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tv   Doc Film - Chasing Danger - Why do extreme athletes risk their lives  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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discrimination, inequality or part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah. 3, do one. mm hm. why do people do extreme sports? did this you did? i've decided to live my train every day to walk, doing what i loved mos. it's a lot that people go to the edge for different reasons. i
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j, dean 1st national and our husband ziemen. vonda are based jumpers. they dive off clips into the depths below. can you thanks to their wing suits, they can glide through the air before releasing a parachute for landing him on sale. no montana. i got the nickname bird woman because i love flying excursion says, but my volition, my life is all about fly taken off from the mountain feels more natural to me than jumping out of a plane and the piano have you were. according to the statistics, there is a one in 60 chance of dying while based jumping. despite this j dean fast knocked but leaves the danger is controllable. the pin fallacy. when you jump off
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a rock site, it's all about nature, dearly humpy, you high top climb, look at the animal, feel the air in a sense if the conditions arise and then you choose your flight path over the terrain and you put on the wing, sis, and get ready or we thought everything becomes calm and quiet and then you fly away . so really the 40 year old has spent more than half her life jumping off mountains all over the world. and nowadays she's accompanied by her husband. mit island. pardon that had been that is from sign of laden to the bidding and it does was have you been spending the rest of your life with someone who doesn't understand what we do would be completely impossible wound a dust was on to motion is not to the to should stay by, there's no way it would work out in the long right, sick, been domina, and that ignited be to you, but doing this together is great. should stick assuring what you love doing with your partner is a best thing of all this one. this one mot,
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he's not foolish to sir. does hooks did the dingle. base jumping isn't the only thing jack hadn't fastener henzy morn, bundle a share. their son already just turned one and a half to repent it. but when parents had up into the mountains, little audience has to stay behind in the valley. meanwhile, j dean's mother takes over the babysitting duties. w. o. o. dad, i enjoy dean's mind. her sport is not about playing dice with death, but fulfilling a dream. she did this got the bundle, but i hate it when people talk about extreme sport to being look like it's a sport that requires a lot of feeling, a lot of gentleness, knowing yourself and your own limits. yet on that here,
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you must also know how to step back and say no it's, there were times when i couldn't continue her. when i was pregnant, i stopped flying in the 3rd trimester after giving birth, it took me awhile to figure out if i even wanted to start again or not. or extreme to me means having something out of your control that you're afraid of. it takes about an hour to hide from their house nearby, up to the exit. as the jumping off points are called and base jumper jargon. their biggest worry on this day is the weather time and again, clouds obstruct the view down into the valley. on a din yet did, he has clouds and suddenly escaped din optimed in shot. will we not do it when we make the jump, but take our fate brow. we really need the best possible visibility enabled us, monique. and that is to say no clouds or fog him on mean distance at the very least . you need an opening that keeps us in fluke. so the venza to the then there is the
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flight itself. know if it's extremely windy, of course, it can be a bit turbulent by the london in logically, the same goes for the landing spring and you can, i may be able to take off and have a good flight. but if there is such strong wind down, there were several valleys come together that i'm just moving backwards as soon as i opened the parachute regret and less not fun at all. miss austin, sitting if it's cloudy, will wait to see if it clears her. what is always soon when did in the valley that contrived the clouds away, but we just need a bit of luck on that. a shot. so far, no luck. the weather is shifting. the openings and the clouds are too small, making the risk too big. they know every nook and cranny of their local mountain and could almost jump without a worry in this sport almost is still too unsafe. max vander also used to be a base jumper. he has close to 1500 jumps from various mountains under his belt. but in april of 2017, he took his final leave. to day,
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the real estate developer lives in a small bavarian village on the comparatively safe sight of life. he licked his and looked, saw the old relics are still there. give to me, i could sell them off risking that some one else kills themselves with my outfits lumbering. the other option would be to throw them away from boswell, and that would be a real shame. oh, there are, after all, memories attached to the suits and not only bad ones. no, she left it above all, they evoke the feeling of flying hulu. so looking at these old wings every now and then, is something special to me is out, flew him, and rhythm alonso saw the shambles. desantos claudia and marks are now a married couple for his longtime girlfriend. getting out of extreme sports was a condition for accepting his proposal. what says he should see monsieur, this youngster lawn, it was quite
