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i certainly don't believe that the german chance or any, any nato leader has any intention of engaging in indirect confrontation between our countries and, and vladimir putin. that's what, that's how putin wants to portray this. that is not what this is about. this is about an illegal, a barbaric attack, a by russia on a totally innocent people that we are trying to help to protect themselves. that's . that's what, that's what's going to say one thing, one thing i also, but your, your question about the amount of, of cash that has gone from a, from, from europe to, to pay for russian are all in gas and compared to the, to the, i just don't get a bearing my, the huge steps that are the, the you are already taking that a laugh and the germans are already taking to, to move away from a, from all gas in the dependency has been massive. it's clearly been something that
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other than i moving away from very, very fast, i think my middle of 2024. as i recall, a germany is going to start using a russian gas, which is quite extraordinary. and that is going to be done through, through technological change and, and, and progress. and we want to work together, or with germany, to, to achieve that. yog blank dpa c o. m, and a far as the biter. and she goes to the 2 of you in the latest config, chancellor and the prime minister on fair enough to talk in concrete terms about the supply of weapons. are you willing to send tanks to ukraine and the question to chancellor of the ukraine. they asked for moder armoured vehicles to be provided one per day. the would be already enough. they
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said, why wouldn't you send these weapons to ukraine? yeah, i think i tried to answer the question before, what would i mean principal willing to to consider anything by way of defensive weaponry to, to help the ukrainians protect themselves and their people. i think it's important that we should be giving equipment that is genuinely useful and that is operable by a, by the ukrainians. that's our, that's our consideration. those as, as i'm sure you saw either was a delegation or from ukraine, from the ukrainian or defense ministry here in, in the u. k. yesterday, looking at a what more we have to offer on that of our actually. so i can answer directly before we make an effort to hold and sandra weapons that i helpful and can be tailored easily. this is what we did in the past, and we're going to continue doing this in the future and the success. and at the time we had asked us, but ukrainian army orphans and to has shown up their back,
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goes to show that it will. these weapons were very effective, the top feeder anti tang weapons and other weapons engine. we need to see that what can be used to effectively and these are very technical questions indeed. thank you. jason grades daily him out. thank you for his only domestic fun. did you know that we should have to wife was an old dom yourself a report today that people close to you? people in number 10 have been briefing against the child support. would you say to them or they speak in your name, or does he have your full support on this issue and chose a shelter? i heard what you said about russian energy. if you will know that germany sending huge amounts of money to russia for a few moments when you see those, it forces in you claim when you hear it may have of key. if talk about blood money,
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do you feel a sense of shame over that? his appointment is to vote that you're planning to end gas in commercial by 2024 j to not let me, let me say i think the answer to your question or number one, know number 2. if there are such briefings, i think that they're certainly not coming from us in, in number 10 haven't has where they all come from. and number 3, i think the answer is emphatically, yes. i think that richie is doing an absolutely outstanding job. thank you for your question. it is clear that we are having a big job to do to get independent from the imports of false i resources and this is mostly above coal, oil, and gas. and as you know, we are working very hard to be successful. this in the case of colon, i, during this year in the case of gas, as i said, it is absolutely necessary that we built the infrastructure for being able to do so
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. it is not feasible to get gas instead from russia to day, from other places in the amount we needed. and this is the same with most of the other countries in eastern europe or also in the south. so it is a big investment into infrastructure and, and not just the question of finding new suppliers on other places of the world which we are doing and which we are working on. it's also the question how we can get this gas to our country because it's not, it's not helping, if it's somewhere in the ship, it needs to be transported. and this is something for engineers and for investments, billions of investments, and we are doing it. this is why we are quite a we are, we're optimistic that we will get rid of the need of importing a gas from russia very soon. and as the prime minister said, come talk,
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we are working tough to, to be successful. let me also say that the miscalculation of protein is something that is really bothering him each. the more he knows the sanctions regime is working. and this is also on financial sec sanctions against the central bank. for instance, the outcome of this is that he is not able to use the money he, he put in his storage is on his accounts. it was, it was a huge mark of money which could serve him for a long time, but he is not able to get to all this resources for financing his war. and this is why i was sanctioned, on certain banks and also on the central bank are so successful and so necessary to be very clear. but he is also bothering about his mistake because when all the countries in europe and many other places that are fighting for democracy and
