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tv   Arts.21 - Art in Times of War - What role does culture play  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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these places in europe are smashing all the records. step into a bold adventure. just don't lose your grip. is the treasure map for modern globetrotters, discover some of europe's wykard breaking sites on youtube and know also in book form. ah, my heart goes out hugely with people, ukraine and it's, it's heartbreaking. mm hm. can you hear a little not all russians are potent ah, he's a guy. the solidarity coming from all over the world helps get through this horror . a dose with
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a war is reaching in europe. its impact has sent shock waves through the world of arts and culture. artists and institutions. the world over are expressing their solidarity with ukraine. but his boycotting russian culture, the right path to take, we meet belushi and writer, living in exile and a ukrainian conductor, working tirelessly to support her home country. ah, a concert for peace conducted by asana. lenise. she's visibly distressed by the war in her home country of ukraine. she recently joined the orchestra of the day after a commonality lawn, young, and they're playing
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a piece by ukrainian composer yury ship jenko. this intimate interpretation sounds like a prayer we let with asana in rome, where she will conduct the opera torn don't by puccini, she's deeply worried and shaken habit. need not own def amelia. i'm not just afraid for my family. i'm afraid for every one. the habit of my no, i'm afraid for my country, the them but and afraid for the places where i work. i this on that and i don't like the live national opera, the odessa national opera down there. stunning architectural gem, sir, and i'm afraid for old cities that are unesco, cultural heritage sites thought arabic. ah, asana studied music in levine, not far from her place of birth. brody, my name would dial me dearest, vast, and my mother and her sister. my aunt are hiding in a sort of bunker. it's actually a potato seller has come off,
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but it's an old nazi bunker from world war 2 can believe in funds vitamin valley creek. my father, my father made it a bit more livable there and less dam did. this is me so foist is. mine fought that he continues putting on concerts with his choir dining and my mother sings in a tune with us. they sing patriotic songs to keep up the ukrainian spirits in guys from graham one. that's a heisman asana has long been a big name outside of ukraine. she's had international debuts throughout europe and in 2021. she appeared at the bi road festival and performed with a banana phil monica in spring of 2021, we accompanied oksana to ukraine. the my don square and key of was the faithful setting for a turning point. ukrainian history. in late 2013 hundreds of thousands demonstrated for a peaceful term toward europe. oh,
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and now air raid sirens are sounding near. the city is being bombed and threatened by russian troops. but the people are prepared to defend key of these a greek hot kind net, agony, this war has no rule is dead, thus is. and the worst thing is that now it's not even about a political conflict. conflict gate, it's about destroying a nation. but in easton, i did not see it. increasingly brutal weapons can be put to use, killing thousands or even millions 1000 at one mill you on and so more. but there's no way to destroy the people. spirit, their spirit of freedom, and the love of their country. that's young, also lotion ah oksana is fighting for her homeland. not a day goes by without her rallying supporters on social media. she feels shake into the core by putin's war. for her, everything is at stake. this is about ukraine survival, including its culture. since russian president putin denies the nation,
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its identity must at alyssa day does everything he's saying is complete nonsense. a ukrainian culture is thousands of years older than russian culture. and that's why he hates us on death, because there's no way to explain russian culture without ukraine on that of the inch down grows length miffed at 11. this is levine, back in 2021, a cultural huddle in western ukraine. asana showed us the jesuit church and even then the armed conflict with russia was claiming victims. oh, oh, i like it and then there monday t all be saw objects. here you see parts of all these weapons. they came from the front line. yes. and here you can see the gallery of portraits of children who lost their parents or fathers in the war. a thunder fad thought in greek for lot of mom, she is dead so much like here it says, and my mother, 3 years old,
