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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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presenting future's past starts april 14th on d, w with the w. y from berlin, mounting evidence of russian war crimes in ukraine. investigators 6 you bodies from mass graves and the international criminal court says the whole country is a crime scene. u. s. president joe biden describes the war as a genocide and flooding in south africa, claims hundreds of lives. lots of people are still missing after having brain and much slides. sweep away homes and infrastructure and one of the countries deadly
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storms. ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program is growing evidence that rushes committing war crimes in ukraine. u. s. president joe biden has described to vladimir putin or as a genocide of the ukrainian people. and the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court said ukraine is a crime scene. he made the comment while visiting the town of butcher, near keith, where hundreds of civilians were found dead after russian forces withdrew. russia dismisses it as fake or staged, but evidence is mounting of war crimes committed by russian troops in ukraine. a 2nd mass grave has been excavated in butcher. investigators say it contained 40 to 60 bodies, less than
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a week ago. 57 bodies were exhumed from another mass grave in the town near key. if this and news of other atrocities lead president joe biden, to break to bu and accused the kremlin directly of genocide, i call the jealous i have become clear, clear that good. try to white buffy idea the baby friend mom. the evidence of mary livermore last week, the more evidence coming out of literally all of the rushes of done in ukraine in a press conference with reporters kremlin boatman dmitri pe scave rejected the accusation and said washington's past means it has no right to make such judgments . or credulity squished, you mean if only of her glee categorically disagree and consider this kind of effort to distort the situation unacceptable. kimberly moreover, as we said before, emma, this is hardly acceptable from
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a president of the united states, a country that has committed well known crimes. in recent times, yanna kitchena and marie marie, she stood the southern port city of matthew pope was long. the focus of the fighting, now the besieged city has been largely destroyed. ukraine accuses the kremlin of using chemical weapons there. but president zalinski admitted it is difficult to verify the claim while the city is under siege. mario paused mer, said russia was doing all it could to destroy the evidence of atrocities woocommerce. our intelligence has confirmed to day that 13 mo, bile crematory, i have arrived in the city and are being prepared to get rid of the evidence of war crimes committed by the russian federation in the city. as russia apparently prepares to shift its military focus to the east of ukraine, there are fears many places in that region could suffer the same fate as matter.
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you, paul and ukraine says it cannot confirm russian media reports of more than a 1000 ukrainian marines. defending america poll have surrendered. i asked the w, corresponded alexandra phenomena in keith, what she's been hearing. well indeed, the russian forces some are intensifying their assault on the city of from our yo pole. and it seems that they are determined to capture this strategically so important city. they are trying to secure a land bridge between their forces in the next crimea and at the russian army in the eastern part of ukraine. and to, according to the russian defense ministry, more than the 101000, i'm sorry, 1000 offer service. a members of the ukraine armed forces said there i have already surrendered and are held her captive. however, this isn't information that the ukrainian government is saying they cannot confirm
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because of course, at the moment x is set to the port city of my you pull is a very difficult if not impossible, from the outside world, but according to western of military officials or the city could fall in the next days. right. i'm, we're, we've heard a u. s. president joe biden describing this war as a genocide. how has president zalinski a responded to that? well, zelinski praised biden for using this term genocide against ukrainians. he took to twitter saying that those are true words from a true leader. he also said that it is now essential to cold the things by their names. he encourage other leaders to do the same. however, we also so already that some of them in particular, the french president, a manuel my call, our warning against using this to him,
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saying that to there are against are the escalation of words. however, for the recording and president who has been accusing the russian forces of carrying out a genocide again, sir, he's people, it is very important now to hear from the you as president who is using the same term because of course, he's hoping for more help from the you ask for more weapons. however, the key question he would be whether you ask would fundamentally change its response to the war. whether they would, for instance, decide to have american boots on the ground. that is not likely to happen because joe biden has rolled it out from the beginning. right. and these are these accusations from the ukranian side that russia has been using a chemical weapons in mary awful presence zalinski. and i say, he can't say with certainty whether that's the case or when we likely to know more i'm not sure whether we will really learn more in terms of whether we will really
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be sure what kind of substance, what kinds of weapons were used in this particular case, because for that international teams, international experts would have to have access would have to collect samples on the ground to talk to victims. and that is at the moment, not possible. i sandra fall, norman, speaking with me a little earlier from keith. well, ukraine's president of vladimir savanski sat pleading for more heavy weapons to defend his country against russia, saying that without them the war will be an endless bloodbath. and a video in english, posted on twitter, he called for heavy artillery armoured vehicles, air defense systems, and combat aircraft, ukrainian officials or look into germany for help. but berlin argues at sending such weaponry, logistically difficult, and risks escalating the war. in january, russian troops were preparing for war, while ukraine begged allies to send weapons. but germany said its history meant it
