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we now at least sends a signal, and i hope many other countries around the world will do the same as with many, also criticized germany for co financing the worn ukraine threats reliance on russian oil and gas. yeah, i think in my mouth my, i think we have to be ready to freeze a little gas and oil have to be went down under the fund and just thought it was a mistake to create so much dependence in the past. instead of her years of, i think it's justified to make your own contribution by lowering temperatures and therefore consuming less gas come from a purchase like this has been held in several cities across germany since the war began 3 weeks ago on the when the paralympics have drawn to a close invasion with ukraine winning and bull gold on the final day, competition is by the term
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o back ho they ended there. most of the country ended its most successful games yet with 11 goals and 29 battles overall. a finish 2nd and the metals table behind china. i know that her name picks where they've shown incredible team unity. it was perhaps 15 ukraine's final metal came in a relay event told in the open cross country caps the country's most successful ever winter games. they even arrived in beijing in the 1st place with was breaking out back home was in the teams and words a miracle which arrived they did competing in the most difficult circumstances. now some don't even have homes to come back to the 7 person, throw a team and from talk you might somebody from them kind of possibility to come in.
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but that if for to the d flange, a private house already destroyed, ukrainian team weren't put in the position of having to share a podium with russian athlete stuff that they were banned from. taking part, international paralympic committee president paying tribute to the ukrainian athlete or the journey here is one of the most extraordinary stories ever in sports . you know, the fact that they are here and the fact that they are competing here. knowing what is going on in the nation and in a still focusing on competition, it is just incredible to paralympic games closed with a message of love. many ukrainians, taking part were able to realize that really pick dream. now though they're returning to a nightmare, their own future is uncertain. the double use life from berlin sometime in the next half hour. we're hoping to hear
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from the german chancellor la sholtes, whose meeting where the turkish president read your time early on. in ankara, the 2 men had been planning to discuss bilateral ties. the talks have been dominated by the war in by the russian invasion of ukraine. for the visit comes less than a week after turkey hosted the foreign ministers of ukraine and russia. in the 1st high level negotiation since the crisis began. so as we are wait to hear from 2 leaders, we'll talk about what we can expect with the chief international editor, richard. welcome, richard. so we have germany, israel, even in france, all trying and failing to mediate in this war is turkey. likely to be any more successful we we've seen tacky, trying to get into this role already. so last week we saw what was the highest
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level direct contact between the russian and the ukranian side. it took place in turkey on the sidelines of a diplomatic conference last week. that was the foreign ministers of each country, sergey lever from, from russia, and to be treated labor from ukraine. now those talks didn't really go anywhere. the press conference is afterwards, it became clear that really nothing concrete was decided. but the fact that those talk took place at all was held up as something of an achievement and not least in achievement of turkeys, to be able to get those, those 2 men into the same room. obviously, the big question going forward is when can any kind of diplomatic contacts between ukraine and russia really hit the next level of a pretty said presidential some, it does seem that that's some way off, but take, he is one of the places that could conceivably play host to something like that with a turkey would really actively mediate is another question though,
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because turkey is not necessarily a country that has significant leverage, say, of a russia that's essentially what is required here is someone to try to have some persuasive effect on vladimir putin which this whole litany of countries that you just mentioned, and many more of course, have failed, have so far. ok, so no leverage in russia. but on the other side, it does have interests with both partners. both antagonists, both protest, i should say, rather in this conflict doesn't. that's right. and i mean, it is fascinating to look at turkey's position in this crisis because it, you see some of the sort of mind blowing complexity of what's going on at the moment. now turkey has pretty functional even good relations with both ukraine and russia, and it's a member of the nato alliance. so there's been a lot of focus recently on kind of the good relationship between a turkey rush or at least
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a good personal relationship between rich of type ad one and vladimir putin as 2 men who were in a sort of thorough terry and mould. russia bought or rather turkey bought a russian weapon systems and c, s 400 west weapon systems. the i of the americans. a lot of speculation about whether that relationship can bring something. but 3 weeks before russia invaded ukraine, richard type ad one was in key of doing deals with a lot of me as a lensky, that the ukranian president turkey provides ukraine with military drones. is part of the deal. there was even a deal to produce these drones, these turkish military, drones within ukraine and zelinski and add one talking about them each other as close friends. now this angered the russians of course, as much as turkey's buying these weapons systems from russia and get the americans
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so absolutely fascinating sort of position that turkey has here straddling these, these players. and so presumably that only one has not declared himself on one side or the other in this company. well, effectively he has, he has actually been very openly critical of what russia has done here, from the very beginning, also in the united nation. so the un general assembly there was this big vote a couple of weeks ago where resumes a role of the international community on a resolution, the un resolution to condemn what's, what's been happening. this invasion key voted for that sort of turkey is not say like china or india, which have been further was sitting on the fence or one or other sort of side of the faint turkey criticizing russia and, and voting with the west. so to speak on that resolution of the united nations. but
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at the same time, turkey has not become an active participant in the sanctions on russia. and that points to the fact that turkey is highly economically vulnerable. turkey was already going through massive inflation and its economy last year for inflation rates hitting 40 even 50 percent towards the turn of the year. on top of that, now you have the sort of skyrocketing of energy prices that are one of the consequences of this war. that puts turkeys, economy and even more vulnerable position. and i was talking to one of a turkish editorial department colleagues who is in this temple just the other day . he said he'd never seen the streets vist ample as empty as they were. people weren't driving their cars because the price of fuel had gone up. so far, so that i think it's just one little example of, of how vulnerable turkey feels economically is this whole situation and richer type
