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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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bothers and starts april 16th. oh d w ah ah, this is it'll be news live from berlin, u. s. president jo biden's, message of unity in warsaw. god say this meant to not rain. the white house clarified biden, is not calling for regime change in russia. after the u. s. president least the blame for the war in ukraine squarely at the feet of vladimir putin. but he says a russian people are not the enemy. also coming up on the shout strikes on the west
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of ukraine. officials there say 5 people have been injured by multiple rockets strikes on. a fuel depot in the city of living is comp, just white signals from moscow, indicating a shift in focus to the eastern gone bass. richard. ah, hello, i'm clear. richardson, thanks so much for joining us. on his 2nd day in poland, u. s. president joe biden has delivered a speech on the war in ukraine. in the speech wide and strength, united states continued support for you crank, he said, the world must prepare for what would be a long fight ahead. the worst referring to russian president vladimir putin bite and suggested that he could not remain in power or the white house later stress, however, that president biden was not wishing core regime change for who does go to say he did not so far in your grade. it's a lie is just cynical,
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he knows that and it's also obscene presence. the landscape was democratically elected. he's jewish, his father's family was wiped out of nazi holocaust, and thrown as your audacity like all our autocrats. beforehand, i'm joined now in the studio by reporter william blue cross. william, you've been with me here watching the entirety of biden's speech in warsaw, one in which he is clearly framed as a battle between democracies and autocracies. i just want to start by asking you what the major impressions of the speech where for you, for me, the major impression was the very last line of the speech where he said, for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power and that marks of what i can only see as a significant shift in policy to advocate for the removal vladimir putin. how that happens is completely brought in and was not obviously specified. but it is not common for a sitting heads of state to advocate for the removal of power, even of,
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of, of horrendous people. it's kind of a thing you don't do. even i remember in 2003, when the u. s. was in the verge of invading iraq. there was all, all kinds of controversy when there was some suggestions. speculation that ari fleischer, the boot, george w bush, his press secretary, the time said, well, one bullet can, can remove, you know, can solve this problem loosely paraphrasing. and he was massively pushed back for suggesting to assassinate saddam hussein. so this is just not something that, that us presence tend to do to advocate for the removal of, of power, of leaders of power. we don't know what else he really meant by that. so i don't want to harp on it too long, but it is a very notable escalation that i think i can't imagine putin not responding to in kind. and we'll just have to see how that plays plays out. there were so much else here in that speech, really, joe biden, trying to ease people's worries with a lot of references from pope john paul. the 2nd a polish pope, a. i'm in a deeply catholic country, a be not afraid. and really trying
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a rallying cry to democracies as you know, since the end of the cold war, not really knowing what these, what democracy stand for, what they're doing in the world. this idea of a friend from francis fukuyama that the, the history is over. there's nothing more left to do this, each of unity that we've just heard that, i mean, he also said, we stand with you. what do you think the ukrainians in the audience listening to the speech are going to make out of that? i mean, the u. s. and joe biden went through a long list of things at the u. s. and the european union have done to support ukraine militarily. shoot in a terms of humanitarian aid, in terms of finance, relief, economic, a sort of aspects. but if we've been hearing for weeks now, zalinski and many of his officials talking about how is just not enough, they want so much more direct a intervention both militarily and in terms of, of aid of all kinds. i think zalinski even use the we're disappointed at one at one point, thankful for what has been done but saying it's not enough. so it's certainly
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a for ukrainians, a major help. but obviously with russia bombing them every day it's, it's never going to be enough. and one of the major request from ukraine and president, lindsey has of course, been for a no fly zone over ukraine. something that washington and berlin have been have rejected. and can you tell us what's behind? i'm broad and broadly, the european union nato. there have been a few individual countries such as lithuania, i believe, i think pull it also come out in favor of of so hold close in ears basis. the very difficult thing to do. it require ukraine's a huge country. first of all require a massive amount of air power. that would even strain u. s. resources. it would require going after russian assets both in ukraine and in russia itself. and the u. s. only has experienced in enforcing no fly zones where it doesn't really face opposition, such as any rock such as over the former former yugoslavia where there is no real air force to speak of russia for all of its missteps and all of its military weaknesses. surprise, weaknesses still is
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a massive military power and it would put the 2 sides into direct competition. it's not an easy solution. like some people might suggest it is a reporter, william glover. i want to thank you so much for coming into the studio. with that analysis of the western ukrainian say of the view has been struck by russian rockets suggest a day after moscow signals a shift in focus to the eastern don bath region elsewhere. russian troops agreed to leave a town where staff working at the chernobyl nuclear site live after a mass protest by residence, an attack on a city that has become a refuge from many fleeing rushes, invasion authorities say, the missiles struck non residential targets in the lives outskirts including this oil storage facility that was set to blaze residents scrambled for safety. reminded once more that even here, just 70 kilometers from the polish border. there is a risk of russian attacks this despite moscow's claims, that it is now focusing its operations on the eastern don baths region after
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a month of fierce ukrainian resistance. that resistance was on display again on saturday in the town of sla voltage, home to the workers at the nearby chernobyl nicholas sight unarmed, protest as rallied against the russian occupying forces. refusing to disperse, even when troops rapidly fired into the air. the residents, peaceful demonstration managed to secure the release of the towns may, as well as an agreement by russian soldiers to leave the town. if arms were handed over, a small victory for the townspeople and a clay indication that for russia occupation, it will be a struggle. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in the ve funny for char, and i asked her for an update. i mean, the city center, i'll leave the biggest city all fast in ukraine, and i remember during the day the hood explosions aplenty. that fuel that we have seen in the pictures in the video stamps from a facility that was storing fuel. why? according to the living may another rockets hit a few hours later,