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my father is in heaven. my dear father, where are you? i want to be in your arms. i want to see you in here ah, to day thousands of ukrainians have fled to levine and crowds have formed in front of the central train station. for them, the v is the gateway to europe. the gotten to bed direct, meet for on thought on the whole world chairs the blame for put in total loss of control on and hot van. like when we look at how the european union reacted to the annexation of crimea, the annex on victim. yes, we're concerned and we're warning russia and if they don't stop will apply sanction some mock and the bidding. and so, but that approach hasn't really been effective and put and saw that me me and he saw how every one was afraid. i yanked common lou, the use orchestra of ukraine brings together musicians from the countries east and west. it was founded in 2017 by asana, lena, with
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a political purpose. her aim was to emphasize ukraine's unity is far to me. he has, i knew that he should side while it's been a horrible time for me, even in i'm here in europe where i can conduct him. i can sleep in a nice hotel and, and what i think keep doing my job is gone by don't mind at all for us to been, but they're all surrounded unblocked. gosh lawson look yet mancha. they can't cross the border. hey, you and young man, 18 and upwards. can't leave the country ice tub and deer do from the slant. nissan lawson. mm asana. lenise has brought musicians under the age of 18 to this lavine capital of louisiana. they can take refuge there for now, and workshops and lessons are plan ah, good daughter frond is to mean this,
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didn't the cultural front is at least is important to me as the physical frontline this vega needs to be. and that's why it's so hard for me to conduct a need to get in their thoughts them, but still i understand that we can't give up now. and am i ne, get there? i'll feel wrong. i dedicate every performance my arcs and my job to our fight for freedom of ones that have freiheit there's been an outpouring of support for ukraine, but opinions are divided is boycotting russian culture. the right path to take. my heart goes out hugely to the people of ukraine and it's, it's heartbreaking, it's, it's traumatic experience to witness. so one can only imagine what those poor people are going for. peace messages on cap hawks
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highway bridges. and in concert halls like new york metropolitan opera, cultural figures, world wide, are sending the people of ukraine a clear message of solidarity. ah, even got you included in many cultural institutions, i'm experiencing an urge to express that what's happening is unthinkable. and it's something that we reject. no, it was. yeah, up leon, boy, ah, thousands of russian artists to join the call for an immediate military withdrawal from ukraine, including conductor, semi on bits, cough the musical director of the track philharmonic, also called on other russians to raise their voices and protest. ah, this benefit concert for ukraine is conducted by daniel baron boy, im in berlin. star conductor, who is married to
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a russian warns against general boycotts of russian art and artists. ah, the politic news, we must tell them the political events loudly and clearly and distance ourselves from them. how vain hicks, but we mustn't allow a witch hunt against russians and their culture who do from via these to lesson when of comment. if a boy, any bands and boycotts of russian music and literature in various european countries awaken the worst association in mania. irish noon said association. that is now that's what i love. of course, nobody can want that done. but we want to use culture as a bridge. look good, is our social, if my question is were who do i work with there? and how does the russian state use us to give us or did we should always look at
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that as if you have the feeling that this could be misused, perhaps you should put it aside for a while. so that if you know that many see this danger in internationally celebrated oper, singer, i'm in a trap health so far, she has not distanced herself from the russian president and has been banned from performing world wide awe. larry derek death has been sacked as chief conductor if the munich philharmonic, the maestro is known to be especially close to putin. co operations with russian institutions are being canceled. museums and cultural institutions worldwide are refusing to host russian delegations more and more pop and rock mans are also cancelling. tours and russia london based russia. rap star oxymoron. publicly opposes booting. what impact does that have? they go?
