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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2022 4:15am-4:30am CET

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football tournament. that's all the nice for now. more coverage of the russian invasion of you. crime can be found at that website at www. dot. come up next is business with stephen beardsley. stay tuned for that. i'm anthony held in berlin for me and the team here. they'll be more headlines of the top of the next hour statute. ah. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. warner families played on the syrian for these correct? only thing is with people seen screen dreams around 200 people for something around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why?
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, ah, the u. s. and u. k announced new sanctions against russian oligarchs, with a hopes of upping the pressure on vladimir putin and his inner circle. will look at the names that stand out, confiscating those big ticket assets. especially yachts is not always smooth sailing. just ask law enforcement in germany and could sanctions get even tighter. some country say it's time to target rushes, oil and gas exports, but not all allies agree. welcome to the show. i'm seeing fiercely in berlin,
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u. s. as an out, sanctions on an array of wealthy russians with close ties to vladimir putin government. 8 individuals face full blocking sanctions, while an additional 19 are subject to visa restrictions. u. s has also created a new task force designed to identify and seize the assets of those and other russian elite sanctioned earlier. president joe biden said the u. s. would come after their quote, ill gotten gains or children. and here's how, what, how spokeswoman gen saki described washington's goal? we looked at one of the big factors, of course, the proximity to president putin. we want him to feel the squeeze. we want the people around him to feel squeeze. i would, i don't believe this is going to be the last set of oligarchs making a damn a priority and a, and a focus of our individual sanctions is something the president has been focused on or has good corresponded james sweeney in new york. james,
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a priority to focus on these oligarchs. any names stand out on this newest list. well, it looks like russia's wealthiest, they've garnered all the headlines today because spite an administration, it's announced those new rent, browns, of sanctions, against russian. oligarchs. and there are some interesting names that do stand out, including, i'll assure who's been off his $600000000.50 foot mega yacht. the bill bar was taken by authorities over there in germany and hamburg yesterday was been off. he's an iron and steel magnate, estimated to be about $16000000000.00 worth his estimated to be worth about $60000000.00 and a supposedly, allegedly function as buttons, business advisor, and then also nichol. i took her up on that list of 8 who ran state owned russia, oil pipeline company transient, which carries 90 percent of the oil extracted from russia. and was even his daughter maya, who leads a real estate business that's valued at more than $50000000.00 in moscow alone. some interesting names are i so not just the individuals themselves, but family members as well. james, you know, we talked about, or saki, i should say, just mentioned that there's going to be more people target probably in the future.
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what's left for biden to sanction outside of wealthy individuals. so it, it seems like the world a sanctioning everything russian right now. assets, yachts, businesses, bodka and you know, what hasn't been sanctioned yet, and there's a lot of folk about it. russian oil, especially here in the united states. you would think that would be one of the 1st thing sanctioned, but so far it's not. and here in the us, it's very rare that you have both sides. republicans in some democratic leaders, openly saying they're in agreement and calling for a ban of russian oil. but white house press secretary, jan saki just a short while ago said she's not do we met? because joe biden's objective is to maximize pain on putin's regime while minimizing the effects of the conflict to americans. which by the way, if these current effects are minimal according to the press secretary, then we'll, i don't think americans really want to know we're here or even think about what standard and maximal fix would be like, because it's rough enough, as is all right. james sweeney in new york. thank you very much.
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well, british foreign minister list truss has also spoken in favor of sanctioning oil and gas to day the u. k. announce new sanctions over on to wealthy russian individuals . trust also praised the cooperation between london and its allies. thus far. we've worked with the u. s. e. u and g 7 to capital funding for pin's war machine, kicking russian banks out to the financial system. we will say shut our ass base to russian planes. and we're fast forwarding sanctions against rationale galks, the british government has faced criticism over already existing sanctions. london had only 9 wealthy russians under sanctions, saying legal complexities slow the government from doing more. in the u. officials have also found that carrying out sanctions can be complicated, even when the yachts themselves are hard to fine. take a look. luxurious yachts are a common sight in hamburg, but these tarps cover
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a special one. the deal bar worth 800000000 euros is an especially impressive ship as seen in this marketing clip. it belongs to russian oligarch, alisha was man of who has been sanctioned by the you. he's seen as a confidant of russian president vladimir putin was small of says he's been unfairly vilified and will fight the accusations. the german government had carefully planned the seizure. do it sticks to it? we have only received the exact wording of these sanctions less than 48 hours ago. we are now focused on finding ways to execute the sanctions. paternalism chief once was edson. the goal of the u sanctions is to limit the oligarchs economic power. since a yard is hardly part of a business and doesn't help it earn money, it was initially unclear whether or not it could be seized. the canyon outside a yard could easily be sold any time. and in the case of the yacht in hamburg, that could bring in up to 800000000 euros. that's why i think it has to fall under