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a change to be honest. what law going from being an extreme athlete with you helping from one barbecue party to the next and driving fast cars to driving an electric car and having an electric boat that goes 11 kilometers per hour. what's this high blogget's? nothing dangerous anymore. he's mere normal motorcycles. noble, a jumping a vague and diet metal. so awesome. you could almost say that all of this was an extreme transition to low max. his willingness to take risks increased from year to year and half. let me just one started with noticeable and it got faster and faster . riskier and riskier wants the next step much. why? well, it's already such an extreme sport that the next step is just going closer to the edge. with this boat, you can't make mistakes, get what and when we became aware of that. yeah, that's when i go scad. this is it's in on the one hand of retain has been broken off, but on the other it has been a relief. america's a life lesson,
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you found. com. that's exactly for the now 33 year old. it had become a compulsion to keep daring riskier jumps. for example, from the highest mountain in europe. have i use it? i still have some jumps on here that i like to look at again, like this. one of my favorite jarman from the time at mont. blanca, the sir. and this job and the flight that follows through these different climate zones. one could almost say you fly past the glazes, then over meadows and pastures what's on the merge them of mine, and then you land at the bottom in the hate of a summer's day. if you divisional omen law live m o. we go from minus 5 degrees celsius at the top to 30 degrees plus at the bottom of plaza. and there are about 3000 meters of altitude difference on exit to landing equals of x. it takes
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forever. and as you can see for 1st you are above the clouds, almost like a skydive jumping out of a plane. and only later, these alpine pastures appear. and the forest is and it's still flying and more flying blue, it just goes on and on. and then before you just keep lying, i always enjoy these long flights. the most flying was all i ever really wanted to do. that was my main obsession. and it helped hopes assume the sport ended up costing the life of 6 of his comrades and friends. the script is on a list here. there's a list with all the people who have died while jumping or, and it's pretty gruesome slim. but you need to scroll all the way down until you see the most recent case. you just keep scrolling past movies, fatalities, and the names that are dead, ma'am and, and everybody knows each other in the scene. it's just so small and still the class . he seemed unaffected by it. and that really made me face mid and vicky said thank
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nick in 0 hope to for our question is what has to happen for a person to get to that point? what drove me so far, to the point that i had to jump off mountains. to give an example, i simply noticed that when someone had an accident, when someone died or something bad happened, it left me feeling completely cold. it somehow didn't concern me. we would even go to funerals with our gear in the trunk because we planned to jump off a mountain afterwards, only bergson explained, finds him as a slim surrogate my, the west was when a man with family had died long, big. but there was a photo of him that with his young kid. and the caption said that his family, his wife and his child, meant everything to him. and if amelia is and i just thought, i, lafitte, no, that's not true. he meant flying meant everything for him, pleading for alice fain will. johnny's blonde dog lives in the french alps. he is a designer, inventor,
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and extreme athlete. he was a student at the school of design in paris when his life took an unexpected turn. what started as a thesis became his profession, his sport, and his product. the 51 year old became the roller man. and all the story of the buggy rollin began as a study of the sense of violence and the look emotion of the human body in space. for the pan i started off, it didn't occur to me that it could ever become an extreme sport of its own thought . it was more search for something that didn't exist yet than me. you just take a leap into the unknown tupa, not even knowing the go g, but you set out on the journey. regardless the result of his thesis, a kind of armor fitted with 24 rollers optimized for speeding down steep mountain roads. john, even on door, has gained a following on social media in the guise of his alter ego rather math. individual videos of his descent have been clicked more than 27000000 times. yet the
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hybrid between man and machine has very real feelings. our way was april tougher. yes, i am certainly afraid, silva. i would say fear is a lifesaver who has been without fear. you wouldn't live very long. the latest innovation from his workshop. an electric drive that also makes rolling possible on a level surface. his friend and collaborator, kristof on toyota, is helping to develop the controls with his daughter. kyla is about to test the prototype. the 17 year old has been rolling since she was 9. 0 to did yeah. she came off he saw at 1st i wrote without electric, which was fine. if i had the fact is when it gets dangerous, it's easier to break with the electric version cooler. ag, the test run is to take place on the coil daily shore. half way between abbey, in an se, made of plastic aluminum alloy, ice,
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steel and carbon. the suit alone weighs about 15 kilos and that's without the electronics in light skates and helmet. but the descent today seems problematic. at the top of the pass, the mountain disappears into the fog, which could make their venture to risky. watson, it's a bit wet. was it military then? oh, do we hurry or do we go down to honesty? i didn't know the forecast is this cold and rainy walk so i think it will get worse as i don't know. the question is, can we roll if it stays like us? little oh and they want to give it a shot. everything has to be prepared in case the fog lifts. lemme to your vinegar. see to tell her alchemy before we came it cleared up and now it's cloudy. we have 2 problems for the traction and the visibility. yeah. if you have drops of water on the visor, well, you can listen potent details about it
