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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah love and respect now ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin fighting back ukrainian forces say they have re taken the entire key region. but soldiers moving back into villages and towns around the capital fund scores of dead civilians is the government warns of tough battles ahead in the south and east of the country. also coming up on gary and said to the poles and parliamentary elections, prime minister victor or ben is fighting a coalition of 6 opposition parties with one goal ousting after 4 terms in office
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and a potential breakthrough in yemen. the united nations broken true seas warring parties, promising to end hostilities observer say it's the 1st step to have permanent sees fire, offering new hope it could pave the way to lasting. ah, a mix. spicer, welcome to the program. ukraine says russian troops have either withdrawn or been repelled from the entire region around chief. the defense ministry says its forces have re taken more than 30 towns and villages for weeks battles north of the capital region kept russian forces from advancing. some of the true cost of that resistance is now becoming clear as ukrainian soldiers and members of the red cross enter these locations. a warning to our viewers. this next report contains images.
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some may find disturbing. as russian troops withdraw from northern districts of cave, ukrainian forces are arriving to find death and destruction in their wake. the town of who her is the scene of what some here are describing as a massacre. dozens of bodies lie on the road. resident say the retreating russian shot any one they found. for a hor, dilly. they mean these people were just walking with and they shot them without any reason or bang in the next neighborhood? stick. ok. it was even worse. they shot without asking any questions. shoot their whistle nicked on you turn his brother to his town mayors. as these are just some of several 100 civilians killed her was 3 renewal disorders of executed people still lying. the blue sco street and book you in the hands, the tie behind their backs with white civilian rags. they was shot in the back of
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the head. so in an open trench bodies appear to be partially burned, it's feared russian troops may have also left explosives and land mines behind. in european, another town north of the capital, a red cross team filled the devastation as they arrived to treat the survivors elsewhere. ukrainian forces say they are re taking all of the towns and villages in the kiev region that had been under russian control. the president for lot of mersa lensky is warning. russia may be readying its forces to attack elsewhere. and let's go live now to w, correspond, i mean, s c, f who is in the western ukrainian city of levine. i mean ukraine claims its forces . have you taken all the areas around keven as we just saw, the dead civilians were found in the street. what else can you tell us?
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that's right, nick vladimir lensky has issued a warning that people should be very careful when they go as we saw mines still there that people have to watch out for when they go in. but what we're hearing now is image. we're seeing images and hearing stories of russians, just having shot people on their way out. one very stark image was the people on the ground with their hands tied behind their back. nick, who were killed and had bags over their heads. now this, according to international observers, would be a war crime, in any case, even if these were military, because in some way there is evidence that they had been taken prisoner and then killed. so basically an assassination. and this, we've seen evidence of this in all of the suburbs just about around here, where the russian forces have moved out. but ukrainians are still saying that they've, they've one sort of victory there. and
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a lot of people who live in western ukraine like the viv here are planning to move back in as soon as the situation becomes safe enough because that the key of and the region around there had been evacuated mostly as russian troops had moved in. so next news, but the, there's certainly horrifying images we're seeing after russian troops had moved out there. absolutely horrifying. i mean, just to move on to the war elsewhere in the country and another city which has been suffering the besieged port of mariel. paul, we understand that the red cross couldn't reach the city as it's been trying to do for for weeks. now, we know why. so a caravan of buses had set out as early as thursday, due to a negotiated cease fire between russia and ukraine, around that city, opening military corridors to try to get people out of there. but the caravan had still not been able to get into the city limits of mario pole. now,
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some 3000 civilians have been able to escape to get out of the city and then brought away on buses to see for areas. but in terms of getting into that city where an estimated 100000 or more civilians are still waiting for aid and for it to be rescued that has still not happened. the red cross said that this was due to safety issues. there been claims that russia had sabotaged it by showing on humanitarian court or by not letting aid get into the city by taking buses that were full of 8 away from the red cross and basically preventing this massive massive accusation. russia, on the other hand, has blamed the red cross for the failure thing that it was due to their own logistical problems. and russia also, their narrative is that they are taking civilians out of the city to rush and control territory into russia as well. so we have seen that buses of arrived into
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russia from, with civilians, from our, you know, what, a lot of civilians who have escaped to western. you can tell us that these are forced evacuation that ukrainians. don't want to go to russia. they're at war with russia and they don't want to be taken basically hostage by russian under the guise of being saved from that besieged city where so much suffering is happening at this point, nick. and just one last quick question. if i may, to move things to political level, one of the top ukrainian negotiators has said there's been enough progress and talks to allow direct discussions between president vladimir putin of russia. president zelinski of ukraine. what more, you know, this is always been a demand of zelinski that no negotiation, no peace negotiations can happen unless it's between couldn't and zalinski. now we've come one step closer. it seems that the russians have agreed at least verbally, according to the ukraine, inside to the demands of ukraine to the conditions of ukraine. russia has said that they would accept ukrainian neutrality as a way to negotiate a peace and in
