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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2022 7:03am-7:30am CEST

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have launch diasporas across the world. revolution war and political upheaval during the past 100 years have forced millions of people to move abroad from where they watched nervously. developments in them. mother country for decades, russians and ukrainians have lived side by side and brighton beach near coney island, brooklyn rushes invasion of ukraine, his badly shaken both communities. these people protesting the war and singing the ukrainian national anthem, or russian, their country will never be the same again. they say there are no sides in this war . there is no ukrainian side, there is no russian side where for people and were for peace were against suffering . and against this dirty political game, angela craft jenko as the ukranian architect, she and her husband just happened to be passing by. she surprised by the local russian communities display of solidarity. oh,
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the war started 8 years wrong. and the whole war turned their eyes away from vessels. so now seeing that support greens, me hope, and i hope in the better future, i hope the war was stop. it's a hope that many here share bright beach is known as little odessa, due to the high number of russian speaking immigrants from southern ukraine. most of them oppose pollutants, war freedom, radio broadcasts from brighton beach to russian speaking listeners and new york. anton call you teach is in charge. there are 2 reporters galena gold bank from yellow. ruth and michelle, novak nov, who's from russia, but has a ukrainian grandfather. call you touch himself, is russian? augusta, his parents work for the russian army up here, and they back the war in ukraine. me been against that clearly. and having access
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to all the media, international, russian, ukrainian, named and them been, are only able to see the official propaganda from russia. i mean, it is difficult, it is difficult to have like texting me. hey, aren't on what they were. those people say they're in the west. don't. don't, don't believe them. rush is right. and that's the that's, that's the way it is. pretty them over him. so sheesh, sheesh, sheesh did officially the freedom radio team are all against the war and not afraid to saying so i'm that they're even collecting donations for ukraine. i was just company witness, center center can keep up with our son in new york. i never asked her, where are you from? are you from mar, ukraine, are you from la? where are you from? it's doesn't really matter a great day from, we know we're from there where much more united here than there. the real soviet union helped with the real soviet union in a, in
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a very good term is here because here we have here in the small town of south brooklyn. we have um, every republican represented after days of reporting on the war. the team also want to include some more positive loose in their programming back. they marked international women's day in early march with some light hearted russian song. it was an eagle in school up with it. so as a person from russia, from moscow, i don't feel any hate from ukrainians because they know, you know, people who came to the united states from all this difference of former soviet union republics. they came here because, you know, they didn't want leave in the farmers. soviet union, social stange go, came to freedom radio after 20 years. as a political reporter in odessa, he's worried that putin might unleash nuclear weapons. but he has no issue with his russian colleagues. here we all are the americans and a naughty ukrainians,
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not russian peoples, all of my colleagues. so also understand situation and i can, this is a problem for them. also. angela crowd shinkel arrived here from the city of nikolai of ukraine 20 years ago. it's now being shelled by russian forces. she and a friend from your country in book russia discuss what's happening. 70 percent off rations still believe he's doing the right thing is still believe there was no war in your crime. so i hold those reverend arm russians who refuse to then chaffin youth and the chest, the information they they are part of the problem. all of my friends who are here, like, not in russia feeling the same way that they losing home,
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you know, like all the hope to go back to you know, something because now it feels like they might be nothing left. they're both desperately worried about their friends in ukraine and russia. here in brighton beach, the war is heading close to home. our planet is heating up and since the late 19th century, the average global temperature has risen by one degree celsius and global heating is accelerating. summers are growing hotter and longer to leaving many people desperate to cool down sales of air conditioners fans and fridges are up. by 2050, there will be 9500000000 such appliances worldwide. the international energy agency forecasts that by then 2 thirds of all households could have an air conditioner to day cooling appliances,
