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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president demands russia is brought to justice president vladimir as the last key calls on the united nations to act now to stop the war after images of an apparent civilian massacre shocks the world, plus help for moldova, one of europe's forest countries is struggling to host large numbers of ukrainians when war. western countries pledge hundreds of millions of euros in 8
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and more than half of ukraine's children displaced by war. millions have been forced to flee from have lost, not just their homes, but their families as well. ah, am abby core of us and welcome to the program? ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has called for urgent action from the united nations over alleged russian war crimes. he addressed a meeting of the un security council after evidence emerged of what appeared to be a deliberate mass killing of civilians by russian troops in the city of boucher outside the ukrainian capital. only a day after returning from boucher ukrainian president to lensky addressed the killings in front of the u. n. e. the russian military search for and purposely
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killed any one who served our country. they shot and killed women outside their houses. when they just tried to call some one who was alive, they killed entire families, adults and children, and they try to burn the bodies. polynesia law. so lensky said, russia must be held accountable for its actions in ukraine. he questioned the inability of the security council to punish russia due to moscow's veto power, the ro, yoga. but we are dealing with a state that is turning the un security council veto into the right to die. this undermines the whole architecture of global security. it allows them to go unpunished, so they are destroying everything they can. now when you best bet, sure. the ukranian president called on the united nations to act immediately stressing their what happened to him. boucher is only one example of frosh and atrocities. are correspondent alexandra phenomena wasn't boucher earlier today and
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she sent us this assessment of the situation there. russian tanks got it by fire at the roadside body itself, civilians lying in backyards, and in the middle of it, traumatize residents grappling with their own horrific stories. that is what we saw in butch out today. we're ukrainian forces us still busy searching for mines left there by the russian army. in goodshaw, russian soldiers stands hughes of terrible war crimes. witnesses speak of summary executions? civilians killed at will. the ukrainian government is urging international experts to come to butcher to investigate. they hope what's happened there will be a turning point in the international response to the war. for more on this story were joined by mads and denies. he's
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a professor of law at the university of oslo and the institute of legal studies professor, welcome to the program. now we're seeing the devastating images out of food shop presidents. lensky spoke directly to the un for the 1st time since the start of this full scale invasion and he wants action. now, what can the us do aside from naming and shaming russia? when it comes to binding measures in the war and peace situations, the authorities with the security council and the security council also resolution passing any of these measures have to have in majority, which includes all the 5 permanent members of which russia is one. which means that russia can be 2 and your solution. this is very similar to the discussion we have today about the insufficiency of the security council is
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similar to discussion. we had around 20012002. and when the united, when the united states wanted the resolution allowing or demanding the nation will be rock, we don't have government. the security council is the best we thought cannot act without all the permanent 5 members of the security council agreeing. or at least not the 2. and that's, of course russia, united states is the united kingdom it's, it's france. and it is china today, the people's republic of china. now it's the best we've got, the un security council zalinski is calling for a reform of that council to not let permanent member russia go unpunished. there have been calls for such reform before. could this war now be the impetus to push for that change? perhaps some kind of mechanism to override
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a veto with enough support for member nations. i think that we have to take any opportunity to reforming the meeting is strengthened the united nations and indeed the security council. however, it's not very likely that countries which today won't action against russia, that they would accept that they themselves should be subjected to any override. and that's the problem that the international lawyers conscious decide something for those to you. ready to punish or for your enemies. you then have to take all them how to locations. and i think that is very difficult. however, with the security council today at this moment in the united kingdom and and from still on security council members with the seed done. and the anita it could be that the should be a seat for the you could be one of the seats. she go to brazil or to a to,
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to india one of the big african states. but they saw there's other for me see where you may have. ready i do not see it is realistic that you will have that you can do way with it or that you could have an override us, as, as you mentioned, not in the, in the normal collegiate body of the country, which is the majority that wants to come see the sanctions against would be complex. that couldn't, couldn't sit in the security council. we did not have such euro. it's not in russia . i think it pretty clearly. it is not something i think it's absolutely clear. i'm afraid that the big countries like the us will not accept neither accept doing away with the or introducing override us. as you say,
