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but her drive to help the stronger and my sis mit on. sometimes it come way on ye month. my sometimes you do take some of their stories home with a and they stay with you for a while. so mostly i'm able to let go. i'm not always, i knew about among their counselors on hand for those providing help, catalina shredder is one of them. her task is to listen. this assists those helping . here to process what they've been confronted with. this is essential to prevent staff from being traumatized themselves. don't comment or 50 i often he feelings of powerlessness happy so i want to take them all home with me now. hold on. she's like, my sister. oh, that child look black my nephew macklin. you can tell that length of falling, which maint paypal particularly vulnerable over the course of a lifetime, every once confronted by crisis in families at work during illness or the recently
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emerged. corona virus pandemic, or wars breaking out all emergencies in every sense of the word. mary m schuler o. jack is the lead physician at the charities university, psychiatric clinic in berlin, st. hedwig, hospital, home of a lot of her patients, struggle to cope with extreme circumstances. they tend to have poor mental health and have little resilience as aliens, mark on steadily and strengthens us. some makes us more robust, locked off here. does it ensures that we get through even difficult situations without the serious harm yet, or only minor damage. i'm it being sharpen, ah, dish come and perhaps to use them to grow as ways to build and strength and resiliency. cut out of the architect that and can a topic marry him? schuler o. jack has researched globally. she's found differences between countries where populations have historically trained for certain crises, in turn,
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they're more resilient, wendy, to much beyond if hiring, like israel, for instance. there is a country that has seen a great deal of violence and still does in many forms of attacks. laughing for a leap is good, they have safety drills or say catastrophe exercises. that my capacity for control to a woman that well trained and know precisely what to do then when. so when another attack takes place, they'll go, i have to do that that and then we have this fight, every one knows what to days, timothy shes. it's taught in schools. it's a systematic program that i think enables the population to protect and support themselves as much as possible to want us to a state promoting resilience is one thing, but the foundations of mental health are already being laid in childhood. the atrium of community art school for young people in the northrop rylin, half of the families here rely on government benefits. the atrium quickly won
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a special place in the hearts of the kids who come here. school director, claudio goodner knows why that is as we've we currently work with really good materials and take it seriously. the kids appreciated a great deal. they always sang eliza. oh, it's amazing. i can you hold such fantastic paper math. there is an awareness that something specials on algebra young. it's recognition. in the afternoons the atrium attracts lots of children from the neighborhood. they build important connections outside of their immediate families and have new experiences. it is angie domestic moments when you notice the kids are holding their heads higher and a proud to show off their work. so we put on regular exhibitions and shars from the theatre classes would have when they simply growing up. and suddenly they're on stage and have some form of presence in the of the brand. i think their characters grow stronger through this. of in the deluxe 9 for a decant. tailored on. and then stacker to a certain extent,
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a person's resilience is shaped by their family and environment. they grow up in childhood. experiences are formative. they can be a source of strength, that's then drawn upon lane or in life resilience in times of crisis. indian dimension, taking em vast tune, people should do things for themselves. fire, meaning good things for themselves. and their families are no one to mark making plans and looking towards the future with optimism. but staying active in the present to climb up, are in a sealed sublime. i'll doing sport, eating well, fresh air. the sun is wonderful official. lana is minerva, volunteers, of you halter hills, from a supportive family that strengthened her. as did the rowing club, she joined when she was little. she's developed her resilience, which she put to good use at work eloquent i rather ever on to unwind from work i simply take off my vast. so my, it's my mechanism when i take
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a vest off than i'm off duty and i try to put it all behind me. it's a lot, sometimes it works quite well. sometimes it doesn't. i'm sorry about me. talking with family, friends and mental health professionals helps. but crises remain a part of life for everyone. helping others can boost our confidence and bring pleasure. but study showed the most important factors and being happy, our friends, family, a job with sufficient income and a safe place to live. the 2022 world happiness report once again confirms that trend. all the countries ranking near the top are wealthy and largely free from conflict. but for years one country has topped the standings. finland. what is it that makes the fin so happy? ah, ah, fell tree rhythms. snow covered hills. most people in