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supporting ukraine, are taking decisions similar to germany. this will have an impact on this economic expectations. because if the war would be over, no one could believe that we would stop our investments, that we will stop our view to other countries that could generate the necessary supply. and this is in the case of his economy, a very, very dick big damage. because if you understand that he is not having industrial sectors that are really earning money from exporting to the rest of the world, it is a problem if his chance to x to export gas, all called sober uranium and all the other things to other countries is not that successful any more. he has a problem for the development of his economy. and we were also tough on other aspects. for instance,
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high technology goods. we are working on being more precise and disputes and questions of i, t and software. and all these things together will make it impossible for him to develop his country to an economy strength that make, give him the chance to be competitor on one markets with other countries that are more successful india economic spectrum. and so i think we are tough and we will be successful with what we do. thanks very much. oh, laugh, i'm hiker bruiser from the art from audio legacy. i'm either as quickly as if i the announcement isn't even my question goes into the 2 of you prime minister and john star, do you have plans to travel? took care of yourself in order to show your solidarity with ukraine and other may be already concrete plans. the french president is being criticized by poland for instance, because he has telephone talks with put in on
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a regular basis. now the question goes to the 2 of you, is it worth while to have talks with put in these days? and how do you stay in contact with the russian president yourself a good. thanks. hi, go, let me, let me, let me just say i have a festival that i last spoke to putin as shortly before the invasion. and i, you could imagine type of conversation that we had. he said he had no such plans. i said that it would be a catastrophe for russia if he, i went ahead as well as the catastrophe the for the, for the wider region of the world. and i say it has. so it has proved that the last time i, i spoke to him. i've got to say, i think that i'm negotiating a with putin does not seem to me to be full of of promise. and i don't feel that
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he can be that that he can be trusted. that's not to say i don't admire the efforts of people who try to find the way through. but my own view is that i am deeply, deeply skeptical. and i'm afraid, cynical now about a by his assurances and expertise hargrove. thank you very much for this question. susan says that the number that criticism is it under the clubs against the french president is unjustified to a state that very clearly was very committed. and in his talks, he had it with a ukrainian president. and in the talks, he had it with the russian president zine, but he tries to make contributions salsa by having an opportunity to bring about a ceasefire. and i felt supporting as the withdrawal of freshman. so for the troops, i have an regular exchange of use with the french president as i do with president
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biden and many others, it's very, very clear that we have a very clear positions. the ones to negotiate about ukraine are the ukrainians themselves. there is nobody else who talked to put in there. okay. and who could replace ukraine? hold on, take deposition of fish to support their position, to exchange information and to pass on information about use of the opportunity to tell the russian president what the situation really is like. because this has been forgotten to talk about the real number, shut me off, killed russian soldiers as a you all smell tremendous repercussions on the russian army. you see the destroyed with weapons that can be long, can't be used any more. it's all for honeycomb can be informed about the fact that his plant invasion didn't work out the way he emission it to be in. all these are things that you probably wouldn't be informed about by his own sir,
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if others wouldn't. with that, and it's also important to get back in time time again to what you want to achieve in the very 1st place. and what we have to achieve is to have a cease fire. a withdrawal of troops tried a situation where ukraine can decide about their own destiny. this war to come to an end to state. all these is remains necessary in this situation. what everybody can be rest assured on is that we align our activities very closely as we have done, as we continue doing. and what i said in the very beginning to whole, it's still cleaner about the ukraine. it's only ukraine who are going to negotiate the board ukraine, and nobody is going to replace them. but we are going to support them, strengthens them and contribute to their negotiation position and being a good one embassy. we do so by providing military support, financial support, and her by what we do. yes. and to maybe also oil that
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support with a travel to key f, where we're going to inform you about trevor plants of ours once we helped set our tardy part as to what you were trying to help her. i'll jump friends to add to take more refuge jesus as well. ah, said pain out of financial times. thank very much communist i. i change the show to what would you say to those who argue the stability view of demand, an embargo on russian energy demands. and that germany should accept the economic price of that, just as it demanded. southern european members pay the price, june sovereign debt crisis, and during a meeting of e fondness on monday, why are you not discussing an oil embargo and prime minister? and there's been reports that chancellor wishes to not held a green card while he was a government minister at duping it's acceptable for manual government to have us green card. i believe you were. yes it is. and he gave it up at one point as well.
