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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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the other hand will after contend with a group e that includes spain, japan, and either a costa rica or new zealand, or wanting to w news. remember, you can always get all the latest headlines on our website. that is d w dot com from me and the entire newsroom. thank you so much for your company today with with dr. glenn jim and which d w at any time. any place. losing means video nevada's we have, i look like
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a sort of sons to sing along to m download is the community from super. lindsey often use of doing for tie a varied courses cliff into active exercises, are available at d, w dot com slash documented on facebook. oh, in the still lem gym and for free with the w ah, this week on world stories. celebrity chef feeds refugees and levine, distance learning from ukraine in germany. we begin and urban the town in north western ukraine has been badly damaged by russian attacks. the situation is confusing and those who can are leaving for an uncertain future. finally,
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boarding a bus to safety. these refugees have just out of the fighting zone north west of kias. daria has been on the road for hours usually for you. we left everything there and just fled. i don't know whether we will ever be able to come back. european a suburb north west of cave has been one of the worst hit places in this war. sees fires have been agreed and broken time and again, just a few days ago, a family of 4 was killed near this bridge. there was shelled on their way out of the small town. this is one of the places that had been fought about for days. people have been sitting there trapped waiting for an opportunity to get out, leaving behind what they could not carry with them. people have been fleeing in
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a hurry. shelling can start again at any moment. some have been walking for many kilometers before being able to cross over the bridge to reach one of the buses. just the law is thrashed, that was a little, it's difficult and terrifying. the roads are destroyed. there's destroyed military equipment everywhere. dead bodies lie around. we saw all this while walking. it's difficult for everybody, including old women. it's very frightening. watches that us many, i have no idea where to go. next. this kindergarten was closed after the war began . it's now hosting people who have fled the fighting with people. they do not exist. our son arrived without even wearing slippers. some come without a coat. there were some grandmothers. he went out to fetch water and we were evacuated because that lies were under threat. whole
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retirement homes have been evacuated. the refugees can rest here for a few days. not everybody from a neighborhood left. a plane flew overall, then suddenly turned dropped a bomb and everything was on fire. volunteers quickly evacuated us when we, as evacuation of peen and other suburbs goes on. the kindergarten braces for more people to arrive in the coming days. ok. he's one of the most famous ships in ukraine. yep. getting club a tango after fleeing his home city. he's now cooking in levine, preparing free gore main meals for refugees. if you need a free meal and the eve, just ask for menu number 2, master chef. you get corporate. think it's crafting
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a daily meal for refugees. and just because it's free doesn't mean it's not going me going to be like that about the, the gravy of the fees and the wild mushroom global tank. it was certainly one of the most well known ships, the new cream. he won the reality show master chef ukraine in 2015 and had a restaurant in here which he left behind. the very day russian baited as a man of fighting age corporate tinkle can not leave the country. what have to enlist at the military called that he will do anything to help your brain. but as a soldier, he wouldn't be much help. my world is like being quarrelled with allow be and everyone, it's like my world despite. 1 i'm thinking that the if i take the gun, i will delay just her one of the worst soldiers in the world. but if i take knife
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and they go to the kitchen, i can be one of the best in the world. to day his 1st customers show up around 11 a. m. this couple arrived in the v from the central ukrainian city of zap arissa a week ago. my name is melissa. we heard about if can comp a tank o for my smartphone from facebook crew. he's doing a good thing. we're very grateful to him. great. in such difficult times, he's made a menu for us, for the refugees. were very grateful. the free men, you number 2 is paid for by profits from menu number one, which attracts those looking to support the cause and rub shoulders with a celebrity. chef is incurs lie of lust, mckoko's, a sort of my wife heard about him on tv, but it's on my land line. jim could live, it's a de la button now, but she told me about it and we decided to come and see if there was really a free menu for refugee, etc. well, we wanted to blood and support the restaurant. salenti lawyers, old my bedroom,
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what they have lost nika, took him a g. m. for now the bistro is called others, but that name says club tank o could change. nothing right now in the vive can be set in stone. ah, thousands of ukrainian children had to flee their homes and recent weeks, putting an end to their schooling for now. but some ukrainian teachers are doing their best to keep up the school routine. it's 8 o'clock in the western germans city of bon yes. the 1st lesson of the day is starting for nasty ha, it's an online lesson. normally, she would be in here at her school right now. but at the beginning of march, she had to flee ukraine together with her family because of the war. had a little over there, that is, it is quite important to stay in touch with teachers and classmates. we all need
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that in the situation. that way we get to see how all of us are doing it. that way everyone knows that i'm doing well said over after number issue, liz knowledge show shifted over here to day. oh, lena trots is giving the lesson before the war began. they could all be at school together. now, most of her classmates are scattered all over europe. that's why alina teaches them digitally. she's still and keith, it ever should say that was placed nellie out of me. it's dangerous to stay at home here. see her? not sure what order he can were yet, but teaching the children distracts me from the reality we live in the game when you're home is that no one i would like to close my eyes and wake up in another life. but unfortunately, that is not possible with the co here from with us. now, joe, along with her sister and mother, has been placed with
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a host family in germany. this gives them security for the time being, nevertheless, like thousands of ukrainian children, the kids are now missing important lessons at school. that's why they'll soon be enrolled in germany until then online lessons helped them yet, but it was name. if i do exercises with them, i paint with them. we car and glue. we make all kinds of art work, my new, you know, to walker. you my radius i this gives them strength. it gives them courage and also confidence for the future. will you guys you said that the yes. so in that no no, no, no. my bulletin santos, for doing the shopping to day. the loss of sinks for is a fine. nadia is in germany. her classmates in poland, the czech republic, ants, lavinia, but her teacher manages to reach them all. ah, a popular high speed train link between saint petersburg and the finished capital,
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helsinki won't be running for the foreseeable future. on the final trains. many disaffected russians looking to start a new life abroad. another train pulls into the station, bringing people to safety. most passengers are russians, not ukrainians. the train from st. petersburg to helsinki takes about 3 and a half hours. it's been booked out for days. flights between russia and western europe have been suspended. most of the arrivals here want nothing more than to observe political and economic developments in russia from a safe distance and the goal. worse for my room, mate vision to find the run through. erica said for more dr. only russian passengers with a valid visa or residency permit can enter the european union. alina,
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who is the translator left russia the day after russia began its assault on ukraine . she's staying with friends in helsinki, but her visa expires in 3 months. and it's uncertain whether she will be able to remain in finland. she's deeply shocked by what has happened crying in her sleeping scene. chance it's all started for the shower sheila to show that them going, but i'm not sure if i will be able to leave but this fear in russia criticizing the war, can land you in jail, which is why more and more russians are leaving the country. finland has welcomed them with open arms. more and more people here have come to see russian president
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vladimir putin as a threat to finland to finland shares a 1300 kilometer border with russia before finland was proud of its neutrality. now for the 1st time ever, a majority of fin support joining nato was still the point. i think it's important to try and avoid but also the kind of free life that you family does that you may have to deal with not your locals. the finished government does not want to cause alarm, but the country has gone on high alert. this film reminds the public to be ready for any eventually this memorial is dedicated to those who died in what is remembered as the winter war of 1939. tiny finland fought back against the
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soviet union. despite heavy losses, finland managed to ward off a soviet occupation. joining nato could act as a deterrent. but russia has threatened political and military consequences. finland has not yet applied for nato membership. but there are signs that it's under consideration. finland's foreign minister is a guest at nato summit's. here in helsinki, alina feel safe from what is happening in russia for now. but she worries about the future. ah ah
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