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ah, ah ah, this is dw news why from berlin? ukrainian president for letterman. lansky says 100000 people are trapped in body bowl, and many have no food or water. the port city is under constant, russian bombardment. zelinski says shelling is sabotaging civilian escape routes and he accuses russian soldiers of blocking a convoy of humanitarian relief. also coming up some 4000 ukrainians are seeking refuge from the war in israel. we take you to one small town that's especially happy to welcome the refugees and find them. new home german chancellor left
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shoulder tells parliament ukrainian refugees are welcome in germany, and here can rely on a support. but he says cutting off russian gas would hurt europe more than moscow. plus the world's best walking away from tennis that just 25 years old. after 3 grand slam victories, australia's ashley bardy shocks the sports world by calling it quits in the prime of her career. will tell you why. i i'm semi so misconduct. glad you could join us. ukraine has calling on russia to allow civilians to escape the southern port of muddy who poke. the local council says russian forces who surrounded the city have reduced a to ashes with constant bombing. president polar mersa lensky says, 800000 civilians are trapped without food. water or medicaid. so lensky says,
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russian forces sees a humanitarian convoy attempting to bring relief to mario balls besieged residence . mm. bombs. keep falling on money. you pull. the besieged city is under relentless shelling by russian forces. satellite pictures show the extent of the devastation. apartment buildings burnt out. a metal factory shelled. hundreds of thousands of people are still stuck here under the falling bombs tunnel nazi dean at the moment there around 100000 people living in mario pole under inhumane conditions under a complete siege without food, water and medicine under constant shelling and bombardment for several weeks and we have been trying to organize the stable humanitarian corridors for mario pulse residents. and almost all our attempts have been unfortunately obstructed by shilling or deliberate terror by russian occupiers. m a bull c,
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dorman darrell. those who were able to flee mad, you both say conditions. there are desperate to them. you did. you hear the vehicle of mario pool aren't being hold of spring. it was that elite of help when you can, people don't have water to drink water. that's not even fit for industrial purposes, yet. there's no one you can ask for help. yoga ukraine announced an agreement had been found to evacuate residence from towns and cities through 9 humanitarian corridors on wednesday. russia continues to pummel cities across ukraine like here in the capital. keep where drones attack the scientific institute or here in had a cave in the northeast of the country where a missiles fell. president,
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leukemia zelinski is still hopeful that talks with russia can bring peace. he says, ukraine is prepared to discuss the status of crimea and the separate this don bass region after a ceasefire. but any agreement would have to be approved by the ukrainian people we can speak now to our correspondent, funny if a char she is standing by for us in western ukraine in the city of. if i funny, we are hearing the news that an agreement has been reached to evacuate civilians trapped in ukrainian cities via 9 humanitarian corps doors. what more can you tell us about that? well, this is pretty good news if those non humanitarian corridors actually operate. and people can be evacuated. something of course, as we have seen during this ward in the past weeks, either worked in a very limited way or not at all. and when it comes to the town of mario pool. unfortunately there's no agreement. they in terms of trying to get people out and have a humanitarian corridor established to get a significant number of people,
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a significant number of people out at least 100000 of people. instead, ukraine said that in a nearby town, they're basically set up transportation for people who make it out of those fall. and of course so many of them would like to just make it here. but we are right now to live, which is basically the last town owned away out from ukraine to poland, but millions and millions of people who have that goal to finally leave. remain trapped in the residential areas, remain trapped in a situation where they themselves do not know, not just to how to get out, but even just how to get basic information. how to make that attempt, the desperate attempt at this point, especially murray pool to exit. ukraine. yeah, as you said, there are an estimated a 100000 civilians remaining in money. you pull, it has been hit so hard. what conditions are they facing? it's really hard to put that inverse at this point. just imagine for full weeks now
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people either limited access or have any access actually to food. some of them are reported to drink, very unsafe food, actually there is no clean water, no power. and as i say, no access to communication, you have to imagine people are out on the street. they call be buried. and, and people who are in dire need of medical help to, to help survive conscious make it to the next will spickle because they are bombed . as the city council pointed out yesterday from ukraine, they really are painted a very devastating picture. connie murray, poll a place that's been that ever used to ashes of a dad, a land quote, really, i've never been to marry a pool, but just from the sources we have on the ground. and if that information that we are getting is just one part of the story, i don't even want he imagine what the full scope of the devastation is in mario pull. funny, just a quick last question talks and the fighting have continued any progress there.
