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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CET

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i was born in blue stuart's march 30th on the w ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. stakes rise in the battle fort mariano for as fierce fighting continues in ukraine's east humanitarian corridors. allow some residents to escape, but with much of the city destroyed, what will they have to return to? also coming up, the cranes president address is members of israel's connected look at the latest from israel. and we take you to a children's hospital in cave, which is trying to treat the injured despite the enormous challenges.
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ah, i'm here to mohammed walking to the program, ukraine's eastern city of mario poll, sing fierce fighting between ukrainian and russian forces. many residents have been trapped there since the invasion started. the 1st humanitarian corridors are now allowing some people to evacuate, but the widespread destruction in mario pole is raising concerns for many that they may not be able to return rashi, state television records, the destruction in the city of morrow. you poll russia some military has managed, should take parts of the besieged city. following heavy bombardment, the price of its progress, burned out buildings and traumatized residence.
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a nearby steel plant was also hit. russia claims it is liberating ukrainians from nazi rule. ukraine's president followed mister lensky, who, his jewish condemned, the brutal attack. look at me mighty open o v deal this story, the blockade of mar you, paul, will go down in history as a war. crime to do this, to a peaceful city is terrorism. that will be remembered in centuries to come each in a state and the more ukrainians tell the world about it. the more support we will get in with the more russia uses terror against ukraine. the more it will suffer, the consequences greatly deem he is shanowsky must provide lemay as stands residence, film, the destruction rode by russian forces. the battle for this city continues. experts predict the invaders will get bogged down by a dog at ukrainian defense and that attacks on civilian targets will continue with
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the wilkins are little less. a fighting ranges on moscow is deploying new weapons, saying it has again used hypersonic missiles for a 2nd day. russia says, is king jell rocket the scene here in russian military footage, travel up to 2000 kilometers and several times the speed of sound, making them difficult to track and intercept the missiles, reportedly hit a ukrainian fuel depot in constantinople, go. russia said another miss al strike had a facility in of route where it claimed where it claims foreign fighters and ukrainian special forces were based. well, the w sick colony joins us live now from the veins in west, in ukraine. so what message is russia trying to send by using these types of missiles, nick? well, this seems, may need to be a gesture towards the us to show the new,
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with the u. s. administration. what kinds of new weapons russia still has at its disposal? we've seen russia in recent days using pretty old weapon systems pretty or artillery other things that have been pretty indiscriminate in terms of damaging civilian targets. this is some of the new stuff that the kremlin has, and this is obviously trying to show once again the kremlin is willing to escalate, is willing to put ever more sophisticate, ever more devastating weapon on the table in terms the outcomes. while the russians have been hitting these kinds of ukrainian targets in recent days without these hypersonic missiles. but it certainly is another sign that moscow just isn't going to back down and isn't going to respond to western sanctions and dial down the tensions here in ukraine at least for now. these rockets are said to have a range of 2000 kilometers. is there a reason for concern that that, that they could potentially reach that is in poland or germany? but obviously these signs from the kremlin are very worrying this rhetoric you've
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hearing out of moscow is getting more aggressive see me by the day. in recent weeks, we also had the russians doing very little to kind of her veiled threats of use of nuclear weapons of maybe tactical nuclear weapon, smaller nuclear weapons than the conventional nuclear weapons which we saw being feared in the cold war. but basically, no sign of de escalation from russia, no sign that they are open to any real kind of dialogue. and there have been other russian weapons use in recent weeks that can travel similar distance as the caliber cruise missile. it also has a range about 2000 kilometers and it's important to run that lots. these missiles also based in rushes, cleaning grad region that is surrounded by nature, members by poland, california. so these missiles already very close to nature capitals and are definitely within range of berlin. other european capitals, already ukraine's president is once again appealing for direct talks with vladimir putin. is there any sign of that happening? what we've seen, volume is lensky ukraine semiconductor president. time and time again,
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asking for these talk, saying that this is basically the only way that any kind of progress is going to be reached. because russia, he says, is a country where all the students are taken by the man at the top by that they're putin. and they're all kind of negotiations on a lower level. even ministerial level isn't really going achieve anything. for now . we've not seen any willingness from russia to make this happen. are basically screaming sauce is implying that ukraine is a western client state. the bessie talking to ukraine has little a purpose to it. the bessie, this is something that needs to be decided between the us and russia, and the, the ukrainians could basically only come to the table if they agreed, some kind of capitulation if they are willing to do everything that russia wants to them, bases give up its army, to give up the plans to join nato or other western alliances, and is willing to recognize russian control of an ex crimea and recognize those self proclaimed republics. least that basically is pretty much on think will right now it's cancer scenario, which volume events you'll be able to ask ukrainians after the devastation and the deaths the last few weeks to accept those russian terms as they are now. so it's pretty difficult see what is going by thinks about the optics. definitely ukrainian
