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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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oh ah ah, this is dw news away from berlin, mounting evidence of atrocities in the ukrainian town of butcher residents tell d. w of the horrors they endured during 4 weeks of occupation by russian forces living in fear that they could be the next to die. also coming up ukraine's president demands rush of the, brought to justice. he makes his play to the un security council where russia has a veto power to walk action against the war. and satellite images from butcher
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showed the dead were lying in the streets for weeks. we speak to the new york times about their work to debunk moscow's claims that the bodies only appeared after russia's retreat. ah. hello, i am clear. richardson, thank you so much for joining us. after 4 weeks under russian occupation, the world is gradually finding out the scale of the horrors inflicted on the town of butcher graphic. evidence of killings and torture has emerged since russian troops retreated bodies lying in the streets and piled up in mass graves. but those who survived are now telling their stories. t w's ne connelly visited butcher to hear 1st hand what life was like. the russian armies 1st attempt to take boucher was over in a matter of hours and it ended like this. soon enough,
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they were back and back to stay. for a month, the shelling the shooting barely stopped. those outside us included could only guess what life in future was really like. baba, hollow cushion, they the bang from the explosions went on every day. we didn't know where they were coming from. they were bright flashes of light in the distance. we had the bullets whizzing past, but only dolly, most of the time people had barely dead to leave their homes. their sellers, when they did, was often with deadly consequences. my yes, as strong as it you live. my sister asked her husband to bring her fix the place she was hiding and that was march the form to push that he didn't make it. you will . they shot him just before he got to the house is wooden cool? good. well, had to put so many people died. there was so many bodies just on the street. some had lost their legs, their faces went blue. they were out there that long. overwhelmingly, this woman's son in law's body was only recovered oft ukrainian troops had retaken
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. gotcha. almost a month after he was killed of the victims were recovered by their neighbors, even while the russian military controlled the town and brought him to this church, showed locals told us that more than a 100 civilians, men and women of all ages lie provisionally buried in this pit some just in the clothes they were found in others, wrapped in blankets, plastic nearby, we meant local men who helped to organize the barrels in the churchyard. literally, most people lived their lives, knowing they were being watched through the sites of russian soldiers, guns them. they would just shoot at people walking the streets. also they killed a lot of people because they were so afraid, squarely afraid that any one of us could be ukrainian soldier laws, watch, ready to kill them filled up a game. marie with the danger was just out on the streets this thursday in the morning with i met a group of families who was stuck in their cellar for
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a week. im scott was for see the russians had told them to go down there with their families at the school or were to proceed that they would give them food and water . it should be would be in the middle of the market. instead they threw 2 grenades in that sort of cruelty. when they came out, the men who were 35 to 40 years old, they could barely speak to louis. they didn't even have the energy any more to be afraid. lumala soon caught, this is reports with mass graves coming from ever more places previously on the original me control fear the butcher might soon prove to be false when nicely to the trusty li cranium. president vladimir zalinski has called for urgent action from the united nations over alleged russian war crimes. he addressed a meeting of the un security council after visiting ochoa on monday to lansky sharply criticized the security council for its inability to stand up to russia's aggression. as a permanent member of the council,
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russia has the power to veto any binding resolution, making the body powerless to act against it's war on ukraine. and i asked richard painter, professor of law at the university of minnesota. whether there was an avenue by which russia could be stripped of its un security council. vito, i don't believe that that's going to happen in the united nations. and we have a permanent, that membership of the security council for russia, as well as the united states and, and it's china, france, and got great britain. and it's going to be impossible, i think, to remove russia from that role. and yet, there are many other avenues for addressing russian aggression. there's nato, there is the european union, there's economic pressure that needs to be brought on russia. and it, this may have to happen for an extended period of time. because russia needs to be told they're just non negotiable, that they leave every inch of ukrainian territory,
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and that they make recompense for these agree just war crimes. and i believe the vladimir putin and other russian leaders should face the international criminal court over what has happened here. this is going to be a long term struggle um for democracy and western europe needs to focus on making sure that it is energy independent and is not dependent on russian gas generating clean energy. that's going to be very important because we're, you are in this for the long haul and we cannot be dependent on russia for energy. we cannot have russia engaging in this type of conduct, the serious war crimes with impunity. if the un security council fails to meaningfully intervene here, what does this mean for international law on the whole? well, we've seen this before with the security council being unable to take a snap against the soviet aggression. in the 19 forties and fifties and sixties,
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the invasion of hungry, the invasion of czechoslovakia. we've seen this before and yeah, if the democracies of the world remain resolute in protecting the democracy against this type of aggression over the long term democracy, it can thrive. and in the authoritarian as them can be pushed back, but we must be determined to do that. the un security council was not going to solve this problem for us. russia has a permanent veto and they will use the stop any type of action and security council . we have other means we must use those other means to push back against russian aggression and war crimes that we're seeing today. and you crank professor richard painter from the university minister. i want to thank you so much for taking the