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finland appear very happy with their lives up in the far north. in fact, they said to be the happiest people on earth. for melina on me, fins are happy because of the beautiful landscape that we have inc. i k and the 4 seasons are nearly at ward and i got marias o no c and sana, exactly what comes to mind when you think of finland. satellite office, this fedex, the online. i love sitting by a fire that i'm up on a camp fire. so i'm gazing into the flames. and one serrado lost us invoice of thought. delicious food helps to of course, enjoyed, ideally by the water santa hunk of audi and her family come here once a week to night. they eating salmon with flame, grilled vegetables, lake or can yet be as close to the lapland border in the far north of finland. the family's favorite part of the country. as soon dory on moral, we have
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a loss of resilience that something characteristic of fins, but also a deep respect for nature. in case of these hills are the landscape of my soul. when i see this vast expanse, i feel small and insignificant and then suddenly all my problems are insignificant to get elder. that's why sama hung cavity and her family are hoping to find a new home. here in lapland, content manager, she comes from finland south. but she and her husband are hoping to soon move to lapland. they won't the children annie and nicholas to grow up in the country side, far away from the city, and spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. so they drive from one village to another, looking for the perfect place to live with as few people as possible the capital, helsinki is not for them. it's far too busy and urbanized,
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even though it's one of europe's greenest capitals and rated as one of the best places to live. that's largely down to the finish state, which ranks as the biggest source of finished happiness alongside nature. live through is that both the organ, it's our institutions, not some secret national characteristics that we have functioning, democratic institutions that we have. freedom of the press, let it freedom of expression, free elections spot and very little corruption with it. mercedes that hold up on top of that, we have the feel good package of the welfare state that's on the roof through that . my appointment with the child benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions that the ms. portal. but one in by bought all of that gives people a sense that the state is caring for them at that wall. but could the state defended citizens from outside a tank if necessary? that's something the hunk of woody family has been asking to finland shares
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a border with russia that's more than a 1000 kilometers long. it's an unpredictable neighbor that's currently at loggerheads with half the world. it may, i didn't thought i normally luxuriously. the current situation does make me stop and think, guess, but i try not to think about it too much. if i lost my basic sense of safety and security, i wouldn't be happy any more money in odessa than an hour. melina, the yellow and blue flags in solidarity with ukraine show russia's war has not been forgotten and helsing, he either in fact, for weeks no debate has resurfaced over where the finland should join nato. until recently, there weren't many in favor of such a move. now, surveys show a clear majority one to safe, and lind join the military alliance. seliger formulas. the offense have woken up and feel solidarity with the ukrainians novel. they don't
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want to see the horror of the war that they're watching on cold on their t. v. screens come to their own country. so if there's a way they can avoid bad cough, they're happy to seize the opportunity or also for per bottle bonham. he added tango school in the center of the city. the mood is relaxed. incidentally, finland is the 2nd most popular place the tango after argentina. another expression of finished happiness. ah, for money or here we friends don't talk much and don't really express our feelings on mom. but tango is just the right dance for a finish man to express his emotions. now thank i could boom, there's a mice that go and they don't even have to talk. the lyrics are all about love and passion. so they say it all struck goddess die in the he must be up, she long one orga who her lunch, but with the right partner and the right music, i just float and forget everything else around a little guy going buddy la,
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it's about you're gonna go off the hill massage and dancing, so those are the 2 exceptions and finish coach or that allow closed physical contact outside of the family circle. mm. for the hunk of hoodie family, it's time to get moving to 3 snowboarding the children have come to share their mother's love of lapland. finland has $75.00 ski resorts that are open for almost 6 months of the year from october to may. then there's the soonest that are popular all year round. aside from winter sports, it's the number one leisure activity in finland. so in america, say i could follow going to the song plays a huge role in our lives. we go often, including on special occasions like christmas while midsummer all night was on a we go morning noon and night with well being in the sauna also has a cleansing effect for body and mind. it was ella,
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merely la jolla. could life be happy without a sooner end? no, it's part of being happy about the sooner is super important for me, but the leave all of us thought what us are all is and so is freedom in santa hm. cavort. he says, feeling free is key to being happy. one day she wants to do a tour of europe with the children, and then return home to have favorite lake in lapland. in a wealthy country, it's certainly easier to be happy. but what about the many people who live in impoverished conditions more than $3000000000.00 people live on less than $5.50 a day, and $700000000.00 on less than $2.00 a day. but when people come together, they can work wonders, even with very little manji nash is one of the most dangerous for valence in rio de janeiro. and ezekiel g us
