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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is doable. you news live from berlin. the world's condemns. apparent atrocities by russian forces in ukraine. lawyers investigating possible war crimes have found hundreds of dead civilians. and there is evidence of torture and abuse. germany's leader says western allies will impose more sanctions on russia in response. also coming up missiles strike to strategic port of odessa. russia says and targeted critical infrastructure, but ukrainians fear that moscow is planning to step up its bombardment. and hunger
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is the nationalist prime minister, head support reelection, part line, russia? supporter victor or bon set these off a group of opposition to parties which united against him. ah, a married evan stain. it's good to have you with us. western leaders have condemned a parent atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine. the u. s. and nato have express horror at the discovery of mass graves. the german chancellor says the west will impose more sanctions against russia. ukraine's government says its troops have regained control of the area around the capital. key of officials report that hundreds of civilians have been found dead in boucher and other previously occupied towns and villages. many of the victims were brutalized,
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ukraine's president to let him hear zalinski has accused russia of genocide. moscow denies the allegations, a warning to our viewers. this next report contains images that some may find disturbing. the debris of war, a graveyard of tanks, stanzas, evidence of russia's southern retreat and ukraine's determination to defend the area around keith. but the litter of russian hardware isn't the only sign of conflict, buildings scorched and destroyed, entire neighborhoods devastated and alongside that the grim reminders of the very human cost of conflict. bodies lie on the streets, suggesting indiscriminate killing an evidence of possible war crimes. even in death, the bodies have been afforded little dignity. ukrainian soldiers fear russian forces might have hidden explosives in the corpses as they left. it was something ukrainian president blood amid zalinski included in this warning message. many,
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the occupiers withdrawal is revealing a catastrophic situation. and there is still so much danger. do not doubt this asteroid could continue, and they are setting booby traps everywhere in houses, not even in the bodies of those killed. there are many trappers and other dangerous . amid the trauma, though, is a sense of relief that the russians have left with residents coming together, sharing meals and a sense of victory after weeks of living in constant fear. with them at all, it will be so everything will be wonderful. yeah, for the flu, under constant shelling for more than a month when everything was gone, the water was gone. light gas, everything was gone at once. well then the internet was gone, so then the phone communications went down that we find ourselves cut off from the whole world to go. so there's only 5 ships who am here, but the death and destruction all around show the huge price paid in the past weeks
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. every body, every corpse is a friend or neighbor, a mother or brother miss there is he worked in landscaping. will you please honest person, a smart man who loved to work and they simply shamelessly and in full knowledge, crushed him to death with a russian tank by vehicle a residence here? no, this retreat does not indicate an end to the war. ukraine is preparing for what may come next as russia re groups its forces for attacks in other parts of the country . joining us now from the ukrainian capital here is our correspondence. nick connelly. good evening to you, nick. so we understand that you actually spent the day in the north eastern key of region where ukrainian forces say they've retaken territory from retreating russian troops. can you tell us what you saw there and what you heard? so i saw a lot of burnt out russian tanks,
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russian military vehicles and craters seemingly in almost every yard where we were in the small town where the russians had been basically since the beginning this war they had moved in on the 27th of february. so 3 days off the been in the war and stayed there till last thursday. have most that time the people we spoke to said they barely there set a foot as footstep outside their doors. most time they were just hiding in doors, trying to keep away from those russian soldiers, often enough hiding in their sellers in their sheds. when the shooting began, when the artillery fire became between ukrainian rushed forces, lots of stories of russian forces, especially when they were leaving stealing people's televisions. there appeared technology at home there, computers. and if they see anything that they could move, and a lot of people looking for friends, relatives who have gone missing and have so far accounted for on a we've also of course been saying the horrific footage of dead civilians lying on the streets of butram. what more can you tell us about the situation there?