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time to speak with us today until the news. thank you. well, russia denies accusations that it's troops committed, war crimes, in butcher. it claims the bodies found on bushes, streets only appeared after its forces withdrew from the town. but visual evidence contradicts that narrative. the new york times has published satellite images which show a street in boucher and is the 1st image is from february 28th. that before russian troops took control of the town we're looking at now is from mid march when the russian and military occupied chap. now this outlines the bodies of civilians which have been there for weeks and joined now by malika brown from the new york times visual investigations team. thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. how did your team reach this conclusion that the bodies had actually been there for 3 weeks while russia was still in control of boucher? thanks. we began by examining the images of horrifying images of bodies in the
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streets, in basements behind office blocks, under trees, and, and other locations across boucher, once you creating officials and turn of the screws access the town. after was russia, which through just this past weekend, we began by focusing really on the, on the bodies that were scattered across the open grounds and streets. because russia was very quick not to launch an investigation to this, but to deny any responsibility for us. and said that either it was a hoax, or these bodies had appeared there after they had left. and we looked at satellite imagery, we have access. the visual investigations team here has access to satellite imagery divided by plan us labs. and mux, our technology will match ours imagery over several weeks in march to see
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if we could identify any changes on the streets. and indeed, there were dark objects that appeared on the streets at the precise positions along the road for the bodies were found. weeks later, and so we contacted macs or they were able to provide even higher definition imagery on clearer days that showed the bodies remaining there for over 3 weeks. they didn't move. and so the orientation of the bodies was the same. and we could even see that the shading of the close of some victims on the street as well matched satellite imagery with the ground that was captured weeks later. you've been able to confirm that timeline. russia, meanwhile, had said the deaths in a butcher have been staged by ukraine for the benefit of the western media. what other evidence have you analyzed to debunk that kremlin narrative? well, the satellite images themselves are pretty conclusive. you know, they, they are taken from march 9th right through march. those bodies bodies don't move.
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and as i say, they must, physicians just published a video that we analyzed today. again, taken early march, same intersection, jablonsky histories of a cyclists moving along the street, turning the corner and to infantry fighting vehicles opened fire. one of them appears to direct fire at that cyclists and you see a plume of smoke rising from the place that they just walked into. we zoomed in on that footage and you can see again the tire of the cyclist and video firms. again, just this past weekend, 3 weeks later shows a person wearing the same clothes, lying beside a bicycle in that precise position appears to match the person who is fired up by the, by the, the armored vehicles in already march. this is even further evidence of russian forces committing atrocities in boucher why they were in control of this
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very same street, this very same area where for a half a mile further along many other bodies or phones. now we don't know what the story is for each body. you know, there appears to be an impact crater beside some of them. another body has arms bound behind their back. it's hard to say for sure what happened to all of them, but we can see with certainty that russia was stationed in that area at the time that those killings up. and i thank you very much for sharing the conclusions of your investigation. i'm lucky. brown with the new york times. thank you for joining us on the w news. wendy western ukrainian city of living there has always been a street musicians. but now during the russian invasion there more than just entertainment. till you correspondent aman s. f reports from levine, where residents of the city told him the music and songs bring comfort and are a reminder of better times.
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ah, the 2nd time today you read simons and leave. people rush off to find shelter. oh, oh, no. when the all clear is given a different sound is heard, lou street musicians have always been a part of the city. but since the war began, a familiar song means something more. mm. yeah. has i? sure i think street music is exactly what we need right now. because it takes us back to the time before the war, the time when we didn't have problems here, but there was no visually foisy. janna was i should separate. i, one with them was showing that i think it's good because it helps people stay calm, little quiet. it's a tough situation right now. and when you're walking the street and you see
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musicians still singing, gives you a little bit of a, he's lucky sort of thing because i'm talk level block was that she was crying. it was her favorite song. you know, when my husband is not home all day, i listen to this music. they were to listen to that song at home. when i'm deployed equal minima. ah, hers were the only tears in this side. street off of ryan. ok, square lou . even those headed home before the curfew seem to walk a bit slower. ah, you're watching these of your news before we go. let's get a reminder of our top story. ukrainian president volunteers a lens. he has urged the united nations to act now to stop russia's war in his
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country. addressing a meeting of the un security council, the lensky described the recent atrocities in the city of bootstrap, and called for those behind the length to be brought to justice. ah, that is your news update at this hour. stay tuned for the business headlines as coming up next after a short break. don't forget, there is always more on our website. has to be found at the d. w dot com. thanks so much for joining us. ah, so i'm just kinda, i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance as of the what's your story. ready


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