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president zalinski said, actually out too early this morning that there's progress that's being made step by step. at the same time, he also said that ukraine and russia remained confrontational. so in a way, a mixed message, a message to was ukranian swell. here we're showing resistance hanging there, there's going to be some agreement at some point. on the other hand, those who can leave tried to leave rome, these besieged towels like mar your pool or how to keep or how to fill in sunni and other places. so if you ask me personally, i given the negotiations that ukraine already had, the delegations of ukraine and russia. i don't see any media change at this point. what people are hoping here on the ground with presidents and ask you reaching out to various politicians, but even to the pulp yesterday, that at least as cease fire or limit to cease fire can be reached. des, funny for char, recording there for us from live if. thanks you. thank you so much we can get some
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more perspective on the story now. well, with go, santa mama gave up, she has ukraine's directorate for strategic planning and european integration at the ministry of digital transformation in ukraine. thanks for joining us. your anti w. ukraine has made very clear 8 wants to join the european union. how likely do you think that is? hello everyone and thank you for pushing to dispute here. actually, the opportunity is been real and it's necessary for the, for the peace and security in europe. and ukraine has been shown reserve and fighting for fighting for the european union and for the life actually. and we also see that really strong consensus among european union member states government and also citizens and really high support queen
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accession of the european union. so this is definitely that need to be, have this agreement already on political and now we have to implement it. but we have to move really quickly because of all the situation and the both sides and europe in general. great. and it will break the benefit on it, miss vanity, but you said that this would be important for ukrainian peace and security, but we're not talking about nato membership here. we're talking about the european union. so how would that actually help ukraine right now? you see, i am thinking it's not only from the ukrainian perspective, but human being union perspective because it's, it's clear time to take leadership for the european union and continue to actually to protect the batteries that european union must protect.
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and by it was created for we already have the great consensus and 2 boards from the european union members and actually citizens important on the level of, for example, oma 70 percent of germany support to ukraine, accession to the european union. and so we also proved that the brain able to create to integrate into fear even within the crisis. now i'm speaking like referring to particular example with the energy sector. so you create integrated in the it's also in the, in the european energy system and also consumer market cleaning. consumer market is a great potential for the european ukrainian labor potential. we already have one your premium potentially contribute to the development of the
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economy. economy just to jump in there. are you concerned that ukraine's aspirations towards you membership could perhaps threaten the progress in any sort of peace talks with russia? definitely if this is a choice of you repeat the ukrainians, it cannot be changed by russian wheel and it requires will never be the sphere of the influence of pressure up to what all happened. and after all we bring and fighting for our freedom. so it's not a matter for the russia to decide where you will be if the cleaning will ukrainian, the nation of your credit support. 90 percent of your premium wants to join and for the european choice of ukraine. and i do want to ask you, while we have you, we saw the german chancellor all the shows today, again,
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rule out a nato, no fly zone over ukraine, even though your president has asked pacifically for that. so what is your reaction to that reaction of the nettle, you mean the position of the of this is actually negotiating and we see that there is no probably the unity in member said because so we say we see how the different members approach this and understand actually the scale of the conflict, and this is not conflicts between ukraine and russia. this is a conflict between the european religious and democratic wellness and dictatorship . so this is negotiated and we still continue to appeal to the wall to that european union to the nato. about what the danger actually opposed to and what you 5 to so the will have to re comp and understand what are the risks if not
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today, but sooner if you fall your be in security system fall, we have to leave it there because on i'm, i'm a j, v director general of the directorate for strategic planning and european integration. thank you very much for joining us. thank you. thank you. the warn you crane has forced millions of people to flee, mostly to neighboring countries, but some jewish refugees have a different goal. israel which grant them the right to emigrate more than $4000.00 ukrainians have arrived in israel since the start of the russian invasion. ah, they are safe at last. just a week ago, neatly miss. gov. his wife and sister arrived in israel from odessa, fleeing the war in ukraine, stuck a face of the gig, and a dar cities being bowman to ask her many have been destroyed. and there are many casualties among the civilian population. lina, that's what russian aggression looks like,
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of se skaggs says it has some place hood. for now, they are living in the hotel in the small city of norfolk, i live alone with many other refugees. every one here is waiting for the entry documents to be processed. ne tree is entitled to israel, his citizenship because his jewish, that's the law. he feels welcome already. the rest of the day we're getting lots of support here on my lease, or we're being fed and given clothes and everything that we need. nazareth mux monica mont. and that's exactly how it should be, according to the male ones in emigrant himself from all dover. now encourage his refugees to come to his city of your network with your mother. when selling point he mentions cheaper rent than in television. is greenwood another bottle from with the one yesterday, but mostly abruptly. he also uses facebook to invite refugees to nov, haggling,
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which has already taken in 200 people fleet and the war. well, these railey government, still arguing about how much immigration the country can handle. the mayor ceased their arrival as a positive on the rock mister keeler earlier should i look at other immigration waves in the past, the 1000000 and i see what it did to israel. i shall score more. it definitely did a lot more. mostly my on bush from the migrant. from back then all have high ranking talks. english. they've benefited the country for good and i believe that will happen again more gemelli a lot. shabani poor the city is no stranger to immigration. half the residence he is big russian. and unlike in other parts of israel, street signs are not only written in hebrew, arabic and english, but russian too. and those who were once immigrants themselves are lending a helping hand to the moral right. wrong. the new israeli and
