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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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ah ah ah, this is b w. news live from berlin for the 1st time since it invaded ukraine. russia has seized a major city in may of hassan confirms that the black sea port is in the hands of inviting troops. resident the loaded me salenti meanwhile says russia will pay for what it has done. also on the program, ukraine and russia hold a 2nd round of talks and agree on humanitarian corridors. full civilians caught up in the fight. ah.
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m. anthony howard walked into the program. we begin with some breaking news from the crime where europe's biggest nuclear power plant is reported to be on fire after russian shilling. officials say these up of asia site, which accounts for a quarter, a b cranes, pow supply has come under attack. and that fire crews are being denied access by russian gunfire. and as russia's war on the crime, and as its 2nd way president vladimir lensky, has urged his people to keep up their resistance. that's, as russia intensifies its attacks on major cities. the may of the black sea port of hassan confirmed that russian troops have indeed taken the city. it's the 1st major urban centre, the full since russian forces began their invasion of ukraine. and it comes, as russian troops continued to attack, the outskirts of the ukrainian capital devastation on the outskirts of cave.
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as the invasion of ukraine drags into its 2nd week. russia has intensified its attacks on major cities across the country. with russian forces advancing in the east and south president vladimir putin claimed that the so called special military operation is going to plan as he gets, although the russian soldiers and officers are acting bravely like true heroes. our troops fight with persistence and full understanding that their cause is right spool. and when you minute, progressively with you in the south, russian troops have taken control of the key black sea port of her son. according to the regions governor, one resident recorded the moment, he opened his curtains to see a russian tank in the street. they're turning people to stared, sight shooting. you hear the sounds
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i think i should stroke recording before some troops room ahead. while in the east ukraine, 2nd largest city, car cave is still standing despite russian advances. but heavy bombardment has let buildings and ruins and dozens of civilians dead. with no relief from the fighting on the outskirts of keith, president zalinski urged western nations to impose a no fly zone over ukraine. he warned that europe is in danger. if the country falls, it shall us. nothing. if we full go to forbid hollywood, next will be latvia. i'm in lithuania, estonia, georgia, moldova, poland, value, and then they will go to the berlin wall. portia, if that would, would, when the, the do berlin's place to me. but a 2nd round of talks between russian and ukrainian negotiators has met with some progress as the 2 sides agreed to establish humanitarian corridors in some areas.
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for those residents who have not or cannot escape any such corridors could provide some desperately needed, were spite of more on this. let's bring in liam collins. he's a retired us special forces colonel. it was also a defense advisor to ukraine. welcome to the russian forces. have seized a king ukrainian port in the south. how important is this area around the black se, strategically speaking? i don't think it's a strategic for ukraine, as people might think. i mean, there's a lot of other ways to bring in supplies into ukraine in and keep in mind you're facing overwhelming, you know, rush and force into ukraine defense everywhere. the defending nowhere. so they're selecting where they want. then we talked 2 days ago about this column to the north of keith, moscow's advance on the crunch capital from the north. has it stalled or is that massive column of equipment just waiting it somewhat stalled. then keep in
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mind this isn't like a autobahn like a giant stout or something it's. it's different battalion it tactical roots spread out along this. not just one long line of of vehicles um, but ukrainians have taken down some of the bridges to narrow roads of movement is going to be slow and what the ukrainians are doing is attacking the front of the convoys was or is on their front stopped. then no one else is going to move, so really that's what it is. the ukrainians are attacking the the point he entered at convoy. how important these keep in this conflict, liam, it's him, it's important because it is the capital at the same time, the simply surrounding it or occupying it, is not achieved military or strategic victory, right? it's, it's the zalinski and the re in the ukrainians. and the regime, as long as they know, are going to capitulate, the war is not over regardless of how many cities that russia can. i would even say, oh, just be there because we get harassed the whole time. they're in there and attacked
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by volunteers outside of the volunteers, ukrainian president zalinski has now asked the wistful, more military i'd specifically plains a support if russia remains in total control of the skies. i be a crime. is this a matter of when they take full control, or rather, if it's going to be hard to get planes in there that so those are expensive platforms and the russians do have a fairly significant air in your craft capability. so it seems unlikely that they're going to get aircraft like that even even arm drones are going to be hard to bring in there in ocoee pioneer feel that the russians are going to make that a key target. so i think it's, it's going to be tougher the ukrainians to get those kind of assets, but is much of the russian hill near the ukrainians. also control with their anti aircraft in their stinger missiles and other other weapons, been fairly effective against russia, taking down over 60 planes and helicopters in total to date, according to their reporting. so without that support,
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if this remains civilians augmenting the ukrainian army, can i hold out? can i continue this? hold on? yeah, i mean, i think what you're going to see is an extended, you know, it could be a seizure, some kind of a advance on the city, but much more cities. if you look historically it takes, you know, several months oftentimes to ccs cc city. right? unless you got something went to run into baghdad, where it was just kind of a thunder run in the regime capitulated. but here they're not doing that right. they're fighting. and so it's going to be an extended fight in, in, as you saw in the south. right, even if they take the city and you're no longer fighting michelle for his, i think you're going to start to see, you know, the insurgency brewing there and they'll, and they'll continue to attack the russian forces that are in the city. oh was great to get your thoughts, former defensive, varsity crime, liam collins. thanks so much. thank you. he cried, and russia have reportedly made progress on establishing humanitarian corridors for