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a referendum on that issue. here in ukraine and what we know so far as these talks are most likely to happen in turkey, stumble or out, but we have not seen any written confirmation of this. so that's still hangs in the air. i mean, it's even the vive, thank you so much. is a quick look at some of the other stories related to the war that we've been following for you. the cranium troops, every taken control of and toner, airport, close to the capitol key. after pushing back russian forces the wreckage of the world's largest cargo airplane was found in one of the hangers severely damaged military equipment was also left behind. more than 200 people were arrested in cities across russia during protest against the war with ukraine on saturday. that's according to a group monitoring political detention in the country. demonstrations continue despite the harsh penalties imposed by the government for what it considers the discrediting of its armed forces. polls have opened in hungary as
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the country chooses, its next leader in what is expected to be the tightest race in over a decade. voters are choosing between the nationalists, prime minister victor or men, and a coalition of 6 opposition. parties who have come together in a been to oust him or been the right wing it as party is seeking a 4th consecutive turn. office and d w. correspond funny for char joins us from budapest, fanny, the selection has been called as we were just saying, you know, the most important in a generation. does that sound right to you? some people even call it historic connect for the very pure fact for the very 1st time and recent hungarian election, history and alliance of various opposition parties from left to right. united in their desire to oust prime is to victor alba. so if you cast your belo today, you don't only have the choice between the govern party fetus that's been governing
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this country for the past couple of years and several small opposition parties, but one big alliance of various opposition pods, from left to right, that are actually normally quite divided along i'd allergic alliance, but as i say, they came together to alice promised civic to all. but then at that simple goal, that one goal that dominates here is going to be enough to convince voters to actually cast a book. a ballot for that alliance is something that we will see as this election is under way. and the results are coming in possibly later tonight, around 10 pm here in hungary. so a disparate coalition coming together, united in one goal, seeing the back of victor or been, that must be hard for them to campaign what, what are their chances campaigning was actually ongoing even until yesterday, by the i had of this alliance of disposition alliance beat out at mod, key as i, he's complaining basically on the ticket that he offers an anti corruption agenda
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and he definitely wants to make sure if he's in office that, that all the corruption that is ongoing in hungary is going to stop. and that this country's going to be aligned so much more with the european union than it is right now according to his perspective on to the ruling government. but what are the chances? if you look at the pools, not one pool is actually i was saying that the opposition is going to win and what the pools are saying currently it's going to be a very narrow margin. the probably between both the government and the opposition allies by which either one of them will win. we won't, we will not know until or tonight, but was quite interesting, however, that the ongoing war in ukraine in the neighboring country here, definitely altered to political context here. and at least it did not according to pause, at least did not cause a disadvantage so far for the government bought pause. no,
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just as much. so i never did really actually want to trust those pools because so many things have been predicted both internationally by pause. but also here i had national lean to pass. the people just want to see and look at those real results once they're in tonight. okay, debbie's penny for char in budapest, thanks so much. the warring parties in yemen have laid down their weapons in the 1st nationwide truce since 20167 years of war have left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. the un says the war has triggered the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. in the ebony capital, santa people prepare for ramadan for the 1st time since 2014, the muslim holy month takes place under conditions of peace. the warring parties have agreed to hold all military activity in yemen and along its borders.
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in our online, the church is wonderful for us and the region in general, the peninsula and the gulf. it's a great thing and we hope that the truce will last not only for 2 months today, but rather permanently because people are tired and have suffered a lot lot just as important as the cease fire and agreement to allow fuel shipments to the rebel held port of her data transport restrictions imposed by the saudi led coalition have led to crippling fuel shortages. the capitals airport will also reopen for a number of flights. the united nations expressed hope and caution. these truce must be a footstep do ending yet men's devastating war. but we know that the disagreements at all is fragile. yemen has know nothing but war for more than 7 years. after hootie forces over through the government, neighboring powers intervened. turning the civil war into a proxy battle for regional influence. the toll has been dire,
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more than 150000 people have died and millions of children a suffering from malnutrition, even as the guns fall silent, yemenis are concerned with survival. border crossings are not open. the currency has not stabilized. prices have not load the economic situation is deteriorating level. with the advent of the blessed month of ramadan, there are families who can not even provide the necessary food at the voting. it's hope. the ceasefire mocks, the beginning of the end of yemen, years of crisis. and now some more of today's headlines. flash floods and landslides have killed at least 8 people, including 6 children across the brazilian state of rio de janeiro. 13 people are reported to be missing if the latest in a series of deadly storms to hit the region in the past few months. protesters in sri lanka, or calling on the countries president to reside. people are angry,
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over shortages of essential supplies, like fuel and food. nationwide curfew is in place till monday morning. several social media sites were blocked by the government in an effort to suppress the demonstrations. you're watching dw news up next, reporters explores how syrian refugees are helping germans rebuild of after last years. devastating floods, unexpired. thanks for watching with with i in many countries, education is still a privilege. hummadi is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish
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with millions of children.


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