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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night mission aboard at a red cross convoy on its way to evacuate civilians from mario paul, has turned back. conditions made it impossible for the team to get there safely. dashing the hopes of those trapped inside the besieged city. also coming up to night. a start warning from the european union to china do not help russia in its war with ukraine. china says it will not be forced to take soft. and the
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drawl for this year's football world cup has concluded. whose country guitar in now hope the world detention moves away from its human rights record to the turn of it itself? ah, i bring golf, it's good to have you with us on this friday and we start in ukraine and those attempts to get civilians out of the besieged city of mario pulled to night. there are reports that a red cross convoy had to stop and turn around conditions on the ground, simply too dangerous. now the strategic port on ukraine's southern coast is essential for control and access to the sea of as odd. as you see right there, previous attempts to establish humanitarian corridors out of the city for about
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a 160000 civilians. have phil. but that appears to be changing across ukraine. more than 6000 people managed to get out via humanitarian corridors just to day and about half of those were evacuated from. are you pull hollow shells of buildings now were a vital port city once stood. mary paused, still under bombardment, with tens of thousands trapped with those who made it out to areas of ukraine not controlled by russian forces. describe a harrowing journey on roads controlled by russian soldiers. these women were able to come to the city of zap arissa, who i bear. what were you till now? to last, people were buried in children's playground. he said with a pass and was buried in the yard when we quickly got into the bas savvy to school . tamara, already 10 people in the bus was even though it was intended for 9 people. was the driver when they put in more seats,
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because people had to get out of enough that it wasn't until the 2nd day that we realized that we weren't going to a humanitarian corridor. none of us that us city like number i could have simply been shot. we were threatened that they said we can kick you out and take your car for the needs of the army and just shoot you. this family made it to the city of denise pro. after a hellish ordeal in their hometown of marian poll, sara had dom clearing and exploded into 2 parts to head in the tow. so and then small dance. 2 out of a time came and fragments flew into the windows into this cold kindergartens and windows were overhead or, and the house shook so much for her shimmering to find me with the family is safe for now. their journey out involved multiple checkpoints,
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before escaping russian controlled territory. with global before there were 8 or 9 check points on the route will in the villages. people with machine guns stood at the crossroads, looking for someone, looked at the passports and said, oh, here are the children. you can drive you crazy. i don't even cry. we see the 1st ukrainian check point. they said, now we will calls parisha english and escort car will accompany you there. with the red cross has been trying for weeks to help get people out and supplies in. for those who cannot escape marion pull in for more now i'm joined by olean is so codes. she's deputy director general of the ukrainian red cross. we're glad that you are able to take time to talk with us to night. can you give us the latest? what are you hearing from your colleagues in mario poll? what do you mean and what she did,
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the situation is getting worse and worse from day to day. we haven't heard anything from all the people in the room for more than one week. that there is, there is still our stuff working in medical loss. we have there still and 612 years working and it was like, you know, didn't know anything about the destiny then i, we know that they have difficulties because they do not have their problems with transport. it cars when actually damaged, our office was partially damaged. so left the situation yesterday, we had the teams of from other ages of ukraine, of the current and with cross headed, a cart envoy, to many people in order to immigrate the people. but it failed to wear it. we only but guns and then stopped by the russian troops. but even against we helped to have a great nation coming from radio put on their own us in such a way,
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luis worked it we. we followed $42.00 buses and $500.00 private cars to the collision and we know that the, like these hours one hour ago, they had to each a pretty sure that was a 2 day operation. but unfortunately, we still don't have access to it. it will only let me just a reminder of viewers this week of the office of the ukrainian red cross. it was hit by a molotov cocktail. i mean, it is very dangerous for you and your organization to do the work that you're trying to do. talk to us about how important it is that people realize, even in a war zone, that the red cross is impartial and neutral. well, it's not the only case in our group in the office been hit by the mold cocktail. but our office is in many parts of ukraine where, who still it is where we are currently strong phase of the student is the architect
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our, our transport is attacked and we start working on t as artic. this is like her that this fear we live in work conditions now, but a new trinity and we're here to this is something important for us because we have to be neutral in order to be able to cross. for instance, the road blocks in order to get to the cast or to other encircled cities and to bring our military aid we are, the size is everywhere and i was talking volunteers. they stick to this mental principle cross, you know, a lady and we've been in touch with you and this, this more imminent, it's personal to you. you and your family left when the showing began in key been in early march and you were 8 months pregnant at the time. just tell us, i mean, how are you doing well and not easy. ah, thank god, no,
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i'm not that in a very dangerous place. i'm central ukraine. we have of course here, right sirens. um bo me take place, but those have the chevy, which we observe in the east, in ukraine or around here. i'm separated from my husband and from my father was staying here. i in, in a seattle defense, so to speak, protecting our neighborhood. and i'm expecting my baby 3 weeks, but i'm not sure if it happens here. you need it because if the phone line i'm here and becomes here, i will have to 3. so that, so my baby might appear on the road. it's not easy. well, we certainly hope it doesn't have to happen. we wish you your baby and your family all the best. alina stokes, deputy director general with the ukranian red cross. alina, thank you. thank you very much. where's a quick look now,
