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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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clearer as bodies, somewhere their hands bound to discovered in the streets of a keep sub, apparently, evidence of a civilian massacre carried out by russian soldiers. so how much responsibility lies with vladimir putin? i'm fo, gail in berlin and this is the day. ah, what happened? this war v as a war, we were afraid to go out because if they saw you, they would shoot you. these images are not for you, but reality, more video. and we have together all the detail of this, the actual have a war 5 trial. the horrors that we've seen in boucher are just the tip of the iceberg. these are war crimes and will be recognized by the world as genocidal. which when you're also on the day hunger is victor,
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all band secures his 4th election victory and celebrates with a warning to the european union of rocky times ahead. alcorto juice am at all. we have won a victory so big that you can see it from the moon. and you can certainly see it from brussels. ah, welcome to the day laudermill zalinski has accused russia of genocide after the discovery of hundreds of dead civilians in the town of butcher. the v capital keefe . ukrainian president had travelled at the time to see at 1st hand the devastation left behind, and russian troops withdrew. it, condemned the massacre describing it as a war crime. moscow claims the scenes were staged. images of mass graves and of dead civilians showing signs of torture of sparked widespread international condemnation. several a you countries and are pushing for tougher sanctions against russia. our next
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report contains some disturbing images as ukrainian forces recapture territory to the north of cave. reports of what russian troops left behind continued to emerge. civilians with their hands tied apparently shot at close range. dozens of other bodies had been found in mass graves. fishing, missouri for what we seen her pin for you will be seen butcher a horrible images. unfortunately, these images are not from a film, but reality is the terrible reality where civilians are shot dead with hans tag behind their backs. sir bruce middle ground from o. ye cranes proceeded general says more than 400 bodies had been found in town. surrounding keith, president vladimir zalinski,
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said russian forces must be held responsible process of the good go as soon as i call on all our citizens and friends of ukraine in the world, who can join his work and help establish justice to do so. the world has already seen many war crimes at different times on different continents, but it is time to do everything possible to make the war crimes of the russian military, the last manifestation of such evil on earth. as le mars emily, russia has rejected the claims calling. what happened in boucher a fake attack, and yet another provocation by the ukrainian government but people here descried killings by the russians issue. he went to get some road when all of a sudden the russian started shooting when it hit him above the heel, crushing the bone over. and he fell down to jewish. a beauty poem up a deal. all the people who were going to this area were shot. well that we were
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afraid to go out because if they saw you, they would shoot you that a good if, if you're i am so free to talk to you. i mean, i'm afraid they will come back from football, talks worse at to resume between ukrainian and russian negotiators to day. the horrifying images from butcher will no doubt make the hard task of finding a diplomatic solution even more difficult. when he was president, joe biden is one of many international lead as describing the advancing butcher as a war crime. here he is talking to reporters. after arriving in washington on monday morning. mary mcbride, i criticized food crawling through the war criminal bullock years of a matter. so it happened, rufus, this war is a war, but we have to gather the probation. we have to provide you right without weapons ab, thank you the fight and we have together all the detail. so this is actual have a war farm trial. this guy is brutal. as to christine bas xena, who's
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a senior fellow at the german marshall funds of the united states, where she also heads, it's russia task force a welcome to the w. and what's your thoughts on this? given what we've, we've seen so far, walk rhyme or fag images, it's very clear from the the international press presence, for example, that went in to boucher also over the weekend that this isn't a faked massacre and new satellite footage also confirms looking down on boucher where some of the placement of these bodies were odd that this is, if there's other verification of the authenticity of these images and of these attacks. and the gravity of these crimes is really glaring for the international community for the united states for europe. and it
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takes the moral outrage to a new level. so the questions that come next are what to do about it. clearly the existing sanctions and even the craney in a military victories of pushing the russians back are not enough to stop this kind of behavior. so how does the west signal to russia and, and to the russian military to those soldiers who are choosing to make such horrible devastating crimes against, against women against against civilians of all kind that they are wrong. and that's where the new rounds of sanctions that are being talked about for later this week come into play, right? but also the, they're just so horrible. let me, let me just interrupt that because we'll talk about what possibly those functions might be. but what are they full beyond punishing russia?