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ad one, the touch present feels as a result of that also politically vulnerable because he wants to run for re election next year. he's starting off from a very weak position for yet another re election given the state of the economy. so a very personal political interest in trying to find any kind of solution to this, to, to remove this further weight on the turkish economy. ok, so this to read, they don't have to bear for agree on even the wise and the web page have their own interest in the fighting, stopping. they both want the fighting to stop but not necessarily for the same reasons. well, i think, i mean, there are some overlapping reasons. germany also is vulnerable to the price shocks around energy. germany is also highly dependent on russian energy. and there's a very active and increasingly active debate here in germany about whether germany should support going further in the sanctions, for example, to simply stop importing russian oil and gas. so there is some overlap there,
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but certainly the, the sort of the angles that they're coming coming out this for from our different i think what all are sholtes once is of some sorts wants to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis and he wants to seek out people who are in a position either to mediate or at the very least facilitate as mckayla was just saying earlier, any diplomatic process progress he wants to seek those out. so for instance, he was speaking to the israeli prime minister enough talley bennett just recently enough. talley bennett has been trying to find some, some mediation opportunities for israel. also, one of these rare countries has good relations with russia with you train and also with the west. so i think that is the kind of background to what all of sholtes would be looking for is anybody who can play any kind of role in sort of it facilitating some kind of diplomatic progress between the 2 sides. as we wait to
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hear from all of shots on budget time early on, just talk to us about geography junk the at the center of so many disputes, but also perhaps a key position for turkey in this dispute talk to talk to us about the importance of target control the bathrooms. yeah. and so this is another way in which tack is in a fascinating position here, assemble called straddles the bus for us. and the bus for us is, is the access point to the black sea for the black sea, of course, is this landlocked sea with bordered by russia and ukraine. both of them now under what's called the montrose convention. this was an international agreement back to the 1900. busy thirty's turkey has the right to close the boss for a straight to warships. and if there is a war taking place and it has in fact done that. so it is in
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a position to prevent russian warships from, from coming in through the bus for us into the black sea, 2 locations from state to contribute to this war on ukraine. and in fact, it turkey does say that just before it invoked the montero convention, it did request that russia not to go ahead with plans to move forward ships through the bus for a straight into the black sea. so turkey certainly does have an interesting role there, but i'm not sure it's necessarily a sign that something, or it's not necessarily something that will cause russia problems because already have very considerable fleet, it present in the black sea. but just another way in which a turkey has this very interesting role to play. ok, and while all this is going on, day 4, i think of talks have ended today. they are going to resume tomorrow. where are we?
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yeah, so we have, i mean, so many diplomatic initiatives going on, but i think the, the one, the, the heart of everything is really, it is somewhat low level diplomatic talks between the ukrainian side and the russian side. direct talks, which have been taking place so far around the beller was border. this time they were taking place by video conference that those talks have been adjourned and will continue tomorrow. and going into the talks, there were unusually positive signals coming from both the russian side and from the ukranian side that some progress might be possible. but we have to remember that at the same time, russia is getting closer and closer to keep. the pressure on the ukrainian capital is ratcheting up. so there are, there's a lot of skepticism about the degree of, of authority,
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the diplomatic that the russian delegation involved in those tools. to what extent they really speak for vladimir putin or to what, and this is just a bit of theater. while the russians ramp up their positions around a key of ramping up pressure, but also potentially getting ready for an ounce loss on kit. ok, richard walker, i stay with us, riches our chief international editor. we've got to go now to anchor and join them . became a counselor who is at the presidential palace. there are so mikaela, i'm waiting to hear from chancellor showed some president owed. one is the fact that base this press conference is delayed by about half an hour. does that tell us one thing? anything one way or the other? miss noah. it tells us that there was certainly a lot to talk about her,
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but i've been informed that to present at one likes to take time for a good talk and sticky because this is the 1st time we'll have saw it is here as the german chancellor. so the 1st time, but he does meet at this very level, but they're already as commotion in the room behind me. i was told that said chances schultz is actually getting ready to face the cameras together with president adon. and the 2 will certainly mostly have talked about and what those next steps could be, and how to create a potential climate that would allow for more tools and between the ukraine and russia. and ideally, of course of between the russian president vladimir putin and ukraine's present zalinski because as the landscape signals are all along that he would be ready pretty much for talks at any time of without pre conditions, answer the question everybody is really talking about and concerned about is what's
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going on in flooding putin's mind and when the threshold is reached, where he would be willing to actually hold talks an expectation here that whatever happens, he would need to be able to present some kind of victory, whatever that means. and, but there's also plenty of other issues to talk about. energy prices are going up here as well. energy security in turkey and the white a region and also how to shape bi lateral ties. although i think it's safe to say that a deep talks on that a pretty much on hold of this moment, right under richard. what walker was telling us a, at, in the earlier about it was explained to us some of the, the verb and narrow path. but president o 2 on has to tread in all of this and the fact that are present oh to on a house on election to contend with. susan, where is turkish public opinion on this issue?
