed. imagine if you wanna just visualize the magnitude of the tragedy. you have to imagine next to you next to every name blade over every single country in these general assembly. more than thought the souls of keeled russian soldiers already next to every name of the every single country. in these assembly thought the bloss guild russian soldiers hundreds of killed
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ukrainians, dozens of killed children and it goes on and on and on. so just imagine those killed people next to you when you will listen to my formal statement. big, militarized power seeking for jail. political greatness has launched a full fledged military offensive against the small, unable aimed at invading the country. deadly airstrikes dropped on civilians. cats across the entire country and the russian troops crossed 2 grains borders from the territory or russia bellows. and they occupied bars, so you cranes, dunbar,
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and crimea. does it remind you of something, doesn't it? indeed very clear parallels could be drawn with the beginning of the 2nd world war 2. and the russia course of action is very similar to what their spiritual mentors from the 3rd right employed on the ukrainian land, 80 years ago just won the most recent example example o c, human sufferings, example, a war crime. as all of us were on our way to the general assembly to day, the russian army shelter was grad, multiple rocket launchers, systems, the residential areas of the city of harkins. the 2nd be biggest in ukraine. innocent civilians have been killed and wounded the exact numbers. it's very
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difficult to estimate because so far the book fair while the negotiations are still on the way i had the border was belarus. we therefore express our gratitude for overwhelming support that made this decision on the emergence, secession possible. we are grateful to the president of the general assembly for he's taking care of this idea well in advance. we appreciate the engagements. engagement of the un secretary general, who has taken a very strong stance in suppose of beasts, in support with you and charter we have been prompted to call for an emergency special session. as the level of the strat to the global security has been equated to the to that will the 2nd world war
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or even higher following puddings. odette to put an alert, russian nuclear forces will take what a madness if he wants to kill himself, he doesn't need to use nuclear arsenal. he has to do what these say, what, what the guy in, in berlin did in the bunker. in may 1945 the security council addressed the issue of the russian war against the grain. and the decision was not adopted due to the obvious reason. the contrary, adapting to occupy ukraine seems to susan and 14 has occupied the seat of the over the of the council spell, family member since 1991. before we do not accept the ration logic that the security council was unable to act due to one sided and unbalanced
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approach, the only gill, the party in the russian federation. the thing with delegate, russia uses all its military potential to attack grain and has begun. redeploying reserve units on the border with ukraine. it fires crews and ballistic me styles and cities. attacks with ation, banks and delivery sans out the version and reconnaissance groups, which mark residential buildings in preparation for the attacks. processed me style and now ame had destroying the infrastructure objects, the targeted, the radioactive waste disposal sites near key if, if you will, base in the town of us that is effectively keith saba,
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the objects of logistic infrastructure including bridges. apple and water is, was remain among the targets. such towns is chester and the nice little guns, no guns gun now nearly destroyed, as well as residential buildings in and around here in the heart of the rational forces sees the chernobyl nuclear power station. and the part of 1000 here. so all region including the north, creamy and canal due to the active moving of fresh and heavy militaries through the cher noble exclusion zone. the radiation level has increased rapidly in the black, the russian warships deliberately at back to say will that those under the black so on them are in approaching ukraine. least going to use a flag are in violation of the international law of the c. incredibly,
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one of the vessel had the russian crew still, it was attacked by the russians. russians keep attacking the gardens and orphanages . not committing war crimes and violating their own statutes. hospitals in the bio medical aid brigades are also targeted by the russian selling and the sabotage groups working in ukraine, cities and towns the rational military fired on ambulance groups in the area of the opera and keith in the district of su me. region ross and thanks shut down and back to civilians. later, the russian military does not allow, did not allow ambulances on the spot. as of today, 352 people, including 16 children, were killed on the korean side and 2014 ukrainians.