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and some of the other stories related to the war. this are where the head of the international atomic energy agency says that he'll lead a mission to the contaminated chernobyl nuclear site in northern ukraine. the millsman comes after russian forces began withdrawing from the area after seizing the site. in late february, ukraine has claimed that russian soldiers showed signs of radiation sickness. germany has approved the sale of 58 tanks to ukraine. the vehicles equipped with cannon and machine guns. originally belonged to the east german military and now belong to a check company. critics, a berlin is not providing ukraine with enough military aid. which day the european union warned shine and not to help russia wage war on ukraine or side step western sanctions. and came during the 1st summit between the e u in china in 2 years. and it comes with beijing, giving russia political backing and refusing to condemn the invasion of
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u grey. it was the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years. the goal assurances that china won't arm russia or help moscow evade western economic sanctions. european commission, president or sal a funder lion, said afterward she had made an appeal based on simple math. let me remind you that every day china, the european union trade, almost 2000000000 euros worth of goods and services. and in competition, trade between china and russia only $300.00, some $330000000.00 euros per day. so prolongation of the warm and the disruptions it brings to the world economy is therefore in no one's interest, certainly not in china's. china has refused to condemn russia. for invading ukraine . in fact, hours before the summit with brussels,
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a spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs called the u. s. the culprit and leading instigator of the ukraine crisis for its role in nato's expansion since the cold war and the president. she jin ping was more subtle when addressing the e. u officials long day china has maintained the consistency and continuity of its e u policy. we hope that you can form its own perception of china, adopt an independent china policy and worked with us for the study and sustained development of china. you relations goshen, where russia's war has brought the e you closer together and shown how far away other powers such as china are on foreign policy. if i'm all the summer now we want to go to brussels. our correspondent barrett rieger. he's been covering this forest good evening to you, barrett. so the question is, has the european union succeeded in getting china to commit to not helping russia
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in its war against ukraine? no, the you was only able to make its case said yearned the summit. but got no concrete answers from president. she in b jing the, you demanded that the china should join the you in the west in sanctions, again the aggressor, russia, or at least on circumvent the sanctions. but to president, she answered with a kind of a counter proposal. he said that you should detach from the close ally united states and judge china more independently. so no progress here. china is so leaning towards russia. that's very clear. china state broadcaster cctv is reporting that beijing plans to push for peace thoughts between ukraine and russia in and i'm quoting here its own way. do we know what that means for prime
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minister lee did not elaborate on that. he was talking about 2 more in general terms about a piece of the china was always looking for and negotiations, but no concrete proposals. the you, on the other hand, demand that the china should use it. it's influence on russia because it has influence on russia that you said, and it should adhere to its responsibility as a member of the un security council. so it's not clear actually what china will do in the next days, or he w reagan for the latest and brussels barrett. thank you. and our coverage continues here in the studio with a big table. now joining me if stephen beardsley from the w business news, steve, why is china similarly so reluctant to impose any sanctions on russia? well, bennett would seem to be more political than economic. i mean, russia and china do have significant amounts of trade with one another. and that's increased in recent months. they seem to compliment each other in one way. china has a lot of the ra,
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a lot of the manufacturing. i could say the russian needs. whereas russia has the ra resources that china needs. at the same time, china does a lot more business with you, frankly, as we heard in that piece. and so when you compare that to what it does with russia, it's pretty insignificant. so, you know, in that case, it would seem to be much more of a political statement than an economic one ends. whereas china tends to act a bit more prudent when it comes relations with other nations. and the she g, ping era. it's really hard to say there has appeared to be this tension between the business side and the political side where you have seen a sharpening of relations. for example, what we've seen recently and what was discussed in the summer meeting was relations business relations with lithuania, for example, which recognize the taiwanese embassy. that was a big sticking point for the that will continue to be an area of friction between both sides. we know that russia and china have a friendship that they have declared has no limits. could this jeopardize the european union's economic sanctions that have been slapped on russia. right. that agreement with, with these broad statements about the work order and how it's changing that was
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made before the war in ukraine. of course, there is some intelligence, apparently that china was aware of russia plans to invade ukraine's. we can't really know what was known when, but that's an agreement that doesn't necessarily have any obligations from one side to the other. so it's really hard to say what that necessarily means. concretely. we know that china could, in theory, help russia that wanted to when it comes to evading sanctions. but it seems to be actually very cautious up to this point. businesses have apparently been asking a lot of details about sank is how they work. so they can know how to follow them. the other side says, well, maybe they're looking for loopholes. and so we know that there seems to be this, this desire for companies to get it right. in this case, one of the largest oil refiners in asia sino pack actually pulled out of a rush, a project in recent days. and that's already a signal that perhaps some of these connections are, are fading away. and what about the pandemic? and all of this, we know that shanghai is under lockdown right now, and i'm wondering,