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already account for around 10 percent of global c. o. 2 emissions. the older the appliance, the more likely it is to emit pollutants, and use up lots of energy. it's time to replace or repair mechanic. a child is learning how to repair old refrigerators. these female technicians are being taught how to solve connections and about the benefits of environmentally friendly coolants. here the trainees are replacing the old compressors on the supply and anything that though many of them already work for companies that sell refrigerators and air conditioners, a lot of processes such as checking seals cleaning with liquid nitrogen and recycling refrigerants are completely new to them. removed from their system for the new system. ok. only a few women attend to to day training as it's mostly men who work in technical jobs and kenya. but this doesn't intimidate mckenna, chow,
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i'm happy being in the field of men chatted, doing the same, and bring you been better than than man. the program is organized by the german development agency. g, i said in conjunction with local partners. but promoting women is no easy undertaking. over the past 10 years, we have been trained technicians and we have train over a 1000. and part of these only 60 women have been trained. we are talking about 6 percent. so because of these disparity, that is one of the reasons that we wanted to have these treat me for me meant we wanted to, i mean them to come together so that we can understand what are the challenges. the idea is that it's primarily women who spread environmental awareness within their families and beyond. and protecting the environment is becoming increasingly
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important in kenya. old refrigerators can damage the ozone layer by emitting dangerous greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. old air condition is also waste vast amounts of electricity. according to the green cooling initiative, a worldwide initiative to establish sustainable solutions in the sector, kenya, will emit up to 5000000 tons of c o. 2 from the cooling sector alone by 2030. if things don't change, feel are aware that modern appliances can help prevent this. our mission still needs a lot of since it these issues so that it goes through the monitor, the grown to be, or nova, therefore, is of the all over air condition. to know that. ok, yeah. are you seeing these 340 to run? because over be full, 13 years mckayleigh towel has been working as an air conditioning technician at
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a company that services appliances, kenya white. the new training taught her what her company could do differently to help improve quality of life for future generations. personally, my mother and i loved love a safe elder generation than the in terms of my children. but you then run mand and the condition is lot. so for them especially love l 0 lear. you can see it comes with a lot of negativity, like an hour there is these, there kind over comes of that is associate at the same um, puzzle mailed. i would say it, it, oh, it'll dealt me when it is to learn about even though a l. d productivity of our land. and even the now this safe, the safety of wine, well meant as a whole the trainings are now taking place on a regular basis. the hope is that participants disseminate their knowledge not only
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in their companies, but also within their families and communities. given nairobi is rapidly growing population and the fact that millions of people use refrigerators and air conditioners, even small improvements, can help protect the environment. while since the mid 20th century, the global sea bird population has shrunk dramatically. the reasons a diverse over fishing has led to dwindling food sources. many birds eat plastic, mistaking it for fish and oil pollution in the water and on the beaches kills untold numbers of birds. each year. environmentalists are concerned about the situation on the cape virgin islands off the coast of west africa. we went to the small island of sol to meet some conservationists who were trying to save a tropical bud species. ah, ah,
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the marvelous red build, tropic bird. these migratory birds spend most of their lives at sea flying thousands of kilometers across the atlantic. and only coming to land to breed high up in the rocks of a find holes to make their nests. but no much else is known about their habits. researchers from cape her to have only recently found one of the largest colonies in the world. here on the island of south actual lopez, she's a field technician with project biodiversity, a local organization, and frank to learn more about the species to help save the birds from threats linked to growing tourism. they monitor more than $500.00 nests on the island. they are very, they will, they have like a big deal and they have like i said, i got a woman on the, on the go, i was like, are you believe? and they've been, there is super nice to day. they're out tagging and taking samples from the
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birds. they found an unwilling participant here in the side of the cliff. the bird goes into a bag to help calm it down. first they'll take blood determinate sex. like i would think it's from the faith. you can see like i live in is coming from there the here we clean it for is enough. we big to leave the samples they collect, help them understand more about the birds habits, diet and migration patterns, as well as contaminants they've consumed. that also shows how the health of their environments is changing. feathers also provide some clues, like the change in thing to check like a when, when is the that time of the year later they tend to the feller, and particularly they're feeling well as of toxins build up in the feathers.
