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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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mine ah w made for mines. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin aid workers in ukraine say they are stocked and staffed, but can't get help to where it's needed. and the devastated city of maria called several thousands, make it out, but the red cross was forced to turn back. authorities are pushing for more humanitarian corridors this weekend. also coming up with scenes from
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a 2018 film about a russian invasion and war in ukraine, the director. so again, what's needs are says the west was asleep while the new russia was forming and the consequences of being felt now. ah, welcome on monica jones. good to have you with us. ukraine's deputy prime minister says 7 humanitarian corridors are planned for besieged cities today including murray or poll for weeks. the port city has been under siege by russian forces estimate, say more than 170000. people are trapped in desperate circumstances and exposed to constant bombings. ukrainian, president of a lot of mister lensky said on friday. some people did manage to escape against the arts ah, arriving to relative safety. after weeks of shelling over 3000 were able to restate
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my real pull on friday. but it's a journey full of risk, a place to perhaps one woman recount sophia's. as she crossed the russian check point, this is douglas the big, but it was very difficult. she said once i was afraid they would take my son away here. they made him to his phone on the ground and trample on it because he had american music. an attempt by the red cross to deliver aden, evacuate civilians ended in failure. the organization said the lives of thousands depended on evacuations. ah, we haven't heard anything from all a people are in real well for more than one week. are there is, there is still our stop working very well. last we have there are steel and 6 in tears. what he meant it wasn't, you know, do not know anything, all the destiny then i, when all that they have difficulties because they do not have
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a well they have problems with transport, escrow scars when our should be damaged, our office was partially damaged. so their situation been able to wait for the flight, the bombs and cause the white cloth aside. they mean no harm as many as a 170000 muscle trapped in the city. but been devastated by wal this former often age. now a makeshift bomb shelter for those who can't escape. we came here to the basement. she said yes, but when we stay here because we don't what happens to our apartment? we run he with what we heart was still really clung with to bizarre. left the red cross said they will attempt once again to reach the city on saturday in a bit to rescue the innocent. from what is left of maria po,
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early we asked d. w corresponded to nick connelly and keith, what more he can tell us about a day's rescue attempts to bring people safely out of maria pole. it's all really difficult to work out. what's exactly happening on the ground. and we've had news in the last hour of refugees reaching levine in the west. the country by train having initially got out by car and by bus am on the ground. they're closer to mary paul. there been lots of confusion, lots of disagreement between ukrainian or russian forces about how this is actually going to work. and you'll remember that in the past few weeks, they've been several failed attempts to get people out. or people ending up under fire, where temporary cease fires were not respected by the russian side. least that the crane side of the story. i've spoken to people who got out of my report in recent days. and they say that that far from being a well organized slick operation, it's all pretty chaotic on the ground. people are passing checkpoints and then basically passing through no man's land, seemingly for 100 kilometers for they reach the next check point. either birth
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control by the russians or the ukrainians, and then there's the big question of where they're actually going to get to. so it seemed like, for a long time, the russians were trying to get people out marable into further russian controlled territory. lots would be from apple, want to get back to ukraine. government control. so will, even if they get out of medical, will these people be allowed for the west towards areas still controlled by their own ukraine government? that is the big question. for now, it's unclear, but it does seem like this is now such a big store internationally. so much attention on this, that there is a whole lot of pressure on the russians to make this possible and to allow the remaining $100000.00 to so people that we believe is still left a mere pull to give them a chance to get out in safety next connelly there in ukraine and for more on life on the russian occupation, nick spoke by phone to a resident of her son. the city is in southern ukraine near the black sea coast. it was seized by russian troops in early march a week ago. russian soldiers fired on civilians who were protesting peacefully there against their occupiers. and the 30 year old ukrainian man who we are calling
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james to protect his identity, gave us his insights into everyday life and chairs on since the russian take over. i heard the leagues closing a couple of minutes later. my friend called me up and he told me doors on nothing's been delivering reminder for laura very saying, so which do you you walker's ticket bicycle for a trip in search of money, food and medicine. most of the coffee shop, sir, so no potatoes and cabbage, instead of marshmallows and keys. at 1st, it was quite overwhelming in the grimness expressed all emotions that they felt about the region. by looking to the eyes of garages,
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they kept doing this every day. for the 1st 3 weeks. you've seen them some point, did the renewal to pushing back to russian lloyd. and on the same team, we received a report from russia. some of the general or the police forces interest on the surprise to demonstrations demonstration movement costs on lines. we've made some russian officials where we hear the explosions become hotter louder. and yesterday night i've seen my heading door vibrate,
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like i've never seen it vibrate before. the radiance i'm getting closer to town. we want our army to liberate us, but we don't know what happens afterwards. we are very much afraid of what is happening to the city and our military. and the russians remain. think of it just stop selling the city. nobody knows, but until now they've been selling every city they could. if it's not in their hands. a rush is invasion of ukraine is also threatening germany's energy supply. many companies are heavily reliant on russian gas for production. and if he had problems with deliveries could severely damaged their output. fidel is jerry reed reports from the city of new heim, where the german chancellor has visited an affected steel plant with russia threatening energy supplies to europe, the possibility of
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a shortage of gas. and all this uncertainty is making german industry rather nervous. and so chancellor olaf sholtes has come here to this steel plant in the rule region of western germany. it's one of the country's most densely populated regions and largest industrial centers. some makers of steel have said that they've had to recently cut production because of rising energy prices. and so a shortage of gas would only add to that because making steel is hugely energy intensive and requires a reliable supply of energy. if the german government does say, have to end up rationing gas will then industrial uses like this one would be among the 1st to face cuts. for now though, the german government says there is enough gas for every body, but it's urging all consumers to do their best and reduce their consumption as much as possible. did others territory to there?
