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mind aah! d w made for mines ah ah! this is italy, news line from berlin, surviving boot shop. after 4 weeks of living under russian occupation residence of the ukrainian town describe her d. w. some of the atrocities they've witnessed by russian troops. also coming up, prepare for the long haul nato chief. yes, oldenburg warns of enduring tensions with moscow and a protracted war in ukraine as members of the security alliance meets in brussels.
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ah. hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you so much for your company. ukrainians are evacuating eastern regents government officials or warning leave immediately or risk death. the areas bracing for new russian attacks. these images that we're about to show you are from gerace, near ukraine's 2nd largest city har. keith. people have been boarding buses with whatever they can. the city has already been had by russian artillery authorities expect a full blown assault there, as well as a major offensive in the don bass region. and the warnings come as more evidence emerges of atrocities by russian troops, as they've left occupied areas, did abuse alexander vietnam and spoke with survivors in the town of boucher where
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russian forces appear to have carried out a massacre on civilians. and our next report contains graphic images on the road to boucher burnt out tanks and car wrecks give a foreboding of the horrors. this small town has lived through in a center of future residents came together like every day hoping for humanitarian help to life. food is scarce, here, they say many seemed deeply traumatized while a demure and his mother told me they saw their friends and neighbors to taint and killed by rational forces. couldn't you sigma wichita that they took him a march 7? and as it turned out, he was shot him dead. a day later took a don, you took osley. we found his body only after they retreated. and when actually it that the what yellows we found his body with his fingers broken their party and a shot to the head if they prefer it in the hollow. yes,
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the kicker to little people were buried in the back yard still are in the forest dumbly souza cornelia here in butcher russian soldier stent, accused of terrible war crimes witnesses speak of summary executions of civilians killed at will. the ukrainian government is urging international experts to come to wood. yeah, to investigate the allegations, they hoped that what happened here will be a turning point in the international response to the war. at the ever and of butcher forensic scientists arrived at the spec yards to pick up the bodies of sick civilians discovered their recently authority say they were not killed by a born born messiah, but shall dat and then set on fire. eugene. like only the score, use me shoot in a war. always soldiers kill soldiers. janna out watching it all. they been trained to ha doria and ready to die for their beliefs and ideals. yahoo pulled boost where
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all through a killing civilians. hazard pro fish are yet. i've almost united marie city in 3 color, but you feed him there and government dismissed the allegations as stage anti russian propaganda. but the evidence is mounting, even though a full investigation could take time. time consuming is also the clearing of minds and booby traps placed in the town. ukrainians. troops told us in butcher monuments, there was, as you can see yourself, there are many different types of military hardware here that can explode and threatened lots of civilians over. so we're working on any o which are still has a long way to go before life can get anywhere near back to normal. and we can talk to alexandra. she's back in the ukrainian capital. a key for um, alex, would you describe this as a watershed moment? in the war is that it's at least what so many here in ukraine are
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hoping for. first and foremost, the ukranian president, who is calling on the world on the international community to open their eyes and to see what atrocities the russian army has allegedly committed in butch and in other villages and towns. however, i have also spoken with many residents in kia with her military personnel and, and they seem to be very skeptical. they told me that they are losing their faith in the international community, and they are losing their hope that the world we'll see what's going on here and to respond accordingly. and you've had the opportunity to speak to survivors. what have they told you and shared with you about life under russian occupation? well, what really struck me that every one i spoke with, that all of them had their own story of terror to tell. many of them, of course,
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deeply traumatized. one woman told me that she was held in captivity by the russian army for many hours that she was beaten at one woman told me that her good friend who was a very nice and very kind person just her a walked out with his dog and he never came back because he was shot by russian forces and shot dead by russian forces and all of the stories and you, you, you can just see talking with those people that are still scared. there are still scared that the russian forces could come back and even for me and i cover at a different crisis in the world, is really sometimes difficult to listen to those story stories. why people want to get them out. they want the world to listen. as you know, ukraine has now warning the fear russian military has probably committed, worse atrocities elsewhere. what are you hearing?