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is china now realizing that it has to keep these trade relations open with russia but also with the european union? yeah, it's a good question because, you know, that's just one more problem that it's economy is facing. and that includes a broad track down on tack on local companies. and that includes the questions over sanctions with relation to ukraine. so there has been a lot of dumping on chinese firms there stock lately. there's a lot of questions about where things are headed. what it does mean is that, you know, shanghai for example, represents 4 percent of china's total output. when you lock down a city like that, one thing that it means is that domestic consumption, which china has said it wants to rely more on in the years ahead. that's going to fall fast. and so china's growth targets were already seen as very ambitious for 2022. now it's very unlikely to reach them. and that couldn't be put more stress on keeping good relations with partners such as the e u and even the u. s. much to its own chagrin. steven beer, c, d w business stevens. always thank you. well, it's
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a secret. the russian public is getting only a limited picture of what is really happening in ukraine. still many people know enough to know that they want to leave russia particularly highly skilled workers in the tech sector alone is estimated that up to 70000 specialists have already left russia in search of green or job pastors elsewhere with many more expected to follow. it's his neighborhood and his subway station, but maybe not for long, for constantine or snows in his mid fifties, he's been developing a smartphone app for a major russian bank. however, he skeptical now about his future in the country, and i see as the co rushes coating itself off from the outside world. and i don't want that boy, i'd like to breathe free and see the whole world to be to be some you constantine or snows, doesn't know yet, which country he'll go to. it might be israel or germany, his wife ayesha. a translator has her wishlist. the 2 children should come. also, constantine is already taking
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a german language course with his daughter ish play. he is fish play had deutsche as of select. i think the couple doubts that they'd be coming back soon. i'm. you've been in my shop all day in years. ok, most them, i feel sorry for my country, and yet it hurts me that the future that i had imagined for myself is being taken away. i always liked to travel, but i always loved my country. mister moody would think that a young, new watching video, i don't really believe that russia would develop further see of which i fear that all this will take a very long time and i probably won't return to russia any more. may have been, my russia is deep inside of me. my yacht, i see a anna romania, moscow's economy can already feel the effects of young i. t specialists leaving the country. experts say that quality will sink because well educated programmers have left international firms are especially relocating jobs away from russia who must,
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who, if you the 1st massacre. this was in the 1st week of march, but it was a heavy blow considering these good people had acquired years of expertise has come on different musical building convincing. now the russian state wants to jump in with support. this expert said that there would be new jobs for programmers, and thus the positive effects caused by sanctions from the west with him. yet the congressman. it's always like this in russia who's a good 1st. everything looks bad to know, but it's really a new challenge and an opportunity for new business ideas. however, constantino's nurse doesn't want to be in that kind of a working environment. he's gathering his documents together in order to also be able to work legally abroad. he hopes it's not too late for him to emigrate somewhere, handled. she wanted everything as possible, maybe would want to leave, but then would be stopped. his russia changed in an instant. many people share the opinion that things will get even darker in the country. it is wiggling now. some
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of the other stories that were following for you this hour, the turkish government has agreed to request an ist and bullet court transferred to saudi arabia. the trial in absentia of 26 salty suspects. over the murder of journalists, jamal cr shogi, shogi was a leading critic of saudi arabia's crown prince mohamad been selman, and was murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul. back in 2018 human rights groups, say, transferring the case could enable a cover police in the u. k have begun handing out fines to people who attended parties in downing street during coven 19 walked down to the prime minister boys. johnson's office says that it will provide an update. if johnson himself, the receives the 5 prime minister, his face pressure to resign over the scandal, which has become known as party gate, only a rare early spring snowfall is disrupting traveling parts of france. more than 20 areas in northern and central france are on alert for snow and ice forecasters say
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a total of $3.00 to $5.00 centimeters is expected. i football news now and the group stage draw for this years world cup in could tar took place on friday evening. tom, you know, from the w sports is here to take us through the main talking point to tom, who are the winners and the losers of today's draw. so in terms of the winners, there are certainly a couple of teams who i think will be feeling pretty pleased with how the draw turned out for them. one of those teams is england. they were drawn in group b, alongside the usa, iran and the european payoff. now the european player is a spot among the $32.00 that's yet to be allocated. that price will be taken by either way, or scotland or ukraine. so potentially a british housed arby. they're on the call for england, but whatever happens and whoever takes that spot, i think they'll be looking at that group and saying, you know,
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there are no major woke up heavy weights that might make life very tough for them in group be. so i think they'll be pleased with how things turned out. and in group d, the world cup holders, france, beginning a defense of their time to have been drawn alongside denmark, tunisia and the 1st international play off. now that place will be taken by either the united arab emirates, australia, or peru. now obviously denmark or european championship semi finalists just last year, so that not a team to be underestimated. but again, i think for france, they'll be looking at that with, you know, in a similar vein to the way the indian will be sizing up their group and thinking that's a task that should be manageable in terms of the loses. i think it's pretty difficult this time to pick out a kind of group of death. i think the seating mechanism seems to have done a fairly good job. most of the groups look very evenly matched. so yes, certainly, and assigned to them. and what about the german team, do their pro prospects look like?