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a day and your field of vision isn't very big anyway on us on it's blurry on top of that, sarah, it's not exactly good for us. is silly through hon for me. as with race car drivers, every curve, every bump, every breaking point must be internalized the difference. there are no run off areas for moments of danger. instead, there is oncoming traffic. that is forced this down, then left to a small wave, and then a big wave was on the inside of the 1st right curve. you need to turn your body slightly. you do the same and the 2nd one only a little tighter. it's also only to push the brakes and exert a bit more. force him. i like john even christoph kehoe. i can use the electric motor to break. that is if everything works and that should help you totally feel pretty calm, rested and ready to roll. are you guys? i've been with them a little stressed well, but i trust both of them. yeah. i'll be in the middle her. so ali sean
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e lead me and my father will be behind the safety for the rest the day today i'm on . the fog has lifted, it's go time in value, things look, different clouds are still blocking the view. it's a test of patients for shaheen. fast, not, and ziemen vander with these conditions, risking a jump is out of the question. they mentioned the mcclintock. humans have always been climbers. are we climb trees and scaled the mountains? and what is that, and what has always been the dream of humanity flying within the sea. martin come a we're doing comes very close to realizing that dream does is for me, that's the key to understanding what we do. not kick. sure you get a kick in a shot of adrenalin. was there something human to it was? and i think that's the most important thing of the smartest and how's the feeling of being at one with the elements 1st came to share ideas with
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a snowboard. under her feet, she became known as one of the world leading free writers. is decisions 14, i am athletes. i started my career in school again in the company. i turned pro and one prize. this is snowboarding, i and now i'm a conference. speak any voss no bob. if he man, i talk about risk evaluation and help people achieve their goals and dreams. i had his essay on the devil had his asthma. his every july dean is fearless, even though her 1st husband died in a speed flag accident was sport, relatively similar to hers. ah mal is known by our lives will all end some day at those said vesa, this will i decided to leave my dream every day. could this he did doing what i loved the muddy income? i think i might have to raise will walk fast. cassandra of crystal on the mocks vander also lived his dream of flying but 2016 the year before he quit turned into
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a nightmare for the base, jumping seen $37.00 athletes plummeted to their deaths. it gave max a reason to reflect on his own life and addiction. yes, mother, i'm jumping out of the plane for the 1st time is an insane feeling. but once you've done it 50 times, it becomes normal mom, just like riding a bike. there must. so we kind of have to kick it up a notch to get the same feeling with base jumping. it's the same as the 1st base jumps were insane, but at some point it felt normal mama. and once you understand and recognize this dynamic, you also realize that it's a dead end, because at some point your number is up, the situation arrives where you've taken it a step too far. and then it's all over. bonus is provided for the 1st time after years of abstinence max vander wants to hike up to an exit accompanying his friend michael 5 inch b. but this time he won't be jumping long. i don't know if you have a buddy long time,
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so nice that we could meet up with you should we take the usual puzzle game when a mile owner of the ascent of the de gotten vamp is 600 meters. it takes about 2 hours difference. sure. i think it's beautiful, go all the old feelings are welling up. it's weighed in my especially now that i see marco again fun. i'm really excited to see it again. live. how he jumps off and flies away that i've explored max had to find out for himself, how thin the line is between obsession and passion, courage, and contempt for death. it up they are, i had the feeling that i was going down the wrong path. and that i had to make some changes animals. i started working with a coach with whom i was 1st able to one cover. all the dynamics at work within me come from was what are the motives behind my actions and where do they come from? zach law, and when that becomes clear to you, you immediately accept the consequences. want on it often,
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i have to stop doing this at some point on that is honestly, i wasn't able to quit right away also, but it gave me a way out of the sports for claudia, returning to the valley of like deja vu for years she wooded anxiously below, hoping that max would fall from the sky in one piece. yeah, really. good luck. okay, we're turning around. i'll just bring in. yep. no jumping you here. kept a flight to settle and i trust him. 100 percent at base jumping is a chapter that has been closed funded our market now days. i also like talking with marco about it and reminisce but everything has its time. it's behind us now. it's in the past. the softer the downhill course of the buggy rollers is almost 3 kilometers long. with top speeds well over 80 kilometers an hour.
