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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2022 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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national fuel markets being hit by the war in ukraine. you're watching dw news. just reminder of our top story this our ukranian president velasmio zalinski, has visited the city of boucher outside kia where hundreds of bodies were discovered and weekend after russian forces retreated. valencia accuses russia of genocide and war cross. all you news for now. business is next. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah, does m a war and eternity? time. it can be measured precisely. and yet everyone experiences it differently
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as if there are different forms of time time, a phenomenon, a dimension, if we know we won't live forever and illusion about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d, w. ah, pressure grows across europe for harder sanctions against russia after a legit war crimes and ukraine. governments in france and italy talk more openly of sanctioning russian energy imports. germany remains reluctant insisting the economic damage at home would be too much. also on our show, twitter gets a big boost on wall street after ellen musk hate buys more than 73000000 shares. he's now the platform, single largest stakeholder,
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leaving many scratching their heads. and we'll look at one of the dirtiest secrets of the global shipping industry, illegal dumping of oily waste water. i'm seen beers who walk into the program. support is growing in the e. u for sanctions on russian energy imports, following new accusations of civilian deaths and ukraine. french president, man, wilma kron raised the possibility of sanctions on russian oil and coal, louise foreign ministers at monday. the country would not veto any u. sanctions. targeting gas. germany, however, has rejected an embargo on fossil fuels from russia, saying it fears, economic and social disruption. relent, insert is working to gradually reduce russian imports. earlier i asked thomas sparrow and our parliamentary studio, whether there was a sense of inevitability within the berlin government. that some form of embargo was inevitable upset. well, germany has stressed that it is moving towards further sanctions. in fact,
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and i know bab oak, the foreign minister said already that they would tighten existing sanctions. but germany, unlike other e u countries, has stressed that it is not in favor of such an embargo, at least not immediately because it believes that that would harm germany. probably even more that would harm russia. what german officials have stressed in particular, vice chancellor or but havoc is that germany could face poverty, mass unemployment, even a recession if they decide that embargo immediately. so they have basically asked for time to prepare for such a decision. yet at the same time it is important to stress that pressure is growing and growing and growing on germany to really change that stance. and it will be very interesting to see, to what extent germany, which has already had a very important shift in foreign and defense issues in the past few weeks. to what
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extent germany actually moves it at all in this particularly important element of that embargo on russian energy imports over the markets. now he's a vocal critic of twitter and now it's biggest single investor. you on mosque has purchased a 9.2 percent stake in the platform that according to the company, a mosque has complainant. twitter has failed to live up to free speech principles, which could undermine democracy. the twitter has closed notable accounts in recent years for spreading dis information. most notably that of former president donald trump. twitter shares left by 27 percent after the news. let's go over to john's court and now in new york. yearns you on mosque has had plenty to say about twitter in recent weeks. what can we expect of him as a shareholder? most clearly has a complicated relationship with twitter just a couple of weeks ago. must make to the accused. twitter of violating the freedom
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of speech, saying that they're threatening democracy and hinted at starting his own social media platform. so now you might just be, but i think the entire piece of twitter, i mean, not so far, but that could happen in the future as far as we knows, it's right now and pets. if investment, meaning that there is no official tendency of a mask to get a seat in the board or to bring his own people into the board of twitter, but clearly that might change him in the future. what we do know is that mosque in general would prefer it decentralized twitter, so less influence. so what happens on the social media platform? but clearly one of the big questions that what speed also is asking will there be any attention anytime through and that actually masika get the entire piece of
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twitter. and that also translates into the stock price that we thought early on in the monday trading session. quarter, thank you very much. it's a hidden cost of shipping goods internationally by see the creeping contamination of ocean water through illegal oil discharges by container vessels. and it's an environmental crime that goes largely undetected. i'll be w teamed up with lighthouse reports and other media outlets to investigate. this is a ship out at sea with a suspicious trail. most likely, a toxic mix of oily waste water, chemicals, and detergents. cargo vessels produced several tons of this noxious brute every day. it spilled water from the engine room that is supposed to be treated on board and then disposed of on land. but d, w in its media partners have found that many crews don't comply with these
