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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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a dresser, emergency crews have not yet had to deal with heavy russian bombardment like the eastern port of mario pole, but ukraine's president. so lensky says that russian troops are regrouping and preparing what he calls powerful strikes and addresses, residents are left wondering just how long they can stay here. we're joined now from odessa by lawrence sheets. he is the former n p r. moscow bureau chief and head of consulting group, eurasian international analytics, is covered the soviet union in russia for more than 3 decades, and has been reporting in the military situation in odessa for the past 2 weeks. welcome to double you. can you just describe for us what happened in odessa earlier today? what did you experience about 4, 35 am we received text messages from the ukranian armed forces which go to anyone
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in the serial warning of well basically warning people in the area potential of batch. there were roots and uh, we seem to be having a bit of trouble with the audio. lawrence, are you still with? yes i am. okay. yeah we, we had a bit of a of trouble with the audio. so if you could just repeat what you just said a moment ago for a viewers, yes, there were extraordinary loud explosions at precisely 6 e. m. they were targeted to the oil depot facilities at the port area. i'm about one kilometer away. and those are the facilities about which your correspondent was referring. the absurdity is that the port is not functioning,
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is not been for several well, 2 months. it's why kennedy, by russian naval forces and mines and what have you. so those are ukranian ships. they are in dry dock anyway. it doesn't seem to have much strategic value. the broader question to me and there was, these were very powerful explosions. they were not from archery or ship, what unlikely they were launched by ship. the account that we have from the cleaning military sources are that they were launched from crimea that they were of the east under class, which is a very high caliber category of rocket missile, which landed in that area. it's an area which is corded off to people in odessa. um, but it certainly scared people. because if today i would say i went out at noon around 1 o'clock, p. m. local. and there were perhaps 20 percent of the usual amount of traffic on
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the mean. bizarre around the pedestrian streets in the area. the main thing to me, which is amazing, is that it was senseless because there's there ships operating out of odessa anyway . well, the russian defense ministry said that they targeted an oil refinery and fuel storage facilities and has, has been confirmed by ukraine officials. it sounds like it has not been what is then the impact on ukraine's war effort following the strikes. then in odessa, as a general rule of policy, ukrainian military officials do not comment directly on individual incidents. that is just a matter of state secrecy and of, well, i would say prudent military practice. at the same time, it's very obvious because even now and it's after dusk, 10 minutes ago, it's a little bit darker. smoke is still billing from the area of the port on either the fires have spread to other contain facilities which are holding fuel for
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ships or perhaps the tool. is it such poor quality after so many months being stored? that it's burning universal rate, which would explain why you get this black smoke, which you don't get a lot of flames, et cetera. the fact is that it does to arrives the local population. there's a lot of talk about the potential of a landed vision from sea by you created by russian forces into odessa. i find this very far fetched this imagined normandy. if you had a city of a 1000000 people pitched on hills and mountains with underground catacombs and tunnels, which the city is, it's with 2 world wars. yeah. and i imagine going into normandy with that type of thing. i mean, it would be a suicide mission. my feeling is more of a rising local population. right. lauren? she's head of the consulting group. you're asian international analytics. we thank
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you so very much for being on the w. thank you. here's a quick look now at some other stories related to the war that we've been following for you. russian gas is no longer flowing to lock in stony and lithuanian. the baltic states have stopped imports with wayne is calling on all you countries to do the same. germany and other european nations are still buying russian energy pressures. gas industry is excluded from you. thanks. a red cross convoys, again trying to deliver aid and evacuate civilians from the besieged city of murray . bull. an earlier attempt was abandoned for being too dangerous. an estimated 160000 civilians are still tracked without food were water. the tightest electron rays in more than a decade is under wayne hungry voters are choosing between nationalist prime
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minister victor, oregon, and a coalition of 6 opposition parties led by small town mayor peter at market saying the opposition groups have little in common beyond wanting to oust of the veteran leader or bond is seeking a 4th consecutive term and standing by for us in budapest is dw correspondent, funny for char. so funny, we understand that you are now at a venue where a few dash supporters are waiting for the election results. so polls of course are closed now, but as we've been hearing, it's expected to be a very tight race. tell us what is at stake in this election. basically the political direction of this country is going to be more of the same as a critics of the fittest government. say what they see as a declaration of democratic institutions. the independence of the judiciary being in danger and the freedom of the press is going to be of further deterioration from