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side has to be seen to be open to dialogue, to guarantee to sure that western support doesn't want to be open to accusations that ukraine is fighting this. if there is a real chance for peace, but right now it's kind of difficult see where those talks would go and what even they would talk about. now interesting. see the pictures behind you there are people out in about this afternoon currently in the event that bring us up to speed on the wider humanitarian situation, taking place there in ukraine will. that's extraordinary thing. if you see these pictures, these scenes here leave, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a country at peace, but this is a city that is filled to the brim with refugees. these are internally displaced people. we've certain never seen the city as busy as this, and if you look at the cars, most of them have number plates from cities. further east from kia, from heard you from odessa some, even from mary paul we heard from the u. n. today that estimated quarter of ukraine's population 10000000 people have left their homes in with the recent weeks at the beginning of the war. in late february,
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most of those are internally disposed. they have left the country. they've moved further west to place like to be closer to their nature and you borders. loss people here trying to make up their minds whether they'll be able to stay at stay as families of cement between ages of 1860 are not allowed to leave the country. that is bound right now. they're not being called up to fight right now, but they can't leave. so lots people try to keep family life going. or before thinking about maybe sending their wives and their children and their parents abroad to safety and poland, other places for those. like connelly in the village. thank you so much, nick. how right from the start of this war? civilians have been paying the highest price. many families unable to flee their homes, have found themselves caught in the crossfire. some of those suffering the most are children. when hospital in cave is trying to treat young survivors, despite the challenges for low to me, it is lucky to be alive, is the car he was travelling in was hit by gun fired. 2 days after russia invaded
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ukraine, his father and his 6 year old cousin were killed. although the 13 year old survived, he's been left with serious injuries longer hulu here face was hurt. his jaw and his nose were broken. his arm was hit, his leg was hit in 2 places as well as his other leg. he had one or 2 bullets in his back. i can't remember staff working at this children's hospital in the ukrainian capital keep. stay here round the clock. they have to because of the security situation and the amount of work they have. these are tough times. just rational. it's really terrible. it's challenging, emotionally. it's awful. we live in the hospital, we don't go home. we are available 247 and any time day or night, morning evening we rushed to help the children and it's really difficult. maybe
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after all her family, some of us new school cycle support maybe. but the low we only focus on for people treatment children for low to me it will need more surgery. doctors hope he will be able to walk again. but no one really knows if his emotional scars will ever he'll. bu, good to push was ukraine's present flooding. mi zalinski has addressed israel's parliament, the connecticut lindsey told lawmakers that russia is trying to destroy the identity of ukrainians. he likened the situation to his people of his people, to the situation of the jews during the 2nd world. war accusing the kremlin of trying to wipe them out. more than a 1000 people watched
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a live stream on the speech on a large screen in television show of one s. i'm joined by tanya kramer who is in jerusalem for us. so there was a lot of criticism towards israel, tanya, but it also seemed that savanski took quite a similar approach to how he addressed other parliaments. yeah, i think what he was trying to do in this very strong a speech by a very tired looking up ukrainian, a president. he was trying not to talk to the lawmakers here, which was, you know, very unusual and a very unusual setting on soon because the cabinet at the kinessa, this very parliament is on recess actually. but also to try to reach out to the hearts and minds of the israeli public. and some of them were on her central square in tel aviv as we saw. so he tried to are, you know, his, he compared the history of both nations. he spoke of course, also of the jewish community in ukraine. he went back into history,
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talking about world war 2, about the threat or at the time a to a jews in germany and in other places, but also of course to the threat to ukrainians. right now, but he also made very clear demands and not appealing to law makers and the public saying that by sitting on the fence is well needs to take sides. and he mentioned, actually israel's iron dome, d r miss our missile defense system. he asked why is well hasn't joined a serious sanctions. he also said to her, why are ukraine wouldn't get any ammunition or weapons from israel and why israel has not cut business ties with russia. so very, you know, a clear stands from the r ukrainian president asking israel, or to take a clear stands and insights. as re eda natalie bennett has been very careful not to criticize brushes lead up. and as you said, there was a direct appeal for from
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a condemnation and more pressure on israel. how is it are likely to respond? well, i think a israel will continue to walk her, you know, this very cautious diplomatic align. it has been walking for all these weeks right now. i mean on the one hand we heard from d, i is really foreign minister, yet yella pete. he was more harshly condemning a rush of for the invasion. on the other hand, the israeli prime minister natalie bennett, has been very cautious and not antagonizing or russia because there are several interest he on the one hand, israel needs to keep it. security military are coordination or with rush on its northern border over of syria. on the other hand, i am israel, one's to keep friendly relations with both countries, with russia and with ukraine because it wants to help mediate between or the 2