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well, it polls here and turkey show that turkey wants to stay out of this. the jugs public here really would like to stay out of this conflict. and ideally, would want to stay out of feeling the effects of this conflict. but that simply is not going to happen. so of president edwin is acutely aware that and, and he's put this on the record, he wants to see a sci fi wants to see a stabilization once again. and this is, will have shelton him, actually one to one have the exact same aim, both on nato partners, but of both, we're very much on different sides. what that means in terms of it's sticking to the alliance in the past. after all, tuck, he bought defense, a weapons from russia, but it also has military corporation with ukraine. and this is something that expects a lot of debate within nato in the past. and now, and present at on actively sitting on the fence, at least in the sense of refusing to condemn russia to condemn vladimir putin,
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may give him that bit of clout, to, if not become immediate at least a potential facilitator. so when we're talking about positive signals that richard was talking about that and all eyes it quickly turn on of both turkey, but also potentially israel as countries and that are seen as fatty honest, broke as potentially by both sides. and who could actually facilitate something in that direction, but we're still far way away from that. as far as we understand why a president heard one has often been angry with germany over the years. and particularly with the shelters of a previous assa, obvious to likely that all these to lead us likely to see i, to wyoming school on this war and am well that they, they see i tell you that they are opposite. do not want this war to happen. in
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judging in the actions of vladimir putin and they would certainly be talking about very different aspects of his actions and, but at the same time, they shared the outcome. but they don't really share the same fundamental values at present ad. one is under constant criticism from both the council of europe, of which russia was a pot, but it's now exclusions itself isis itself from that and, but also in european partners when it comes to media freedom also, you don't see large demonstrations here in turkey. you can ask yourself, what is that? because people don't feel so strongly about this war. is it because i'm getting going to the streets, it can get you arrested pretty swiftly in any case. so at that is really a very different outlook on what's good governance means, a lot of criticism, usually also wrapped up in the past with angular mackerel in those economic
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interests. and let's not forget. and that there are many tugs or a germans of turkish origin, living in germany. so there is a very strong cultural bond. and whatever political debate happens here also always takes place in germany. and there are also other strategic interests in libya, for instance. so a lot of issues that both sides don't see, i tie on. but if this one thing both from the am i behind is finding a way to at least to get a sci fi in ukraine. ok. well, as we wait for chancellor shows and present a one to to speak, let's bring a richard walker and the conversation to richard much is often made of personalities. a win win in this conflict of who can talk to to, to put in can micron. talk to him, can natalie bet it or, or indeed, i'm going to michael, can you talk to putin?