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is home, but he counts himself fortunate. he doesn't have to go far to get to work. and he loves his job, managing an urban farm in the district. won't you? morning every one. 0, to day i'd like to ask women to do some waiting in these vegetable beds here. think it thou, whom po could you today? okay. we men were go to the beds in the back row and spread some soil at will will be planting o'clock until i get the atlanta k. luke. yeah. so are we all settled so value boons. great. let's go home. almost 10 years ago, really municipal government decided to transform this patch of land into a community garden. it's part of the city's horde class cutty yoke us urban agriculture program. g. s never imagined. he would become an urban gardener. did you lose me? that is in 2013 i was out of work and had nothing to keep me busy. either i had no goals in life. well, i got in a simone like the vegetable garden,
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appeared at exactly the right moment and changed my life moved. it changed me either and will to day, i'm a farmer, i feel something i would never have expected look of bethany see today. i know what i am in urban farmer called to burn the garden is a patch of lush green in this poor district. many people here are out of work, and gang violence is rife. the garden was planted on land where residents used to dump trash and attics smoked crack. today it covers an area bigger than 3 soccer fields, making it the largest community garden in latin america, ezekiel g. us and his crew grow all sorts of vegetables, all without chemical fertilizers. but it's not always easy. kim, at the up by flashes between the police and drug gangs, sometimes stop me working. well, whatever i plan today needs watering to morrow. but when there's gunfire in the area, i can be lucky. but the community garden also provides work for people in the for
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the larger than we have. i am some used to be members of a drug gang that largely controls this district ill, double comanche vogl saw, i was pretty, messed up on me. look like, well, phone a video had gone down the wrong path in life was see where the abusive here. but to day i can go out with my head held high. dear. i can go out with my family without being afraid of the st. of being looked at the wrong way, he daniel some of the crew are pensioners with little money. some are mothers with a large family to support. around $25.00 gardeners are employed here and all the city pays them a small salary. the income is a welcome source of stability. and so as the sense of community they find here, wednesday kia took about i had just lost
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a son and was suffering from depression. when is the care asked if i'd like to work in? was it help pull me out of my depression like therapy? i mean i can live without this garden now it's really help me and what i need some food. i just take it because of my friends here. my 2nd family, i feel mostly my media will actually, whatever's harvested, stays in the community. in really low income districts. fresh organic produce is something special. half of the harvest to sold in the neighbourhood at a reduced rate. that's one of the guidelines of the horton. scotty yoke us program for the back of a look at our vegetables. 3 for the price of 2 cheaper than any supermarket. day demand is high, especially now that brazil is struggling with rising food prices. any profits from the sales are divvied up among the urban gardeners, they donate the other half of the produce to people in need in the 5 ala. that's
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another guiding principle behind the project. some, some spinach for use in euro. what the pandemic and ramp inflation mean that more people in the 5 ala are going hungry watch. i can help of you. their life has grown harder of years. it's hard to put food on the table. element of many people just have rice and beans, which prefers now they can have rice and beans with a salad made from the vegetables they received from us as a donation. i think maybe we'll keep up with the dish will die. sometimes they'll buy our produce for a low price, which also gives them a bit of color on the table. and that makes me really happy and so that you miss ezekiel g us, his family also benefits from his work in the garden. they have something fresh and healthy on the table every day. g, us may not earn much, but he's been able to build a house, enough avila, it's his pride and joy. and he's also bought a used car. but for him,
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the urban garden is more than an income. it's his life's work. even at the end of the day, every free minute goes to the garden. i token cheese, this is the corner where i grow my seedlings. this is my life growing vegetables. it's what makes me happy. i have a green thumb squeeze it in green blood comes out. well, so farming is everything to me really. it's a wonderful job truly satisfying. it's given my life purpose. it's a purposeful way to live. this here is everything to me. it brings my heart peace and happiness. here me, it's a get pulled, applies a fantasy that quote us the urban farm is help change the face of mangion. osh ezekiel g. us hope that can serve as a model for other communities in rio and beyond.