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the current sanctions. given that it is very much an asset that could potentially in which someone wouldn't reading or the design so and sufficient authorities agreed another yard left hamburg in february after having docked therefore maintenance work. the graceful belief to be vladimir, put in seattle as it regularly anchors at his vacation spots. just days before russia started its war against ukraine, the yacht left for colleen and crat yards are not the only acids russian oligarchs hold in germany. near lake teegan c in the south locust gathered to protest against was man of his rumor to own this villa and likely to more close to the lake. no one knows for certain though not even the members of the city council showers are needed. i have never seen the nameless man of any official documents, usually deals are made by companies. so with straw man, because men are such business practices are common among oligarchs. they're used
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specifically to avoid sanctions. that whole problem drifted are, the main problem will be to prove that an oligarchy is the legal owner of a property. in looking at an oligarchy with potential assets, i have to have proof that those assets are really there. so was hoping dusty ver moves throughout a 1000 and switch provisions. and luna is another yacht anchoring in hamburg these days. it's also presumed to belong to an oligarchy, but that once not been sanctioned. and staying in germany, economy minister robert havoc said to day that he opposes the idea of an embargo on russian gas and oil. how about telling reporters that a full stop of russian fuel imports could lead to unrest in germany? half of the countries gas and coal imports come from russia and more than a 3rd of its oil. recent sanctions have left energy transactions with russia untouched, but driven up prices of fossil fuels. here's what hobbit,
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the german minister said during a briefing, he would not advocate an embargo on russian imports of fossil fuels, saying that he would speak out against that even because it could endanger the country's social peace. and now to some of the other global business stories making headlines, german car maker volkswagen has halted its russia business. the latest in a series of major firms to respond to sanctions over the invasion. dumler and b, m. w are also quitting russian market. german business leaders say the sanctions effectively amount to a full embargo. swedish furniture giant ikea is also suspending its operations in russia and belarus, effecting nearly 15000 employees, 17 stores and 3 production sites. once again, in response to the war, ikea is one of the largest western employers in russia. amazon says we use its logistics capability to get supplies those in the ukraine. the online giant will also provide at cyber security expertise to help governments and companies. earlier
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this week, amazon pledge to donate up to $10000000.00 for humanitarian efforts. western drug makers, medical device company say they're humanitarian commitment to continue selling products to russia. are being complicated by the spate of economic sanctions or the sanctions do not apply to madison medical equipment. and under, under international law, the industry has a responsibility to continue supplying those items, ratings agencies, fish and moodies have downgraded russia, sovereign debt to junk status. the agency saying the invasion and western sanctions have hurt moscow's ability to repay debts. and they've raised the risk for the economy. and stability of the news drove the russian rouble to new record lows against the dollar. and the euro efforts by the russian central bank in finance, ministry have fail to haul to slump. russia and ukraine are among the world's biggest export of grain. but the war is expected to lead to production losses and
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cancel deliveries with potentially grave consequences for some of the poorest regions in the world. in war torn yemen, the weed reserves will last for another couple of months, according to the government. but many like here in the capital city of santa worry about the rising prices for flower. yeah, the other russian war against ukraine will affect the whole world, not just us. it'll hit imports, exports, and trade. yemen will undoubtedly be affected. we are an importer of wheat, and most of our food comes from abroad. my mother, lebanon says it as wheat reserves for just one more month. the country's largest silos were destroyed in an explosion in bay root in 2020. the country depends on wheat imports, with 60 percent coming from ukraine. the government is looking for options. now, we've reached out to a number of countries including the u. s. india, canada,
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and europe that produced a soft weight that's needed for the our bread styles. we produce in lebanon. it's a very specific kind beneatha, ellena by net or canada. turkey depends on weed imports from russia. the country is in the midst of an economic crisis with sky high inflation. there have been massive protests over rising food prices. many turks fear that the war will make matters worse and basic food items, even more expensive. you've been watching the w business before we go, here's a reminder of our top story. this. our western powers announced new sanctions against russian. oligarchs, in hopes of upping the pressure on vladimir putin and his inner circle. and that's it from me and the dw business team here in berlin. you can find out more online at d, w dot com slash business. we're also on youtube under the dw news channel. i'm see beardsley to watch it through
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with, ah, ah, the war and ukraine many say they'll resist for as long as possible. hundreds of thousands are fleeing the finding. what does it feel like to leave everything behind? how our neighboring nations coping with the wave of refugees. and how do russians actually view putin's war focused on europe? next to w,
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and to the conflict zone with tips of sdn rushes, president putin has reminded the world of his massive nuclear arsenal by placing it on the higher left is the nato alliance of credible determine how real. this is spectra of a 3rd world war generals to richard sheriff, former deputy supreme commando of the nato alliance. i my guest this week from london. conflict zone you in 60 minutes. oh, d, w. oh. are driven by the merciless greed, others are fighting the destruction organic. when the invaders came to prison, they shut down the native to be the government is trying to destroy the indigenous people with a large scale. burton and grabbers are exploiting b, amazon rain forest. indigenous peoples are now bravely opposing them because it's
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not only the earth's brains loans that are dying to the rain. first we cease to exist and or people die out. a long term report from the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d. w with hello and welcome to focus on europe. thanks for joining us today. rush us, war against ukraine is one that will have major repercussions for the entire continent. the imprinted will leaf on europe is unforeseeable, even today.


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