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evidence of how many cases the birds are ingesting and therefore indicative of the health of fish populations and our oceans. of course, there's also another way to find out what they've been eating their wound warmer. after returning the bird home safely, it's time to check on other nests. this baby is just 2 weeks old. the only check his parents will have the season. that makes the population especially vulnerable and red billed tropic birds are up against an increasing the dangerous worlds. not far from their nests. taurus soak up the sun and sand construction along the coast, erodes natural habitats and light pollution. disorient the sea birds during the night introduce species like stray dogs prey on the birds. not to mention plastic pollution, which gets into their diet through micro plastics in the fish they eat. but it's
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a balancing act tourism a means more economic opportunities for locals on the island. a project. biodiversity is co directors as human activity is pushing seaboard collies further and further away from their breeding sites. one of the main browser we have with secrets and know what is not a problem. tourist they want to be everywhere. there are some developments that are being blonde to be close to good on the, on the predicted areas near the colonies. so the problem is that is that bringing people close to the cali we're bring again food waste, which means stray dogs again, drugs and etc. or tour is back at the office, preparing samples to send to the university of barcelona for processing, where researchers are discovering new insights by crunching the data he's collected . the team hopes it's findings will lay the groundwork for saving the red, wild tropic bird. and that by understanding their fragile ecosystem will better understand the health of our own worlds.
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nowadays, cyclists are a fully integrated part of many city scapes. clearly designated psychopath safely separated from the rest of the traffic, made many people happily leave that cars at home. in the gym and town of men stem, more than a 3rd of residents get on their bikes every day. there are now bike friendly paths in the city of baylor, a rezoning, in southeast, in brazil, to an innovative in a traditionally college dependent country. for global ideas, our report ab bianca cups hit the streets than to find out more the streets are cordoned off and the new speed limit sign is up. abling therapy, son is a sustainable mobility officer. with an ambitious mission. she wants to radically reduce the flow of traffic in the brazilian city of below. a result
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won't get us back on my for the 1st thing we'll do is turn our blueprint into something tangible so we can start working up the duffel city. the idea is to reclaim the street. that means fewer cars and more kids playing outside. though their numbers are smaller than usual due to the pandemic, a group of volunteers have come to help the street art is intended to reinforce the point in many parts of brazil. a speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour is barely conceivable. my particular point is the badge i've always dreamed of a slow pace you 30, how much one which allows pedestrians and cyclists lie to me about safely or via on a pretty because i saw temper 30 the 30 kilometers speed limit as a way to proceed. the stream with was on the air will be monitored to find out what difference the new speed limit has on emissions levels. ah, the volunteers,
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you sand cement and clay to create st furniture. it's the same technique that was used to build the great wall of china, simple, stable, and sustain and walla of bank getting locals involved in the planning stage. i think was important to abilene clinical pro, vidas based various people took part in the discussions. i mothers who used to space talked about their kids' needs video, audi paypal express, what they needed. it was very interesting because that was such a collaborative process. unfortunately, the new 30 kilometers own includes a bike path which links both the affluent area of santa teresa as well as more deprived surrounding areas with the rest of the city. today, evelyn and her colleague are going on in inspection.