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is that a consensus about what these sanctions should achieve? because if the purpose is to end this war, people might ask, well, why have by weighted to, to, to turn the volume up to 10 as it were? the purpose of sanctions is a frequent topic of conversation and even today, jake sullivan, and from the white house talking about the potential for new sanctions, was using the terminology of raising the cost of having costs against russia for its behavior. so the, it is important for russia to see that these actions in particular are not only seen and said, you know, that is sad too bad, but they will impose, they will have a cost to russia immediately. there's a longer term question, which is the war crimes piece, which is what president biden spoke about. and many european leaders have, which is a necessity to collect all of this evidence. and then take this to either that
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dental criminal court or a different venue that has not, not yet decided in order to prosecute for president putin of, for these war crimes. that is a longer term process. the question is, what can be done this week? right now that this is clear, what is what, how do you, how do you punish russia this week? right. okay, so what we're talking about potentially extending the functions are already on the table. but however, this war ends in a deal by one side bombing the other to a standstill and claiming victory does russia then just resume its form of position on the international stage on the un security council and go back to business as usual? it's very hard to imagine how after behavior a like this, russia can resume standing in europe or in north america. yet, there are many countries that abstained from voting against russia in the, across the, you know, assembly china is backing russia still right now. and so russia does have
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relatively normal business with a few countries. india, for example, big countries, india. they are yet a derek emerick, china, places that have very healthy economies and that are seeking cooperation. so they are, yeah, i could imagine business as usual, but i b as i find it incredibly difficult to see how there can be normal relations between russia and europe or north america, other global democracies that have taken a stand against russia right now, given these horrific actions the which is the question would sanctions of some kind come down at which point, what would be the conditions necessary in order to normalize? but i think we are very, very far from that. and when you look to russian history, russia has not had a process, poor reckoning with its misdeeds in the way that other countries have in germany.
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the number of trials and decades worth of educational reforms and conversation have led to a kind of social readjustment and understanding about the problems with the 3rd right after the south africa after apartheid, there were truth and reconciliation councils that again, force talking about an understanding the the, the violations that happened, and yet russia, after the end of the soviet union, does not have a policy of looking at the stolen hist, era for prior imperial era. through the various purges and deportations and hunger campaigns and famines and murders and mass arrests. none of that has been denounced truly instead, stalin is glorified by president putin. the imperial history,
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as is glorified and the same are rhetoric of sort of cleansing, society is back and play. so what would need to happen in russia for some kind of future normal relationship is for there to be a societal understanding the unacceptability and that's, that's very clear. i hope we get to talk again, christine busied it from the german marshal fund. thank you so much. thank so let's look at the potential legal ramifications of these discoveries at boucher professor . yvonne mcdermott reese is professor of law. that's once a university in the united kingdom. welcome to the w. on the face of it. if what's been discovered in boucher is what it appears to be, would that be a war crime? potentially? yes. i mean it could even reach that level of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity. so these are 3 distinct categories off
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international crimes. genocide is and is defined as any one of a number of act including killing and mrs. with the intention to destroy an ethnic, racial or religious group in her, in part. so potentially, if it could be shown that these acts were message with the intention of destroying the cranium, people them to check, then that could reach that level of genocide and war crimes. serious violations of the lowest relation to are in conflict. we've seen several potential war crimes, and everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and this would have to be adjudicated by an independent parcel tribunal. but potentially some of the things i think i might reach the threshold of war crimes as do and crimes against humanity if they could been here. these are crime committed against a civilian population as part of the lights, right?
