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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2022 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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ah, ah, ah ah, the state of the news line from berlin, russia accused of mass war crimes around keith. ukraine says the bodies of more than $400.00 civilians have been found showing signs of abuse and torture. the west condemns the killings and ways fresh sanctions in response. also coming up air strikes. rock, the strategic port of odessa brush, our claims to target only critical infrastructure, but residents fear moscow will step up its bombardment of the city and hunger is
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nationalist prime minister. when's reelection? victor? all one has secured a 4th term with an overwhelming majority. ukraine's president had condemned all bon for failing to distance himself from russia despite the one. i don't recall foolish, it's good to have you with us. as the fog of war lifts, an image of horror emerges, russian forces seemed to have committed mass atrocities before they retreated from areas near the ukrainian capital. keep footage of scores of dead civilians and the streets have sparked world wide outreach. several you countries are pushing for tougher sanctions against russia in light of what appeared to be war. crimes rushes, prosecutor general, says the bodies of more than $400.00 civilians have been retrieved from areas around the capital, including the town of boucher,
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which had been occupied by russian forces. some corpses were reportedly found in mass graves, ukraine's president volunteers. lensky has accused russia as committing genocide. moscow denies the allegations claiming images of dead civilians were stage. i want to warn our viewers that this next report contains highly disturbing images. the debris of war, a graveyard of tanks, stanzas, evidence of russia's southern retreat and ukraine's determination to defend the area around keith. but the litter of russian hardware isn't the only sign of conflict, buildings of scorched and destroyed, entire neighborhoods devastated and alongside that the grim reminders of the very human cost of conflict. bodies lie on the streets, suggesting indiscriminate killing an evidence of possible war crimes. even in death,
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the bodies have been afforded little dignity, ukrainian soldiers fear russian forces might have hidden explosives in the corpses as they left. it was something ukrainian president blood amid zalinski included in this warning message many. so the occupants withdrawal is revealing a catastrophic situation. and there is still so much dangerous. do not doubt this asteroid could continue, and they are setting booby traps everywhere in houses, not even in the bodies of those killed. there are many trap flaws and other dangerous. amid the trauma, though, is a sense of relief that the russians have left with residents coming together, sharing meals and a sense of victory after weeks of living in constant fear. oh, it will be nice. everything will be wonderful for the laundry, hans didn't shelling for more than a month when everything was gone, the water was gone. light gas, everything was gone at once. then the internet was gone. so then the phone
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communications went down. this we found ourselves cut off from the whole world to set the ships to a mirror, but the death and destruction all around shade the huge price paid in the past weeks. every 40, every corpse is a friend or neighbor, a mother or brother, miss wellington landscaping, honest man who loved. and they simply shamelessly and in full knowledge, crushed him to death with a rushing tang residence here. no, this retreat does not indicate an end to the war. ukraine is preparing for what may come next as russia regroups. it forces for attacks in other parts of the country. ukrainian president volota mirror, zalinski says rush has actions in boucher amount to genocide. well, earlier we spoke to ashley reading from human rights watch and asked her if she agrees with his assessment. i think it's for too early at this stage to to talk about genocide. it's on the, not off the table,
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but genocide isn't very specific crime with a very high threshold about the intent to destroy in hold or parse a civilian population. and you know what your correspondent and what others are witnessing. and this is certainly what crimes, potential crimes against humanity where we're seeing, you know, civilians kills clearly killed in summary, execution format and the investigation he's and recently areas which recently just been taken back under control training forces and inside a lot of them have been not accessible for a couple of days even while they were being being reclaimed by ukrainian forces. so it's, it's very early days to start, you know, talking about the, the full scope of what my, what crimes may or may not have been committed but, but as you said yourself, what we're seeing on the ground is, is really quite thick. and, and, you know, we have investigators on the ground as well, has spoken to,
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to witnesses also recounted, you know, terrible experiences themselves, which would also constitute war crimes. on sunday, russian missiles struck the strategic black sea port of odessa home to ukraine's navy at an hour and as i had mostly avoided russian attacks, moscow says it later strikes targeted an oil plant and fuel depot used to supply ukrainian forces. residents fear this might only be the beginning of a larger assault on the city. bombs strike, he crane's main port city of odessa. turning the torn sky orange waking residence up to a new phase of russia's war in ukraine. and 8 worker film. the bombings on his phone i woke up approximately it 4 or 4 30 am because so our house was
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a bit shaking lately. so naples was very big noise, also disrupt her, but rocket dogs, and this guy was read the, you know, and the small goals, global hoodie, allude, adams, dorman, knew it was a big explosion to build like if an airplane crash to a spiritual group. so moodle i have never seen something like that. she knew through the whole she and we need to close the sky because we don't want this to happen again. not mother peter critical, the nearby. yeah. news nile shall as local people watched plumes of smoke gloom over the city, the authorities there said russia had hit critical infrastructure, but there were no reports of casualties. so it wasn't like russia's defense ministry said it's ships and planes had bombed an oil processing plant. and fuel depos near odessa, it set the facilities supply fuel to ukraine's troops in coastal towns further east . a dresser emergency crews have not
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yet had to deal with heavy russian bombardment like the eastern port of mario pole, but ukraine's president. so lensky says that russian troops are regrouping and preparing what he calls powerful strikes and addresses, residents are left wondering just how long they can stay here. here's a quick look at some other stories related to the war we've been following for you today. the baltic states of estonia lat via in lithuania, have stopped importance of rush and gas. lithuania is calling on other e u. countries to do the same. due of germany and other european nations are still buying fossil fuels, form russian suppliers, which have been excluded from ease sanctions and toner. lithuanian director of an, a claim documentary on larry obama has been killed in the city montes came in,
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tara mccue's was working on a new film. a colleague says he died with his camera in hand. the director had also documented russia's war in chechnya. at the start of the war, russian troops took control of the decommission chernobyl nuclear plant and northern ukraine. they occupied the contaminated exclusion zone for weeks, but withdrew after some soldiers apparently suffered radiation poisoning turner wall as the site of the worst nuclear accident in history. russian soldiers of the china beetle, nuclear power plant. they took over the building on february, the 24th right at the start of russia's invasion. did the troops really know much about the place that government had sent them? apparently the young soldiers were clueless about the 1986 nuclear disaster, despite large numbers of death by radiation and heavy contamination. that's vadim.
