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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the red cross says its trying again to get people out of the devastated ukrainian city of murray. the organization says its attempting to bring 8 and evacuated civilians from the 4 town. the earlier they were forced to turn back due to a lack of security guarantees. also on the show, a potential breakthrough in yemen, united nations broker truce, sees warring parties promising to end hostilities, observer se if the 1st step to
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a permanency fire offering you hope it could have the waste that and in buddhist league of football league leaders, buyer munich, kept their title request on track with elaine to flurry of goals to claim victory away at fryeburg. ah. a marion evans team, thanks for joining us. the red cross has launched a new attempt to get civilians out of the devastated city of mario bull in southern ukraine. the port city has been under siege by russian forces for weeks. tens of thousands of people are believed to be trapped in desperate circumstances and exposed to constant bombardment, ukrainian present what amir zalinski said on friday that some people did manage to escape against the odds. a riding to relative safety. after
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weeks of shelling over 3000 were able to escape. maria pull on friday, but it's a journey full of risks. one woman recounts her fears as she crossed the russian check point. this is douglas defect, but it was very difficult. she said once, i was afraid they would take my son away here. they made him to his phone on the ground and trample on it because he had american music. an attempt by the red cross to deliver aden, evacuate civilians ended in failure. the organization said the lives of thousands depended on evacuations. ah, we haven't heard anything from all a people are in real life or more than one week. are there is it there? is you all last? stop working very well. last we have there are steel and 6 in tears. what he meant
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it wasn't, you know, didn't know anything, all the destiny then i when all that they have difficulties because they do not have a well they have problems with transport. escrow scars when are should be damaged, our office was partially damaged. so that's the situation. been able to wait for the sled, the bombs and cause the white cloth aside. they mean no harm. as many as 870000 muscle trapped in the city. but been devastated by wal this former orphanage? no and make ship bomb shelter for those who conscious gain. we came here to the basement. she said this, but we stay here because we don't what happened to our apartment? we run he with what we heart would to luke fug with to bizarre live with the red cross said they will attempt once again to reach the city on saturday in
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a bit to rescue the innocent from what is left of maria po and for the latest from ukraine, we can speak to our correspondent rebecca ritter's his standing by in the western city of wil vive rebecca, good to see you. now. we've been hearing reports about glass in the city of an air adara, which we understand is near a nuclear plant. what more can you tell us about that? that's right. marianna, a series of loss actually her vein rewarded in that ukrainian city of anna hunter. her that was reported concerned by ukraine's nuclear energy agency through their official telegram channels. no confirmation yet as to where that attack originated from, but it's significant for 2 reasons. now it's that isn't that attack is near the city of parisian. aperture is a city that's being used to where people from other eastern cities such as mary
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paul that you just heard about in your report are being evacuated to. but secondly, and perhaps even more significant is that it is near that separation nuclear energy plant. and that is europe's one of your biggest nuclear energy plants and accounts for about a 5th of ukraine's energy supply. that would obviously be significant. any, any attack on the plant could cause catastrophic damage. is a huge nuclear incident inside you that would affect you crime. but of course, further afield into europe. so so far the plan doesn't seem to have come under attack, but authorities have been worried about that for some time it's been under russian control since march 4th. so far, the plant does appear to be safe and secure, but obviously it's heightened concerns. and now president zalinski in his nightly address made a statement on what he expects. russia will do next. rebecca, what were his main points?