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that is yet as a fellow, the idea is to inflict so much pressure and pain on the russian society that hopefully this will lead to a change from within the country or potentially resulting and pressure on the russian government that sends the message. this is an acceptable angle to nits in the international film. companies are reacting to the ukraine war by canceling movie releases and data like the long awaited release of the batman, which celebrated its world premiere in new york on march. first. one that says like, not everyone thinks such cultural boycotts. all right. firstly, i think all transcends and i think it's important for stories of sort your healing fools. um that i think it's really important that people should be able to wash stories. the con film festival wants to continue showing critical russian films this year. russian delegations, however, will not be welcomed. smaller festivals,
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like in sweden or removing state supported russian productions from their programs . in glasgow, even a harmless russian crime, comedy was band, even though the director is half ukrainian and takes a clear anti war stance. jo, assuming that you push these look at the law, i can understand the logic behind cutting all time. that's one way of looking at absolutely. i cultural context can also enable us to maintain a thread of conversation or the been situations where nothing else works off with your husband. what's your dns on their gate? oh, building bridges or breaking off connections. a difficult decision for the arts world right now to presidents couldn't be more different putin and zalinski the opponents and their way of communicating from the point of view of
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a writer and to filmmaker. the past days have worn down maxime manic. the ukranian born filmmaker is in constant contact with friends and family. he organizes a transports and is glued to the news. yeah, it's, it's been in berlin, but he's been in craig. yes, i'm in berlin, but i'm also in the war. i've only slept 3 hours because i had so much to do and had to organize so much in. and of course, you get all the pictures from ukraine, from your relatives, from your colleague, from the media league, and you're always there even though you're not there physically off of one bodily dot is through this in 2014 maxime melnick took part in protests on my damn square in kiev, and now such images as it does with here. this is keith, where we peacefully drank coffee not long ago, at home in the harbor. now folk, woodson lee thought that he
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shame not in the catastrophe that now rages, president lensky, has emerged as a heroic figure from one moment to the next lesson. the, his museum. flo green flora. when the actor comedian was elected to office 3 years ago, maxine melnick was horrified. zalinski was thought to be connected with an oligarchy . melnick could not take him seriously. your resume is fatima. okay, that's the thing i thought to myself. this is really a disaster that we've elected a comedian afghani. i thought, what can he do? it's all just populism, and that's how it was vanessa. and now that he's at war, he's not joking around. he's serious and he comes across very differently air guns and also how he talks it, his posture, him now i totally support him. well, and i'm even proud of him yet. so just with the in the him to tell when they've been the gastro of in russia. on the other side, vladimir putin has become one of the world's most hated leaders. if we believe
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russian writer vladimir sir, okay, lives in berlin and has repeatedly taken a stance against putin, he now feels putin has completely lost touch with reality. we occur, sir. oh, sure, he comes across as a madman. this is the consequence of his absolute power, which he has held for 22 years at which is power is a strong drug that is having a very destructive effect on him. little switzerland lear. ah, the will. the greed for power in europe has ria woken, but vladimir sir rocha believes this attack is the beginning of the end for pu tim . but she more of it is sure the thumb was tow. why, as putin doomed firstly, because he started this completely senseless and insane war with the consequences will be destructive for russia though, as it's hugely dependent on the rest of the world for imports and exports. secondly,
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it's an immoral war lane that will, it's pointless. dasa usually assuming putin will win, which then what will he do with the hatred from $40000000.00 ukrainians stood deal . it's so near that his 2 foot, aka me, lou on the cranes in his current book, read pyramid. russia is described as a pseudo country, a pseudo democracy with pseudo elections. would it be then sir oaken describes allies as putin's most important means of communication. putin claims russia harbours no ill intentions against its neighbors, and says that they should not escalate tensions. elite the, it was, you, her open your mouth. now, even the elites are noticing the tragedy of our country, or they are head hard by the sanction law moll at a check, but they can't do anything. pohden has broken the wiring. there is no more reverse gear. the situation is hopeless. cit, wattsey,
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but at least there's willingness to help. and these are the pictures. maxine melnik has organized a transport of medicines to live if it is in contact with ukrainian hospitals. he continues to collect the other night, a man called and shyly asked if he could help happened on cassandra, her comedy. so then i asked him, where are you from? are you from ukraine? he said, no, i didn't want to tell you, i'm ashamed. la, i'm from russia, that's really the log of course dialogue is possible, but only in such situations when people understand what has been done their dog unlocked hob. when does the depends on dish on a hub, we then talk longer and i had to calm him down. it was to in get away again. vladimir. so rockin also emphasizes that there is no black and white in this war. and if she or not, all russians are brutal at the put him or her
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social philippine co from bella. luce also lived in russia. but due to his open criticism, he was forced to go into excel or when the world is turned upside down, simply because someone wrote the truth about an oligarchy. when a journalist is defamed and threatened as a result, and is terrorized with break ins and constant noise ah, when you and your family are psychologically tramped until you break down it was bella russian authors, sasha. phillip panko describes what it's like to be pursued by an all powerful force and his book, the hunt. it's originally, it's like hits. you could also translate the title as hunted down. not just hon. oh,