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i sensation, seekers as extreme athletes are called with in sports, psychology. emit less. cortisol have a lower heart rate and feel comfortable and stressful situations. the ride is short, but intense with we oh, fellow doing carol clover pretty fine. at times i had trouble staying on you guys. it was really vibrating even. did you drive it full throttle just wanted to know had to break, otherwise i would have gone too fast. assume the suit is really big. you. i mean i, that's why i didn't feel as comfortable as usual. somebody could give it john eve has 5 brothers and a sister. all of them are involved in extreme sports. one brother was killed in a paragliding accident a few years ago. with some to produce bought her list. las boy lying as the
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sport in that is paragliding and skiing as well. sound was always something that united us as siblings and as a family was here. don't have dad started at all, but he but he was escape jumper and he loved flying. kimberly, yes, it was all about jumping and flying to russell oliver mileage on eve is the only one who stayed on the ground. you versa, sulu bona general is when i fly on the road, not through the air, nobody should channel to. i always dreamed a flying usa, but my dream took a different shape and it was one experimental cindy. for years, max vander was driven by his search for the flow status. were risks fade away with time seems to stretch endlessly. and happiness. hormones work like a drug to day he has found a way out of that addiction here. boy, oh hey, this is do you are an air ah,
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as it is flings over good meal. i missed the flying itself. her but putting on the old wings and jumping off here wouldn't even cross my mind for business. those that i can't do any more. this giving me all michael vitamin spear has turned the freeform into his profession. to hear this must be jumped number 4000 for you. the rise? no idea. i said so what's your guess hurricane yeah, i don't. i really don't know. i think it's somewhere between 9 and 10000 to in the back. oh, boy wasn't well not sure what makes you different to opt in? i think everyone has a thing where they like to push themselves to the limit. so i think so. oh boy. but maybe every one has a different approach or a different attitude on and the only way you could push the sport any further and make it more extreme would be to start flying into cliffs. skiing of and flim, gifted with a booming industry wing suits him rapidly evolved into high tech devices from the
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free fall of earlier generations to today's the rebel wings still at 200 kilometers per hour with no way to break. any mistake is fatal. ha. ah, i am already looking forward to it the year you should mostly steal full of filling normally and making sure that i will be back on the ground to petersburg, checking the wind and just enjoying it. as my i try to be conscious about my surroundings and focus on what i'm doing. so if i had manage all they cared ourself, and 321 says this diana to leash on the fog. of course, i ask myself the question,
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why does someone risk their life time and time again for a feeling and for those who do must answer for themselves persist beyond and in my own story, it was me that had to come up with the answer that my motivations were the wrong ones. this is as low self esteem combined with obsession. it is simply a very toxic mixing sciences, especially when it comes to a sport like this on a half. so in a smaller truck, on j, dean, fast, not local mountain. the clouds are slowly breaking up. time to get ready since becoming parents, geraldine and seymour know that every day life can also habits thrilling moments. nevertheless, they don't want to give up. their passion for leaping had 1st into the void quotes for dickie bought. once it is sonus, just before our son was born last month, as for, i didn't have the desire to jump any more. he liked it, and maybe it's just engraved in our dna that you become a protector in that moment. since you don't want to expose yourself to additional risk and just say to yourself, it will more than i have,
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i don't need this anymore and that is for long. the desire becomes optional. or shortly after the birth i felt like doing another jump lunch. so i walked up here alone jumped off and when i landed, i said to myself, by the law me up, this really is my thing is, shall, monday, just before the jump peak concentration is it? okay. 3, do one. and then in unity j dean and his him on realize mankind's age old dream to fly like birds. disregarding the dangers of death
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ah ah ah ah ah! a
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with joy ride through fascinating worlds into uncharted deb our guides and know their way around in a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places. a curiosity is required to borrow today in 30 minutes on d. w. a. so successful with
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what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions overseas said in our ways, earth is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive google ideas, the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online. ah,
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ah, this is the w news, fly the from berlin, a trilling deadline. russia or does ukraine to surrender mario pole by monday morning. as fighting in the eastern city rages, russia blames ukrainian nationalists, while ukraine's president bloody mans landscape. cause moscow c h. a war crime. as the death i nears, most countries promised more civilian evacuations. and the less he holds on israeli lawmakers to supply his country with weapons and as well imposed sanctions against russia.


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