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could off a helmet's not arms. and the soil check immediately that out, and we'll deliver 5000 hammerstein crane as a clear signal that we are on your side. right? it was supposed to be a gesture of good will, but it went down like a bad joke. then vladimir putin gave the order to the attack as tens of thousands protested in berlin. the german chancellor lifted the weapons bon, citing anew reality under guests and in shooting. we decided yesterday that germany will supply ukraine with weapons to defend themselves. the u turn saw germany sent thousands of anti tank and missile defense weapons. but as the war groaned on, the cause for germany to send more dead. so to ukraine's president
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implored the german parliament between my denial support. i certainly keep the peace in support ever ukrainian. stop the war. help us stop it. diplomacy, now ye, zebulon it. the horrors of butcher were not stopped, nor were mass executions and a legit torture evidence of potential russian war crimes undergoing pressure. berlin is now exploring ways to get old tanks like these on to ukrainian battle fields. german arms, crypt ryan, mattel says the 1st batch could be delivered within weeks for a delegation of senior politicians visiting ukraine. they can't come soon enough that we need to clarify which weapons the ukranian army can use this, this important so that they don't get equipment which requires a lot of training. and we have to clarify this quickly because the weapons have to come. now if often listen gets here to help. the main issue is of course the people
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dying in ukraine. the costs of inaction are getting higher and higher. that is why we can only call on the chancellor, still putting on the brakes at last and give us the go ahead and before from helmet to tanks. it's been a $180.00 and defense policy for germany. for ukraine, it may come to late, a felons prime minister says her country will decide within weeks' weather to apply to join nato. a santa martin has been holding talks in stock home with a swedish counterpart, magdalena anderson. russia has warned both countries against joining the western military alliance vice i, the war in you cried as drastically changed to europe security landscape. their joint appearance demonstrates neighborliness, but mil sweden's and finland's heads of government both moved toward nato membership. that's the main question being addressed at today's meeting and stockholm we have to really think through what is best for
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sweden and our security and our peace in this new situation. and of course, what is happening and the discussion of finland is important for us to follow. therefore we need to have a very close contact. this is a completely new security situation for finland and sweden. until now, the countries have been neutral viewing themselves as negotiators between east and west. but the war in ukraine has changed all that, including their attitude to nato are. there is no other way to have security guarantees done under nato's deterrence. uncommon defense ask, aren't it by natives? article 5, the mood has shifted in both countries. more and more people now support nato membership. ve mison walk out on i've changed my mind over the last month. one of finland cannot defend itself alone. it will vary among is good of all, it would be safer for us swedes to join,
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yet we should do so as quickly as possible. finland plans to decide in the coming weeks. sweden, probably by summer, russia says any expansion of nato will have negative consequences. so away from the war a more than 250 people have died in floods close to the south african city of durban . days of record rainfall have left thousands of homes and critical infrastructure destroyed the ministry of help to evacuate residents from the worst affected areas . a south african president, phil ram opposed vinci durbin. on wednesday, the w correspondent utter increases in devon and told me more betsel and to meet particular is said, how many children were affected when pending right now you can see beyond me where the lamp light it's happening. this was the room of 10 year old. that collapse on her, she passed away. family just told me about it, obviously devastating and just next to it to the camera and just shown it is another place that collapse the neighbors plays with grandmother states was 3
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children, only one of the kids, the wives, all these the others died. the youngest one was just 3 years old, and as you drive through durban today, you can see this devastation and these kind of life all over the place on a different area. so it is likely that the death toll will continue to increase the risk to works continue, and was the city prepared for this, this massive rainstorm? well, obviously not prepared enough. some officials even said took us by the price. i was strong installment it's rainfall, where some critics already complaining that the grading systems were not in place, that there was not a proper investment into the interest structure. and the yes, so this might have accelerated biscuits, esther fee that to y'all ever keep on saying that a major issue was landslide, so they try to push away the responsibility. but when it's clear that this area has seen those events in the past,
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it is whether appearance has been happening in the past years. 2019, for example. also 60 people died when it's similar with the current came to this area as well. but it's all over southern africa that's especially this year, we're seeing an increase the number of these they truly have that cycle and tropical storm. we've seen almost 200 people are killed in a tropical storm and my gas in february and march and scientists are saying that this is clearly in relation to the global climate change. we see more intense rainfalls. we see these cap test for fees, and this is something also south africa, the president theorem up with. i mentioned you also said that this event, what we're seeing here now is part of climate change. see totally corresponding increase in dublin. this is the w news live from by then as a reminder of our top story, u. s. president joe biden has called to russian president vladimir putin war in ukraine and genocide. and said the kremlin was trying to wipe out the idea of ukrainian nation. well, you, craig says it can't confirm russian claims that more than
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a 1000 marines defending the besieged report of mattie, of all of surrender form. well, there's at the top of the, our next step or 2 about documentary war in europe. drama in ukraine which explains the origins of a
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