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or systematic attack against a civilian population. and where it all got, would vladimir putin be potentially culpable? ok, and well, potentially, and let's say here ethically we have a trial before the international criminal court. the i c. c seeks to prosecute those who are deemed most responsible. and there are a number of modes of liability that are facing statues of the international criminal court. so these include ordering, inducing, soliciting these claims to be committed. but importantly, i think in the case of that america person, there is superior responsibility. so those who are in charge of an armed forces or others, and bear responsibility for the crimes that they've committed, says where they stand to prevent those crimes from happening or to punish them and appropriately where where they have been commit says ok,
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but we're talking about the law, but we're also talking about politics and if it's war ends in some sort of peace deal, isn't the political reality that the prospect of criminal prosecutions is likely to be bog and away i, unlikely. and politically, i can see the cranium as sides agree into that, but i think legally as well, that's pretty problematic. the idea of i'm the states are serious international crimes. so theoretically, perhaps, you know, we might have some sort of truth and reconciliation commission on this part of that . there might be some agreements that lower level perpetrators aren't prosecuted by, by the ukrainian authority. that might be problematic though, because these international crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and more crimes attract what we call universal jurisdiction . so that means that any country in the world potentially could you could try those
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who are deemed responsible for these international crimes. i think would also be problematic in terms of and the international criminal court. so even if that were, and i come off p, i talks between ukraine and russia and i can see the prosecutor of the international criminal course respecting such. and i'm this day, and i think he quite likely to say it's my responsibility to prosecute those who are most responsible for the most serious international crimes. and that's what i'm going to do. ok, that's very clear. thank you so much for outlining that for us. professor yvonne mcdermott reese from swans a university aah! hungry nationalist, a prime minister victor oberon has won a 4th consecutive term and office is finished party fort off on the lines of opposition. parties in sunday, selection, and effect to regain its 2 thirds majority in parliament. pro government newspapers
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have election winter, victor or bon splashed across their front pages of fort victory. that for some comes as little surprise in these on, but i trust they will be wise when investing the money they stole. despite some pull predictions, the results were clear, the governing party fetus. once again, 12 thirds of the popular vote, or bon supporters partied into the night, celebrating his victory. is lost is an error message to europe is we are not history. we are the future where the opposition alliance was disappointed. challenger peter marquis sees himself as a victim of the pro government media system to the lateral given it should be clear to everyone that the media tip, the scales in favor of fidel stacks, copied us back. there was one big surprise, the extreme right wing party, our home land, made it into parliament,
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shifting the country further to the right. oh se election observer say the election was well organized, but not completely fair because of government influence on the media like london say the effects of orbits latest victory will be felt at the e. u level. the bagger sank of the election promises have to be financed high inflation has to be fought. and to do this we need the support of the e. u as in your own, but it looks like the relationship between hungry and the e. you will continue to be difficult will explore those issues then with as your shana vague from the european university of via trina and the gym city of frankfort odor. she specializes in central and eastern europe and joins us from budapest. welcome to d. w. of this election had been billed as the biggest challenge to victor or benz grip on power. yet somehow he managed to pull it off and with a resounding victory, i do think he did it. indeed,
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the victory was much bigger than anticipated by many of the 3rd. so we again see a su service majority in the parlor. i think there are multiple factors that contributed to this victory. first, of course, there is the uneven playing field that has been influencing elections and have been delivering good results for the governing party over the past several after all cycles. but at the same time, we also see that the strategy of the opposition parties does work for a thing, did not really pay off in the individual electoral districts. so they compared to 2018 actually lost in the amount of will. which means the most likely it has been the supporters of the radical right for the former, or the core i party you will be that was part of because we didn't off will for the
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joint position. they most likely have been voting for the extreme right. or potentially even for the, the thing it's number. right. so that was one of the big issues. it's think, but one of the 1st people to congratulate mister van was the russian president vladimir putin. what we read into that i think, ah, it shows that there has been strong relations between hungary and russia or more precisely between the government and president routine. and there is an intention to hold that up. it may be a response to that balance thing for him. fully see the to be through or has been 1st doing so in the aftermath of the russian aggression again
