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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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and yet, every with, as if there are different forms of time. time, a dimension. we know we won't live forever. and about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d. w. you're watching d w news asia coming up today after 2 long years. japan opens up the country and begins easing entry restrictions, allowing up to $10000.00 people to come per day, though not for everyone, will take a closer look. and everyone seems to be getting into an f t 's these days, including taiwanese puppets, will explain what's happening at the intersection of digital art and crypto currencies. plus is just the start of spring,
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but parts of india are already facing a serious heat wave. how are people staying cool? ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us, japan. we'll finally begin easing kobe to travel entry restrictions friday for $106.00 countries. although it remains closed to tourists. tokyo has shut its borders since the early days of the pandemic. back in 2020, you may recall that it even hosted the olympics without any foreign visitors, save those athletes and coaches participating in competition. now some business and student travelers can come for more. we have zachary lee out of our east asia beer l. zach. bring us up to speed. what has japan's experience been like with cove at the last 2 years?
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yes, melissa japan has been successful in keeping the local coven infection res low in the past 2 years compared to western countries, even during the tokyo olympics last summer, infection number only collette for some time. last february, however, jump in face. the biggest wave of covina in case is caused by the army con variant by the rate of infection and death. i'm much lower like most of countries in the world. did i show later they tow in japan is 28400. 62 and a cumulative number of covey cases exist. point 8000000 is unclear. what a cuts for japan starts is in fighting. the virus must, as per critical publics embrace of public health conditions with high vaccination rates, nearly 80 percent of the population has received at least 2 shots in mall in 40 percent have 3. now this doesn't appear to be a full opening. for example,
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japan is not yet welcoming tourists. why is that true? while most of the countries across regions are re opening borders to a tourist, japan continues to turn them away and it's no rush into any changes as actually because japan is politicians and the public have maintained a more casual approach. and with the import impala mentor election coming up in july, japan, political leadership is unlikely to do any fin, let my endanger their parties chances of winning comfortable majority, which is of course risk in a rise in current various cases by re opening the country to tourism and has this closure of its borders had much of an impact on japan's economy the last 2 years. you talk about the upcoming politics for sure. a japan span international tourist has caused some local economy. they have come to rely on
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guests from for re countries. for example, sky resort, spies, the spot towns or tropical islands fall from the beaten path. have all found itself in dire financial straits, shutting down to country a tourism industry, likely coach japan at least 19000000000 years tall in 2020 alone. this is according to a study by a professor in confined university. wow. well, that really thank you so much for joining us. tie one's longest running, traditional puppet television show is creating non fungible tokens are and f t's to help bring their art form to new audiences and hopefully to make money. and if t's are a certificate of ownership in the digital world, we'll get more into that in a moment. but for now, check out the puppets going digital. bringing the drama, this puppet vanquishes those in fantasy realms. now its creators wanted to conquer a whole new universe. the n f t market place that they the sort of an
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imagination everyone nowadays has for the online world is developing so fast that we're almost unable to grasp it. so we've decided that instead of sitting by the sidelines, typically the best approach is to jump straight in a digital future for an art form with deep roots in tie ones past a centuries old tradition that 1st arose on the streets. now each production is a sophisticated enterprise, the studio hopes and f t versions of their puppets. we'll draw in new foreign fans . now we'll make sure that we're already a stand out on this platform where we can sell more than 30000 n. f t's in a matter of seconds means that there's real potential to play a woman. it helps us expand internationally your needle and expanding profits and a t sales have brought in 1000000 euros. the pupil production house has thousands
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of characters and complex story lines amped up with martial arts battles. similar the n f t brand manager says to marble, comic films, all people that she's, i go all. healy is the same as marvel and that it's story. structures are very complete surveys on one. for example, they have a lot of heroes on top of that, the western market actually really like our marshall archie road. really, those will come through and so on. douglas, it's through health insurance. hopes are high that and a tease will be a smash hit and fans will want to own one of their own. to tell us more about nf t's we have d, w 's resident and f t and crypto currency expert michelle stockman in the studio. michelle, we just explained a little bit just now what an f t r, but can you tell us a bit more and how it's connected to crypto currencies?