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including $45.00 children wounded during the 1st 5 days of the russian invasion. and these numbers growing non stop. i have already told about the morning showings in the car. and we cannot really estimate at this moment how many were killed in response, ukraine has activated is right for cell defense. according to the article, $51.00 of the charter, the russian troops are suffering losses. aircraft, helicopters, banks, trucks, personnel, the aggressor forces have already lost more than $5000.00 men power during the 1st days of aggression. excellence is the general assembly should be local in demanding from the russian federation to stop its defensive against crane. in recognizing russian actions as an act of
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aggression gains over in an independent state in demanding from russia to immediately completely and unconditionally result forces from the territory of grain with within. you seem to nationally recognize borders in demanding from the rational federation to reverse the decision related to the status of certain areas of the as can look on the region. so we're green in demanding for compliance with the provisions of international humanitarian law. the general assembly should also be clear with regard to the 3 church role or bellows and involvement in aggression or the russian federation against ukraine. distinguished members of the general assembly. what is happening now in ukraine has already had the security and human very implications for all of you immediately
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for you work a bit later on for the rest, including in terms of food security, energy security, financial market, collapse of the economy. last september, my president said while delivering his statement at the high level segment of the 76 session of the general assembly and i quote, i understand the criticism of the un is often heard. but we criticize ourselves and vote. if we fail to respond now, we will face much more than criticism. we will face a believe in it must not happen. now it is time to act time to help ukraine that is paying now the ultimate price of freedom and security of itself and over the world. if you crane does not
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survive intention, so my international piece will not survive. if ukraine does not survive, the united nations will not survive. have no illusions if ukraine does not have i, we cannot be surprised if democracy fails next. now we can save ukraine, save the united nations, save democracy, and defend the values we believe in and that ukrainian sa, fighting for and being with their lives. the russian delegate will speak shortly. protein has done every thing to the,
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legitimize the russian presence in the united nations. but i wonder eve, the russian presence in the united nations has ever been legitimate. i wonder if i have all these hol, these assembly voted in accordance with his paragraph. 2 of article full on his mission of the russian federation to the united nations. either in december 1991 or in january 1992 or wherever. thereafter,
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i want to ask the delegates whose countries voted for admission of the russian delegation to the united nations to raise their hand to confirm that russia was admitted to the united nations. according to the charter, police gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your hand if your country voted in the formal session for the general assembly in reply to the letter by president yeltsin, dated december 24, 1991. when he told the united nations that russia would like to be a continued or state of the demise to soviet union. any one shall i put ban glasses. if my vision fails me, and i don't see any hand raised any country,
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any one voted for rational membership. i leave you with that and think about it. when you listen to the russian delegates by thank the distinguished represent area of ukraine. that was quite an emotional plea there for international support for the ukrainian people wasn't at. he drew parallels to world war 2 compared to to hitler. what did you make of this? and yeah, i mean, it was a powerful address. i think he had, of course, would not in the chamber, but you could really tell the atmosphere of the chamber was, was, was absolutely hushed as, as he spoke, receiving i think, yeah, the, the sort of respect that you would expect to in this situation. and as he's
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a country is under attack and making parallels to the 2nd world war barrel, eastern gris, the invasion of a hitler's invasion of poland. and saying that we're trying to express to the countries assembled here for this really quite important votes here. with that, you know, it counts not just the ukraine accounts for all of them, a really healthy read address with writing about me. i keep interrupting learning about the russian ambassador to the united nations about the middle is speaking now. and i of course want to have our viewers listening to that as well. and there is that a number of incredible fakes is staggering with media outlets and social networks.
