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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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this one, so we're just trying to think about some future, but you know, after this sucks immediately, you can destroy this one from your mind. that must be a difficult situation on data time wishing you all the best phillips soul of the chunk of the way cross in odessa. thank you, and stay safe as well. thank you very much. here's a quick look now at some of the other stories related to the war we've been following for you. ukrainian troops have re taken control of the and tone of airport close to the capital kiva. after pushing back russian forces, the wreckage of the world's largest cargo airplane was found in one of the hangers, severely damaged military equipment was also left behind. more than 200 people were arrested in cities across russia during protest against the war with ukraine on saturday. that's according to a group monitoring political detention in the country. demonstrations continue despite the harsh penalties imposed by the government for what it considers to be
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the discrediting of its armed forces. russia gas is no longer flowing into life via stony and lithuania. the baltic states have stopped in ports and lithuanian president has called on other you countries to do the same. but germany and other nations are still buying russian energy rushes gas industry has been excluded from the sanctions on the country. people in hungry are heading to the polls to vote in an election seen as key to its future direction. it's expected to be the tightest election race in more than a decade. voters are choosing between national as prime minister victor orbit. and a coalition of 6 opposition parties, the groups have little in common, other than a shared goal to oust the long term prime minister, or ban of the right wing she. dest party is seeking a 4th consecutive term, and has served 12 years in office. d w, correspond funny for char is in budapest,
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force a funny. this election in hungary has been called the most important in a generation. does that sound right to you? it is most important in terms of what you have on that a bell, at least today. you don't only have the government who wants to be reelected in a few opposition parties who would like to enter parliament, but you have an alliance of various opposition parties who came together to alex prime, the civic to albany. now you see behind me, long use forming people who want to cast their ballots even though compared to the numbers from 4 years ago. at this time they already higher when it comes to voter participation. and this is exactly what actually the opposition hopes for the opposition alliance from left to right. that more people turn out to cast a ballot, hopefully, then this may increase their chances of winning because if you look at the pools, nano of the post the was far has a sad that the opposition allies is going to win. but rather the forecast a very,
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very tight ratio. so everything is up in the air, still an unpredictable who is going to win. all these ballast have been cast and counted to nice and funny for the 1st time. 6 parties from the left and right have formed this desperate opposition force hoping to prevent or been from getting reelected. what are their chances in any action, there's a chance for every party. however, when you zoom in on the situation of hungary and the hungarian media situation as well, if you look at the budget to that, the hungarian government had and has it to you to booster campaign compared to the fraction that the opposition party sat in that regard observer say that already the lead up to this election wasn't really very just something that prime is civic to albany was asked about after casting his ballad this morning. he says, no, that's not the case. it's a very fair election. so that's one way of looking at it just really healthy or is
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it even before people come to make a decision here how. * well, they could actually be informed on the various arguments that are here on display, both from the government and from the opposition parties. but once again, if you look at those poles and people here who want to believe that your position parties do have a chance to win today, the alliance does have a chance to win today did do not really want to consider those balls. because as i say, all of them, even though some with a narrow margin, one of them actually forecasting a bigger margin for the government. but all of the bottom line forecasts the prime is to victor o bonds. fetus bond is going to win for a 4 consecutive term. we will have to see if that's the case. and just to final question, if i may about the inevitable, you know, she a political situation, the war next door, victor or burn is seen as a soulmate of russian president vladimir putin and has been proud of that friendship miss campaign. however, saying he can keep his nation out of the ukraine war has that relationship
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a personal relationship, hurt him or helped him or had no effect? defense really, which voter you ask if you got the if you look at the pools, it definitely didn't hurt him according to pause. in fact, those people who really i like like are or bond for the very fact that he has such a close economic partnership with a put in. they expect him not to say anything personally, against russia or pooty, and, and describe in as a, as an aggressor. why the opposition and people who are undecided would like him to have a much stronger stance against someone who we just threw it in a report before. it's a basically a committing atrocities right now in ukraine and really people asking themselves, you're hungry. those who do not want to vote for a primary civic to all, but why he's not taking a much stronger stance. so yes, a lot will come down to the political narrative right now. what's happening in the neighboring country in ukraine?