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sides. we know that of israeli prime minister, enough tally bennett, has been frequently on the phone, even made a trip to russia to meet with the russian president vladimir putin. and he has said, he can only do that if he keeps, you know, are this, he, if he keeps on this cautious line. but that has also come, of course, in israel itself under criticism. because israel so far has only a sent humanitarian aid to ukraine. ok. tiny kramer speaking to us from jerusalem, thank you so much. it what ended up the news is still to come, how the war in ukraine is putting pressure on a global weight supplies, and how that's causing economic and political instability in lebanon. but 1st 2 other nears in belgium, at least 6 people have been killed and dozens injured. after a car drove into
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a crowd, people were gathering for carnival celebrations in a small town south of brussels. made your report, say 2 men were in the car that drove into the crowd. well, let's get the latest from our correspondent in brussels, marina strauss. well more to we have on the situation there. there was the press conference her have taking place just after this incident happened this morning in this a small town in south of prosource and the local authorities gathered there also the mayor. and they said that there is no terrorist background. so there don't have any indications or any hints that this was a terrorist attack that also did not exclude it, but they said no hence. so far. and since then, authorities have not given any more details. what we know is that 2 men are wearing
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a car that hid a crowd of carnival goers. the 2 men were intercepted, showed the afterwards there in their early thirties, from the region not known to the police. we also noticed that one of the, one of the men allegedly, the driver was taken to hospital for a medical examination to see if he was under the influence of trucks. or maybe i'll call when he drove that car into this grout. and what more do you know about those who were killed and the many injured? we know that it's at least 6 people who were killed this morning in this a small town. we don't know their identities yet, but we know that there were among these carnival, carnival revelers and local television has interviewed many people on the ground there. and there was this woman who just who spoke about some of the people were
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killed and she said she knew 2 of them, one with the coach of her little son. and then she started crying. so you could, you can definitely see that there is still a lot of shock in this town. also, when the mayor spoke of the past conference, his voice was really trembling. and he said, this was a day for us. we wanted to celebrate. it was an important day, a traditional day, and then this happened early in the early morning hours, the complete shock a completely unexpected. oh, so the king of belgium, phillipe and his daughter went to and went to the place accompanied by the belgian prime minister to talk to families there of people were killed or injured. and also to talk to people who helped in the early morning hours. for example, the police officers of fire, man, oh, local authorities, locals, and to, to, to, to show their solidarity to see what can be done to help these people there's subside, logical help being given. and we're still waiting for more or results of the
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investigation. says we wait. ok, marina's rounds in brussels for us. thank you so much. well, here's a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. germany's economic minister, robert hubig says germany and cuts are have agreed on a long term energy partnership hub, it says the deal will help germany reduce is dependency on russian energy. his next stop is the united arab emirates for talks on securing green hydrogen, produced with renewable energy. yes, and who? the rebels have claimed responsibility for drawing strikes, targeting energy and water facilities in saudi arabia. saudi officials say the weapons appear to be iranian, made. a saudi led coalition has carried out as strikes against the who these indians, ongoing civil war. and in israel, hundreds of thousands of people have attended the funeral of
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a prominent ultra orthodox rabbis. haim honey kani epsky was laid to rest near television on friday. the 94 year old was one of the country's most influential religious scholars. sri lanka has cancelled school exams over a paper shortage as the country faces a growing economic crisis. there were been protests of a rising prices in recent weeks with long queues for few at fuel stations, and also blackouts as the country struggles to buy foreign imports. now many countries around the world rely on weight. mays and sunflower, oil imports from ukraine. prices have been high recently, especially for weight, but russia's invasion of ukraine has pushed them up even further. close to a 3rd of global weight exports come from russia and ukraine. and the shipments mainly go to places like turkey, the middle east, and china via the ukrainian port of odessa. but now the war is disrupting supply
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chains. and that's bad news for places like lebanon. pizza, bread like this is the cushion part of the day for people in lebanon. it's often known as the loaf of the poor because it has always been affordable for everyone. but now things look, difference. press is f shot up over the last couple of years of economic instability. and now people are scared the were in ukraine, could make things even worse. and as i very now did have, i, people are panicking. they are rushing to buy bread about those who usually buy a bag are buying 4 or 5 instead than in the afternoon. we even see some bakeries that run out of bread. yeah. but when you sometimes see queues and other bakeries like we had during the war with the emma, how to these people are at the sharp end of the compound crisis. a country and economy collapse, plays with foreign currency to have poor tweet and that globe in inflation. and now there's war in ukraine. live walked over 2019 this bag of bits of red cost $1.00
