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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a deadly attack on civilians, flame war torn ukraine. at least 50 dead and dozens more wounded as missiles strike, a pack train station. you cream, condemns it as another russian war cry. you chief or so a funder lion tells president little dinner zalinski. she'll speed up ukraine's bid to join to you. she also sees for herself a mass grave which shocked the world. ah,
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i'm aaron chilton. welcome to the program. we begin with a russian missile attack on people trying to flee eastern ukraine. authority, say rocket struck, a crowded train station and craft my thoughts into the net screeching. hundreds of people were waiting to board trains to safety there. at least 50 have been killed in dozens more wounded. ukraine is calling it yet another russian war. crime. me while the leaders of france and germany have condemned the attack, the white house is described as a horrific atrocity. mm. scenes of tonic and destruction in easton, ukraine streets littered with smouldering debris and the bodies of dozens killed. the governor of damascus said at least 5 children are among the dead. after several rockets hit come a talk station on friday,
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edward speaking to the finished parliament, president vladimir landscape condemned russia for striking, cleared civilian targets. they hit yup. with little foolish. i will start with what happens this morning when you write russian forces hit the train station in our city of cremmit tossed an ordinary train station with ordinary people, cannibalization. there were no military personnel there, and there were people who are waiting for a train to get to a safe territory where moorish and forces hit them with military may files. would that over again to me or lose the criminal has denied the employ. this type of projectile, but ukrainian military officials said they've been used throughout the wall on a visit to london to meet british prime minister boris johnson. german chancellor, olaf sholtes, never called the attack. atrocious. pleasure. after welcome you. the bid at the
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veils will be images we have seen from bushels here from mario, paul. and for many of the places, the dramatic attack we have been told about to day too. it shocks us, and we must say here in clear terms. it is a cruel, cruel wall. loudon von gazette that goes on. as the sun calls on my creek, around $4000.00 people were thought to be at the station. they came with their pets and personal possessions, hoping to escape the worst hazards of wall european commission. president ursula fonder line has been in ukraine. she sent there a strong message of support, including for tiers bid to join the european union on their line, met president vulgar zalinski, where she also us. and she also visited the mass, grave and butcher, which shocked the world. the you chief, had a clear message with the people of ukraine. i started my day to day with
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a visit to russia because being in good chance, seeing what has happened, you can tell that our shoe manatee was shattered in boucher and it is right. and just that the world has voted to suspend russia from the human rights council. it is a war, yes, that russia unleashed against an innocent ukraine. but it's much, much more than that. on top. it is these big questions that will be decided in this war. so your fight is also our fight and i'm here in kiff with you today to send a very strong message that the european union is by your side. we stand by your side . this is the message that you have. a lot of me, i want to bring to you, but also to the ukrainian people did have you corresponded alexander norman has been following the story for us in chief. she told us about the latest you support
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for ukraine. what was left on the line had in her luggage was a 5th sir. package of sanctions, including a ban on coal imports from russia and other measures of this is of course not enough from the ukrainian perspective. they would like, for instance, to see a total ban on energy importance, all energy imports from russia. however, we also have to acknowledge that those sanctions imposed by the european union against russia are taken altogether the toughest to measures that the european union imposed against russia ever. so that is also something that we have to acknowledge and to award, sir. it was the law from the lion didn't bring to key. it was a concrete perspective, a concrete date for a potential you membership of ukraine. however, what he, what she brought and handed over to zalinski was a questioner. and so she said that the european commission is going to help ukraine,
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answer all the questions, and then they will make a recommendation. and we can expect their opinion to propose to accelerate the proceedings so that ukraine could become a candidate for e u membership dw corresponded alessandra phenomena there in c, f reporting for us. here are some other headlines, a little worn ukraine. lucky has donated its air defense system to ukraine. the s 300 dates back over 3 decades to the soviet era. and it's designed to shoot don't aircraft and cruise missiles, the u. s. as in sending slovakia modern patriot missile defenses, the german government says 40 russian diplomats have left the country. berlin ordered their expulsion saying they were carrying out espionage and were a danger to public security. the leaders of germany and britain have pledged to
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work together on renewable energy and to reduce the need for russian fuel imports will off shoulds and boars. johnson have been holding talks in london, sholtes and says it will take time to reduce germany's dependency on russian energy deliveries. the u. k is to send more weapons ukraine as well or feel and on the worn ukraine pushed food prices on up nearly 13 percent last month. the united nations is warning that costs are likely to rise further. the you and food agency says the increase, what's much of the world's population at risk of malnutrition. hundreds of thousands of russians opposed to the war and ukraine have left their homeland since the start the conflict. the driven by the impact of sanctions and rushes increased isolation, but also by the fear of persecution. as authorities cracked down under sent d, w met to russians, and berlin, who felt forced to flee after criticizing the government level at dolph,