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international regulations with a help of a small pump. the mix is often sent into the sewage tank and then out to see few c, ferris dare to speak out those who do risk their jobs. and ultimately that korea's oh, it is expected of you and ruth silently participated her. pundum ended up with in the night, but it was not youtube, but what was, what are oh, you know, it becomes even easier to either build dumping is the shipping industry's dirty secret? the reasons are financial every delay in this tight margin business costs money. but there is another way to find build will to spills satellites trolling through images, environmental what shock sky truth identified more than $1500.00 potentially illegal
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dumps around the globe over the course of 18 months. it's anna corrina tippins job to catch these offenders. the police officer in hamburg inspects incoming container vessels light up because unfortunately, in hamburg, we don't get information from whistleblowers for us to investigate. that just doesn't happen. what's happening? another problem is that spills quickly dissipate, making them hard to verify. but even if they are no longer visible, the oil drop plates i ingested by marine organisms like plankton fish larvae, for example, of very sensitive to talk. since when exposed to oil, they become deformed. in some cases, it's fatal. whether the pollution lose all the way up the food chain is still being studied. oil is a mixture of several 100 different chemicals and
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compounds. and these are talk 6. and if i know most plans are getting in contact with oil the this is very dangerous. experts all agree on one thing, the less contaminated water ends up in the ocean, the better but with tens of thousands of cargo vessels out at sea, at any given moment, policing, them all is next to impossible. joy. now, by max bernhard, he's a journalist researcher and he's one of the lead authors of this investigation. max, welcome to the show. let's start with the incentives for ships. why do they want to do this kind of dumping? what good is it for them as some time and ultimately also money? so that's the main incentive. there are some studies that say,
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depending on the age of the search and it's state noncompliance can save a company up to $200000.00 a year and operating costs percent. so we say time, you mean time where they don't have to go to one of these ports and dump it or yeah, they either don't have to go to port or have to spend less time in port on is this, can we say if this is a concerted effort by companies, are they telling their ships to do this or from what we found? is this individual ships that are choosing to do this? and it's very difficult to tell ultimately on the practice of benefits the company, of course. but what was the lowest, told us that often the captain is unaware of the crime happening. so this is something that happens in the engine room or away from the eyes of
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a lot of the rest of the crew. but he has to sign a log book saying that it's ok, right? that's correct. so you have to sign the log book. so one of the whistleblowers told us that essentially the captains are also short on time. they just signed the log book without actually understanding what's happening on known ship and the engine room. and confident engineer might also build stuff because they want to cover, cover up a mistake they made, but often can also be faulty equipment hasn't been maintained well enough. ok, so when these companies, when the ships are ultimately penalize, is it the captain who gets in trouble or is that the company or is it both from what you know, that depends on the jurisdiction. so for example, in germany, it's often only the engineers that are fine and defines depend on their income. that also means they're usually quite low. and in the u. s. there is
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a whistleblower system and the company will easily be prosecuted to gather with the captain. and usually also the chief engineers, but the fines are much higher. they can we up to the hundreds of millions of dollars. what do you hope to get out of this investigation? what would you like to see come out of it on i think of for one to raise awareness of this issue. i think most people haven't heard about build something happening. and it does have a quite see fear effect on our oceans. usually hear about big oil spills and maritime accidents, but not about the sort of chronic form of pollution. that's also happening right. max band hard is a journalist and he let this report in to build dumping from ships on sea. thank you very much. thank you. and that's our show for more about
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these and other stories. you can check us out online. d, w dot com slash business for also on youtube under the dw news channel, you can check us out on facebook as well. i'm super busy in berlin, ex watcher. ah oh long concludes your oppression. oh, to agree with the genesis of the conflict in easton with okay. oh, improvement culture aren't $20000000.00
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on deal with a pulse with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's own about the perspective culture information. this is dw and d, w made from mines. oh. and what does more do to people are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers. for 2 years. the author
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accompanies a cell, a fist family in northern syria, insights into the isolated world of radical islamists, a film about family, faith, masculinity of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. o. one thing that used to win the word and another thing, too big of a thing to fix everything washer. that was what a shame bell. ruth wasn't able to stop putin in 2020. 0, no firm in moscow. the attitude was we can do this. we can re establish ourselves ah, with.


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