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what's already happening in hungary, they say, or the supporters of the fittest government. is it going to be more the better same as they say, more sovereignty for of hungary, within the european union, or completely different picture will the united opposition alliance actually manage to bring that unity in to the result of develop bucks and will the actually, when the selection, and depending on obviously who is going to have here the ruling and who is going to have that majority of mandates to govern his country starting money into parliament . that supposed to be also the answer of what his country's going to look like in the future. what kind of continuation of policy or change of policies are going to take place? we do not know that yet. exit polls expected though any minute. and from there on, of course, there will be a better picture of really where this country is headed and wat the and the voters have decided today here in hungary. bo funny, the in command to victor,
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or van is known to be close to russian president vladimir putin. and he apparently even campaigned by saying that we can keep hungry out of the war. and ukraine has this position hurt or helped victor or bon according to pause. he definitely didn't hurt him, at least if you believe those falls and the people of course, a skeptical to any portion hungry because some are a finest by the government institutions. some are financed by a, by organizations that are close to the opposition. regardless. however, what we can as say, for sure is that promise to victor alba and try to actually feed different narratives. the narrative of those who support him and actually support his economic partnership and close friendship with vladimir putin. but you also try to key to, to deal with even the undecided voters here who actually would like to have a strong the stance from prime minister victor alba to name to, to, in as an aggressor of this entire more in ukraine. he never said that,
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but at least he sat and this is where it may be undecided. voters can also be swayed around. he said that he condemns what you call the military action in ukraine. that you later, a cool dad as a war. we do not really know how his narrative is going to influence the final result here. but one thing is certain. what's happening in neighboring ukraine. what's going on in that countries certainly will trickle in to the decision making of borders here in hungary. did have a funny for char in budapest. funny, thanks so much. all hungary is a neighbor, serbia is also deciding whether to give its leader another term in office. long lines formed at pulling stations and a vote expected to reelect president alexander who judge, bus service hopes of join. the european union could be dented by his refusal to impose sanctions on russia. opposition groups have mostly held back from calling
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for tough action. while warring parties in yemen have laid down their weapons in the 1st nation wide truce since 2016 years of war have left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. the united nation says the war has triggered the worst humanitarian disaster in the world in the yemen. e, capital santa people prepare for ramadan for the 1st time since 2014. the muslim holy month takes place under conditions of peace. the warring parties have agreed to hold all military activity in yemen and along its borders. in our online, the church is wonderful for us and the region in general, the peninsula and the gulf. it's a great thing and we hope that the truth will last not only for 2 months, but rather permanently because people are tired and they have suffered
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a lot law just as important as the ceasefire and agreement to allow fuel shipments to the rebel held port of her data transport restrictions imposed by the saudi led coalition have led to crippling fuel shortages. the capitals airport will also reopen for a number of flights. the united nations expressed hope and caution. these truce must be a footstep to ending yet men's devastating war. but we know that these agreements are always fragile. yemen has know nothing but war for more than 7 years. after hootie forces over through the government, neighboring powers intervened. turning the civil war into a proxy battle for regional influence. the toll has been dire, more than 150000 people have died, and millions of children are suffering from malnutrition, even as the guns fall silent, yemenis are concerned with survival. border crossings are not open. the currency
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has not stabilized. prices have not load the economic situation is deteriorating level. with the advent of the blessed month of ramadan, there are families who cannot even provide the necessary food at the voting. it's hard to cease far marks the beginning of the end of humans years of crisis. ah, it's for it's now and in the buddhist legal buyer and munich have taken another big step towards the title they want for one against fryeburg though they briefly had 12 players on the pitch and could face punishment for that substitute serge gunam for he scored the crucial goal to give buyer at $21.00 lead with just 6 games to go . the bundling a trophy is almost certainly staying in munich for a 10th grade season. as long as the result stands, or byron's walls towards another bundis league, a title was helped by embarrass endorphins, blunder in front of
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a packed home crowd. they lost for one to r b. leipzig, austrian midfielder khan, hard. lima is scored twice to leave, say, in his dormant, a hefty 9 points adrift, and byron, the impressive win also boosts 4th placed lives. 6 chances of again finishing in the champions league places. you're watching the w news coming to you from berlin. now remind her of our top story. western leaders have condemned a parent atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine. ukrainian troops moving back into towns and villages previously occupied by russia have uncovered hundreds of civilian deaths. many of the victims were brutalized. that's the latest on dw news. this our armed up next my the spanish city valencia is world design capital 2022 a marion. everything. thanks for watching. a
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a warm welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host tannahill.


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