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well, obviously those images that have it 1st and foremost shocks people across ukraine who, even though maybe they thought they'd seen it all from mary. poland, those images of people living under intense shelling for weeks and weeks running out of elect to one rail food without electricity without any else. i think they weren't really prepared for those images. people. her shot with their arms are bound behind their backs. that kind of seemingly m specific attempts to target civilians or yeah, and basically reprisals of that kind. that was not something that most people here were expecting to see. and a lot of anger, a lot of shock from ukraine as you speak to. it's pretty difficult to go and try verify that with your own eyes for now most jealous of being kept out away, expecting to be able to see boucher in a few days time. i think it's interesting to note that it seems that even though the cranes have re taking control of these towns that are only 30 kilometers from where i am now in downtown key. if there is still
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a lot of fear of russian units that have basically got lost during that retreat that are hiding out in the woods reports unconfirmed reports for us. also mine saying that m numerous ukrainian casualties have happened the last few days when those units have been left. the forests trying to reconnect with the russian forces, heading back northwards, better is getting out of ukraine. so no sense that the situation is somehow over that somehow as people can go back to their homes and boots and kind of take stock of what's happened, a real, a very prominent sense of danger. and then all the booby traps in the minds. this is situation that is far from over and as ukrainian capital here give that still doesn't feel like it's out out of the worst. this is ellie is correspondent and connelly reporting forrest from here. thank you so much. or meanwhile, missiles have struck the strategic port of odessa home to ukraine's navy on the southern coast until now and as i had mostly avoided russian attacks, the port has so far been spared the intense bombing that devastated the city of
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mario pal. further to the east, russia says its latest strikes, targeted an oil plant and fuel depos, but ukrainians fear that moscow was planning to step up the bombardment bond strike . he crane's main port city of odessa. turning the torn sky orange waking residence up to a new phase of rushes, war in ukraine and aid walker film. the bombings on his phone. i woke up approximately it 4 or 4 30 am because so our house was a bit shaking lately. so nibble's was very big noise, also dis rocha, buck roggette dogs. and this guy was read the, you know, and the small goals video, adams, norman knew it was a big explosion to move like if an airplane crash to
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a spiritual go somewhere. i have never seen something like that she knew through the holy shit and we need to close the sky because we don't want this to happen again. another be the critical, the nearby news nile shall as local people watched plumes of smoke loom over the city, the authorities there said russia had hit critical infrastructure, but there were no reports of casualties. so it wasn't like russia's defense ministry said it's ships and planes had bombed an oil processing plant and fuel depos, near a desa. it set the facilities supply fuel to ukraine's troops in coastal towns further east. a dresser, emergency crews have not yet had to deal with heavy russian bombardment like the eastern port of mario pole, but ukraine's president so lensky, he says that russian troops are regrouping and preparing what he calls powerful
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strikes. and a death is residents. all left wondering just how long they can stay here. hungary is hard line nationalist prime minister victor or bon is heading for a big majority and a 4th consecutive turban office. the right winger and ally of russian president vladimir putin declared a victory at a rally of his to dish party loyalists or bon had face a challenge for a coalition of opposition. parties who united against him. the contest was expected to be the closest to sins or bon to power in 202010 for the latest dw correspondence funny for char is standing by for us in would have passed. so funny is victor or bon the clear winner? he's definitely increasing of the lead. both may consider constituencies, but also the national party. a list votes with about more than 2 foot of the votes,
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counted goose fall. in fact, just before a short while ago, prime is civic tube on gave his victory speech already to a crowd that was waving flags and that was cheering him on. he actually may clean that speech or to what the future in terms of what his perspective is on the future of hunger is going to look like. which according to him, is a more of the same that he, a sees, is a prosper future of hungary. so yes, it pretty much looks like that he sealed a bag already bought the final results are not in yet. however, looking at these are paul show results. everything indicates at this point he may even have a 2 thirds majority for a 4th consecutive term. well, funny victor or bon is known to have close ties with russia's president vladimir putin and, or been even pledged to keep hungry out of the war in ukraine. did this help him in this election and close darzy miley put because he's
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a very close friend of vladimir putin promise to victor alba has also very strong economic ties with rochelle. probably one of the reasons also that he really put very my toe on when the war broke out, cooling is a military action that hungary condemns, but he never personally attacked a bloody mer put in or him as the leader basically, of this aggression against, against a ukraine, whether this was the main factor by promised to victor alba has scored so well a those 5 know the final results are not in yet. is a question. it will be answered by observe us by analysts certainly didn't hurt him . he was actually playing this multi perspective narrative trying to cater to those who actually are conditioned to support him because he has close ties with russia. but he was also trying to cater to those who actually would like to hear him say something like what he did that is going to be piece by hungary not negotiating zalinski and not joining the war that he thinks would would,
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would likely happen if i had the opposition won. having said that, in some way, the ukranian situation, the war in the neighboring country, played a factors year in the selection. just how much this is up to analysts to decide. well, even before the polls closed or vans, opponents were calling out possible voter fraud. funny, was there any evidence of that? and what exactly were or buns opponents alleging that it varies reports of water fraud as something that's being called here. chain voting meaning that you actually do not cast you, bella, but you take your bell at least outside, give it to someone else who's going to cast a ballot and different allegations also in the run up to the actual action with a ballots found in romania for example that were burned, we do not know exactly just whether vote to fraud really to plays because both
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international observers, but also domestic. observe as to have it. thousands of volunteers participating to observe the selection. all of that is going be reported also on a legal a matter as it is a to more of his final reports, maybe just in a few weeks from now. but the fact that there was so much observe, observe in going on in hungary for the very 1st time actually compared to 4 years ago boys, a higher number of international observers. but also domestic observers clearly indicate that there was a very, very big concern here that this election is everything but fair. i have a promise to victor alba keeps claiming that this was a very fair election to deb latest fun of a char in budapest. thank you so much. all the leader of hungary is neighbor, serbia is also on his way to reelection populace president alexander who chic is set to win around 60 percent of the vote. who teaches those that have close ties with russia's president vladimir putin and has not imposed sanctions over the war
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and ukraine. that's the latest on dw news, this our i marion evans, dean from me and the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for the company. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. magic corner trip hotspot for food, please check and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off. we go on the green.


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