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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin mission, a board it and aid convoy on its way to evacuated civilians for murray. you fall, turns back. still. dozens of buses manage to leave the city, but over a 100000 people remain trapped. also coming up, a star warning from the european union to china don't help russia in its war against ukraine. but beijing says it won't be forced to take signs
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and disillusion. find the war more and more highly skilled russians are opting to lead their country. ferocious id sector is especially hard hit by this brain drain . ah, i'm nichol for alicia. welcome to the program. the city of murray, you pull, has become synonymous of the horrors of russia's war in ukraine for weeks. the port city has been under what is being called a medieval style siege with some 100000 people trapped without food and water and exposed to constant shelling. desperate attempts to evacuate civilians from the area have failed time and again on friday, a red cross convoy was reportedly blocked from entering. mario paul, still thousands managed to escape on their own. ah,
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arriving to relative safety. after weeks of shelling over 3000 were able to escape marie or paul on friday. but it's a journey full of wrists. one woman recounts her fears as she crossed a russian checkpoint. this is that he did as the big but it was very difficult. she said, you can't, i was afraid they would take my son away here. they made him to his phone on the ground and trample on it because he had american music. an attempt by the red cross to deliver aden, evacuate civilians, ended in failure. the organization said the lives of thousands depended on evacuations. there is no plan b here we have been working for weeks or and telling the media by our efforts to get into my appall with aid and to allow the safe passage of civilians out of the
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city am. time is running out to the people of my appall, or they are desperately in need of assistance, though desperately need of leaving the city if they wish to do so. unable to wait for the sled, the palms and cause the white cloth, assign me no harm. as many as 870000. that'll trapped in this city. but been devastated by war. this former orphanage no one makeshift bomb shelter for those who can't escape retain he to the basement. she said, if we stay here because we don't, what happens to our apartment? we run he with what we heart would kill with bizarre live. the red cross said they will attempt once again to reach the city on saturday in a bit to rescue the innocent. from what is left of maria,
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pull her lawyer, we spoke to alina stock, or she is the deputy director general of the ukrainian red cross. and she told us about the attempt to take civilians out of mario, full of what she did. the situation is getting worse and worse. so from day to day we haven't heard anything from our people in for more than one week. are there, is there a steel our ac stopped working very well. last we have their steel and 612 years working with do not know anything about the destiny. they and i, we know that they have difficulties because they do not have, well they have problems with transport, escrow scars when our should be damaged. our office was partially damaged. so that's the situation. yesterday we had the teams of from other ages of ukraine, of the credit and with cross headed, a cart on voice where you put in order to immigrate the people. but it failed the
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where it reached only but ganske and then stopped by the national troops. but even ganske, we helped to have a great nation coming from radio put on their own us in such a way. louise, where did we followed? 42 bosses and 500 private arrest was a procedure. and we know that her, like these hours, one hour ago, they had to reach the body shop. that was a 2 day operation. and, but unfortunately, we still don't have access to anyone though is alina stock, or speaking to us earlier. now, russian troops are said to have withdrawn from the d commission chernobyl nuclear plant in northern ukraine, with some soldiers, reportedly showing signs of radiation sickness. the un nuclear watchdog now wants to investigate where the russian forces were exposed to high levels of radiation. in the month they occupied the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history.
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weeks off to seas in control of the decommissioned chernobyl nuclear power plant russian forces said to have left the area ukrainian authorities of accused moscow of acting recklessly walling control of the site of the world's worst nuclear accident. seen here in archive footage, russia behaves irresponsibly internal moon on all accounts, from law, not allowing the personnel of the station to perform their functions in view mother ah, to digging trenches in the contaminated areas. ukraine, nuclear agencies has digging those trenches and stirring up radioactive dust by driving heavy vehicles and toxic exclusions own contributed to rushes. withdrawal off to soldiers were exposed to high doses of radiation. the international atomic energy agency said that it hadn't been able to confirm the ukrainian claims, but welcomed rushes withdrawal. we see this, of course, as
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a step in the right direction. we are going to be there very, very soon, because that is an internal be that is a lot of work to be done. but the reasonable, while the stations returned ukrainian control may have few implications in the fight against russia's invasion. it should allow or turn to normality of the site, allowing workers to resume the long task of rendering to noble, safe for future generations. and here's a quick look at some other stories related to the war we've been following for you . the german government has approved the sale of 50 tanks to ukraine. the vehicles equipped with cannon and machine guns were originally part of the east german military and now belong to a check company. germany had to approve the sale due to a so called end use clause. european parliament president robert m at sola has met with ukraine's president zalinski on a surprise visit to keith. miss olla pledged that the you would increase that