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let's get you up to speed on some of the other global headlines. video footage just released has revealed to the destruction many towns of many towns in north eastern ukraine now suffered during russia's invasion. the ukrainian states tv footage shows the town of sumi, near the russian order which has been under siege, crane and forces have retaken areas in the north of the country. as russian troops withdraw ukrainian documentary filmmaker and photographer, maxine levin has been found dead in a village near the capital key if it been missing since mid march, according to initial information, levin was shot by russian soldiers. however, investigations are still ongoing. sri lanka has imposed a nationwide curfew to stop protest against the government. the new restrictions will be in place till monday morning. early of this week, demonstrators clashed with police during protests, of the shortages of basic supplies, like food, fuel, and medicine,
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hong kong authorities, they're asking the entire population. that's 7400000 people to self test for cov, it next week. chief executive carry lab said a compulsory universal test was essential as the territory struggles to contain a 5th wave of inflectional operation. sergei lots. nisa is one of ukraine's best known and most controversial film directors for years. with his features and documentary, as he has been warning that russia was planning a war against his country. now his fiction has become ukraine's reality. i have with them civilians running from bombing in ukraine. this isn't yesterday's news, but a film from 2018 2nd on bass, eastern ukraine, where russian forces are supporting pro putin separatists a. yeah. but the other on monday, the civilians are actors staging a fake news massacre for russian tv. the quote propaganda to justify the military
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incursion with the ukraine director, sergey last. nita shows how for years russia planned it's war of aggression against ukraine. but the west, which wasn't paying attention as b. e o wishes could adolescent admit i was old as western little democracies were asleep when the new russia was formed as one who was attacking in cross chattanooga again when it was attacking ga, crimea. don bass in ukraine and so i see what we're witnessing now is in a way the consequences of this little, of this lack of counter action on the part of the west carefully in me. it is a dot that there was not in his 2014 documentary, my don on april west uprising last, nita used only long takes to capture what he says was the truth of the historic mo, even feel a broker. so even the style of my film is in a way opposed to this method of propaganda. that like the russian propaganda newsreel which presented
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a very different picture of what was happening in ukraine operate. but wasn't it that is also controversial in ukraine? in part because his documentary, barbara, yar context about a nazi massacre outs, i keep in 1941 included scenes showing locals celebrating the arrival of the nazis and standing by as they round up the jews. but also because even after the russian invasion, glinetta refuses to support a full boycott of russian cinema in which france ukrainian some academy kicked him out or those, i'm absolutely against the proposed total boy card of russian cultural figures. and russian filmmakers was, we've actually been opposing the race and have been condemning the war because we do that if we boycott them, as well as everyone else in a way what will be betraying the weight. estimates. nixa says he's no profit
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and he's no politician. his films don't speak for ukraine, but try to depict the world and the war as he sees it, some football. now the group stage drawer for this. he has world cup and carter took place on friday. and some big european teams were luckier than others. england, for example, got off relatively easy with a group of be that consists of iran, the us, and either wales scotland or ukraine, which despite the war, is still up for the world cup. germany, on the other hand, will have to contend with a group either include spain, japan, and either costa rica on using that they are watching the w. c. as a reminder of our top story, according to ukraine's deputy prime minister authorities are working to secure 7 sure monitoring corridors around ukraine this weekend. some at 3000 residents of mario paul were able to flee the besieged city. but a red cross mission was forced to turn back due to the dangerous conditions that
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over 100000 people still remain tracked and coming up next sport, life visits, and david a beer, who lost his legs at the age of 20 and went on to become a world champion front, you can always find out more news on our website at t w dot com. my colleague, marianna, even staying will bring you up to speed. at the top of the hour. these places in europe are smashing all the records. slip into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on your back, youtube and know also in book form. how long does the, ah, or an eternity.


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