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tv   Faith Matters - No Heaven Without Hell  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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he's exactly like said darcy and the poison spread. bear with me the great documentary series you wish destruction of a nation this week on d. w. o, [000:00:00;00] a . 4
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o heaven can exist, help. not to worlds. it's a the berlin radio choir and cooperation with the american theater director in visual artist robert wilson brings luther and bus to the stage. ah sir, dancing with the gods is a production based on martin luther, his writings, andrews, biblical translation, oh,
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a with ever in mom and finds out gloves side. lisa was always plagued by incredible anxiety from the time when he 1st believe on the mental illness that makes it so relevant for us . thanks 9, because we also live in a period when everybody is plagued by anxiety and feels threatened to you. he created a new idea and which he believed that faith and trust in jesus christ and the word of god who christine would help him find something to rely on here. as i wrote, it was so fitting of us on for paul. i think that's a very contemporary issue to l o. many people are searching today for somebody or something or they can still trust steam. what all right, come on of all of our town. wilson trusts his images are crossed and language and translated the bible from greek and
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determined. oh, production plays with luther's language, his translations, and writings some of the tax sa, resided in the original greek by the actress lydia corny. andrew, who is currently the greek culture minister marcy, oh, the entire greed of t. v is international. oh, it's been i it's, it's a song not by, for me as i've been involved in developing the project from the start out on this as i, that's why we call ourselves the creative team because we work together. and each person contributes ideas which have been developed. vickers on last month. i had all of course, i wouldn't have to the basic idea that bob had cuba and what the ideas inspiring him guns what's was on the slide. fade. the old master of images is still full of inspiration, and the ideas are perfected, step by step. for wilson, every movement,
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every posture has to be just right. oh. on the bar here. basically, it's an enormous jigsaw puzzle. they'd robert wilson is constructing like a flow. no, my works i, i diagram for put them together mathematically so i can see the total picture quickly. and her later we can fill and form or content. a crucial element is the lighting for $78.00 and said she should go should go for about that's done with a line. and one of them before you leave that group. good to me. lightest the most
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is central element and theater and architecture. albert einstein, sir. light is the measure of all things. and without life, there's no space. the whole lot of dorian becomes a stage shop. couldn't he create works of art in which people meant talented people move and speak or saying when to place an order as in others 1st like everything else, really light? it sounds, props, stage set, whether it's painted on the floor on the ceiling and around about mothers. and regardless, i would only be the him, everything as opposed to come together,
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him and so that's how he rehearses says, come, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, ooh, the i, i've been working 50 years and the theatre. i've never, once, ever in 50 years told someone what to think are, have i put an interpretation on the work?
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it's interpretations for the public maybe for philosophers who can think about things some time. oh george wants to see if you can see there is some of it. okay, sure. just like here. bravo. ah, behind stage is what you might call the laboratory. where the singer is and actors are dressed and made up to become the figures that robert wilson and his team have imagined with when some actors are not able to attend all of the rehearsals,
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their doubles have to appear in full costume. this for instance, is lydia coney or goose double. oh, oh yeah. i was the other one on bubble. it's not wilson's theater is neither psychological, no naturalistic, none of instead it fine science and abstract expression for particular experiences, developments, feelings, installations and events in long considered that so on. i never tries to depict a naturalistic or psychological image of the figure. lewis could no knock at, sorry, the question is rather, what strength did this person, this historical figure? her heart was hot and he's a figure. what motivated him, the little progress, what emotions, areas developments of human society did. he influence her in
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a guitar and vic long and arman or what entrance did he have on the individual? how to see i am for where did something change? what's the trust? evict? ah, do you know when your death, when lose the refuse to retract his theses? he was condemned by the pope and eventually banished. here rome's accusations, and luther's defence at the council of arms are symbolized as a rule, a company over contradictory voices. oh i oh, i won't do
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a home dean ah, 200 years later. you ones are bastion bark, said the reformers to music. ah, glover does it to her from what she wants could i think the reformation plays as subordinate ro, winter garden. it is main focus here is luther desk approved application, had helped you personally. but i think the religious aspects are well represented by the motet, often minus ackles of cardboard, which to missing a lot of christian text and spiritual was because if houser there, the focus is on religion or than in the scenes which are interspersed on me up a 100 at stan in,
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in seen and did that switch and allow for ah . busy ah ah, the singing and acting are rehearsed again again until they coalesce with the protestant carouse or supplemented by the 20th century compositions. steve writes clapping music, for instance. the singers all were their gloves at rehearsals, rebell, so that we can chat with him on
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a hush mission . hello, my low. we've done a lot about reproductions with choruses, but i have to say it's not the radio choir stock and trade hung on her sheet while, as for the hope mists on. this is an exception for them. it's not their 1st time that it's not, but they usually do of maha ah bars us for the initiative eager so go round once. that's like the 1st appearance then of course all in black. my father,