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but it doesn't seem to have got any of them particularly far. i think you can really say that no western leader has kind of cracked the problem of how to influence vladimir putin in a positive way. how to, how to give him incentives to change his behavior, to be, to be less disruptive. and this crisis in relations with between the western russia goes back to i think at the, at the very least, 20072008 or so. and potentially from further back and angle america, of course, in office here in germany for 16 years, somebody who understood russia well, who spoke russian well, who had perhaps the most extensive dealings with putin, of any western liter, really by the end of it, had failed to turn his, his behavior and see this, the invasion that he's on least on ukraine is the most extreme instances of this
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pattern of behavior. but this goes back 15 years or so. we've seen other invasions, we've seen mergers, we've seen attempted murders. we've seen a hacking of the german parliament. we've seen a huge litany of kind of breaches of accepted behavior by states by russia. nobody has found a way to get putin on to a different course. and so as, as the piece talks between russians and ukrainians, and today should be resumed tomorrow. leave a site is given ground, you one can understand that ukraine is all going to say, ok, here's our sovereignty. but then russia started with a list of, of demands. that of the outset sounded ridiculous. so it's hard to see how, what the point of these negotiations is because there is, there is one side appears to be ridiculous and for the other side, they are utterly unacceptable. yeah, certainly, i mean,
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and this is one reason by expectations a very low that there can be major progress at the moment. but i think during the course of the last week or so, some a little bit of inching of movement in the messaging on each side started to open up some kind of questions about whether they could be progress. and, and i would perhaps draw attention to a couple of things are on the russian side, if we think back to when the invasion began. and vladimir putin in moscow gave these 2 really extraordinary addresses to the nation during the course of a few days. one, which was essentially a list of historical grievances towards nato, but also towards ukraine throwing into question whether ukraine or will cost incomplete doubt on the idea of ukraine as an independent stage. i'm essentially saying that is part of the russian sort of family. and then on the 3rd day of the
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invasion met, or the just just ahead of the invasion, making another speech, talking about the need to d, nazi fi, ukraine. you bring these things together and what appeared to be the russian position. vladimir preachers position was regime change in ukraine that he was going to topple the government there, which he saw is not legitimate. and either install a government, there was essentially a puppet government for him, or potentially even annex ukraine into part of russia. well, i would encourage you to a richard. let's go to our anchor and where president are the one is not a federal republic of germany. the german chancellor. mister olive shows you, it is therefore conducting their 1st official visit to our country. once again, i would like to thank them very much for their kind. a are tied with germany,
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have always been very strong and they are unprecedented. you can deal with the chance to make that. we are close ties in place and we are determined to keep them that way. our bilateral talks, the military, economic, commercial, cultural, hyundai, or from any aspect you can think about me. we have talked about all these all together and not only from a regional perspective, but also from an international perspective. we have talked about like russia and ukraine, sticky crane evidence you now while on the queue in terms of russia and ukraine. you, the developments which have been taking place have, are very dramatic, of course,
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because we're in the we are both allies of the nato and we are, we are both concerns over. we have confirmed of that in our talks with mysterious shots, regularly. we need to take the necessary measures, and at the same time, we need to accelerate to the poor magic efforts for your lower color for to be rather good through the turn key. if you look, we'll do their best alert. so bring together both party golden rule and we have, i had done our best to bring both parties together on the russian and ukrainian, the foreign ministers of value have convened in antalya fuller with the participation of my own foreign minister as well. what i saw having this organized is an important plus for diplomacy. if, if you qualify for will and you, for the establishment of
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a long lasting cease fire, our efforts will continue a soon to members of the pressing them in our talks that we held to day mutual vis . talked about many other matters as well. he moved joke and said, and themes hurdled on the times. we're going through with the show germany or that it was. and we have our high level negotiation mechanisms in place which we need to activate all day long. and in our high level strategic council meeting, now gunter, it's germany's turn and i do hope that our ministers will get together as soon as possible and the high level strategic council meeting that will be held in turkey. as soon as set up as members of the g 20 muni or economy corporation, barbie heritage will be 4 to 5 further tour monia everyone's been offered
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it in the future. you can do so a big or german is an important partner in terms of imports and exports of 38000000000. usd was the amount of the bilateral commerce between the 2 countries. in 20202021. this has gone above $21000000000.00 us dollars a day before the usual. i haven't really talked about this with mr. shaw. got a while and we are well determined from lake it's $50000000.00. renewable energy that we fight against climate change vicar road, turn the green me, you know, when you source us your lots of i a i n digitalization or will be some of the areas of focus for us and i'm sure that we won't be registered today, bolster i ties in those areas from an italian aspect is another important aspect in for river and on that and then your helen was look,
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we want to have the figures on the fuel prior to the pandemic citizen vicki this year. and as you know, in the 2 countries, if you all know that are important for us, especially into reason why russia and germany saw him c r i. and he cut on ties in turns altruism with germany. no, lou will i am sure. and will you be continuing with 3000000 people to office workers orator if they're on the live in germany, and they are a common diversity for those countries. you last saw you tolbert cherokee germany of machine gun workforce. good deal, commemorated it or marked as 60th anniversary were referred, and this has held god with germany become a prosperous country. so the turkish vehicle in germany have the very
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beneficial lender establishment of fall. go on the rise all with also in terms of the fighter f covered reminds human my earth lamps, richie, and or shaheen. have the no one source of i don't really feel honor for both germany and sir, before the day of early madison over the 14th of march, i'd like to get me to the nation, their names there. and so thank them very much. once again, wanting to household this opportunity. okay. just a seems members of the president. we find it very important to have close ties with german worker in our region. where does roll market? what's been happening recently has shown that turkey plays a key role in terms of areas like security and energy gender with german lee hazard. the leading role in the youth is one of the leading job
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countries in the european union almonza.


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