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hasn't been in belin for long. but for him, what remains of a belly wool is a warning of what could come a world once again, divide it. the 29 year old blogger is from the russian city of jelia penske. he criticized wishes invasion of ukraine and was called an enemy of estates. i was amazed, i felt totally empty. for the 1st time in my life, i was scared of my own countrymen. i was afraid that they would be violent wards me for my critical attitude when they sent me threats in europe. issue flood of packed his things and drove i estonia to germany. friends in berlin have taken him in mischief either of us, so it's all gone. and career goals, the whole life that i lead in my homeland. so me blah, all my plans, my friends, i my books and listen, i don't know if i'll see any of them again within the next 10 years visit. this is lou. all the roman over has been living in berlin for
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a while. she fled to russia 5 years ago when she was threatened with a lawsuit for advocating for release of prisoners. hi. oh yeah, you got them all, you've made it to georgia. do you have papers showing you were arrested twice in russia? great law is many russians leaf i a ga, because there were still flights there. olga and her colleague yuri, provide supports with tickets and accommodation. some 300000 russians, critical of a regime have reportedly left olga has attended nearly every but in protest against wishes war since it began. ah, freedom for ukraine. freedom for ukraine. last year with 8 to 10 purchase like this one abandoned russia in berlin. lead flood
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of can meet with people who share his views, but without fear of reprisals with white simply flags. the group wants to distance themselves from the russian government. well, they don't have it yet. that's why i have a new flag here. it's not a russia flag, it's a flag of all the russians who are against this war is a symbolic break with that home country. yet for the 1st time ever, i don't know what to do. i dedicated 5 years of my life to my city, helping modernize it all that has now been destroyed because it's impossible for a society to develop without democracy in brazil, the options for from the exile in germany, letting me putins russian opponents, a calling for an immediate withdrawal from ukraine, but some have given up any hope of rushing even towards democracy. any time soon, i hear some more stories making headlines around the world. francis presidential race is tightening just a day before the 1st round of voting. whole so far,
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right challenge, amberley wrote marie le pen rather gather gaining on the current leader emmanuel mccaul was seeking a 2nd 5 year term recall blamed the war in ukraine for his low profile election campaign. only put him back as ends and battle prime minister enron khan has called on his supporters to take to the streets lease, facing a confidence vote in parliament, which he's expected to lose the former cricket star earlier trying to stop the vote was over ruled by judges space excess launch its 1st private flight to the international space station. craft is taking 3 executives from the us, canada, and israel. on a week long trip, the space tourists have each paid $55000000.00 for the ride. after will smith has been banned from the academy awards for 10 years? it's punishment for slapping comedian chris rock at this your ceremony. but smith has not been stripped of the best. asked actor oscar. he also won that night. simon
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is investigating sanctions violations after confiscating artwork bound for russia. customs officials seized re shipments containing painting, sculptures and antiques. the art on loan before museums was being returned to russia. why finland? 42000000 euros. that the insurance value of russian art works impounded during transit through finland. among them a titian, epic casso, and a carry arnie. they were intercepted at finland's volume of border crossing with russia. the works from collections in saint petersburg and moscow had been on loan to museums in italy and japan. in early march after the invasion of ukraine, russian museums requested their return earlier than agreed perhaps in anticipation of sanctions. days later, the prohibited the sale, export,
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and transfer to russia of luxury goods, including art works. this left the foreign museums in a quandary, a spokesperson for finland's foreign ministry, said the impounded works would be properly looked after until further notice model of the so the situation is temporary, was the russian museum still only artwork. so the foreign ministry is clarifying the issue with the european commission. it must be noted that the contents of sanctions unchangeable bra finish official, say they're investigating 10 individuals for breaching sanctions by transporting the works. russia has threatened penalties for the delay in the artworks return. the question of whether art on loans should be included in sanctions, is controversial. recently, france agreed to return 200 paintings to russia from an exhibition in paris, despite calls for that confiscation german tennis. dar boris becker has been found
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guilty of illicitly moving thousands of dollars from a bank account after he declared bankruptcy. london jury convicted becker on 4 charges over his june 2017 bankruptcy, including failing to declare property and shares. he could face up to 7 years in jail. the 6 time grand slam champion told the court, his millions and career earnings were swallowed up by an expensive divorce and his lavish lifestyle. you're wanting to w news. he is a reminder of our main story at this hour. at least 50 people, including 5 children, have been killed in a russian airstrike on a train station in houston, ukrainian city of kremlin dorski. thousands of billings at the station were trying to evacuate to safer areas. european commission prisoners la funder lion has visited a mass grave in wichita on a trip to give 4 talks. with president volta news, zalinski, the chief pledge to speed up to cranes, membership id to the you or that's it for now,
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stephen beardsley is up next with your business news. that's after a short break. stay tuned and remember, you can always get all the latest news on our website. it's d w dot com. i'm here until for me in the entire news team. thanks for watching these places in europe or smashing the wreckers step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters, discover some of you up to record breaking sites on your mac, youtube and now also in book form the green do you feel worried about the planet we to.


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