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and a half 1000 pounds. and that was the fixed price. i had just bought this for 11000 pounds. the price rise is mainly due to lebanon's, ongoing political and economic crisis. but now global events are playing a part. so the price of reeves and therefore flower and therefore red is rising at on the words. because one of the biggest thing producers is ukraine, the war there is putting lebanon in a difficult situation. we're importers are low into its thesis, like france and germany. some are even looking towards the united states. but all those options are further away than ukraine, meaning greater transport costs. and lemme malicious to look at both houses colored lamb ever since the private sector started importing wheat. it was always from the countries around the black sea and mainly ukraine and russia, them on the last 2 years, we imported 80 percent of our wheat from ukraine of new could. anya, miss bell,
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i'm, it's a global crisis that is affecting importing countries. so alan, because of the inflation yet in wheat and fuel, that it will affect wheat prices level. it's transportation, but us and it will reflect on bread prices, alabama will in the hey, how she would, i saw it also was the 2020 exclusion. the trick made with poor destroyed the huge silos that had up to 4 months worth of green current key. there's enough wheat for a month. if people can no longer afford the loaf of the poor, hunger and political instability will final well, earlier we spoke to jacob can his be emergency coordinator for the crime crisis for the world food program. and he says, the rising grain price is caused by the war and ukraine are affecting their work. now shine ukraine failed. 2 percent of the entire export of wheat is coming from. those 2 countries. developed food for gar, maloney, spying close to form the 1000 pounds of wheat from ukraine,
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which is now that's half of our supplies billed. right. and we can't do that anymore. and the prices have gone up. and he also saw in lebanon, which is heavily reliant on wheat from ukraine. we have other countries in the region that we normally buy the food in ukraine, the wheat and the prices have gone up since february to march 24 percent replies has increased. and that means for us that extra costs. so compounded is colby and the, the cause is now in, in the ukraine. we actually paying $70000000.00 more for the same amount of food that we bought a year ago is to save money in $70000000.00 a month for us, for dog sort of l. food forgot means we can not support for 1000000 people. among 4000000 people less to support. a thousands of ukrainian nationals living abroad
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have heated their presidents call to come and defend their homeland. not all have military training. the now during the many ordinary ukrainian civilians who are now taking up arms for the 1st time at the polish border with ukraine and exodus of people desperate to escape the war. but not every one hair is heading west or that below silver is waiting to cross the border to a native ukraine. they who i have 3 years military experience. so i'm going to defend ukraine. there's nothing for me in poland. my husband and i will go fight together. legal doesn't get on since the outbreak of war, over 3000000 people are estimated to a flat ukraine. but polish authorities say that over 200000 ukrainians have returned to their home country. many of them to fight rosa is keen to join the
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territorial defense force, a militia with little military experience and hardware. with those it's you that a little know younger from the well because there are no guns for everyone in the territorial defense. our guys are fighting with the knives they had from law at home together we saw and with old rifle kemati you them bullock alicia, like s o in the black sea port of odessa one cooper fall in tears is receiving a few days of training. oh, many are couples like sales manager moxy me off to shanker and his fiance? the 32 yielded bracing so for the russian onslaught on his home city. i'd like to to know how to protect her, my girlfriend, my city. i think i would be, feel myself, much more comfortable and safer with this knowledge is as the volunteers ready
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themselves, so battle graveyards across ukraine, a filling up. oh, in the city of near broo morris have come to bery soldiers who have died defending their country. 3 weeks of war have taken a toll on ukrainian forces, but with ukrainians, determined to resist the russian invasion. there's no shortage of those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. ah, now in sports ukrainian high jumper. yet i saw that my who chick won a gold medal at the world indoor championships in belgrade after she only attended after a treacherous journey. biotech kid, the bar at 2.02 meters to claim the gold. she said she had left ukraine amid explosions, fire, and air raid sirens with a trip to serbia taking 3 days. she said her performance was a defense of ukrainian colors of the track.
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it was indeed been is life from berlin coming up next is duramax. you can also find much more news analysis and video on a website d w dot com. thanks watching all season. ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah thank ah ah ah, when you sit in the nobody in an air raid shelter, it doesn't matter what you were with. ok says john creek says ukrainian fashion, designing. although he was invited to the ban and fashion week. he stuck with trying to survive, but he still managed to showcase his work on the cattle thanks to a grand tale of european solidarity. you ro, max next on
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ah ah ah, ah. a perfect spot to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. that's what reporter hendrick belling discovered on a visit to the azores, a group of islands in the atlantic. we'll find out more about his trip later in the show. i really want to welcome to another edition of euro max with me,
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