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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2022 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, russia escalades, its attacks in western ukraine. authorities in la vega say $35.00 people are now dead after an ass track at a military facility close to ukraine's border with poland and babies born inform shelters. we take a look at the toll of war unexpected mothers and valuable. pos, auntie will protest are taking place all over the world. our correspondent is at the pace demo in berlin, where organizes are expecting
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a 100000 people to take ah, i'm rebecca writt as welcome to the program. russia has carried out multiple airstrikes on a military training ground. neil a live in western ukraine, killing at least 35 people and injuring dozens more. a salt brings the war closer to the polish border and threatens the relative safety of levine, where many ukrainians have fled to from other parts of the country. in the capital cave, the marys telling residents to prepare to fight as rushes, military attack civilian targets nearby. ah, in the face of a grind invasion key, placed the national anthem as
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a reminder to its people of what they are fighting for with this is marizza landscape. senior advisors twisted a video of themselves strolling through the streets of the capitol to the right, remarking that it's a shame to see the city so empty roughly, but that they did find coffee, keep come and carry on, which should work. that's the message that zalinski is sending to his people just solution unbelievable to remove gertrude the worth we sent only to hold on him up. we still have to fight bold every day and every night we must look for ways to cause maximum damage to the enemy. pro maxima, owners called the good well tactics and self confidence we will regain was. i was for a demo both for you. it's a powerful message of defiance. even as russian forces appeared to be spreading their attacks out across the country, they carried out multiple airstrikes on a military training ground near levine in western ukraine. expanding moscow's war
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closer to the border with poland. authorities are now more desperate than ever for nato to impose a no fly zone. this is why we keep asking nato to close the sky because to fight with an enemy who does not even enter ukraine, but instead launches a cruise missile. it is necessary to have a serious about defense system been recorded over room civilians from all over ukraine had fled to levine in relative safety. but many are now heading further west as frequent air raid sirens warn of potential bomb threats which put themselves or thousands have ended up here in the city of shannon etc, close to the romanian border. many are injured and exhausted, and fearful for their safety but they don't want to leave their country call. you can go vis all alone. they won't leave in king
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o allan. they won't be happy, we want peace. we don't want water. churn of etsy is one of the few cities that remains unscathed, from error rates. but as rush as war expands across ukraine, it may not be a refuge for much longer. a date amazement. his billing is standing by force in cave mathias face fighting on the outskirts of the city. now, how is this situation there today? it's the same as yesterday the day before yesterday and all the other days before, almost since the beginning of the war there's fighting and on the outskirts sir sees fires and fighting fires and sees a fighting as his fires. um and just the russian troops are regrouping, but they're not yet advancing on the city. most people have left the city and her are waiting or have fled the city and are waiting outside. those who are left are
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trying to stay at home as much as possible. there are, are there old blocks, et cetera, et cetera. it's a pretty much, sir, like, it has been for at least a week. all right, well let's take a look out over night or rush escalated attacks in the west of the country, firing several missiles and a military base near levine. and what can you tell us about that attack? no there is, there are some important military infrastructure and leave and um the house be have been bombs falling in that area. we belong to hitting that area before. but um it has stayed relatively calm after the 1st days of the war there. and now in the new round of attacks on strategic goals, russia has shelled this military. abbeys are similar. things have happened to other cities that have been relatively or peaceful in the past few days,
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or from time to time or the russians target. one of these military airports or bases yesterday, it was an airport and an oil earth stock like oil stocks near key if that had been set onto fire. so russia is continuing our to a, to target the in hinterland. the inland are with missiles and bombs. ukraine says that there are humanitarian corridors planned for civilians to be able to flee on sunday to day. and there is a renewed attempt to reach the besieged port as mary paul has there been any progress on either of those things? while these corridors these seem to work from time to time on a smaller scale, but some of the worst hits it is asthma, you have not yet been able to establish these corridors. the people there have been cut off from our supplies and medical supplies. food also,
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infrastructure destroyed. so there's a shortage of water. electricity is down for more than 10 days now and her, i don't know whether this is going to happen today. it's failed every day. they try every day. they are the russians promised to open a corridor and then for some reason it collapses. there's shelling the, the, the buses with metal kill goods that try to get into the city are, are sheltered or, or this, or, or, or they can't even leave. so am i try to be optimistic, but i, it's so hard to believe that today it will work president zalinski in his latest address to the nation, accused russia and creating what he calls pseudo republics in ukraine. what does he mean by that? whoa, there have been used that russia is planning to do