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the earth is home to 2350000000 children and young people. they make up nearly a 3rd of the global population. the kind of start they get in life varies greatly around 260000000 children don't go to school and millions even live on the straight, bought and given the right opportunities, everything can change. it looks effortless, but the tricks that your crib is class and, and his colleagues are doing take a lot of practice and usually it doesn't work right away with one of the club id to you all once in one to get injured. if it's the look of the vehicle to go back to work because the 1st thing that's gonna be in your mind is that fall is going to happen again or that club is
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gonna hit me again. no man, if i for like a friend up and say yes, let's go again. one more time. and i always the 2nd time when they lead his attitude has brought the 29 year old a long way. he is one of the zips at circus as top performers. that is also a training center. the academy and cape towns, woodstock, district, office, free training to young people who want to go on stage. it's funded in part by donations and performances. but infinite ainsworth founded zips up in 1995 together with his wife lawns, both former circus artists. we believe that any kid and matter what the background, if they're given the opportunity in life and they are passionate about what they, they do, any child can make it. and a lot of kids who have talent and skills, often live beyond. and zip said, you know,
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we kind of provide that platform to keep children that maybe don't have as much as others, the platform to do something with a life yet corpus clausen, whom everyone here calls trompe was one of those kids. he and stage partner jason, bad not to have been teaching and performing it's, it's apt since graduating. they're the most important things they want to convey to their students are passion, discipline, and teamwork. zip sack brings people from all kinds of backgrounds together. after the lesson, yet, cooper's class and, and jason about not have to practice practice, practice. the demanding juggling number is part of the current stage program. after the break, due to the pandemic, the trick and finally perform in front of a live audience. again with for your curb is class in the
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live performance as creates a very special bond between the audience and the artists. every time when i'm on stage i make people feel how i feel as as express the way i feel at that moment. so if i feel a lot of love i make people feel love, that's why audience, they always seem to scream. or they would stand up in their lives would they have lot of energy after performing an overdose of euphoria and endorphins. yet group is closin, has already been able to share this experience with fans all over the world. visit that circus has already taken him from the small south african town of paddle to numerous countries. he's performed in front of tennis, does roger federer and andy murray. and even at the white house steering barack obama turn those with your cookers, clausen has come
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a long way. but to get this farm, he's had to overcome any obstacles before you came to it sat through a youth outreach program in 2011. yeah, cooper's class and lived on the streets and in this home for young med from the street to the stages of the world. how did he do it? i wanted more for myself. i didn't. that didn't think was going back to the rags. what gang sellers them, and i love that ha, that didn't come close to my head. and somebody gave me a pace that gave me a bite of the apple. and i pull myself, i won that one more of this apple. and today i got so much more of that apple.
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yeah, i could ask lawson's day is not over yet. next up, the zip zap dome in downtown cape town, a venue for performances, and for afternoon training sessions. he coaches young zap his he has several times a week in cooper's class and made it with a clear goal in mind, but he knows you can't do it on your own. the most important thing you can yourself, who other people openness and mutual support. a message that seems to be more important to day than ever before. that's it. the global 3000, this wake. e mail, your comments to global 3000 at d, w dot com, or visit us on facebook. d. w global ideas. we'd love to hear from you. see you next time.
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ah, with joy ride through fascinating worlds, into uncharted deb, our guides know their way around a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places. curiosity is required to borrow today.
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next, d w. ah . is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult to success in our weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d. w. ah long does it last year and eternity time. it can be measured precisely and did everyone experiences it differently as if there are different
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forms of time time? ah, with a dimension we know we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d. w. not all green roofs are equal. we look at how research is trying to boost their benefits. and d w science program is off to gonna to meet women learning how to best create backyard vegetable gardens. we also take a closer look at the head, the side like a sate, good for bombing, but bad for people.


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