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and, and given that you've talked about european secuity in unity and purpose, can you now loud triggering article 16 of the norman unopposed to called, given the situation. thank you. thank you for your question. i answer to your question already. oh, thanks very much. um and i said, i'm sorry i have to pass by you this morning just just to say look on on the on that issue as the, as i understand it. so the chancellor has done absolutely everything he was required to do. and i, i, what is your 2nd question? and it was to the article 63 are the 16 a well, that we have, we had a discussion about this as you can expect. i of it came up. i
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think i raised it was that it was entirely predictable. and i don't, i did the almost a seamless harmony that you observed between britain in germany at to day. i would not what i would, would not wish in any way to interrupt by, by going into any any further. but what i will say is that i did talk to question, would we take that off the table of the use of our sales team? and though clearly not there is a, there is a problem, but i think that the there is, as, as i hope has been clear from, from the conversation. and from what you've heard from a lot, lee today that we are, we are really, really very much united on our, on virtually every other issue was suzanne abner of r and d u. and yet, so i'm, i'm in
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a sad phones concert. so my question goes to both of you can western sanctions at ever be really affected by kansas like india and china clinton, you business as usual with russia? suzanne, i think the it's a very, very important question. i think that the answer is that yes. are western sanctions, our candy, and as olaf said in his earlier remarks will be increasingly effective. and i think that they will, they will, the long term as do more and more a damage to the economic prospects of a putins regime. and that doesn't mean to say we don't want other friends and partners around the world to do more. and i think that for, for china, there's a very interesting question to be addressed. and that is whether the are they
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really want to be associated a closely or with what is being done in a, in mary apple in, in butcher it with whether they really want to be associated with in any way, condoning, or, or in any way supporting either the regime of, of that a, me, a putin, i think as, as the days have gone by, or that question has become increasingly difficult. a fur for china. that is, that is my impression. mister thornton. well, you got it against him. and i would like to add some, as is actually the thing the sanctions that were imposed has of the economy to have a tremendous impact on the economic, on the options to develop for russia. and it's not the case isn't thorn again. and that these sanctions can easily be circumvented when it comes to technical product . fact of the matter is that an officer in what's on
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forced that the technological tools head way, the goals and innovative headway of those countries who impose these sanctions. it cannot be easily replaced by other countries. this goes for many of the activities that we carry out in the field of high attack is until invoked, which is why these sanctions ah, effective even though not every country tops would go along with it. but we encourage countries to go long to get to join them. and we also encourage not to circumvent these sanctions in a very direct manner. and i believe that this is also going to deploy a lot of effectiveness. thank you. everybody. thank you very much. thank assurance . thank you.
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of our viewers, just joining us. so welcome to the w. news. british prime minister bush johnson and german chancellor olive shoals just finished speaking after their meeting in london, the prime minister, the british prime minister, say we face a new reality created by president putin. and the chancellor was pressed numerous times on germany's reliance on russian energy. we've got team coverage for you in london downing street. did you show that chelsea bill is standing by and with me here in the studio is city to use it chief political correspondent, melinda crane. i don't know if we can go to charlotte outside, and if not, let's start our conversation with melinda, who's with me here in the studio. we saw 2 european leaders putting up a united front. that's definitely true. there were very warm words spoken by boris johnson. he talked about the fact that essentially the 2 are indivisible, that he commended chancellor sholtes a number of times for his determination and,
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and the major changes that he has made. so to all, for all appearance is a very warm atmosphere, very warm. and i understand that we can go now to downing street to charlotte chelsea an appeal. charlotte, if you can hear me, let me know. the u. k. prime minister says that the president who has forced europe to we arm is, is one of the unintended consequences of this war, closer ties with post regs at u. k. and the, you i, yes, i can now, hey you. and just to reiterate, that will melinda was just saying, what was really on show that was a very close unity between gemini embrace. and in fact, prime minister bars johnson said that friendship has become even more vital since the conflict in ukraine. he was speaking there about all the issues on which gemini and the u. k. ah, unified i,