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i was on as us of him for the whole certainly the space is very interesting through their fun. of course, the figure of luther is as well, but the space is very interesting because it isn't a conventional theater on lunch. but sailor, this is not picture frame theater and it's a very special architecture. it was clear from the start that it would be staged here. so the whole concept was developed with this in mind. they are asking from on theater. the basic idea is an empty theater that brought the greek element into the production on the sat. so one thing led to another, and another configured. wilson and the choir chose this space deliberately for its unusual shape, but also afford superb acoustics. the pure bullet hall opened in the spring of 2017, designed by a franco gary and built at the back of the start. so court ordered in linden,
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one of berlin's 3 op roses. it's the home turf of daniel baron barm's. saeed academy. the berlin radio choir is used to performing an unusual venues with interdisciplinary projects in new york, tokyo, and other cultural capitals. it's earned itself and international reputation. the singers are used to performing with large orchestra's and famous conductors. taylor's and strengthened effort at la. sometimes it's exhausting, it demands incredible concentration noise, and it is very new for us because we aren't an opera chorus. finish row radio choir . i want to quote us what that means. our forte is concert performance competence. we normally stand behind the orchestra open are scores or has sing, and that's it. all thing and the spouse done on yet. this is performing especially with the director like bob wilson is an enormous challenge. yamaha for all of us. allah,
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sensitivity is required all around is vice does chronicle of handset guns, canal vice bus, but wilson marston, i know that nick la panza understands exactly what bob wilson once on. so she has a fantastic way of rehearsing with us. because she radiates an incredible. com, either you can even when we have to repeat some movement 10 times because it's, for instance, the lighting wasn't correct ah, on. so he start to lose patience. he could, but she remains absolutely calm. she talks to his very quietly. when takes us through the movements who don't smoke? marty's a vague and long, i think she knows exactly what the result is supposed to be as i keep the signs all on sign built
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah! on opening night, the scene is darker and more subdued than originally plan. oh. in rehearsal, it looked like this. the singers were using white balls, and the conquer never was red. ah. oh, with blue over night. red and white became black. oh, and 2 wooden slats that had previously been used,
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disappeared ah, ah, i saw a minor and as asher and a mission to hon, always trying to achieve a good mix finished. however, you're not supposed to hear individual voices and glovers here where more in the realm of musical theater art or you could even call it operates in which individuality is a bit more important. lordy, in new york city club, michelle, shaun i misunderstood of yet. ah, ah hi. so i took over his principal conductor in artistic director of the berlin radio choir in august 2015 because this stage is circular. he's assisted by a co conductor benjamin. good. ah . ringback yes, in these a fortune commissioner anderson, this is thus,
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what i find so interesting about this production though, is that wilson has made a very personal selection of texts by lu factors and of images from a contemporary paintings and builder fun m comedian central tied condition of comedian on so i see that it has an invitation to read and understand more about the period staying for funding that side. he saw on beach. i know when wilson quotes from the book of revelations, he transports us into the apocalyptic visions of the 1st christian century. oh oh oh oh,
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i even law law and son who deserves. but doyle did for me. she is been really goose can boon. i'm not religious so luther doesn't mean anything to me and that context me. but he means a lot to me as the man to whom, together with others, we owe the modern german language it. and once was um, once ohio to get dirty bar of done. also the poetry for e z, we owe him the mystique of german 4 for them. we have a beautiful, languishing newspaper is right and wrong does have
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a name that is needed. ringback again, the notice in england for both ne business in and of yes, he has the new in his amen. yes, yeah. ah, wilson strict choreography, even in case of the innocent child, is reminiscent of the strict choreography of the liturgy. ah, there's another church answer, a concert hall. and maybe what i have is esa, a spiritual feeling. maybe the light is induces something that is spiritual,
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but i hope it's not a religious service. religion has no place in the theatre. a key scene is luther is death. wilson clearly defines the arrangement of the death bed. the thing is in particular, the arrangement of the blanket and the precisely determined folding of the sheet have to be practised by the assistance so that it looks exactly the same at each performance. oh, i ah
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ah. each markings, all right, i and i am very fond of him because he has such a loving welcome me lumpy, but he's not sloppy. he is absolutely precise. our i think precision and not arbitrariness is an aspect of every form of art. least believe he could even kinda leave my note henderson. lady. mad. when performed this death scene takes 12 minutes. oh, sister, it begins with a quotation from luther about children, their innocence, joy and purity. one
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i owe a ah, ah, on martin luther. her me as a point in time and you have different points and different errors and which change happens. and so i say in something more abstractly is that it's
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a point in time where things are changed. so i was like, oh, the, the stylized housewife in the final scene seems to point to luther his wife katerina this, oh ah, ah, all right, it is easy to get that. i have some of those get food as a feeling that it typically american character is adding
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a bit of raz talusick line on i think bob wilson wanted a slip in a bit of that style and he pulled it. awesome as isn't good. oh,
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actually that hasn't been for dinner, robert wilson production, even the curtain call is choreographed
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ah ah a with a we're all the good to go beyond the obvious as we take on the world. 8 hours,
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d, w. mm hm. ah ah ah ah, it's a database news live from berlin for us says it's working on a deal to supply fifa jets to ukraine. secretary of state, anthony vincent says the u. s. is in talks of poland to replenish its stock of war plants. if warsaw decides to provide its own jets to its neighbour and hundreds of men line up in the capital,


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