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ukraine and which we will most likely see to continue in the ok so. so mr. o'brien has a friend in the russian president, but apparently also lots of enemies will listen to a part of his victory speech and then come back to as i do that, i'm of the fish, my dad, my them. and now we have a battle. the biggest forces the left wing, his home, the international left wing, the brussels bureaucrats, all the organisations of the soul rush, empire, the international, mainstream media. and finally, the ukranian president as well. we never had so many opponents legal who can out. okay. so sure, sure. dollar a base, what is victor all bands, the problem with them is the landscape well, there has been collation of clashes between the hungarian government and the
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ukrainian government through the outbreak of the or because foundries, attitude and approach towards ukraine. so hungary has been supporting the sanctions. it was not we doing not blocking you sanctions against russia, but it has been very hard hearted in its support for ukraine as the neighboring countries, the ukraine. it could have allowed director, 4th of weapons to ukraine, but it did not only indirectly and they're in the government. it's very explicit. that is not going to supply weapons. ukraine and in the current situation on their stand of lee doesn't go down well with the grain in government. ok, so we have seen clashes escalating over the past few weeks and briefly if you'd
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mind with this a 4th or ban victory, does anything change in hungry or do we expect just more of the same? we have generally been seeing aah. radicalization auster every. the 3 of the he does go for a month and that is what i would also expect very much. big 3 both in terms of ideological radicalization, shifting further to the right with the extreme right in the story. nothing to go on and in the parliament, it is going to be probably even harder for me. and also we have seen further attack on them. pressik institutions, checks and balances. and i think in this upcoming for all cycle the remnants of democratic institutions will be further effect as well as the remaining tracks.
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what stocks in the country he just encourages in on a vague the european university in trina, thank you so much for joining. thank you. and i will, the war ukraine has prompted many european countries to take steps to decrease their reliance on russia gas and to accelerate a shift towards green energy. but experts say climate action is still not happening fast enough. united nations climate scientists have just released their latest report saying that serious cuts the carbon pollution and needed in the world needs to act. now. the world is hurtling towards a climate danger zone and the options to avoid it of running out the assessment of the new i. p. c. c report is clear, drastic action is needed to avert catastrophic global warming. the un secretary general set the report reveal the litany of broken climate promises. some
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government and business leaders are saying one sing, but doing and others simply put, they are lying and the results will be catastrophic. these is a climate emergency. climate scientists sworn that we are already perilously close to tipping points that could lead to cascading and irreversible climate impacts. climate impact that is leading to more extreme weather events. the world is on a pathway to exceed the $1.00 degrees celsius warming limit agreed at cop $21.00 in paris. if we continue acting as we are now, we're not even going to limit warming to 2 degrees. never, never mind 1.5 degrees, emissions in the last decade were the highest they have ever been of continued to increase. scientists say emissions must peak by 2025 to prevent disastrous climate effects. and that only a drastic reduction will secure a livable future. the big message we've got, you know,
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human activities got us into this problem and human agency can actually get us out of it again on, i think that's the hopeful message that we're trying to get over in this report. it's not the hope, it's not all lost, we really have the chance to do something the world must leave behind the age of fossil fuels. the un says of phase the disastrous consequences of climate change and that was the day as ever the conversation continues online. you will find this on twitter at the w. use myself. amity. have a good ah ah,
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with ah, a pulse. he's the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture information. this is the w. w. naval mines. i want my life back. mm. tanya's escape from
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war. i lost my home in 2014 vineyards with army occupy did to my home town. i lost my home for the 2nd time this month. seem to you because the russian army, i've taken home you great, close up in 60 minutes on d, w o. blue william had a bank on his gonzalez where lion was. ha, if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the tray, but i feel i would not have put myself and my parents in that danger. you caught it . the theme of the for that he was leave, would love on central hospital on the live with him, i had serious problems on
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a personal level, and i was unable to live there with you want to know their story. info, migrants verified and reliable information for my grants. dates with, 0, one thing used to win the work and another thing to recover things to fix. everything was shy. that was what a shame bell. ruth wasn't able to stop putin in 2020. 0. you know from, from in moscow the attitude was we can do that is we can reestablish ourselves ah, with.


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