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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is did all the news live from berlin fighting back ukrainian forces say they have re taken the entire key of reach and soldiers moving ad. apparently, we are seeing the pictures here from the elections in hungary. obviously a topic that we're also going to cover for you in the show. the other big topic is the fight her around the key of region soldiers. they're moving into villages and towns around the capital have found scores of dead civilians.
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and also coming up missiles, it's the strategic port, city of odessa, people in the ukraine and city wake to the sound of explosions and black smoke filling the sky. ukraine's government says tough a bachelor's in the south and east could be a hit. ah la, monica jones, good to have you with us. ukraine says russian troops have either withdrawn or been repelled from the entire region around ki, if the defense ministry says its forces, have re take more than 30 towns and villages for weeks. battles north of the capital region kept russian forces from advancing. but now some of the true cost of that resistance is becoming clear as ukrainian soldiers and members of the red cross enter these locations, and
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a warning here to our viewers. this next report contains images. some may find disturbing. as russian troops withdraw from northern districts of keys, ukrainian forces are arriving to find death and destruction in their wake. the town of who her is the scene of what some here are describing as a massacre. dozens of bodies lie on the road resident say the retreating russian shot any one they found. for a hor delete. they mean these people were just walking and they shot them without any reason or bang in the next neighborhood. poster colker, it was even worse. they shot without asking any questions. shoot their whistle. nicked on you turn. his brother to his town. mayor says, these are just some of several 100 civilians killed oh street in utah, detroit years of executed. people still lying, the blue sky street and book you in the hands of ty, behind their backs,
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with white civilian rags. they were shot in the back of their heads. in an open trench bodies appear to be partially burned, it's feared russian troops may have also left explosives and land mines behind. in european, another town north of the capital, a red cross team filled the devastation as they arrived to treat the survivors elsewhere. ukrainian forces say they are re taking all the towns and villages in the kiev region that had been under russian control. the president for lot of mersa lensky is warning. russia may be readying its forces to attack elsewhere. missiles half strokes, ukraine's port city of odessa. the strategic port lies along ukraine's southern coastline and has been largely spared from russian attacks. unlike the devastated port city of maria paul for the east ukrainian officials say missiles hit,
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one of would essence critical infrastructure facilities this morning. footage shows large clouds of dark smoke filling the sky. on friday, ukraine's military said that it's anti air defenses, had blocked and attempted to russian missile strike. a from war. i'm a joint now from odessa by lawrence sheets. he's a for my npr moscow bureau chief and head of consulting group you ration international analytics. he has also come to the soviet union and russia with 3 decades. and he is now from odessa, where he has been reporting on the military situation for the past 2 weeks. very good to have you with us, lawrence. just tell us what happened last night or rather early this morning over there. about $430.00 m. o. we received those of us in odessa text messages on our cell phones warming warning of an imminent irrate. basically, some general warning there was told by your read sirens and then its 6 am exactly
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on the route, extremely loud explosions, which would only be missiles and that has been confirmed why ukrainian military sources they landed about one kilometer for i'm sitting near the port in odessa, they're still black smoke, really you into the sky, even though it's been 8 and a half hours since will 8 hours since the missile struck. odessa is not just out or did or ukraine's biggest port. um, it's the last remaining port 70 percent of imports and exports used to come through odessa. of course it's been blocked off by the russian evil forces for several weeks now. but um ukraine being a major supplier of world, wheat supplies, and other agricultural goods. and the conduit for imports, the importance can't be overstated. absolutely. so strategically, that is also playing a big role. well, it will go into that in just a moment. but,
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i mean, what about people there? we know that odessa has a so far been bad, mostly had prepared with people there for, for this kind of attack. i think you're extremely prepared on the fact that a couple of months went by and the showing from russian naval boats have been limited to showing from boats from the sea, from black sea limited to the outskirts, hadn't caused that much significant damage. but this was in the heart of odessa, which has various connotations. ah, it's historically, if you go back to 1941, had a jewish priority and has great importance as a center of jewish culture in the world of judaism and in israel, obviously. so that's a big job, a little factor as to how israel react will react to this on the streets. i can tell you, i just go walk up to the market. very few people are,
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i would say one 5th of the usual level of traffic. you would see on or your day or their shops or traffic or what have you. so the implications are if nothing else to terrorize in sibley civilian population and to scare them at the but you think. 6 6 that there is a maybe some strategic aim behind it. you mentioned earlier about the importance of with this right now being the only port city the ukraine has available. do you think that russia is actually trying to completely cut off ukraine from having access to the c? well, they were cut off to begin with from the c. let. so make that very clear on they were cut off because the russians have blockaded from the sea due to support. so what we have our ships here in dry dock of the oil facilities and oil storage facilities which are non fire bar me. um, of course are strategic, but it doesn't change the situation that ukraine was already blockaded from the c
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o. the fact of the matter is that many people are talking about a possible land in vision from the sea, a marine invasion from the sea, from the sea by russian forces. and that's impossible. it's possible i just anything is possible because nothing has been predicted loons work. but um, this is a city of catacombs of tunnels underneath through limestone, it's extremely well fortified prepared. and i think people have been expecting this for the most part. all right, well thank you so much. lauren sheets. they're obviously a man who is highly in demand because you've been reporting on the military situation for the past 2 weeks. thank you so much for your time. thank you, ma'am. ukraine has warned that russian forces were left to the chair nobel nuclear plant after weeks of occupation may have been exposed to radiation channel, of course, at the sight of the wealth west nuclear accident which happened in the spring of 1986. the area remains heavily contaminated and is under continuous lockdown.