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it's not for liberating at these alive for this reason. today i wish to focus on the real regions for the credit i had emerge and a possible consequences to which the advertisement following the route for the current market life in the actions of the plan itself. for many years it sabotaged and flouted it's direct obligations under the means of measures you just recently. very recently, there was a hope that in kiya that they would reconsider and that they would indeed comply with what they signed on to back in 2015 for that 1st and foremost was necessary and it was direct dialogue set out in the document between dan logan's when however, the latest confirmation around the senior leadership of the con of the country was that ukraine was unwilling to engage in this dialogue. and they took unwilling to take steps to grant a special status to dunbar, uniform calm, and i set out in the midst agreements. and this was actually supported by the western patrons of cube. and miss definitively persuaded us of the fact that we no
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longer have a right to allow the residence of them. boston suffer any more for their book in so far as ukrainian provocations against the people dumbass in february did not. and in fact, they were collated the leadership of dpr and lp. our turn to us with a request to deliver military support and in line with bilateral agreements on cooperation which were are right with their recognition concurrently with recognition. and this was a logical step to the ongoing, the persistent aggressive action that undertaken by the kind of regime, the ukrainian authorities, which has several of late been actively armed and inside it by a number of states were under the misconception that with the other lay out of the indulgence of western patrons and sponsors, they would be able to address the issues in boston militarily it is difficult, otherwise,
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it would be difficult to explain. the ongoing intensification of shelling and sabotage acts on the territory of the republic, which i mentioned that people have done boss. and lugens continued to have to take shelter back base men said there was a flood of refugees entering the russian federation, and the gap is still the nature of the ukrainian armed forces. operation did not change, and yet western partners did not wish turned a blind eye to this. and they merely echoed, ukrainian tall tales about the allegations that done boss, people were shelling on them, dissolved, the worsening suffering of their residence on mosley. something that has been left, a western sponsors unmoved in recent years. this sketch had this good council, general assembly. there was no empathy whatsoever, no compassion for the people of dunbar and look on it seems that these 4000000 people simply don't exist for them. and as a result of the ongoing threats targeting the people of lp are and deeply are given
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the lack of prospect for addressing the problems in the area under the men's operations, the due to the felt claim failure to fulfill. and then the russian president took a decision more especially military special military operation to be carried out and on both occupation of ukraine is not part of this of these plans. the goal of the special operation is to protect people who for 8 years were subject to torment and dennis and genocide, by the key of regime to that. and there is in a week where there's a need to demilitarize and di not defy ukraine. we were given them further will strive to hold accountable those who carried out countless issues, brutal crimes against the people at the residence including residence, their separation. this decision was taken in line with article 51 of the united nations charter with the sanction of the federation council of the russian federation and pursuant of the agreement on friendship cooperation cpr. and here i wish to recall further that the principle of sovereignty and territory with
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a something which we are being accused of breaching b, ukraine. the declaration of principles of international law on friendly relations between peoples was adopted. 1911 claim, and it needs to be unstintingly complied with with respect to states. i quote, complying and conducting themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self determination of peoples as described above and thus possessed of a government representing the whole people belonging to the territory. without distinction as to race, creed or color would end up quote. today's, the government of ukraine is no such government. moreover, during the special military operation, russia has been exercising its right to self defense from a regime that has been striving to gain access to nuclear islands. the president of ukraine explicitly stated this on 18 february during the munich conference. and this, i would recall this statement that he delivered was met with applause by the participants
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of this conference. in the same time, ukraine is seeking membership in nato, where there is an article 5 in fact, and it's territorial claims to the russian federation hand by leveraging article that one of the un charter not only is russian protecting himself from the national red bud. russia is also seeking to uphold the purposes and principles of the united nations charter on the soil of dunbar and ukraine, ensuring that the main goal of the united nations be upheld, namely to, to vent, succeeding generations from a storage of war. unfortunately, but who of us to note the very negative role played and all of this by western colleagues led by the united states interrogation part instead of compelling key of to comply with this obligations. instead, they are merely in citing key of egging it on it, repeating the senseless mantra that their obligations of immense agreements are not being complied with. the russian federation, which i should like to recall and emphasize to russian federation is not