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pope dimness view more than the moscow he's ukraine's chief engineer at shadow bill . and despite the risk of speaking to us, he agrees to an interview, he says, his co workers, who are held by russian troops for almost 4 weeks, told him that the russian soldiers might have mistaken the protective shell around the failed reactor for an assembly hall. and we'll know protective clothing will need to do it every day. thought the respirators were there to protect them from cove it and didn't understand that you had to put them on to prevent inhaling radioactive dust. so when you decide to get the radio ukrainian tv station reports that in the so called red forest near the plant, which is highly contaminated, russian soldiers are reported to have dug trenches. and consequently, we'll have received a considerably larger dose of radiation, physicists, sebastian fluke pile, who has been to china, beach several times, considers the actions very dangerous, long con,
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for miles or do you might be able to hold it even if you're not allowed to without dropping dead immediately, but if you're digging in this area, you must realize you're going to stir up some really highly radioactive particles who sees a particular just as the director of the international atomic energy agency, raphael grossey plans to visit genevieve soon. we heard about the possibility of some personnel being contaminated, but we don't have any confirmation about that vadim pool, but didn't, however, says his coworkers say that a few days ago, 3 buffers picked up russian soldiers from channel b, the during the night all summer vomiting they had nosebleeds, they were in bad shape. they had clear signs of radiation sickness feels like you were still you know, daniel, she never various ukrainian media showing pictures of the buses which have in the meantime made it to gold metal in bella, luce, the soldiers are being examined as an established radiation institute,
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british newspaper, the telegraph is reporting that one soldier has already died following his deployment in chad abuse. to hungry. now we're a nationalist prime minister. victor albany has won a large majority and sundays parliamentary election. that means he will serve a 4th term in office. all guns feed us hardy is on course to win more than 2 thirds of the sea in parliament. incumbents successfully saw a challenge from them. alliance of opposition parties were united against him. his face, the accusations of eroding democracy in hungry throughout his 12 years as prime minister and has clashed with the european union over rule of law standards. and after initially condemning russia's attack on ukraine or been, has kept hungry neutral. and it stands over the war d, w is funding for shar, is in the hungarian capital budapest and told us more. she's a very close friend of vladimir putin promised civic to oberon has also very strong
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economic ties with rochelle. probably one of the reasons also that he really put there a very mild, torn when the war broke out, quoting is a military action that hungary condemns, but he never personally attacked a bloody mer put in a him as the leader basically of this aggression against, against a ukraine, whether this was the main factor, our prime is to victor. all one has scored. so well, those 5 and the final results are not in yet is a question. it will be answered by observe as by analysts certainly didn't hurt him . he was actually playing this move to perspective narrative, trying to cater to those who actually are conditioned to support him because he has close ties with russia. but he was also trying to cater to those who actually would like to hear him say something alive. what he did that he's going to be piece by hungary not negotiating zalinski and not joining the war that he thinks would would, would likely happen if i had the opposition. one. having said that, in some way,
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the ukrainian situation, the war in the neighboring country, played a factor here in this election. just how much this is up to analysts to decide. that was funny for sharon reporting from hungry. let's catch you. i'm to speak now on some other stories making headlines today. serbia's populace president alexander, which has won a 2nd term in office, securing around 60 percent of the vote in his factory speech and will change that serbia wouldn't retain his friendship with russia and remain neutral over the war. in ukraine, a balcony country has not imposed any sanctions on moscow at school. or will. the entire cabinet of sri lanka, government has resigned after the controversial introduction of a state of emergency. protests have been taking place in the capital, colombo, where are the governments handling of the worst economic crisis in decades? only embattled president roger pox and his brother, the prime minister,
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now remain in office wandering, dw newsday to now for faith matters, we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. and remember, you can always get all the latest news on our website. and of course the d, w dot com for me and the entire team. thank you so much for watching. i stories that paperwork over information. they provide the opinions, the one to weeks he w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us. ah.


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