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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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there are reports of people do want to now return even people that have been in the overseas in overseas, abroad, sorry, rather in poland and other parts of europe. they are, there are reports of thousands of people now actually returning to, to back into ukraine and trying to go to areas that are deemed safe or at least relatively safe over there. ukrainian authorities saying that those parts that have been recently retake in a still incredibly unsafe, you know, a hearing reports of bombs being put into dead bodies in a lying in the streets and in houses there by the retreating russian soldiers so that these areas is still not safe for civilians to return to ride rebecca ritters . they're reporting for us from live in western ukraine. thank you. rebecca. at the start of the war, russian troops took control of the area around the highly contaminated chernobyl nuclear plant. after weeks of occupation, some may have been exposed to radiation. channel bill is at the sight of the world's worst nuclear accident and remains the forbidden zone. russians soldiers
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of the china below nuclear power plant. they took over the building on february, the 24th right at the start of russia's invasion. did the troops really know much about the place that government had sent them? apparently the young soldiers were clueless about the 1986 nuclear disaster, despite large numbers of death by radiation and heavy contamination. that's vadim. pope dimness view more than the moscow he's ukraine's chief engineer at channel bill. and despite the risk of speaking to us, he agrees to an interview, he says, his co workers, who will help by russian troops for almost 4 weeks, told him that the russian soldiers might have mistaken the protective shell around the failed reactor for an assembly hall. and will know protective clothing you need to do need a thought the respirators were there to protect them from covert and didn't
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understand that you had to put them on to prevent inhaling radioactive dust. so when you decide to reject the ukrainian tv station report that in the so called red forest near the plant, which is highly contaminated, russian soldiers are reported to have dug trenches, and consequently will have received a considerably larger dose of radiation. physicists, sebastian flu file who has been to china beach several times, considers the actions very dangerous lung cancer like you might be able to hold it even if you're not allowed to without dropping dead immediately. but if you're digging in this area, you must realize you're going to stir up some of the really highly radioactive particles, who are the particular service, the director of the international atomic energy agency, raphael grossey plans to visit genevieve soon. we heard about the possibility of some personnel being contaminated, but we don't have any confirmation about that. vadim po, but dim however,
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says his co workers said that a few days ago, 3 buffers picked up russian soldiers from channel b the during the night. while some with vomiting they had nosebleeds, they were in bad shape. they had clear signs of radiation sickness war. so you should never various ukrainian media showing pictures of the buses which have in the meantime made it to gold medal in bella. luce, the soldiers are being examined as an established radiation institute. british newspaper. the telegraph is reporting that one soldier has already died. following his deployment in china bill time for some more of today's headlines now. police in california or say 6 people have been killed and 10 others injured in a shooting and downtown sacramento offices searching for at least one suspect and are asking the public to help identify the killer pakistan's prime minister in ron
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con has survived an attempt to oust him and is seeking fresh elections. con, has persuaded the president to dissolve parliament. he sidestepped a no confidence. boat was it. hon accuses us of working with his political opponents. an explosion and a night club in azerbaijan has killed one person, an injured dozens more. a gas leak is thought to have caused the blast in the capitol back hall. emergency services are still at the see. pope frances is wrapping up a visit to malta. the pontiff prayed for the world to show more kindness to migrants. the pope also called on europe to welcome refugees reaching its shores, phone and chest. the tightest election race in more than a decade is underway in hungary. voters are choosing between nationalist prime minister the to oregon. and a coalition of 6 opposition party is led by a small town mayor peter market say the opposition groups have little in common
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beyond wanting to oust the veteran leader or banners seeking a 4th consecutive term. let's bring in near dw, corresponding funny, foster in budapest. funny, what's at stake in this election? bluntly, political future of hungary just like in any other election. the question really is that here, is there going to be a change actually, because if the ruling government wins for 4th consecutive term, that means basically 16 years of a governing on the fi. this, that this country has been governed by the theme, peruse, and promised to victor alba is 2010, but the countries not as far yet. and as a result, if you look at the campaign or the campaign rhetoric here, the choice is in between peace and what is you asked to see this party drooling government policy, or is a choice between east and west. that's what the opposition alliance is. campaigning on with choice between east more towards russia as obviously i promise to victor alba and a close point in friend. an academic partner has been very, very,
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and the sort of em and tight lipped on to saying something personally, against a russia being the aggressor here in this war against ukraine. and putin being there had all of that aggression. so it's, it's the interpretation. yeah. how much you, crane, and the war in the neighboring country here comes into play. when people cast a ballot today as they are, even though it's so far, at least if you look at the, the voter participation, it is not as high as it was 4 years ago. the question is really just how high it's going to be and how that's going to benefit either the government party or this and you opposition alliance. that's for the very 1st time on the ballot list. right, beneficiary in budapest, you keep an eye on the action there for us. thank you so much. and so the answer also voting in elections of the shadow to buy the war in ukraine. president alexander who teach is on course to win the 2nd term in the lashley,