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a party to it. moreover, our western colleagues have shamelessly inundated the country with weapons have been sent to the country, instructors and effectively incited ukrainians. a who are facing 812-0000 strong military contingent to in prompted them to engage an army cation against the dumbass. this thereby, the western countries have created a bubble that cannot but pop, distinguished colleagues disgusting with today. with this discussion, it behooves us to note that a back in 2008 russian, a president at the nato council. a, she cautioned with that members of nora, members of nato should think 3 times before proudly stating that ukraine in georgia will join the nato. and that this was a met,
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the so portrayed of some kind of a great compromise that a was immediately met with action plans undertaken in ukraine. and george had to join the alliance at the same time, only in 2014. there was a brutal anti constitutional qu, would you took place in t of as a result of which nationalists and radicals received power power. and their policy was to create an anti russia and ukraine, and to ensure that it join nato. and i will revisit that. the for us with ukraine joining nato is a red line with 1st and foremost from the military strategic level. the deployment of nato infrastructure in that country would come to tell us to adopt measures in response of which and this has placed us at the verge of conflict. for this reason. in december 2021,
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we proposed that agreements be arrived that with the us and nato for security assurances to be provided to the russian federation. however, our extended hand was sir msd. i'm ceremoniously rebuffed by americans and nato representatives. as reposed that we propose that we continue to discuss secondary issues without consideration of our concerns. moreover, the question was not addressed as to the how the freedom with choosing alliance is to set out in the always to see aligned to the principles of indivisibility security. which is of great importance to us. probably many of you wonder what should be done now and what can role can united nations play and addressing the ukrainian process a training crisis. we believe that the un can and should play its role hell to bring the stakeholders positions closer together and to eradicate the causes of conflict. the key role here, according to the charter, should be played by and full allies with relation to the council. however,
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attempts to call me discuss this issue and it's something our partners who did not deign to undertake for this reason. the russian federation and $25.00 february voted against the anti russian anti ukrainian draft resolution of council. it is anti russian. this document there is no need to explain why it suffices to get a cursory glance at the document. why is it an anti ukranian the document? because this document beyond any doubt, is inconsistent with rude interests of the ukrainian people. and so far as it is an attempt to salvage and to cement your current in ukraine, those authorities who brought the country to the brink of tragedy. and this tragedy has been ongoing for 8 years. now. the main reason for our negative vote was not what was in the draft, but what was not included in the draft. if this classes were to attempt to make it even remotely balance, then they would not have left out issues that need to be addressed in the context of the ukrainian issue. specifically, what was addressed was the way that the unchecked constitutional qu and ukraine in,
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in key of, in february 2014, resulted in them. my dad won't touch, teasing power and using it against the residents, shelling civilian areas of west artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers. and raining bombs and the people have done boss and logan's was unaddressed with how the ukraine authorities with the tolerance and indulgence of western sponsors consistently and cynically served their obligations to implement the men's agreement at the same time, at the line of contact ukrainian, a death squads, 1st and foremost, comprise the neo nazi in radical elements methodically, day after day shell to the residential areas of the p. r and lp are killing women children, the elderly. but this is ongoing today. how can we fail to mention the fact that a ukrainian nationalists have been perpetrating cries for all these years? the protesters against my don in odessa were burned alive. the peaceful protest her
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and my dad were shot out, killed by snipers investigation into these tragedies by the my don regime was deliberately clucked onto my rug at the same time, the perpetrators in the desert tragedy are well known. they are flaunting their presence and then you spend alternative investigation in to the reasons a acknowledgement by the smile. the snipers, good one ambiguously emphasizing that the slaughter on independence square was a provocation by the leaders of a my don, we spoke typically last year, held it informal to counsel our a formal meeting on this issue in order to provide colleagues at the school counselor more information about how never respond. one you bad news. we heard from us. arnold pe ponds corresponds lawyers are merely hackneyed, crush cliches, black russian propaganda. what kind of a tech resolution on ukraine can there be? in above mentioned circumstances, there is a need to ensure that the attack screaming there was a need for the tech to have
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a frank assessment of the role in inflating ukrainian crisis. played by western colleagues who not only are present in a minute or negotiations, but effectively you literally gave keeps the carte blanche to carry out any actions or status that would be unthinkable that was for gaming civilized they was from so many. does anyone with tales being school bond about the triumph of democracy in ukraine? them? i don't know, nora, he's a national, imo engage in a double with impunity. murdering political opponents, persecuting opposition with ordering opposition. television outlets. elsewhere there would be a relatively objective information. relied on 6 of those television channels were shuttered. hunter williams came alone. and how could we failed to mention a factor that lead crunch? he was remember flooded with weapons which were then turned on with glue peaceful civilians. and i'm off the responsibility for worth taking place. right now lies at the feet of the current ukrainian leadership as well as our western colleagues was
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viewed today. it.


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