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a referendum on her republic in her son. this is the only major city that is controlled by the russians. and are these republics would be modeled on the 2 republics. and annette scandal, hands that russians have established in 2014, that means there would declare their autonomy, or are they independence? and or they would establish a rule, most likely, a military rule or, or some kind of dictatorship, like the have been done listening a russia would most probably recognize them and they would split off the territory. because the russian narrative is that ukraine is not united and that are the, that the look people in the local, in the russian speaking regions are unhappy with being part of ukraine and see are seeking autonomy. this is not the case. we have seen demonstrations against russian occupy as in harrison despite the risk and despite people having been arrested on these demonstrations and as i'm hearing now, we also seeing, again demonstrations against these plans for a referendum. so
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a significant part of the population is completely against these russian occupies but for the russian justification of the war. this narrative is of course crucial, and they're going to push it through. it looks like or i'm a tears. thank you for that update d. w, correspond mathias billing i in keith last weekend in cave, a line more than 18 babies were born in bomb shelters. the war is literally forcing expectant numbers and any bones on the ground and into improvised maternity units. mateus who we just spoke to them, visited one such unit in the ukrainian capital. it's the 1st time that maxime is seeing daylight. the boy was born a day earlier in the basement of keeps maternity hospital number 5. his mother natalia, made sure to arrive at the hospital early though, and i chose his horrible ship when the war began, the ambulances stopped running,
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staying at home was frightening. we don't own a car and there are no ambulances, you don't know where to flee, and what you do here, i am. find the nurses and doctors are next to me and can hurt me. oh, oh, since the beginning of the war, the nurses and doctors have tried to make the clinic safe for war time, patients spend entire nights in the basements. many children have been born in these improvised shelters. any massena florida. this is our emergency room. he is the re animation bad for newborn babies and after operations and difficult birth, they remain here and observation by doctors. we can deliver babies and do operations here and keep patients who need intensive care. let's. yes you did. so
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could i look not right now. it is calm and many patients have been moved upstairs, but often it's easier for them to remain downstairs. just last night there were 4 air raid alarms, where people had to go down to the basement and come up after. and some of them had just an hour's break in between our news of babies born and basement has touched many. he and ukraine says the clinics director what was done. i'm braylen, she. okay, so here kinda people come and bring bread and sweets they don't even say width from they just come and leave it at the security post for our employees, the doctors, and those who take care of the young mothers. i think people who behave like this cannot be subdued. are you looking the law some patients have gone through quite an ordeal. alina fled from one of keep them
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battle suburbs just before her daughter was born. so for this i feel fine now, but when i hear planes flying, i get nervous. we have always seen the images of the bond maternity hospital in murray, ohio. after seeing those images, i have been nervously listening to where the air raid sirens are going off or not. there is nothing i can do about it. given the circumstances of her birth, alina expects her daughter to be a tough girl. we had to look at some other developments in the conflict. france says that russian president vladimir putin is not willing to end the war in ukraine. french president emanuel michael and german chancellor, olaf shoulds held joint telephone, talks with potent on saturday to western leaders, urged potent to agree to an immediate cease fire in ukraine crane and find a diplomatic solution. he was president joe biden has authorized a further $200000000.00 in new weapons to ukraine in addition to the $350000000.00
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and has already authorized the largest such package in us. history move follows a raft of sanctions from washington, including a ban on russian vodka, rob, all italian police, have seized a yacht, worth 530000000 euros owned by russian oligarch. andre mel melnar jenko millionaire is one of many oligarch sanctioned in response to the russian invasion last week. italian police seized several villas and yachts from 5 russians on the use. the sanctions left the un says more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have now fled to ukraine. more than half of them have crossed into neighboring poland. now authorities in several cities say they are running out of space. and the border shelters have sprung up to accommodate people arriving exhausted after days on the road. they're mostly staffed by volunteers offering what comfort they can even and boy children
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find moments of joy in a playful fight with polish walden to or in getting a lollipop. ah, really but for their mothers and every one else, it is a reality far too difficult to ignore bro susan's army use thanks to attack my grandmother's house. we prayed to god to grant us a safe passage was the home she had the watches thought it was very scary when the bombs had our towns directly. we lost light electricity and water visible and at 5 in the morning the bombs were falling again. right in the center of the city. they killed people in the bumps killed $21.00 people including 3 children. what's that you? i have nightmares when i think about it. are you blood? what's the dune jewelry it isn't you throw a deal in the small bought
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a village of medico, polish, moreland, tales are doing what they can to support displaced families. they provide shelter, blankets, warm food, water. well, and often just human comfort. ah, ukraine has tanked poland for its help. you have those may have boggled bob gently, a really very, very grateful to the polish people for such strong support of ukraine your door. it's also very important to the people who stayed behind in ukraine who are continuing to fight and will fight until victory. and also for those who come to poland watching a need health and human warmth. i started up with what you were younger than they promote the job. what else gabriel?


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