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he, he said a few things. marianna, he reiterated that russians had been, create her having em, sorry, accusing rusher of committing war crimes in the country. but he also said that the russian, russian soldiers were actually retreating from northern parts of the country. he said that they were slow but noticeable retreats, and without actually confirmation, just before coming on air from the deputy ukraine. defense minister saying that ukrainian troops have now actually taken control of all of the key of region. that's including the towns of herb hin butcher. and hoster mel. uh, so those soldiers actually have been retreating, but zalinski said that behind leaving behind those were trading soldiers were mining the areas that they were leaving, leaving huge dangers behind. basically, people putting of the soldiers putting minds in even the dead bodies that were being left behind and that any one going back into those areas that had at the
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russians had left would be facing great dangers and to take care. so he most probably, most importantly echoed other international voices that have been saying this is certainly not looking to be an actual retreat by russian soldiers, but that they would in fact be regrouping and looking to focus their attention on the eastern region, the don boss, region and cities in the a such as heart cave which has been under heavy bombardment for weeks, could be expecting a lot more of the same in the weeks to come. he w's rebecca readers reporting from levine. thank you so much. all right, let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world. ukrainian documentary filmmaker and photographer maxime levin has been found dead in a village near the capital key of he'd been missing since mid march. according to initial information, levin was shot by russian soldiers. however, investigations are still ongoing. hong kong authorities are asking the entire
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population that 7400000 people to self test for coven next week. if you took the chief executive carry lamb said a compulsory universal test was essential as the territories struggling to contain a 5th wave of infection. in writing, sri lanka has imposed a nationwide curfew to stop protests against the government. the new restrictions will be in place till monday morning. earlier this week, demonstrators clash with police during protests, over shortages of basic supplies, such as food, fuel and medicine. muslims worldwide are marking the start of the holy month of ramadan, which begins a period of daily fasting until sundown. after 2 years of rum done events, dampened by the pandemic, soaring food and energy prices are likely to also have an effect. this year. the warring parties in yemen are sent to lay down their weapons on saturday in the
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1st nation wide truce since 2016. this comes after 7 years of war. the truce between the saudi led coalition and iran back to the rebels is scheduled to last for 2 months. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the war, and millions have been displaced. and what the united nations calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster. or for more on this, let's bring in mohammed alkalis. he, he is a jamini journalist from santa based in cairo. thank you so much for joining us on d. w. so of course we know that previous these fires in yemen were ineffective. could this one be different when you so much sorry for this voice or you know the night to start to people because of from, with on actually. yes. we witnesses a very low the year old,
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the sy in yemen. continue to us question. but i guess this is a very important moments for millions of peer minis, have been suffering from the work each years a, i guess, or i believe got here minis or optimistic about the cease fire. and the are pushing all the side to continue and to achieve pcm. and as we just mentioned, the united nation says that yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. is there anything in this cease fire agreement that will allow aid to be delivered to those who need it? most of course a open a. it been closed since
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2000. 17. and also we are in a port and will allow change or you'll ship a cd, especially the state people are facing theory are days, not only the image, you know, this happening around the world. we're being with facing a really hard time. so and also let me continue. this fire will open data on some reports and also will release prisoners from both sides. and also will be the roots inside d m. and you know, if you heard about ties b, it's been under ca, us is 2015 and also this will lead to
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a resume talks in the future. so i guess, as i said, it's a very important moment for all your money and also for the saudis and for the region, because this war cannot continue anymore. that was mohammed alchemy. see, and you have any journalist being to us from cairo. thank you so much for your insights to sports now and the bonus vega, whereby and munich have taken another big step towards winning their 10th straight league title. they triumph for one at fryeburg, and while was in difficult game before a 2nd half burst, seal the deal by and munich. welcome back, leon. garrett scrap the 4 months out injured. meanwhile, fryeburg new i wore po box daddy on welcomed a capacity crowd for the 1st time with some of germany's corona virus restrictions . having expired after a goal, his 1st half, who else but the redskin netted the opener. the germany midfielder has been missed
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at times by by and, and his return to fitness is a big boost, questionable. go keeping for mark fletcher, but by and won't care. they will care that robert levin dusky was substituted with an injury days before the champions league caught a final with villareal. the host also made a change with super sub neil's peterson coming on. and just 17 seconds later, he'd level the scores that joy was short lived, though with a bion substitute, making a similar impact said can, every was in hand to take advantage of some more. if you defending and give dion a to one lead new germany sent about nico slaughter back with an ill time slip for fryeburg kingsley common than struck in style to make the game save
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and dent fryeburg champions leave. oh, there was even time for muscle. sabbott said to round off the $41.00 when by and come through a tough test and with just 6 games left. the bone as legal title is almost there's to cranium, wrestlers have won gold medals at the european championships and bit of past after an arduous escape from give to diana roscoe seen here in blue pins. ellis, my love of us are by john inside 2 minutes to win her maiden senior european gold. her teammates from shanina abida also won her madge to snag a gold medal. a total of 22 ukrainian wrestlers made the 3 day journey by road to budapest where they were finally able to train again. you're up to date on dw news, this our coming up next in our report or show we take a look at
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a group of syrian refugees who helped out during the catastrophic flooding in germany last year. i'm marian, i haven't seen i'll have another news update for you at the top of the hour. hope you joined us. ah, what secrets lie behind these will discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d, w world heritage, 360 degree out. now imagine how many portion of lunch us her and out in the world right now the climate change division story.


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