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civilians. caught in the fighting an advisor to ukrainian president zalinski tweeted that the 2nd round of face to face talks in believers were over. he said, what you crime does not have the result needs yet. there are decisions only on the organization of humanitarian corridors. he added that the 2 sides also agreed to keep talking d, w 's international. it is a richer walker is with me in the studio, which is how much of a breakthrough are these humanitarian corridors that we're hearing about? well, i think we should hesitate to use the word like breakthrough for this. of course, we'll have to see whether this really does get implemented on the grounds of steve . we're in the midst of a war situation, but it will be welcome to any kind of progress was made. and of course, setting up these corridors will hopefully give opportunities to civilians to get to safety. they will involve having local, i see along the pulse of these corridors. but volume is the lensky spokes
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person was clear that this isn't what they were looking for in these tools. they have very clear demands. they want an immediate cease fire that they want the russian troops out of ukraine. there's actually no sign at the moment that the russians minded to follow those demands the tool. richard and the russian president was speaking against i, what did you make of letting me put in speech? yeah, well, he was speaking with his security council. of course, we've all seen images of him speaking with this. this kind of closest core of advice is recently in this fast chamber in the, in the kremlin, but a great distance from each other will. this time, they weren't even in the same space. vladimir putin, where it was filmed, holding these talks by video conference with his team across the internet. and in that, it was quite interesting to, to kind of follow the things that he was saying. because on the one hand,
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he claimed that the mission was making progress, that it was all going according to plan. but on the other hand, there were suggestions and what he said that he, that he could have could see that the russians of suffering setbacks talking, for instance, about the fact that they have suffered a significant number of casualties. the russians are admitting just under 500 of their soldiers have been killed. other, the estimates put that number, much higher saying that he was going to provide compensation to the families of these people of the soldiers who have been killed. so an indication that the vladimir putin is having to deal with the fact that this operation, this war seems not to be going as well as he'd hoped to put my address. but he was also in conversation this time with the french president and mammal, a call to we know if anything kind of. yeah, well, we've had the french side of what happened in this school. this is the 2nd time this week that these 2 men are spoken on the phone. on monday they spoke for 90
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minutes. now on thursday, again speaking for 90 minutes. at the front side saying the vladimir putin requested this cool. and then the version of the call that we're getting from paris is a pretty bleak telling of vladimir putin is kind of state of mind and his objectives that he's adamant that he wants to push forward with this. he's that he is adamant that he wants to achieve his goals, which he describes as, as, as the demilitarization, the d not for cation of ukraine, which to western, it sounds like regime change. he wants to topple the government and install a government that he sees as friendly to him. so according to the lease a palace, emmanuel, my call after this call felt that the worst was yet to come to the police chief international editor richard walker. many thanks. european union has agreed to give emergency temporary protection to refugees fleeing the board in ukraine. it means
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that more than a 1000000 people who are flayed can now apply for temporary protective status and residency permits throughout the year. millions more are expected to follow. the measure is meant to pressure on member states that border you crime. so as russia is a vast country, the war in ye cried my same far away for russians living in remote areas like siberia, but videos appearing on social media, showing young russian recruits captured by ukrainian forces are bringing the realities of wool home to their families and friends, thousands of kilometers away. a small town in eastern siberia, almost 5000 kilometers from ukraine. but the war has already arrived here. this is the home town of puzzle. a young russian soldier captured in ukraine. the baby c visited his friends and family. the yes was again, those are like yeah, i've been crying the past 2 days. i want make like if you could please write that
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open in the legal way so i don't support it. i don't know what's happening and why our youngest being sent over that. i've been why given videos of young russian prisoners of war everywhere on social media. this unverified footage shows a captive soldier who is given food and tea and allowed a phone call with his mother. and more and more videos like this are spreading russian soldiers who say they had no idea they were heading off to war. when you move, as is in even dusty, we see that especially the young recruits often appear confused about if they weren't told about the nature of their deployment, their morale and their motivation. a low. the logistics aren't working, as well as even the west expected them to be as often as the, as i, the anguish of out of order these others. valentina melanie cova, is the long serving chair woman of the russian committee of soldiers. mothers
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concerned parents reach out to her in moscow asking where their sons a she's worried that the number of coals will drastically increase or just rationally, but this is a terrible war. there are many dad and many prisoners on by. he cranium and russian sides. we have to convince the warmongers, especially russia to declare humanitarian sci fi, say we can bring home the prisoners of war. you, that it may be the media. the people in this small east siberian town say they had no idea that pavel is in ukraine. his aunt has one wish over the ring back i boys you're watching t w news. let's return quickly to that breaking news at the top of the program. now new kinds, largest nuclear plants epa asia is on fire after being hit by russian shelley. the facility accounts for a quarter, a, b, e, christ power supply report. cy, heightened radioactivity has detected and that emergency crews are being denied
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access by russian forces. clearly, we will have more on that story as it comes to hand and you're up to date. don't forget all the lightest on the war and you kind of d, w dot com and we'll have more headlines coming up for you at the top of the hour on anthony house for now. good luck with not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news, events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. and this is the weekdays. on d. w. sun are driven by merciless greed, others.


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