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normally you would by and and of t with crypto currency. so let's say one of our viewers wants to go by an, an a t 1st. you would go and take your fia currency, whether it's dollars or euros, or repeat, and go to a crypto currency exchange and convert it into crypto currency that you would put in your digital wallet. then you would go to an, an f t market place that's online. something like open sea is a really popular one. you'd connect your wallet into there, and then you would be able to browse through all the different collections and select the and if you want and bid on it. now anyone in the world can still see that on a t. they could even take a screenshot of it, make a print out, put it on their wall, they could tweet it out and say this is mine, but in theory, you are the one true owner of it because you have a digital certificate that's stored on block chain which is that public digitalized ledger that exists on a network of decentralized computers around the world. and any changes to it can be easily detected. it sounds like a lot of steps. so we just saw this company in taiwan,
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so are planning to sell and f t 's and taiwan is a very high tech place of the world's most advanced semiconductors are manufactured, they're tell us a little bit about the scene. well, the global craze around entities really took off last year and 2021. and taiwan. yes is among the 1st adopters. so you've got mainstreamed celebrities like pop star, j chow who have a really great brand. and they have another revenue stream. now he has endorsed something called a fam to bear, and this and of t dethroned what used to be the most popular one for got ape club. oh yeah. i know that one. yeah. i'm doing incredible trade, but also taiwan is among the areas that is trying to make it more user friendly. as we said, there's a lot of steps deal to purchase, an entity tie one, yahoo is launching its own an a t store so that people can just simply pay with a credit card for an end of t really reducing the barriers to a mass audience that would definitely be the option i go for. okay,
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so beyond taiwan, what else are we seeing in asia? well, if you talk to a crypto currency enthusiasts, they're going to say the surge is going to be this year. everybody is going to be going for entities, but you know, it's in the interest of crypto enthusiasts to say that it's really hard to pinpoint the actual data. countries aren't really tracking that at this point. but there are a couple indicators we can look at that do suggest that there is a rise in interest in entities arise an ownership, for example. there's a firm called chain analysis. they do block chain analytics and they looked at the web traffic relief. oh, hello everyone. i am layla, iraq. thank you so much for joining us. welcome to the w news and our special live coverage shirt. germany's a chance all of schultz is in london for talks with british prime minister boris johnson with the war and ukraine. top of mind. it's mister schultz, his 1st visit to london as german chancellor. the leaders are expected to discuss
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a tough sanctions against russia. and is president lampoon and the press conference is just gotten underway. let's take you there live and station in easton, ukraine shows the depths to which putin's once vaunted army had sunk. at least 39 people killed and dozens wounded on a train platform, crowded with women and children. it is a war crime indiscriminately to attack civilians and rushes. crimes in ukraine will not go unnoticed or unpunished. germany and the u. k. also share exactly the same conviction that putin must fail in ukraine, which is why we're working together in the g 7 to toughen our sanctions and target every pillar of the russian economy in order to cut off funds from his war machine
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. the u. k. and the e, you have announced new sanctions this week and just to day we in the u. k, have imposed a new asset freezes and travel bands. we will also agree on the importance of winning ourselves off dependence on russian oil and gas and ensuring that our energy security cannot be threatened by a rogue state. this is not easy for any of us, and i applaud the seismic decisions taken by o laughs. government to move germany away from russian hydrocarbons to day we have agreed to maximize the potential of the north sea and collaborate on energy security and on renewables where germany in the u. k. lead the way in new technology. we cannot transform our respective energy systems overnight, but we also know that putin's war will not end overnight. that's why britain and
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germany have joined dozens of allies to supply ukraine with defensive weapons. last week, the u. k convened a donor conference, which raised weapons and equipment for ukraine worth over 1500000000 pounds or 2500000 items of military kit. to day, i can announce that the u. k. will send to further 100000000 pounds worth of high grade military equipment to ukraine's armed forces. including more star streak antea craft missiles, which fly 3 times the speed of sound. and other 800 anti tank missiles and precision munitions capable of lingering in the sky until directed to their target . we will also send more helmets night vision and body armor on top of the $200000.00 pieces of normally full military equipment. the u. k. has already
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dispatched, but oh, laugh and i agree that our 2 countries and our allies must go further and provide more help to ukraine. the europe we knew just 6 weeks ago, no longer exists, putins invasion strikes at the very foundations of the security of our continent. but his ambition to divide us has demonstrably failed. on the contrary, he has succeeded in uniting europe and the whole transatlantic alliance in support of ukraine and in strong solidarity with each other. putin has steeled, our resolve sharpened our focus, and he has forced europe to begin to rearm together, to guarantee our shed security. britain and germany will work together to ensure that our armed forces are fit for the future,
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including with our joint effort to manufacture, state of the art, thought sir armored vehicles. we will hold a joint cabinet meeting between our 2 governments. within the next year. our defense ministers will meet before the nato summit in june, and i look forward to joining you oh, laugh at schloss elmo. for the next g 7 summit, we face the new reality crated by putin's invasion. i know that britain and germany will meet this challenge together as passionate advocates of democracy and freedom and both committed friends of ukraine. thank you . every you out. a thank you ladies and gentlemen, dea boris. thank you for having me. in 10 downing street. we both have met quite often the last days and weeks and 2 will be half font, much more than the last time we met worse in brussels and nato and g 7. and i'm
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very happy that we now have the chance to discuss together here. this is good on vision lisa conductor and log out and did that side also talking as good as playing . and she drank these days also to here in london and a very pleased that we have the opportunity to have a personal exchange here in london. all your sites would have been maha, we have had so many meetings over video links and telephone links between the participants were c, g, 7 members and at the possibility to meet as of progress germany. and you may have been friends and allies one long time ago. to stay the allies, although or friends decide at some while ago not to continue being with in the european union, germany and u. k. others got strong and close partners at allies also that so in view of the task cited tasks ahead, we're looking with horror to what's happening in the east. the attack.


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