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it's it. but like a hunt in which you are chad new catalyst book. we normally only talk about journalism was when there persecuted and murdered in prisms or expelled nobody explosive of. but there are many other ways to put pressure on that of that stall. and that is what i wanted to describe there godsa by foam, which i wanted to show how this enormous pressure off and doesn't only affect them, but also their families, not as t i even those not involved. suffer italy. ah. philip panko experienced this himself as a journalist. today he is forced to live in exile because he criticized the powerful and bella roost and russia. he is threatened with imprisonment. his family is also suffering here in gotham berg. he reports on the hardships of those who rebel martinez its absence. anyway, we moved to basil from a small swiss village of homes that have been the stuttgart and then amsterdam holden on which terminal to. but my son wants to go back home and keeps asking me
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when will return we? ah, when we start from scratch every time i. e, a situation that many bell russians know today to restock knowles, teach us, which has to be a lot. we can even go to our own parents, a funeral, those if something happens to them, things must be a good number on the hunt is powerful literature and a true revelation, especially for the sometimes naive last the description of the mechanisms of persecution. the climate of fear something potent enforced on ukraine with his troop maneuvers even before the invasion, noise, demonstrations of power, fake news. it's all about intimidation and wearing people down, controlled from above. does them yet that he at that these are clear methods for silencing and intimidating people and the following and carrying out order. logo explosives, as david dillard thus took the horses. but i must say, these methods are used against individuals group to deny,
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but also against the whole society clue, jimmy partner chinook, tell him that this is their only means a heat that i'd need by nap name yet on the yet them yet that these methods are in humane to live horrible, and are used in every sphere of life, often a 1000 just to kill his tenure for philip panko lucas, shank owen, wooten or like brothers and spirit. russia is becoming increasingly autocratic and lucas shank o is providing putin with a script. the persecution and brutal suppression of the opposition, the establishment of a dictatorship. russia is still lagging behind, but is catching up fast to let us as young book solution bella. ruth, we live in a dystopic grotesque tragic comedy committee for a she's just to watch. and russia is moving more and more in the same direction i took her in. so the, for me, one thing is certain the, how to get on this train to da, how are you won't arrive at disneyland melinda philip
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panko shows us that this could all have been expected. the west preferred to look the other way because of chief raw materials. his stories describe the psychology of repression and revolt. for example, when he writes about an author who ends up in a grotesque court case for posting an empty message online. charged in a show trial because he marked the truth and by extension, the people of the fatherland. every one can see the absurdity, but to speak. the truth would be too dangerous. oh, doctor blue, do in the top of that feeling guilty for your homeland by acknowledging the truth. any thumbs up for people in russia do not want to feel a shame attached to it, nor do they want to apologize. i shot this vignette, sir, put them worcester. yes, it's easy. now admitting one's mistake. wadley is a sign of weakness that isn't in russia ship cobra. she's nice because i'd slobber st. e. a torch and throw my teacher to avoid this trauma,
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which though people prefer not to learn the truth at all. it is boyden and he snatched threatening doubts at the prov. living in russia means being able to close one's eyes writes philippine co. a psychological study of the russian soul, and in a way of us to her another devastating consequence of the war. ukrainian artists working abroad to now no longer returned home. ah, the keep city ballet dancers perform masterfully despite their fear. they were on a european tour when war broke out and they became stranded in paris. please sit on that. creating is an act of resistance sticky. it is an act that says to those who want to occupy ukraine to vladimir putin. here we continue to look ahead to look far to use culture also as a peaceful weapons economic bessy exist, or the task the do shut to lay was immediately willing to host the ensemble in
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residence. the dancers are staying in paris indefinitely there stricken with worry about their fellow dancers who stayed home. terrible finan were shocked. man to try to connect or famine oldest time during the day during the night. check news. i can't explain what i am filling because you invoice all that time amid the anxiety, the chance to continue dancing and france is a lifeline for the dancers. being able to focus on work is kind of a bright point in our day. when we get to focus on ballet steps and focus on music and something other than the conflict in each of their performances is a success and a form of artistic resistance to the war. raging back home.
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ah, that's it for this edition of arts 21 will be back next week with more reports about the war in ukraine. see them? ah ah, with
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ah ah, i would interest the global economy our portfolio, d w business beyond here the closer look out the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is west. good is still the head with the w business beyond.
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ah, with
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ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russia widens it's ariel attacks on ukraine, a and the capital key of braces as troops edge closer you satellite images appear to show artillery, firing towards residential areas. also coming up as russian forces get closer to the cranium, capital more and more people are fleeing the country. the united nations says over
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2 and a half 1000000 have found refuge abroad since the invasion.


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