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tv   Reporter - Russian Exiles and the War in Ukraine  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2022 6:15am-6:31am CET

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will be over. the next important jewish holiday is coming up in full weeks, passed over. the festival celebrates the flight of these re lights from egypt, and the liberation from slavery. here watching dw news ly, from berlin for more analysis and all the latest news had to our website d, w dot com. or you can follow us on our social media account. i'm pop up on any us for me and the team here. brilliant, thanks for watching. take care. see the top, the next hour. literature invites us to see people. in particular. i like to see myself as the kids find the strange grown up world. may only objective whenever it is to share where to find beautiful. d w. books on youtube. no, ma'am, with the memories of a woman molly,
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from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage, great. far from home, ali can finally become the person he's always wanted to be. i want to despair badly . oh, in that 3 credit and we'll go from with it. i was born in berlin, starts march 30th on d, w. ah, ah, buildings and ruins masses on the run. ukraine is suffering from russia's war of aggression. and any one in russia who dare speak out against it is taking an enormous risk. ah, little shuttles, cor,
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i'm russian myself. ear and what my own people are doing. shins me the terrifies me and embarrasses. know that i feel absolutely devastated and furious at my own helplessness. and that everyone has lost their mind circle of her did a sama. i got a lot of off and live. lot of have both fled, prudence, russia, state repression, and went to berlin. what did they think about russia's more on ukraine, and how do they see their home country now? ah, the demonstrators in berlin, carrie, yellow and blue flags to show their solidarity with ukraine. among them are one of
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the many russians against the war here. just imagine this crowded milestone, what would happen then? they'd march toward the kremlin. joining them is all the god romanella, a russian journalist and human rights activist who's lived in berlin for 5 years. she's attended every demonstration against the war on ukraine. ah, freedom for ukraine, russia without p. ah, wow, romanella helped organize this march. she fled moscow after a police raid on her in jails. offices in 2017 was the 2 over a 1000 people have already been arrested because they took to the streets of russian cities. miller, these are brave and desperate people. and it's much harder for them than for us
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here. because they've got neighbors and co workers, parents, or even children against them. ah, would those go eaten has divided my country? putin has made it dangerous to express your views. my mother's even afraid to talk to me on the phone while mamma white said what is on the perform. ah, lind central train station, since the war broke out, all go romanella has been coming here every day. thousands of refugees from ukraine passed through here every day. the war came to berlin long ago. ready was that of a regular i'd really like to be able to say yes, i'm from ukraine, but i'm not as wolf grabbing a. let me try, but i come here and help anyway. i us good. are you there?
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no, yeah, that was a break in the mood. it's almost 11 pm. olga has arranged to pick up a mother and her daughter arriving from keith. but there's a problem or no, no. it's a 100 minutes late. on the trains delayed one hour and 40 minutes thought that they speak on the phone. she decides to wait with weston. we can save people, but what we can do it every day and we do if it was. and if we do that, that might even be able to save russia as well, is good because of ukraine lens. and of course they'll win that that's not what they have to win because they'll never give up. then russia will have a chance to be free of this garbage. what i see for you, it's a sub sub public who didn't want me furniture to
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the train for more. so after all, the guy doesn't know what the women she's here to meet. look like they'd arrange to recognize one another by a scar in the colors of ukraine's black. please. thank you and katya. no, no, i'm not. here we are. hello. hello. you're copy. you're in a now everything was fine. i just saw. thank you for waiting for. i was, of course, i'm not sure if there was 2 chairs 30 hours to get here. we were shopped at the border for 10 hours. luckily, we didn't have to go on, but your father had to stay in ukraine. he will help defend the country.