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i'm afraid we are not getting any clues to to government, but if we can use what you did to reform and improve. absolutely, excellent, but do not throw away the little we have in terms of the national mechanism for dealing with with war and peace, which is the security council as we have it, it's better than if the alternative is nothing. it is clearly better. it still has its use as professor mads and denies in oslo. thank you very much. here are some of the other stories related to the ukraine war that were falling for a this hour. the mayor of the besieged ukrainian city of mary. opal says the city has become quote, unlivable. he said there was no water, no food, no power, nor medicine. some 120000 people remain trapped. and mary o bull, which has endured over a month of russian shelling allegations of russian war crimes and ukraine have prompted the e. you to propose an import ban on russian coal as part of
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a new sanctions package. the package would ban russian call imports valued at $4000000000.00 euros per year, and would be the 1st e sanctions targeting russia as lucrative energy industry. russian president vladimir putin has said his country will closely monitor food exports to what he's calling hostile countries. claiming western sanctions have triggered a global food crisis. hootin was addressing a meeting in support of the agriculture sector. he also warned western countries not to nationalized russian assets in use, or is he doing one of ukraine's neighbors. moldova is one of the poorest countries in europe, but it has taken in hundreds of thousands of ukrainians fleeing the war. waldo was prime minister was at a donor conference here in berlin today, calling for more international support to help with the new arrivals. germany, france, and romania, along with other countries,
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agree to almost 660000000 euros in aid for the country. the conference is to be the beginning of long term support for moldova, with 40 nations taking part. germany has pledged an immediate loan of 50000000 euros and says more than 659000000 euros have been promised in launched budget support and other financial assistance. if i'll finish no, i like we don't need to just take a deep breath. we need a long collective breath. that's because we know that in the end it's not just about moldova, it's not just about ukraine. it's about europe and about our collective freedom, summer, high height. it's also not just about money. moldova is supposed to get help managing its borders, and more flights or plan to fly out 12000 ukrainian refugees from moldova to other countries. and there's another big challenge: securing alternative energy sources. we are the only country in europe, the gas imports of which are
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a 100 percent dependent on one source. and that is gastro. poland used the conference to call for an immediate import, been on gas and oil from russia. that was also a barb aimed at germany. good andrea, the rebel up there. are we discussing whether a german customer, little or a customer from another country will pay $0.30 or $0.50 more at the gas station? is that really so much in order to stop the suffering and ukraine? so stop him. and francis foreign minister said he would talk with his german colleague about even more sanctions against russia. since rush as invasion of ukraine, more than half of the country, 7 and a half 1000000 children have been displaced, while some have fled with their families. others have been separated from their families or sent away on their own in the hope they will reach safety. their future is being discussed, the e parliament and strossberg to day. it's hard to know what this child has
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been through. he and his dog, along with hundreds of other refugees awaiting to cross from ukraine into poland. every day, tens of thousands are trying to escape war. many of them children are t m and his mother and sister have just arrived in warsaw, poland. he wanted to leave the ukrainian capital, keith, because of the fighting. what he knew i campbell, i was very, very scary. i said to my mother, let's go to poland when she talked it over with my father and we moved to poland lee and came here. once you pretty ugly, for those of us, the un children's agency. unicef estimates that almost 4000000 ukranian children have so far been displaced because of the wall. while most are accompanied by
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members of their family. others have been sent away on their own. malesky would have been up for you 2 weeks ago. my child traveled from keith to france, marcia, and now we are going to see the child. sorry, have a good day. these children are in care. some of them orphans. they've already been evacuated twice because of the war and are now being housed in what used to be a sanatorium in another part of ukraine who is a survey. i'm not worried about myself or those who stay here. i'm just worried about my loved ones who stayed in the don't yet. regionally, and my mother and younger brother are there. my mom i watch love. it appears that no one in this country is safe. these children, along with their mothers, were trying to escape the port city of mary a pole. they got out, but after passing through a rushing check point,
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they were hit by shelling at them. we drove into fuzzy live car, and russian soldiers started to shoot at us at a turning point. pretty risky, william leah. then i saw every one was covered in blood. lucy will have curly europe, hasn't seen anything like this since the 2nd world war. millions of lives turned upside down, creating a generation of traumatized children. you're watching dw news. here's a reminder of our top stories. ukrainian president water mere zalinski has urged the united nations to act now to stop russia's war and his country. addressing a meeting of the un security council, zalinski described the recent atrocities in the city of boucher and called for those behind the killings to be brought to justice. and owners, including germany,
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france and romania have retail, 695000000 euros in aid for moldova following a donor conference in berlin, attended by the malden prime minister, although he is one of europe's poorest nations and his hosting tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees fleeing the invasion of ukraine by russia. dw business is coming up next to stephen beardsley on abbey. court. awesome, thanks for being with us. what does more do to people or hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers for 2 years. the auto companies are so


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