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which apparently hit infrastructure, but not residential buildings. as we hear. however, that 3rd explosion we did not hear. we were already sheltering also ourselves in a bunker where we are actually headed in next as well. because fresh air, right, right sar, is just started. so as a result, everyone who's out on the street at this point and a curfew is about to start in an hour as well. need to go down to hunker down. it is going to be a quiet, restless night here for the citizens of live. and tell us if you can, a little bit more about what it is like in that bunker you've been in and out as we've been reporting throughout the evening, are people taking these air siren seriously to go down there? defense vote. it really were. you are the of been traveling across many pos if you cry, and he, and of if really a relatively safe a city people than the hey, are here, the air, a siren. so who them before they some of them be more or less. yeah. getting to the next coffee shop and getting their next lotta my cattle while others, especially elderly people, go looking for shelter. also
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a church just right in front of me here. there's still lighting there. some people are looking for shelter in a church, very different reactions. but today really there is a change because so far, even though there was a facility near the airport here on march 18th, which is about 7 kilometers for, from here. but never so far, at least into the wall. so close to the city center. several rockets hit live. so a people themselves are bracing a 4 possibly more. and i wondering if this is some high anyhow, connected to the fact that us president abide and is important, which is by the way, just about 60 kilometers from here, from the of if and indeed it of, it has been a haven for many people fleeing other parts of ukraine to go to the relative safety of the west. what do you think these attacks do mean for a potential escalation of the conflict? that's a really good question because if she listened into what russian authorities had to say about the silk was 2nd face of the will that they actually would just want to
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focus on the dumb bus region and not on any major cities. animal. not knowing, but of course this is just propaganda. what that supposed to mean. people really thought that individually they are safe, hundreds of thousands of people, a strand it's here because they didn't want to leave ukraine yet. they thought that this is a safe place to stay before they can actually go back to the home cities, hoping that the war is going to be over maybe in a few weeks in a few months from now, but also millions of others have left ukraine already what one quarter of the ukrainian population is this place? so yeah, that, that's a feeling or the state is full maybe that some people felt libby, if has as a safe place is definitely changing because the wool, their strategy of the will and those who fight it is changing as well. i mean for our, for us in the vive, in ukraine: a thank you so much for your reporting, please stay safe. and meanwhile more than half a 1000000 people have fled to moldova neighbor romania. the country is
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a member of both the european union and nato, and is the 2nd most frequent destination for ukrainian refugees after poland. many arrive with harrowing tales of their escape from the war gets just a short ride to safety. but for many, here it comes after a long and perilous journey. this family reunited at the docks. some came by ferry, others over land, leaving behind a home caught in some of the fiercest fighting so far. we could either look on michael alive. the situation is very bad. randazzo sir, it is being shell from every direction or more of people who are able to flee, are fleeing to who it is hard. i want to go home. i want to go home very much. ukraine's short border with romania runs along the danube river fairies land at the town of his sacha with only a few 1000 inhabitants. it is become yet another transit point as refugees flow out
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of ukraine. many of the new arrivals are fleeing southern ukraine, where the russians have been attacking cities like mc alive, near the black sea coast, and moving towards the major port city of odessa life and wayne, that is the us. i could have never believed in such things before. weighed with honestly, this is a shock where you we could have never believed that the sky would have been so dangerous. you're getting close to that we'd be afraid of airplanes and other things for me. i didn't expect any of this yet with pampering. you are, every day there is death. there's destruction. if you don't, so to be there is very scary, especially with small children. that's why we left it when you more, we 1st went to odessa. we've stayed there for one night. but there are air raid sirens every day. destruction shots fired the whole package
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with the red cross has set up tents to welcome the ukrainians. but these tense and this town are just another transit point for those arriving. their journey is far from over. here we're going to turn our attention now to some of the other world news stories, and we are following for you at this hour a saudi lead. a coalition has launched overnight, airstrikes on, via many capital center, and the red sea city of who data killing at least 7 people when the attack came a day after iranian base, who's the rebel staged, a daring attack on an oil depot in the saudi city of jetta ahead of this weekend's formula one race in the kingdom. the volcano has a rock dead near a scenic lake in the philippines. authorities raised the alert level in the region and urged residents to evacuate. there have been volcanic earthquakes and concerns
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that further eruptions may occur. experts are warning of possible fast moving gas, and a soon army in the lake. taylor hawkins, the drummer of the celebrated rock band, 2 fighters, has died while on tour with the band in columbia. the 50 year old joined the group formed by ex nirvana musician dave roll in 1997 in a statement the band called his death a tragic and untimely loss. you're watching dw news look at a recap of our main headlines at this hour. on his 2nd day in poland, u. s. president joe biden has delivered a speech on the war against ukraine. he denounced president putin's aggression against you right and said, quote, pollutant cannot remain in power. the white house, however, was quick to clarify, widen was not calling for regime change. and there are reports of injuries after multiple airstrikes, only western ukrainian city of several powerful explosions were heard there and
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a black smoke was seen rising above the city of gal officials have called on people to remain calm and to stay in their homes. update at this hour, don't forget you can always get more news and analysis on our website at dw dot com or you can call us and social media at units. i'm clear. richardson in maryland for me in the team here with a, with interest the global economy, our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze who flight for market dominance. kinda stood with d w business b.


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