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ready olga has found a place for you and katya to stay the next morning, they'll be moving on to meet friends in copenhagen, where they plan to wait on. the more me the following day meets with federal activists during her apartment. their joint as well, by a cat, surer together they help russian anti war activists leaves the country that yes, the hello in georgia, that didn't go so you've made it into georgia also. what do you have any documents proving that you were arrested twice in russia? law very good. they're on their phones nonstop. they communicate via messaging apps with people trying to leave russia. so far over 25000 russians have taken the
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route through georgia. most direct flights to the west have been stopped because of the war is as he busy the people fleeing russia understand how terrible this war is. cock thrush, and what's happened to our country? if you're only allowed to call the war a special operation? no new girls have been arrested for simply displaying posters of peace in russia, it's almost impossible to protest against the invasion of ukraine around 15000 people have been arrested so far. restrictions on freedom of speech had been tightened to the extreme. even balloons in the colors of the ukrainian flag can trigger the state authorities was to sub mclaughlin, and let us see him in the 1st cray already for russians right now is to get out of there ah, tilted ashore. jeff, get out lie watching
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n e y. a boat will save people in russia. spa starts lou dish, but we'll save people in ukraine where i see nobody will say people cry, hooting, william spa cycle d up. push them yet louder is one of the russians who fled the country to berlin. he wrote a well known blog calling for sustainable development of his home city, chile ovens. after russia's invasion of ukraine. he took a critical stance and was hit with serious consequences. when you made breski, brazil, my friends and relatives started riding that i was taking the position of an enemy of the state for yeah, i was aghast. just devastated. yeah, bu applesauce for the 1st time in my life. so i felt like i was in danger of physical violence because of my views up with almost the apostles. so store luna masks what people were threatening me with in the comments they wrote up with. i'm putting speech with rosen as resort near video,
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yet quickly packed his things and drove to the e. u to estonia in his car. his friends in berlin have taken him in for the time being. now his future and his plans are both uncertain. me. yo me, it's just so i'll do the whole life i was leading in my own country has been cut shortly. or you'll script all my plans. that'll do a huge collection of friends and we belong all my books. a little migration of the id, she seamlessly, i don't know if i'll have a chance to see any of that again in the next 10 years. got them, but essentially a remnant of the berlin wall. at one time it stood for the division of the war. now you have a lot of caesar new, well going up between pollutant supporters and his opposition and it runs through his own family. my mom is cause all my mom told me, i forbid you to act against putin and i realize it's not my mom talking. she lives in this information bubble, and i'll never be able to explain it to her. that rhythm. that's because of this
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propaganda war, eva, it's really awful on my right now. this warren information was carefully plan unable up. i'd go over to them. i want to look at a demonstration in front of the russian embassy, yet runs into like minded countrymen. berlin has become a gathering point for liberal minded russians. many of them have come to protest and call for the withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine on the white, blue and white flags are meant to distance themselves from the russian government and are a symbolic break with their home country law. go for your shots of blood. is he gonna have is yes i that's why i've got a new flag here and that was not, it's not a russian flag. it's a flag for all russians who are against this more than now you have
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a furious revision. it's probably the 1st time in my life, i haven't know what to do with it. i devoted 5 years of my life to improving my city. i bel, i really want to live in my home town workload. so i wanted to make the st safer sheets and see the economy develop. what is your 0 bexla will be the boss? no. will it? so i still, but i work towards all as a color, but suddenly it turns out that it was all for nothing because alice thought, because without democracy, mac, the city can't modernize sir. that was it was gross vessels. and greg, the options for stop pollutants war. the demonstrators chant in front of the embassy old go to a man of i is there to she plans to stay in berlin until democracy returns to russia. water seed the social. there was a rush early, but now it's all gone. well, no, certainly. now there are 2 countries inside one, lock the listen, i very much like the other flag or white, blue and white with the blood cleaned off it or did teach us is it is,
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it has no rebs, drywall, e that russia is coming out. now under this flag that i see, so still kids are russia, that's completely different. the lime you, i don't know at this, russia could possibly have in common with the one that demands ukrainian blood and award, or how they could be related at all, just q, slimy gang is that the was also in berlin. there are russians who support putin's policies. of aggression, but rethinking russians take to the streets, to protest against putin demand an immediate withdrawal of the russian army from ukraine, and greater freedom of speech in russia. so that demonstrations like this one could be held there too. ah,
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