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needed more than one or than we we have. we have too much and we can give me 2. he says he now wants to find an apartment job and learn hebrew. he says he has no plans to return to ukraine, except to visit his parents who stayed behind in odessa. let's look now at some other developments and the conflict. the russian winner of the 2021 nobel peace prize says he will auction off the prestigious metal and donate the pre proceeds to help you cranium. refugees. dmitri moore off was the co winner of the prize for his work as editor of no via gazette, out, one of russia's last independent newspapers and to yachts owned by the russian oligarchy, romana brandon, which have docked in turkey. avoiding european sanctions on russia's super rich, a group of ukrainian demonstrators tried to prevent one of the vessels from moring and the turkish port. budrum. turkey has criticized russia's invasion of ukraine, but rejects sanctions. german chancellor,
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olaf schultz has addressed parliament on the ukraine crisis. sholtes had sanctions against russia were beginning to work and would be increased. but he said nato would not police a no fly zone of ukraine because it could not risk direct confrontation with russia . she also said ukrainian refugees were welcomed and germany. here's more of what he had to say. hooting softens even at crist. hooton's invasion is darling and his might are some progress made in previous dia, vianza for. and we and our allies are pulling together. we cover last week, the we had to president lensky speaking to us here in the parliament, and he said, it is hard to keep going it without the support of the world. this observatory to go and i am telling ukraine that they can rely on ours. so when that comes up on that he for philosophy, we have our chief political correspondent, melinda crane with us. you was watching the chance for speech for us earlier, only to what was your main takeaway from what you heard him say?
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3 points really. first of all, a also what we heard there recognition that citizens are deeply concerned about what he called the unbearable images we're seeing out of ukraine and thanking citizens for all that they're doing, especially to welcome refugees on the other hand. also, recognition of enormous, concerned that this conflict could escalate, could possibly even spread to a nato, russian, a conflict, and thereby perhaps to this country. and he said, as you mentioned, that is not going to happen. that's why we won't do a no fly zone. secondly, trying to prepare citizens for the fact that crisis management is going to be ongoing, both because of the economic repercussions of this crisis. higher energy prices are, inflation ratcheting up and so on. possibly a global food crisis, all of which will of course, probably entail additional government spending. and then thirdly, despite that need for short term crisis management,
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the need not to lose sight of long term growth, especially climate transformation. he pointed out that the ukraine crisis has made germany's aims of energy independence and weaning itself off of fossil fuels more important than ever. and that would require an enormous amount of spending in new infrastructure designed to facilitate uptake of renewables and so on. so those 3 main messages we know that allow sholtes underline solidarity, which ukraine, but the ukranian president has directly called on him to do more. so is there any chance that some of that criticism from ukraine, in particular, could change germany stance on things like a no fly zone, or oil and gas imports from russia? not on the no fly zone? he was very clear about that. he said, we will not risk that kind of a confrontation with russia and certainly is a lot of backing from other nato members on that point where germany is looking more isolated is on the point of oil and gas imports. as you know,
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the u. s. has moved to cut off russian oil imports. biden will be traveling to morrow to brussels, to have an extraordinary summit with nato, with the un, with the g 7 which germany is currently sharing. we may see additional pressure. they are on germany on this point, but the chancellor said in his speech this morning, we will not do a short term embargo because it costs jobs, it costs growth, it would hurt our industry. we could lapse into recession and see all of the you go with us. so very clear message there as well. germany is certainly spending more than expected. so where will all of this money come from? well, there's 2 places. money can come from one is the t word, taxes. the government has been very careful not to mention that i was listening to interviews this morning by members of the leading coalition parties. definitely going out of their way, not to talk about that. so it's going to have to come from borrowing and in fact, germany is now looking at taking on additional debt somewhere in the range of $200.00 to possibly even $250000000000.00 euros. as you know,
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germany's government coffers have been pretty well filled. that's why last year when he was still finance minister, chancellor schultz said that germany has great big bazooka that it would use to come about the pandemic. nonetheless, it took out a lot of additional debt for the pandemic. all of this will, at some point, have to be paid back. the pandemic debt is not going to be starting to pay back the rock and start to see payback until 2028. and it will continue for 30 years. that gives you an idea of the size and the length of that this debt burden will entail. very interesting, right. our chief political correspond melinda crane for us. thank you. ah, let's catch up. found some other stories making headlines around the world. chinese officials say they have recovered one black box from the china eastern airlines flight, which crashed on monday. all passengers or, and crew are believed to have died when the plane nose dived into
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a mountain side. relatives attempted to visit the crash sown in the countryside in southern china, but they were blocked by officials. the taliban has shut secondary schools across afghanistan for girls just hours after reopening them for the 1st time since they took power. authorities ordered the students to go home causing confusion over the regimes policy. earlier this week, the education ministry had said schools would be reopen for girls in several provinces. one person is dead after a tornado swept through the city and suburbs of new orleans in the us after the storm had power lines and destroyed homes in an area that is still recovering from the devastation caused by hurricane ida. last year and protests have taken place in kingston, jamaica calling for the country to cut ties with britons, royal family, and demanding reparations for slavery. the protest come as britons prince william and his wife kate visit the former colony. last year, the island of barbados were moved the queen as head of state sports.