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pro russia said, but his hopes of joining the european union could be dented by support for moscow. a voter turnout is reported to have been high as long lines formed. dw correspondent jack parrot reports from belgrade. 5 years the president alexander v church is expecting to retain his office during the elections . here in serbia. under his leadership, serbia has remained the only european country to resist imposing sanctions on russia over the invasion of ukraine. the pro russian stars is shared by fugitives. political opponents, including conservative presidential candidate milosevic, in all the important issues for us from bethesda green article. because subscribe to to montenegro and passing by the most important issue for us. which of the social customer torture. we have a proposed in of use on, on the, on the possible solutions of those problems. and on the other side, once again,
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rush is backing us from the security council. we machinations event of it is currently polling in 3rd of the 8 presidential candidates. dr. co panache. a retired general is the lead challenger coming from the center. right opposition coalition. none of the major parties there were telling voters that they would sanction moscow if they won a 2021 poll suggests 83 percent of serbians. c, moscow as a friend in 1999. when you go slog via my country was i attacked my late child. so here we have very strong feelings against nature and the western world. i think there is a nice way where serbia can actually play and should definitely play on that card is to be to bring both parties together as a candidate country the you expect serbia to align on foreign policy, but has been aware that the government was unlikely to impose sanctions, had of these elections, the u ambassador to serbia told the w,
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they're prepared to intensify discussions after the vote. as we are asking the countries of the western barcas including sugar, which has been more complicated here to join to sanction. we also are extending support to addressed a vulnerability that a consequence of the crisis. the battle offices here a service national assembly is also a crucial one. this time around the last time elections were held in june 2020, many of the main opposition parties boycotted, meaning the alexander villages as the last party has held an overwhelming majority since then. stuff on your vantage is a candidate for the parliament in the main opposition coalition, which is focusing all energies on winning as many seats as possible. nothing changed it actually. it's even worse than than before. but we can not stay any more aside and, and waiting something to change. because every year, serbia is shrinking. these election ccb oppose delicate between russia and the west
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. question is how long the next government can continue that balancing act. while the war in ukraine warring parties in yemen have laid down their weapons and the 1st nation wide, true since 2016 years of war have left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. the un says the war has triggered the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. in the yemeni capital, santa people prepare for ramadan for the 1st time since 2014, the muslim holy month takes place under conditions of peace. the warring parties have agreed to hold all military activity in yemen and along its borders. as it has been our online, the truth is wonderful for us and the region in general, the god, the peninsula and the gulf. it's a great thing. and we hope that the truth will last not only for 2 months today,
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but rather permanently because people are tired and they have suffered a lot why? just as important as the ceasefire, an agreement to allow fuel shipments to the rebel held port of her data transport restrictions imposed by the saudi led coalition have led to crippling fuel shortages. the capitals airport will also reopen for a number of flights. the united nations expressed hope and caution. these truce must be a footstep to ending yet men's devastating war. but we know that these agreements are always fragile. yemen has know nothing but war for more than 7 years. after hootie forces over through the government, neighboring powers intervened. turning the civil war into a proxy battle for regional influence. the toll has been dire, more than 150000 people have died and millions of children are suffering from malnutrition. even as the guns fall, silent,
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yemenis are concerned with survival. border crossings are not open. the currency has not stabilized. prices have not load the economic situation is deteriorating. le let with, with the advent of the blessing, month of ramadan, there are families who cannot even provide the necessary food with a voting. it's hard to cease far marks the beginning of the end of humans years of crisis. ah. and the bonus league by munich have taken another big step towards the title. they won 41 against hi balked for although they briefly had to 12 players on the pitch and cut face punishment. substitute as ask an audi a score to the crucial goal to give by and a to one lead with just 6 games to go. the one is like a trophy is almost certainly staying in munich for a 10 straight season. as long as it was old stance combines was towards another bonus league. a title was helped by bruce. he adored
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month blunder in front of a pact. home crowd. they lost for one to arby light, seek austrian midfielder conrad lima scored twice to leave 2nd placed adornment, a hefty in 9 points, a drift of by on the impressive when also boost forth place light tish. chances of, again finishing in the champions league place you watching t w t. as a reminder of our main story, western leaders have condemned our parent atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine, ukrainian troops moving back into town some villagers previously occupied by russia . i've uncovered hundreds of civilian deaths. many victims were brutalized up next to eco africa, the environmental magazine. i monica jones with
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a fighting for protection with one of the most detailed wildlife sensors ever taken in kenya. it gives us a status of the health of our ecosystem, and i will buy a diverse how science and technology are eating conservation efforts. go africa next. on d, w. modern design games with historic buildings. ah, valencia. the spanish polt city is an el dorado for creative people, and now world's capital of design. ah, new ideas set against old splendor invalid bureau mix. in 60 minutes by
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d. w. in literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see myself as the kid by and the strange grown up world may only objective whenever it is to share what a fine beautiful dw books on youtube. ah, ah, we often see statistics about how many lions or g rods are left in the wilds, but where do those figures come from today? we'll hear about a comprehensive wave census conducted in kenya. find out why it was done and launch the results. welcome to this new edition of equal africa, the pan african.


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