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he also had very one words for the german chancellor and the measures that have been taken so far on weaning gemini, of dependence on russian energy. and indeed, the steps that all planned by germany going in to the future just because you mentioned breaks it, that it really did form a very small pause. oh, of that press conference. it was dominated by the conflict in ukraine bought the prime minister said that he didn't want to go into too much detail on breaks it because it would in essence he said, a ruin the seamless harmony between germany, the u. k. on almost every other issue, a seamless harmony words to remember charlotte, while i have you want to put another question to you, the prime minister committing to sending more arms to ukraine? absolutely. that was a new announcement today. and we were expecting another announcement from the u. k, on weapons that he had. premise devoris johnson, that the u. k was into feather 100000000 pounds worth of
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a high grade military equipment to ukraine's armed forces. that includes another $800.00 anti tank missiles at the prime minister said he was asked whether the sending of ukraine risk to escalation. i risk antagonizing, in essence, the question was russia on that he said all that the u. k. seeking to do is to help the ukrainians to protect themselves. that new announcement today that on top of the defensive alms that have been sent, say for you 100000000 pounds worth of high grade military equipment. i. thank you so much. charlotte, melinda. interestingly, the chancellor said that our strategy is to inflict dramatic costs on russia and his decision to launch this war in ukraine. but the not touching the energy question and he took some very tough questions on that. one of the questioners pointing out that the e u has sent a total of 36000000000 euros. i believe it was to russia paying for energy supply
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since the war began, and only 1000000000 to ukraine. he did not rise to that bait nor to other questions when he was asked whether he's ashamed. in many ways, he gave what amounted to somewhat technocratic answers, saying we can only win ourselves off of russian gas when we have in place the infrastructure facilities to take gas liquefied natural gas from other sources and re gas, defy it, and get it into our gas. grid, and that's going to take quite a bit of time and investment, which is essentially the same answer he gave when he was asked about supplying heavier weaponry, he said we're doing what we can to supply weapons that are available and easily deployable. and it seems that many of the heavy weapons that ukraine would like to are difficult to get through the bureaucracy surrounding the german defense procurement system. the tanks that are available would also have to be essentially
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brought back up to speed the ukrainians would have to be trained and using them, which is why in between the lines he's letting us know that these requests for heavy weaponry, essentially pose in many ways a bureaucratic problem because they're not easily deployable, but that answer is not going to go over well in ukraine. why is the chancellor not doing more to cut the red tape? that undoubtedly is the question they're asking and keep less elaborate a little bit on that. if, if, if we can, because yesterday, the ukrainian foreign minister who was at nato, basically said, you know, germany is dragging its feet on, on several issues when it comes to the energy question. when it comes to the arms issue. a kind of reminds me when he was pressed on north stream to in the, in the run up to this war where he kind of refused to use these words. but then there was that seismic change. do you foresee maybe a development where you know he's avoiding it now, but maybe we could see a change. well, germany moved on coal. it is now part of this,
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you wide embargo on coal, the chief foreign affairs representative for the you, mr. barrell said today the oil embargo is the elephant in the room. it is still being discussed. perhaps there could be movement on that by germany if for example, we see additional devastating images like the ones from boucher boucher. i think germany will try to delay the gas question as long as it possibly can, but if they're not going to do a gas embargo, i think there's a lot of pressure for them to move on heavy weapons and supplying heavy weapons. and that undoubtedly is a matter under discussion, but again, we haven't seen clear movement. what we do know is that a almost a majority, 45 percent of germans say the government isn't doing enough. so public opinion is shifting final thoughts. will public opinion make a difference here more then? for instance, the business communities hold over the government?
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well, certainly on the issue of the gas embargo, the business community has found a big year in the government. however, the green party and the foreign minister of germany is a member of the green party that economics and climate minister as well. the green party is not satisfied with the position on provision of heavier weaponry. and we may see pressure on the chancellor coming from these junior coalition partners, but i think the perception now not only in ukraine, but amongst many allies, is that germany, it got off to a fiery start on february 27th with the chancellor speech in the bundle talk, but it hasn't delivered action to back up those words. and there's a lot of questions being raised both here at home, as well as abroad to melinda crane, our chief political editor, a joy speaking to me here in the studio and a short time ago. there she is, a show chelsea pill standing right outside downing street. thank you very much both
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for your team coverage. and with that we conclude our special life coverage of the press conference between chancellor schultz and prime minister johnson. i forgot his name. i thank you so much, will be back at the top of the hour with ah, with
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