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oh, so we have to say uh that the access to those areas at that were retaking by ukrainian army is still quite limited. for instance, we went to butcher at the invitation of the queen and authorities because of course they want journalists to counter them. but you are not able to to get to every single village or town on the outskirts of key of but what we are hearing from borrow deaf copper, for instance, at small commuter, a town near keith. and we are hearing that was one of the towns 1st hit by russian airstrikes and, and many here fear that the death told there could be even higher than in. gotcha, we are trying, we will be trying to get there tomorrow. so many here fear that the whole picture could be even grimma, that what we now know from butcher owns out of our norman reporting from a key for ukraine. thank you so much for ministers from nato countries are
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meeting in brussels to discuss additional support or to ukraine. nader was warning . russia is preparing to intensify attacks in eastern and southern ukraine. you are secretary of state antony, blanket, and nato secretary general youngster. yes. stoughton berg just spoke ahead of the meeting here some of what mr. san berger said earlier in the day about the need to put more pressure on russia. we have seen no indication that the person put in house, so changed his ambition to control or the whole of ukraine on also to rewrite her the natural order. so we need to be prepared for a long haul. we need to support ukraine, sustained our sanctions. and strengthen our her defenses under our deterrence. let's take you now to nato headquarters, or where
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a nato foreign ministers are meeting the w correspondence or schultz is covering the meeting. a terry, what would a long hall war mean for nato? lately nato secretary general young stilton berg told allies that they needed to be prepared for months of war, possibly even years. and that means that these reinforcements have both troops and equipment that have been sent to the eastern plank are probably not going home any time soon. if ever he also warns them this means they're going to need to spend a lot more money on their militaries, possibly more than the 2 percent of g d p. that nato has called for up to this point. now obviously everybody is still reeling from a reports of atrocities in boucher has that at all changed attitudes in nato at nato. certainly it is. it is making everyone even more aware of the brutality of this war leader after leader simply
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expressed their shock. and their hor at what's being uncovered in boucher with the concern, as alexander said earlier, that it may get even worse. but little i have to say, this is not going to change nato's position that putting nato boots on the ground inside ukraine or nato planes in the air would only lead to more death. i know that must be very hard for ukrainians to understand as they continue to call for a no fly zone to stop russian plains from bombing them from the air. but this is not something that's going to change here at the alliance. so that's not going to change. where do we expect nato to respond to keeps demand for more lethal weapons? ukrainian foreign minister to me till kula is here in person to make that that appeal to governments. because nato itself does not send weapons, but it is individual countries that support ukraine. and we have just heard the united states and announce a millions more, a $100000000.00, more dollars,
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and in support for ukraine, other nato allies as well, sending equipment defensive equipment, helping ukraine in every way possible. and i wouldn't be surprised if we hear more announcements like this tomorrow, especially with the very persuasive mr. kula here, telling them in person what's happening on the ground, reminding them that they need help. they're in ukraine. they w correspondence, herschel, so reporting from nato headquarters and brussels. thank you very much, terry. meanwhile, european diplomats are struggling to approve new sanctions against russia. even negotiators still working out the details on a proposal to ban imports of coal from russia. that proposal is part of a wider package of measures which would further restrict trade with moscow sanctions need to be approved by all you governments just like it and, you know, of course on bravo. visual is in strasburg. i asked her why it's proving so
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difficult for you to reach consensus on banning russian fossil fuels. the negotiations have hit the rocks and this should have been according to the ideas and the proposals off the european commission. the 1st step into restricting and finally eliminating energy exports from russia. and so it happened during the talks off the ambassadors and brussels said that they couldn't get on to the same line because it was germany that sort of stuck a spoke is lucky sticking into this folks and just talked about what if we eliminate coal? now what does this mean? does this only concern a current contract? no contracts that are already running, or is this only for future contracts that would make a big difference between that? because those, the contracts about delivery for energy usually run for years. so if it would be
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for future contracts, only, it would mean that russia could keep on exporting coal for the time, for the time being, if it were immediate of if oil for immediate effect, then all running contracts would have to be kept it. the devil is in the details as you see here, a lie, and it's probably not unproblematic politically, that it was germany who raised the issue here because they have been really on the brakes, particularly with regard to energy imports during the last weeks when the sanctions were decided upon step by step arvizo, they're reporting earlier from strasburg, while meanwhile, here in berlin, demonstrators have held a protest demanding urgent action to stop the war in ukraine. hundreds gathered outside the joint parliament n lay down in memory of the thousands of people who have died in the war for testers called for an embargo on russian energy import something germany. as we
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heard a barbara reports, it has been reluctant to do due to its dependence on coal, oil and gas from russia. or earlier today, a german chancellor shall spoke in parliament about russian atrocities in ukraine. and he told lawmakers that germany's goal was clear as muslims at you, it must be our goal that russia does not win the sward us. that is what is behind the mattress. we are undertaking to name with weapons deliveries, even with financial and humanitarian assistance. taking in refugees, lifting all the global sanctions measures that we have a great world wide advice for and on it. and that's little bit of the latest pictures from butcher have shaken us all deeply waters or gotten russian soldiers massacre to ukraine on civilians. their infancy, including children, remain with dog and the elderly. before treating a dimension,
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the cynical assertion made by russia it sooner disco stage it by default spec on those who submitted the slice, head of d and into the mode of civilians. abide is war. crime. malden, fancy resistance is antiques for pleasure. you watching it. every news why from rural land dog film is up. next, we're to look at ukraine as ground 0 in a proxy war between east and west. i'll see tomorrow. take your time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time with the dimension and illusion. about time starts april 14th on d, w. i.


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