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thank you. funny, it'll certainly be interesting to see how d images play out in the minds of the hungarian voters today. thanks for that. update from budapest, serbians are going to the pools for presidential and parliamentary elections taking place under the shadow of the invasion of ukraine. president alexander, of which it is on course to win a 2nd term in the largely pro russian country. but his balancing act with a european union may become increasingly complicated after the vote did have your correspondent jack parrot is in belgrade and sent us this report. 5 years the president alexander v church is expecting to retain his office during the elections. here in serbia. under his leadership, serbia has remained the only european country to resist imposing sanctions on russia over the invasion of ukraine. the pro russian stance is shared by future political opponents, including conservative presidential candidate milosevic passing by the most
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important issue for us, which of the social cost natasha. we have a proposed in of use on, on the, on the possible solutions of those problems. and on the other side, once again, rush is backing us from the security council of united nations event of it is currently polling in 3rd of the 8 presidential candidates. dr. co panache. a retired general is the lead challenger coming from the center. right opposition coalition. none of the major parties there were telling voters that they would sanction moscow if they won a 2021 poll suggests 83 percent of serbians. c moscow as a friend in 1999. when you go slog via my country was i attacked my late child. so here we have very strong feelings against nature and the western world. as the candidate country the you expect serbia to align on foreign policy. you, ambassador to serbia told
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d w that prepared to intensify discussions after the vote. as we are asking at the countries of the western barkers including sugar, which has been more complicated here to join to sanction. we also are extending support to addressed a vulnerability that are a consequence of the crisis about overseas. here as early as national assembly is also a crucial one. this time around the last time elections were held in june 2020, many of the main opposition parties boycotted, meaning the alexander villages as an ass party, has held an overwhelming majority since then stuff an uber. it is a candidate for the parliament in the main opposition coalition, which is focusing all energies on winning as many seats as possible. nothing changed it actually. it's even worse than than before. but we can not stay any more aside and, and waiting something to change. these election ccb employees delicate between russia and the west. the question is,
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how long the next government continue that balancing act while the war in ukraine? and now some more of today's headlines in the capital of azerbaijan, an explosion struck a night club, killing one person in injuring 31. the explosion at the back who club is believed to have been caused by a gas leak, but the investigation is still ongoing. pakistan's prime minister emron can is staying in office after plans to vote him out were blocked and no conference motion to remove can was scrapped after the speaker of pakistan's parliament rule that was unconstitutional. can maintains of the u. s. is trying to ouse him because of his foreign policy. he told the president to dissolve parliament in his calling for fresh elections. sri lanka has blocked social media sites in an effort to stop anti government demonstrations. shops have been shut and streets in the capital. columbia were deserted as a nationwide curfew is in place. along with the state of emergency,
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sri lanka is mired in an economic crisis facing shortages of fuel food and medicine . po francis's concluding his final day of a visit to malta, the pontiff prayed for the world to show more kindness to migrants while he visited an important shrine. the grotto is dedicated to the catholic disciples. saint paul . the pope used the visit to call on europe to welcome the refugees trying to reach its shores. the warring parties and yemen have laid down their weapons in the 1st nation wide truth since 2016. 7 years of war have left hundreds of thousands dead, and millions displaced. un says the war triggered the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. in the yemeni capital, santa people prepare for ramadan for the 1st time since 2014. the muslim holy month takes place under conditions of peace. the warring parties have agreed to hold all
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military activity in yemen and along its borders. in our online, the truth is wonderful for us and the region in general. the peninsula and the gulf . it's a great thing and we hope that the truth will last not only for 2 months today, but rather permanently because people are tired and they have suffered a lot. why? just as important as the cease fire, an agreement to allow fuel shipments to the rebel held port of her data transport restrictions imposed by the saudi led coalition have led to crippling fuel shortages. the capitals airport will also reopen for a number of flights. the united nations expressed hope and caution. these truce must be a footstep to ending yet men's devastating war. but we know that these agreements are always fragile. yemen has know nothing but war for more than 7 years. after
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hootie forces over through the government, neighboring powers intervened. turning the civil war into a proxy battle for regional influence. the toll has been dire, more than 150000 people have died and millions of children are suffering from malnutrition. even as the guns fall, silent, yemenis are concerned with survival. border crossings are not open. the currency has not stabilized. prices have not load. the economic situation is deteriorating level. with the advent of the blessed month of ramadan, there are families who cannot even provide the necessary food at the voting. it's hoped to cease fire mocks, the beginning of the end of yemen, years of crisis. you're watching d w. news. here's a reminder of our top story. missiles have landed in ukraine's port city of odessa . people woke up to the sound of explosions and black smoke filling the sky. ukraine's government is warning that tough battles could be ahead in the south and
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east. the country. crane also says russian troops have either withdrawn or been repelled from the entire region around keith soldiers moving into villages and towns around the capital have found scores of dead civilians lying opened late in the streets. you're watching dw news on tech spicer to watch with ah,
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