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assistance to ukraine. the maltese politician is the 1st tom e u official to visit since rushes invasion. the european union has called on china not to help russia wage war on ukraine or side step western sanctions. the warning came during the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years since russia invaded ukraine, beijing has stood by moscow and still refuses to condemn the attack. it was the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years. the goal assurances that china won't arm russia or help moscow evade western economic sanctions. european commission president or sal a funder lion, said afterward she had made an appeal based on simple math. let me remind you that every day shine on the european union trade, almost 2000000000 euros worth of goods and services. and in competition,
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trade between shine on russia's only $300.00, some $330000000.00 euros per day. so a prolongation of the warm and the disruptions it brings to the world economy is therefore in no one's interest, certainly not in china's china has refused to condemn russia for invading ukraine. in fact, hours before the summit with brussels, a spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs called the u. s. the culprit and leading instigator of the ukraine crisis for its role and nato's expansion since the cold war and the president. she jin ping was more subtle when addressing the e. u officials, a long day china has maintained the consistency and continuity of its e u policy found home. we hope that you can form its own perception of china, adopt an independent china policy and work with us for the steady and sustain development of china. you relations goshen,
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where russia's war has brought the you closer together and shown how far away other powers, such as china or on foreign policy. well, with free speech heavily restricted in russia, the public there is only getting a very limited picture of what's happening in ukraine. still, many people no enough to know that they want to leave the country, especially highly skilled workers and the tech sector alone. it's estimated up to $70000.00 specialists, have already left russia in search of a better perspective abroad, with many more expected to follow. it's his neighborhood and his subway station. but maybe not for long for constantine or snows. in his mid fifties, he's been developing a smartphone app for a major russian bank. however, he skeptical now about his future in the country, and i see as the co rushes coating itself off from the outside world. and i don't want that volume,
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i'd like to breathe free and see the whole world to be to be some new constantino's doesn't know yet, which country he'll go to. it might be israel or germany, his wife ayesha. a translator has her wishlist. the 2 children should come. also, constantine is already taking a german language course with his daughter ish play here is fish, chris deutsch as of slicked. the couple doubts that they'd be coming back soon. yes, i'm giving you my local day. no jokes. most them, i feel sorry for my country, and yet it hurts me that the future that i had imagined for myself is being taken away. i always liked to travel, but i always loved my country thermo to be with saying that the young you watching video. i don't really believe that rocher will develop further see of i fear that all. this will take a very long time and i probably won't return to russia anymore when my russia is deep. inside of me, my go to shia a romania,
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moscow's economy can already feel the effects of young i. t specialists leaving the country. experts say that quality will sink because well educated programmers have left. international firms are especially relocating jobs away from russia. the most with you, the 1st my 6, this was in the 1st week of march because it was a heavy blow, considering these good people had acquired years of expertise. it's come on different musical blue competency. now the russian state wants to jump in with support. this expert said that there would be new jobs for programmers, and thus the positive effects caused by sanctions from the west. near the garnishment, it's always like this in russia losing 1st everything looks bad with them, but it's really a new challenge and an opportunity for new business ideas. however, konstantin austin or doesn't want to be in that kind of a working environment. he's gathering his documents together in order to also be able to work legally abroad. he hopes it's not too late for him to emigrate
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somewhere. so wanted everything is possible, maybe would want to leave, but then will be stopped. his russia changed in an instant. many people share the opinion that things will get even darker in the country. let's get you up to speed now on some other global headlines. for long as president has declared a nationwide state of emergency following days of protests, demonstrators blocked roads across the country on friday, calling for the government to resign. sri lanka is suffering shortages of fuel and widespread power cuts. and thursday protesters set fire to vehicles near the president's home. and a major breakthrough, the warring parties in yemen, civil war have declared a 2 month ceasefire. the un broker deal is the 1st nation wide true since 2016. tens of thousands of people have been killed and 7 years of fighting between a saudi led coalition,
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backing yemen. government and who the rebels firing along the actor will smith has resigned from the academy of motion, pictures, arts and sciences, the body whose members vote on oscar award nominations. and a statement. smith said he would accept any further punishment decided by the academy. smith is facing disciplinary action after slapping comedian chris rock during the ceremony on sunday night and some football. now the group stage draw for this year's world cup and katara took place on friday and some big european teams got luckier than others. in england, for example, got off relatively easy with a group be that consists of around the usa and either wales, scotland, or ukraine. germany, on the other hand, will have to contend with the group e that includes spain, japan, and either costa rica or new zealand. watching w news. as a reminder of our main story today, some 3000 residents of mario will have managed to flee the besieged city, but a red cross mission was forced to turn back due to dangerous conditions. over 100000,
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people still remain trapped there. stay 2 now for our business day, remember you can always get all the latest headlights on our website that it's d, w dot com or me and the entire newsroom team. thank you so much for your company today. ah. i see it's just a thought so crazy for is


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