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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from burly russian asked right here to children's hospitals in ukraine. they have moved, but the bumping of a maternity hospital is conclusive evidence that what is happening is a genocide of ukrainians. western allies warn the attack could turn even more brutal as russian forces try to regain mental family. separated it cranes borders as men stay behind to fight at the polish border. people q in the snow for hours
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trying to get to safety. and one of the 1st global brands to enter the russian market after the cold war joins the growing list of western businesses, closing their doors in russia. ah, i'm anthony. how'd walk into the program? russian air strikes if it to children's hospitals in you crime. the mayor of zito mia west of the capital keeps his bombs fell on a children's hospital there and in besieged city of mattie, who, pole in the south, a series of blasts hit a maternity hospital where women were giving birth. president vladimir zalinski is calling russia's attacks on civilians, a genocide showing him limp, a winnable, d u d to day. we must be united in condemning this war crime of russia, which reflects all the evil that the occupiers have brought to our land. leslie,
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all of the destroyed cities and everything they've done very, no one knew me thought bestial news or will vulnerable either bomb. but the bumping of a maternity hospital is conclusive evidence that what is happening is a genocide of ukrainians here not seen. russia says its forces are not firing on civilian targets, but the u. n. says the military is using weapons indiscriminately in populated areas. the u. k. defense minister is warning the assault could turn even more brutal. russian forces bombed the hospital in mattie upa, despite a sci fi being in effect to allow civilians to escape left patients, including children, buried in the rubble of wanting. this report contained some disturbing images ah, another explosion. rocks the besieged city of mario pole. but the target was no military installation. at children's hospital now in ruins, after a direct hit from an apparent russian s strike ukrainian authorities,
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reportedly 17 injuries and fear, many more may still be trapped inside the world. health organization has verified 18 attacks on health facilities and workers. since the start of the invasion in statements on wednesday, it cold on russia to commit to a peaceful resolution will come and allow humanitarian aid to reach those in need. this violence is breaking and it's breaking bodies is breaking minds and it's breaking souls. and it's must, must, must stop. but it is not the doctors and the nurses. it is not the humanitarians that can stop this violent rushes invasion continues to meet heavy resistance. but military analysts warned that russian forces are increasingly shelling civilian areas in the northeastern city of zoom,
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and the 1st successful humanitarian corridor desperate ukrainians managed to flee during a pause in the fighting while further west, hundreds more flea the keep city of ethan crossing a damaged bridge that russian troops have repeatedly fired on as civilians tried to get across. but even as some managed to escape during the ceasefire, air raid sirens, sound and cave, wanting people to stay indoors. thousands face, another long night sheltering in caves, metro stations finding what safety they can on the ground. well, they doubly correspondent nick conley joins us now from the ukrainian capital. keith nick, what's the situation on the ground there? here in care of it is very, very quiet. basically any see soldiers and journalists and occasional local out trying to get some food from soup august that still open. but it's city that unlike
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marapoo, unlike hockey, has yet to see the kind of bigger air raids and destruction to a civilian accommodation. and it's partly down to better antea croft protection here. and also a seemingly an attempt by the russians to try and circle kia before they start those attacks. and serious, we have russian troops in the northeast. the city in the north west about 25 clumps away from where i am now. and it a pin that suburb that scene some of the worst destruction think most viewers will have seen that destroyed bridge. people trying to get out people dying civilians dying, trying to get out with their families and whatever bags they have am on them. but it's a city that space expecting worse to come in in the next few days. in what is already a dire tense situation, a couch. the news received on the ground that a total of 3 hospitals had been attacked on wednesday. 2 of them, children's hospitals. it it,
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most people i've spoken to don't really have anything called. don't find any words because it is just so shocking. i think it is clear to people now that this is all out will. this is definitely not the special operation development brewton is trying to call it. this is a war though, of the kind that europe pretty hasn't seen, probably since the 2nd world war. and people are expecting this to get a lot bloodier and a lot more dangerous for civilians in the days to come. we've had those failed attempts at civilian corridors to get people out to mariposa, though to failed several times the ukrainians say the russians are just not sticking to their side of the bargain and not keeping to temper ceasefire to allow students out of that city that has been under siege now for days and without power, without mobile phone networks and increasingly low on food. i think the main message that people ukrainians are taking out of this is that they are going to keep on demanding the west closes, the skies above ukraine creates a no fly zone because they say, this is a situation where this is not war as according to rules, this is a war that is going to cause huge civilian casualties. and basically this is at
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europe's conscience. if europe, if the west of the u. s. allows russia to keep its dominance in disguise. we're going to see more hospitals, more children dying at home, in their schools, in hospitals. and this is going to be something that we can see again and again. so there's more push from lensky from other ukranian figures. we've seen ukrainians gathering petitions, thousands of people signing them. they can send those west in the hope that maybe the west will think again and will risk more direct confrontation with russia and crate that kind of no flies. and that could allow ukraine a better chance of winning this war because on the ground in kind of hat, ground fighting between units on the ground, the cranes are doing pretty well. the russians having big logistical issues. so the korean feeling is if they have that safety from above and if the russians are not allowed to bomb cities, but also ukraine military, then they have a much better chance of keeping the country. briefly. nick, the mirror nodding impulse stated that either 1000 civilians have already been
