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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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city wakes to explosions as thick black smoke fills the sky, and a bolt challenge to hungry hotline prime minister victor on arrival opposition parties unite in an attempt to force out the veteran leader is the tightest election race in more than a decade. ah, welcome monica jones. good to have you with us. western leaders have condemned to parent atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine. the ukrainian government says its troops have regained control of the entire area, round the capital, keith, but ukrainian soldiers moving back into towns and villages previously occupied by russia. i've uncovered evidence of hundreds of civilian deaths with many victims, having been brutalized, your secretary of state antony blink,
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and described images of dead civilians as quote, a punch in the got a warning to our view as this next report contains images that some may find disturbing the debris of war, a graveyard of tanks, stanzas, evidence of russia's southern retreat and ukraine's determination to defend the area around keith. but the letter of russian hardware isn't the only sign of conflict, buildings of scorched and destroyed entire neighborhoods. devastated and alongside that, the grim reminders of the very human cost of conflict bodies lie on the streets suggesting indiscriminate killing an evidence of possible war crimes. even in death, the bodies have been afforded little dignity ukrainian soldiers fear russian forces might have hidden explosives in the court since as they left. it was something ukrainian president laudermill lensky included in this warning message. the
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occupants withdrawal is revealing a catastrophic situation and there is still so much danger. do not doubt this as strikes could continue and they are setting booby traps everywhere in houses, even in the bodies of those killed. there are many trap was and other dangerous. amid the trauma, though, is a sense of relief that the russians have left with residents coming together, sharing meals and a sense of victory after weeks of living in constant fear. the summer will be well, everything will be wonderful for the new laundry. han stant shelling for more than a month when everything was gone, the water was gone. light gas, everything was gone at once. then the internet was gone. so then the phone communications went down. this we found ourselves cut off from the whole world to set the ship to a mirror, but the death and destruction all around show the huge price paid in the past weeks . every 40, every corpse is a friend or neighbor,
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a mother or brother. miss wellington landscaping was honest man who loved. and they simply, unemployed knowledge crushed him to death with a rushing tang residence here. no, this retreat does not indicate an end to the wolf. ukraine is preparing for what may come next as russia regroups its forces for attacks in other parts of the country. earlier we spoke to, alex, responded to nick connelly in the region north east of key if where ukraine and forces say that if we taken territory from retreating russian troops here is his assessment of the situation in boucher what issue with boucher and there is that journalist i'm not able to get in there yet. we expect to get in a few days time. so we're not able to. i didn't to verify those pictures independently to see with our own eyes. but definitely the situation is desperate and will be last week. so we be hearing from people who were there in those towns
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unable to get out, spoke to failed, attempts to organize smith, car doors and to proceed to help people to get out in safety and studying cases. people are even using a lot of trying to get out those image shocking people across ukraine hadn't seen that kind of treatment of civilians, documented with pictures in the week. so in a way for you creating civilians following this war from their homes. you know, being bombed on a daily basis. they are now seeing these images and being with reality verification and the cost to missiles have hit the port of odessa on ukraine's southern coasts until now the city has mostly avoided russian attacks, unlike the intense bombing. that's devastated maria pole. but now ukrainians fear a new face of the war has begun. palm strike, he crane's main port city of odessa. turning the tone sky orange
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waking residence up to a new phase of russia's war in ukraine. an aide worker film. the bombings on his phone i woke up approximately it 4 or 4 30 am because our house was a bit shaking lately. so animals was very big noise or so dis rocha, buck roggette dogs. and this guy was read the, you know, and the small goals. koobooley allude, adams, norman, knew it was a big explosion to move like if an airplane crash will switch, we go somewhere. i have never seen something like that. and she knew through the whole issue and we need to close the sky because we don't want this to happen again . none mother be to critical the nearby unions nile shall as local people watched plumes of smoke gloom over the city. the authorities there said russia had hit
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critical infrastructure, but there were no reports of casualties. so it wasn't like russia's defense ministry said it's shapes and planes had bombed an oil processing plant and fuel depos near odessa. it said the facilities supply fuel to ukraine's troops in coastal towns further east. a dresser emergency crews have not yet had to deal with heavy russian bombardment like the eastern port of mario pole, but ukraine's president. so lensky says that russian troops are regrouping and preparing what he calls powerful strikes. and the desk, as residents are left wondering, just how long they can stay here. is a quick look at some other stories related to the war we've been following for you . russian gas is no longer flowing to latvia,
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estonia and lithuania. the baltic states have stopped in ports lithuania, as calling on new countries to do the same. but germany and other european nations are still buying russian energy. rushes gas industry is excluded from use sanctions . more than 200 people were arrested in cities across russia during protest against the war with ukraine on saturday. that according to a group monitoring political detentions, and the country demonstrations continued as by the harsh penalties imposed by the government for what it considers the desk credit ation of its armed forces. a red cross convoys, again trying to deliver aid and evacuate civilians from the besieged city of maria paul, an earlier attempt was abandoned us too dangerous an estimated 160000 civilians are still trapped without food or water. earlier we spoke to dw correspond,