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i love the casa, already slang down also, the scheme is part of a larger scale project called urban pathways. it sponsored by an international climate protection initiative. it's a short stretch, but by forming a connection with one of the main cycle lanes in the city, it offers a viable alternative to driving a car. and always pass along with the cyclists had already been using this rate on a daily basis. but it was very unsafe, aka, this stretch over the viaduct was really important to us with. wants him out of breath, ain't he also sick? lisa, ma'am, i've been a cyclists myself for years or 3 to see my children are 2. and now i have a grandson who is learning to ride. you know, i'm a little on creating a better city for us old resume, almost advisable. ceo bonaza be no reason she is located in the southeastern state of nina, cherish and is one of the largest cities in brazil. traffic here is heavy. brazil
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is a country designed around cars and as one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the world. for years, authorities have been investing in public transport and cycle paths. but of the 400 kilometers of cycle lanes promised. only a quarter of actually been built prompting frustration from cyclists. what that is doesn't drivers aren't aware of what we need it. that bikes are a viable mode of transport age those folks, he. so that's why the creation of psychopaths is important. reviews and it's quite moving to discover a new cycle. paths are not available of you know, over the transformation is almost complete. just a few finishing touches from the volunteers level overall. it's a simple and highly cost effective initiative. evelyn and her team of volunteers are pleased with their work and hope their project can
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serve as a blueprint for others. if we go so, but i'm, i thought i'm really touched it. so i'm very thankful to everyone who helped create this. it requires tie in his work day in and day out. it makes you feel like you swimming upstream together. we did it. i'm thank you very much. any percent? but a guy that i the project has had a far reaching effect. not only has it reduced traffic and benefited the environment, it's also boosted social cohesion, all the more significant during a pandemic. local residents keep the area clean. for those who are involved in the conception of the project, it's especially rewarding to pat the children's wishes have really come to fruition . it was an interesting process and amazing to say how the whole thing became a reality right here in our neighbourhood. the latin says has become
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a communal space more and more people are coming here, which in turn makes the area safer. and that to brings more people here. it's a cycle. so we to focus. there are only a few areas in which a speed limit has been introduced over laws come, it's a fresh way of thinking about public space, alaska. i think the whole city to do with a re thing happening. sa. evelyn has also brought her family along to check out the project. oh please get em. i'd. this is what i work for so that kids can play safely on the street. that's the key. we want people to be able to enjoy public space safely. also, guinasso, it was part of this project may seem small, but it changes perceptions and culture of i'm and that makes me really happy though you said to me 1st release. the success of this project in beetle or resigned could form the basis of positive changes all over the city. and beyond.
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all our reports is have been tracking down. take the snacks again. this time in indonesia, ah shimoda on a multicultural port city on the north coast of java and it has been shaped by european chinese arabic and japanese cultures. and that's reflected in its vibrant cuisine. one specialty can be found by from tomb. ooh. so those takeaways stand lumpy is a kind of sweet or see re spring roll. trees. look p o version was created, went on to him who said those chinese grandfather and his indonesian grandmother combined their recipes more than 100 years ago. now their grandson runs a snack bar and sharing the olympia recipe with us. all
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the room argue that we washing cook the bamboo shoots into the soft at home. then we bring them here and mix them. which trim does that eggs to make the filling? well? doesn't talk of it all goes into a large walk where it's quickly stirred and fried. then the mixture is spread onto a length of go. now they have to work quickly. it's very popular with guests. with produce 500 loopy on weekdays, and twice as many on holidays for i'm a lumpy are served, fresh or fried. the price stays the same with
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ah, before the corona virus pandemic customers used to line up at the stand and eat right here. that the po was served with a save re coconut sauce. today, the lumpy spring rows are only sold impractical to go boxes. yeah, gallagher. madam, every time i go to simmering, i have some of these lumpy. it's famous, a legend to you on a handout issue, a legendary snack with a long tradition. and that, so from us at global 3000 this week, send us an email with your feedback, global 3000 at d, w dot com and visit us on facebook to d w global ideas. see you next week. take care. ah,
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with a war is raging below. what about up here to the international space station, a cooperation between the usa, russia, and many other countries. the violent invasion of ukraine is overshadowing international partnership. is peace in space also under threat to morrow today, off over the next on d, w. o. ah,
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what does war do to people are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers for 2 years. the author accompanies a cell, a fist family in northern syria, insights into the isolated world of radical islamists and into a spiral of violets without end with
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a film about family. faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d. w. o . get ready for out of space on march 23rd germany is mathias maha completed his 1st space woke together with a fellow as to knows despite a few complications the 2 managed to accomplish their mission. but well, the international space station remain in place of global corporation in the future that and more with coming up.


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