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killed there by russia bombing in the last 9 days. now, hospitals have been bombed. where does this leave negotiations between ye, crime and russia? what's kind of extraordinary to think that yes, today we're expecting meeting between the pharmacy, russian, ukraine, how they can negotiate it with any kind of trust for each other is very difficult to see. i think right now it's about the optics. neither side can what's to be seen to not be open to talks. but from the russian side we've seen no real shift. they're still demanding, basically, capitulation from ukraine, ukraine to give up its army, to accept russ sex, asia, crimea, to recognize that antibiotic give up low haunts convenience region. so i don't see very much space for any kind of development, any kind of closeness of the positions. i think for now it's just about showing this as a community that both sides are open to dialogue to not allow yourself to be accused of being close to those talks. but i think there's not much real hope here and keep those talks are going to get anywhere in commonly in keith. thanks for your
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reporting. now he's to look at some of the other developments in the conflict. washington as warning of a potential chemical or biological weapons attack by russia in ukraine. it comes after moscow accused the us of supporting a buyer weapons program in the biden administration. believes the accusation could be an attempt by the criminal to justify such an attack. us house of representatives has approved a massive spending bill that includes $13600000000.00 of ukraine and european allies. the funds will cover costs of sending us troops and weapons to eastern europe, as well as care for refugees, dividing quite who as vice president tomlin harris is in warsaw for talked with polish leaders tensions a higher to the united states rejected a proposal from poland, transfer mig 295 digits to week you with your base and then deliver them to ukraine . after concluding her visit to poland,
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harris will then head to the main russian foreign minister, sergey lover of and his ukrainian counterpart. dimitra who lever are due to meet in turkey. for their 1st face to face tours, since the invasion of ukraine, both sides of want of low expectations. friends president has signal willingness to come from. the united nation says around 2200000 people have now led ukraine. most of them are women and children, often leaving loved ones behind to fight, not knowing whether they'll see each other again. the majority of the refugees arriving in poland. they w. 's, alexander phenomena sent us this report from a border crossing in ukraine. one last embrace before they see good bye vadim has brought his family to the polish border so they can leave the country. he will be heading back to the front lines. yes,
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usa today law. i thought it is because of the kids all me could no one wants to leave their home. it's so hard to you. you can't explain. it actually will of. it's hard to lose. we don't know whether we're going to see each other again that either with shem, whoops, you, nor will throw on emily's illinois. it was so good to have them by my side. when you're together with your family, you feel better for those now i'll be alone. but i know there will be safe schools one and it safety's just a few meters away. we are at the border check point in shaheen. the busiest border crossing between ukraine and poland. those who are now here have been waiting for hours just like natalia and her twins. they escaped to russian bombardments in harkins in eastern ukraine, tossed a month. it has really been through a lot. you're sitting in the whole or in the cellar with your children while they bombing the city and don't know, i will a bomb dropped now and that's it. so joe, what did we do to deserve that?
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natalia doesn't believe that the war will be over soon. many ukrainians seemed to think the same and saw the lion set the border and not getting any shorter people on the move, both inside and outside the country in desperate need of protection and support. as rush as war with ukraine continues an estimated 4000000 people may flee the country, according to the united nations. hot sea and snacks for free, distributed by ukrainian and international volunteers along the road to the border . this is where we meet not tele from keith. she's traveling alone with her 3 children. did them to go over those with children are suffering the most because my husband had to staying keith, they cry. my oldest son keeps asking. will we never ever see dad again? and he starts crying again. watching the un has called it the fastest growing cricket he crisis in europe since world war 2. this is what it looks like in real
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life. mcdonalds is closing more than $800.00 restaurants across russia in response to the countries invasion of ukraine. the fast food chain joins a long list of foreign companies. so spinning operations in the country, including starbucks, heineken and coca cola, mcdonalds drew huge crowds when it entered the soviet market back in 1994 summits americas unofficial embassy abroad. for others, it's a place to get a quick bite to eat. at least it was until mcdonalds announced it would close hundreds of locations across russia, a mid growing pressure to penalize moscow for its invasion of ukraine, angering some muskets, depriving of october to believe it's wrong because it was the only affordable place for me where i could eat and now of nowhere to go like 32 years ago, mcdonalds opened the doors to its 1st restaurant in the soviet union. and the
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western fast food proved to hit paving the way for other western companies that quickly followed. but now, many of them were closing down in response to russia's war and ukraine. the goose munoz. it's sad, but it's not a big deal. i will survive without mcdonald's, not to close. perhaps our own russian brands will appear soon. it's a good opportunity for russian business to enter the market. mcdonald says the closures are only temporary, but with no sign of an end to moscow's warn ukraine, it's unlikely that the golden arches will open again any time soon in russia. ill watching a d. w. news in europe today is a recap of the main story from the crime crisis. renting authority, psy, russian, a strikes of his 3 hospitals, 2 of them, children's hospitals, living one that was completely destroyed in the money president to lent. he is calling the russian assault
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a genocide. this is the dublin used live from birth, and don't forget, the website is there at all times of the day for the latest to be found at the d. w . news, social channels insta and twitter also handle unique day is also at the w needs. i'm anthony. how'd in berlin? thanks for watching. i'll be back at the top. the next down with in many countries, education is still a privilege. hummadi is one of the main causes some young children work in mind drafts instead of going to class others can attend classes after they finish working millions of children all over the world.


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