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so germany are in group now. they've been drawn alongside japan, spain, and the 2nd international playoff in group a. so that price will be taken by either costa rica or new zealand. now again, i think this is kind of similar to group b and d that we've just gone through. you know, certainly a strong group for germany, not an impossible task. now japan are of course a solid team with good woke up pedigree, costa rica, and new zealand. the eventually of the international play of not necessarily the biggest world cup titans, spain, obviously really among the world's best. they were of course, also semi finalists at euro 2020 and the last time that they played against germany, they actually beat them 6 neal in seville. but it has to be said that was at the end of the lacking live era. and really back then germany were out of ideas. they didn't look like they had much going for them. now they're really different out there under their coach, hands the flick. this is his 1st big test. so certainly love pressure on their
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heads going into it has been a rocky road leading today's, you know, has in it. yeah, absolutely. now, i'm in the catawba 1st announce is host of this tournament back in 2010. there's been, you know, that that was a controversial decision back then, and a lot of the issues that were raised have never gone away. cats are spared no expense to set the stage for the arab world. first, ever world cup. by some estimates, the tournament is going to cost the gulf state nearly 200000000000 euros. but controversy clouded people's decision to award cut are the spectacle from the start . first you this summer heat in the region mandated, a schedule change to november. the move that will disrupt top domestic leagues that will already be underway. concerns about the treatment of migrant workers have also dominated the narrative. human rights groups allege that migrant workers are
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vulnerable to systematic abuse that's resulted in thousands of debts. p for president gianni infant tino recently addressed the criticism, even claiming the world cup spotlight had led to a rapid improvement in working conditions. when he comes to the situation in an encounter. in particular, i think we need to be fair there as well and admit that a lot of progress has happened and a little progress in the conditions of the workers are of course more can be done everywhere. always infant tino has been accused of pandering into cotter. he's even taken up residence in the nation. but regardless of the controversy, the 1st winter world cup in the northern hemisphere is going to hey, some qualifying games still need to be play for those already through
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ah, rainy champions. friends are among the favorites again while germany one, all 7 of their qualifying games. after hans e flick took over his coach and stars like margin, tina's leo massey and portugal christiano. rinaldo just may be taking part in their final world cup and tom, 30 seconds fee, for after all this breathing a sigh of relief. yes, certainly. i mean, to have got the draw now done and dusted in the bag, is always the major milestone on the road to guitar. and now that the fixtures all lined up, they were, you know, phoebe was certainly hoping that the food itself will start making a few more headlines time. it's not going to be woke up like any other, whether it's going to be the best tournament ever lodge any intention or keep saying it depends how you measure it. body is getting closer. and if that was a major milestone on the right, thank goodness for good air conditioning tom,
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thank you. watch any w news of next effort to protect why? what in kenya? that's an eco africa. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see the ah, ah ah ah ah,
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ah thing with a fighting for protect with one of the most detailed wildlife censuses ever taken in kenya. it gives us a status of the health of our ecosystem, and i'll buy a diverse with how science and technology are eating conservation efforts. nico africa next on
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d w. o, what does war do to people are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers. for 2 years, the author accompanies us sell a fist family in more than syria, with insights into the isolated world of radical islamists and into a spiral of violets without end,
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with a film about family. faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. a we often see statistics about how many lions go to rocks and left in the wilds, but where do those figures come from today? we'll hear about a comprehensive wildlife census conducted kenya. find out why it was done and non the results. welcome to this new edition of the classical the pan african onto


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