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russian soldiers at the channel below nuclear power plant. they took over the building on february, the 24th right at the start of russia's invasion. did the troops really know much about the place that government and sent them? apparently the young soldiers were clueless about the 1986 nuclear disaster, despite large numbers of death by radiation and heavy contamination. that's vadim. pope dimness view more than the moscow he's ukraine's chief engineer at shadow bill . and despite the risk of speaking to us, he agrees to an interview. he says his co workers, who are held by russian troops for almost 4 weeks, told him that the russian soldiers might have mistaken the protective shell around the failed reactor for an assembly hall and will know protective clothing will need to do. i need a thought the respirators were there to protect them from cove it and didn't
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understand that you had to put them on to prevent inhaling radioactive dust. so when you decide to reject the ukrainian tv station report that in the so called red forest near the plant, which is highly contaminated, russian soldiers are reported to have dug trenches. and consequently, we'll have received a considerably larger dose of radiation, physicists, sebastian, flu pile, who has been to china beach several times, considers the actions very dangerous monk on for miles or do wish you might be able to hold it even if you're not allowed to without dropping dead immediately, but if you're digging in this area, you must realize you're going to stir up some really highly radioactive particles. who are the particular stores? the director of the international atomic energy agency, raphael grossey plans to visit genevieve soon. we heard about the possibility of some personnel being contaminated,
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but we don't have any confirmation about that. vadim po, but dim however, says his co workers said that a few days ago, 3 bosses picked up russian soldiers from china bill during the night 0. some were vomiting they had nosebleeds, they were in bad shape. they had clear signs of radiation sickness viewing the water for you and you will chill any ball. she'll have various ukrainian media showing pictures of the buses which have in the meantime made it to go. mel in belarus. the soldiers are being examined at an established radiation institute. british newspaper. the telegraph is reporting that one soldier has already died. following his deployment in china bill and his a quick look at some other stories related to the war we've been following for you . russian gas is no longer flowing to latvia. estonia and lithuania, the baltic states have stopped imports, am lithuania, as president, as called on other you countries to do the same. a germany and other european
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countries are still buying russian energy rushes gas industry has been excluded from your sanctions on the country. a red cross convoys, again trying to deliver aid and evacuated civilians from the besieged city of mario pole. it had to abandon an attempt on friday due to security concerns. an estimated 160000 civilians are still trapped in the city with little food or water. or let's cross life now, did you w correspond, and rebecca ritters in the western ukrainian city of live. if rebecca many civilians are waiting to be evacuated from the besieged city of maria, paul, what, what do we know about the latest rescue tents? that's right on a car, there's thought to be between anywhere between 800860000 people. still trapped in that besieged city, suffering bombardments for weeks. now. her refill reports have no food, no water,
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no electricity. basically living in bunkers, watching relatives die of starvation and dehydration just horrific. are scenes there now the, there is reports that a convoy is trying once again today to make it inside that received city as you just reported that they have not been able to get in to the city for the last 3 days. it's been too dangerous. they've decided they had to turn back. this is a convoy that supported by the international red cross, some civilians, however, in some slightly good news have made it out in the last days is about 3000 civilians have made it out in their personal cause. just sort of trying to risk that treacherous journey outside of that city because they just want to escape the horrible scene in there. it's so many more deciding that it's too risky, and it's probably hedging their bets trying to stay inside the city. at least 5000 people are reported to have died in that bombardment in the, in the recent in recent weeks. and just today we heard that
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a lithuanian filmmaker has also been reported to have been killed by russian forces there in that city. a lot of those, her refugees, of course, are headed to, to where you are to live in western ukraine. it's become a refuge for hundreds of thousands of refugees already. are you hearing that people may now be planning to return at least to those areas that have been re taken by the ukrainian forces? that's right. live is a relatively safe compared to eastern parts of the country. and so many of the refugees and internally displaced people have been passing through here does yesterday train from with people from mary you poll arrived here in levine about 300 or so. and they've been going to centers here in the city. and there are reports that people do want to now return even people that have been in the overseas in overseas, a broad, sorry, rather in poland and other parts of europe. they are, there are reports of thousands of people now actually returning to,
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to back into ukraine and trying to go into areas that are deemed safe or at least relatively safe over there. ukrainian authorities saying that those parts that have been recently retake in a still incredibly unsafe, you know, a hearing reports of bombs being put into dead bodies that are lying in the street and in houses there by the retreating russian soldiers so that these areas is still not safe for civilians to return to ride rebecca, written their reporting for us or from live in western ukraine. thank you, rebecca. and now some war off. today's headlines and the capital of azerbaijan and explosion struck a nightclub killing one person and injuring 31 explosion at the back of clap is believed to have been caused by a gas leak. but the investigation is still ongoing.


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