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now the world's top rank female tennis player, australia's ash party, has unexpectedly retired from the game at the age of 25. but he announced her decision just weeks after becoming a 1st australian to win the australian open in 44 years. she has also won the french open and wimbledon, and has been the world number one women tennis player for the past 2 years. already said she was leaving the game to chase other dreams. anthony howard from the w sports is with us on the story. hi, anthony today. hi. seems to come as as a shock. was there any sign that this was coming? is it possible to hunt for clues like anything in the way that she's approached to korea and a lot before it contrast it to the way the men are doing it so me sir. ruffin adults? $35.00 chasing total number $22.00. fighting roger federer at another job, which better is 40 bleeding into he socks on bad knees? chasing more titles, he wants more more more. think about them. what ash did in 2019 she won the french
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open for that's what she did or didn't do the next year. she didn't go back in the field. she chose to, to stay in australia during the covey. thompson take it easy. there was a famous shot of her as outside of this, with the trophy is when she went to the football in australia. and she can be seen in the stands clenched fist with one hand, and holding a beer in the other shouting for her team. the richmond tigers. you think she couldn't already be loved enough in australia before she seen with a beer at the football that she didn't want to go back and defend at all costs. she wanted to enjoy her loss. so if you're looking for clues like that, i guess that's where you start. she didn't go for sponsorship deal. she just wanted to be there. and i think as shocking as this movie is in a sporting sense, it really confirmed and underlies why she was loved in australia and in the tennis world that she always did it on her terms. she's different to the rest. and now she leaves with his delicate little mitral of leaving as the world's number one guaranteed living at the very top. she says she wants to chase her dreams. what could that mean? by process of elimination, she probably won't do
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a ted talk. she's not going to do seek spot live in the media at least full time. she's not gonna chase at the office. it going to be there. and i don't see a blogging what she's having for breakfast on instagram everyday. it's just not her style. what she hasn't mentioned is her leadership role is really unofficial, i guess, but you see her here at delivery, but she chose to do up to the strength and open. let's go back to the aboriginal community where she's become very proudly a leader in that community. but also in australia, it's not what she did again on the line to me. it's how she did it. if you say strength skill determination, that's involved with every champion, but now with ash body, you dollop on top bryce and humility. and then on top of that, this decision which i think is maybe her crana glory, it's a bad decision might on her terms on her schedule about her life. and it's not a bit more trophies does not about more money. and that is the thing of re beauty. a lot of people talk about it and she's done. well, it really is a remarkable decision we wish or the best. anthony howard from dw sport,
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thanks for bringing us that story. i said, let's get a reminder now of our top headline rushes efforts to occupy the key ukrainian port . i'm not a you will continue with bomb striking in industrial compound. president volota, mister lansky says 100000 residents remain trapped in the city. ukrainian forces continue to resist russia's attempt to take the capital. keith chance are old off shawls has told the german parliament that sanctions against russia are beginning to work and would be increased. but he said nato would not police a no fly zone over ukraine, because it could not risk direct confrontation with russia. charles said ukrainian refugees are welcome in germany. you can always get to dw news on the go download our app from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world and push notifications for breaking news. if you are part of a new story, you can use that he
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w up to send us photos and videos of what is happening, where you are. that's our news update at this hour. we'll see you at the top of the next hour. thank you for watching with with
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a new crane gold week. but the war has halted. production large swabs of land are no longer being foreign power. the shortage is impacting buyers and supplies to the world's poorest nations . the war and made in germany on d w. the war in ukraine in president follow me. it's zalinski
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in an in depth interview clement. this was louis what devices she with he sham on national devout malice, sheriff of chemo malay john lee, and he goes to william oddity the interview with ukrainian president filling in 60 minutes on d. w. ah. and what does more do to people are hatred and violets inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers for 2 years. the author accompanies a sophist, family in northern syria. insights into the isolated world
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of radical islamists, a film about family, faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. 3 and a half 1000000 people about the population of berlin have already fled the war in ukraine. that's according to the united nations. many have lost their homes and their loved ones and it doesn't. and they're experts say, now the risk of.


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