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and rebecca ritter's in the western ukrainian city of live. i asked her about the latest attempt to rescue civilians from maria pole. there is thought to be between anywhere between 800860000 people. still trapped in that besieged city, suffering bombardments for weeks. now. her refill reports have no food, no water, no electricity. basically living in bunkers, watching relatives die of starvation and dehydration just horrific. are scenes there now the, there is reports that a convoy is trying once again today to make it inside that received city as you just reported that they have not been able to get in to the city for the last 3 days. it's been too dangerous. they've decided they had to turn back. this is a convoy that supported by the international red cross, some civilians, however, in some slightly good news have made it out in the last days is about 3000
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civilians have made it out in their personal cause. just sort of trying to risk that treacherous journey outside of that city because they just want to escape the horrible scenes in there. it's so many more deciding that it's too risky, and it's probably hedging their bets trying to stay inside the city. at least 5000 people are reported to have died in that bombardment in the, in the recent in recent weeks. and just today we heard that a lithuanian filmmaker has also been reported who have been killed by russian forces there in that city. a lot of those are refugees, of course, are headed to, to where you are to live in western ukraine. it's become a refuge for hundreds of thousands of refugees already. are you hearing that people may now be planning to return at least to those areas that have been re taken by the ukrainian forces? that's right, live is relatively safe compared to eastern parts of the country. and so many of the refugees and internally this nice people have been passing through here just
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yesterday trying from with people from mary poll arrived here in las vegas about 300 or so. and they've been going to center here in the city. there are reports that people do want to now return to even people that have been in the overseas and overseas abroad, sorry, brother in poland and other parts of europe. they are port to thousands of people now actually returning to, to back into ukraine and trying to go into areas that are deemed safe, or at least relatively safe of their ukrainian or authority. saying that those parts that have been recently re taken a still incredibly unsafe hearing reports of bombs being put into a dead bodies that aligning in this rates and in houses there by the retracing russian soldiers so that they, there is a still not safe available to return to ride rebecca riches they're reporting for us from different western ukraine. thank you. rebecca. the tightest election race in more than a decade is underway in hungary voted,
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choosing between nationalist prime minister. they took woman and a coalition of 6 opposition parties, led by small town may at peter market say the opposition groups have little in common beyond wanting to oust the veteran nita or bond, or the veteran leader rather or by himself, is seeking a 4th consecutive term that's bringing near dw corresponded funny, fresh air in budapest. funny what's at stake in this election? bluntly, political future of hungary just like in any other election. the question really is that here? is there going to be a change actually, because if the ruling government wins for 4th consecutive to him, that means basically 16 years of a governing on the fittest that this country is being governed by the theme, peruse, and promised to victor all, buses, 2010, but the countries not as far yet. and as a result, if you look at the campaign campaign, rhetoric here, the choice is in between peace and war. if you ask the fittest party drooling
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government party or is a choice between east and west, that's what the opposition alliance is. campaigning on with choice between east more towards russia as obviously i promise to victor alba, close put in friend. an academic partner has been very, very, and the sort of em and tight lipped on to saying something personally, against russia being the aggressor here in this war against ukraine. and putin being there had all of that aggression. so it's, it's the interpretation. yeah. how much ukraine and the war in the neighboring country here comes into play. when people cast a ballot today as they are, even though it's so far, at least if you look at the, the voter participation, it is not as high as it was 4 years ago. the question is really just how high it's going to be and how that's going to benefit either the government party or this and you opposition alliance. that's for the very 1st time on the ballot list. right,
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beneficiary in budapest, you keep an eye on the action there for us. thank you so much. ah. in the one is lager by munich. have taken another big step towards the title. they one for one against fryeburg. although they briefly had 12 players on the pitch and could face punishment, substitute a surrogate now breeze. go with the crucial goal to give by and a to one lead with just 6 games to go. that one is league. a trophy is almost certainly staying in munich. for a tensor straight season, as long as the results stamps abides walls towards another bonus league, a title was held by bruce. he adored months blunder in front of a pact. home crowd. they lost for one to our beliefs ish, austria, midfield, o'connor, lima scored twice to leave 2nd placed adornment. a hefty 9 points, a drift of by on the impressive when also boosts a 4th place lights, his chances of again finishing and the champions league places and watching the w
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news. he is a reminder of our top story. western leaders have condemned apparent atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine, ukrainian trips, moving back into towns and villages previously occupied by russia. i've uncovered hundreds of civilian deaths. many victims were brutalized. you're watching d. w. use of next at the doctor takes you to the indian city of long by and will be back with the latest at the top of the hour. if you want to, you then stay informed, ah lou and demand podcast and language course with video and audio. any time anywhere the d w media center
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