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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is b w. news live in from berlin, a stunning blow to russia's navy. the flagship of its black sea fleet have sunk. russia says it happened as the vessel was being towed back to port in a storm. ukraine says it's missiles took out the ship, also coming up an additional $800000000.00 worth of weapons for ukraine, courtesy of the united states. ukraine says it needs the armed to repel a new russian assault from the east and domestic terrorism in germany. police say they've arrested for members of an extremist group plotting to overthrow democracy
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. they say the group also plan to kidnap the countries help minister over his support for coven 19 walked down. met. ah, i bring gov. it's good to have you with us. we begin tonight with a major blow to russia's navy. it has now been confirmed that its main worship in the black sea, the moskva have suck while being poor toad back to port in stormy weather. earlier today, russia acknowledged that the ship had caught fire following an explosion. ukraine says that fire was caused by its missiles, which hit the vessel on wednesday off the port of odessa. as it turned out, this new ukrainian postage stamp was prophetic, showing off just hours before the incident by president brought him lensky with the
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message. the russian bull ship always has only one direction. russia blames a fire for the damage. ukraine now has a slightly different take and i work at betty senior, when you put up in the black sea region, the most 5 warship was hit by next year and shipment sustained damage. the fire started the other ships, tried to provide assistance in the storm and the powerful explosion of ammunition turn the she probably vacuum started sinking stuff done with the mosque that came to prominence at the start of the war being told to go f itself. when he tried to capture ukraine snake island in the black sea, i was
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in the last month, the man behind those words was awarded a metal for his bravery. initially fit killed, he and other soldiers were taken captive before being freed and a prisoner exchange. the mascara, with the main shape in russia's black sea fleet, armed with 16 cruise missiles, as well as long range defense system. if you cranes claim is true, that defense system appears to have fail catastrophically. yeah, catastrophically indeed for more or less crossover now to our russia analyst constantine igrit. he's in vilnius constantine. i mean this is stunning. how significant is the loss of the mosque room? it is stunning and did 3 years on the soviet on and nothing more could have been
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imagined that well, it is a blow to perceive. definitely it is a very practical blow to the black. safely to colleague mentioned 16 cruise missiles. i spoke to maybe experts today all through the day, and they told me that around about 70 of cruise missiles word before within the, in the parcels of the black, sickly. that means basically like more than 20 percent are off now. and finally, it is important that mosque law which was actually, ironically cold, slobber or glory in russian. in the solid days, it was commission in 983 was supposed to be the main air defense platform for the whole lexi fleet. it was on but well, fairly well has miss out that they failed to intercept the ukrainian crews. and if you believe the navy is also telling you something,
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so essentially the whole of the russian. lexi believe if one believes the equity is the export, is now without protection. eric defense protection, etc. and because the how do you explain this? how was the, how is it possible for a military power like russia to lose a worship like this? well, i see that there may be several explorations, poorly trained, poorly trained, a sentence meant sailors. essentially that is not something in ordinary i would say, but i also think that there is an explanation that bill broader a famous anti corruption activists as it relates to me a few days ago in london. and he said, i think that this invasion was actually stolen by the corrupt russian generals. i think that there are some cues to that the, the, the,
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the most was supposed to go modernization. they say it did. but now this more than the zation is basically gone to the good to the sea bottom. i think that's all in all. what we see today is actually not only a picture of chaos and corruption, and lack of combat training in the russian armed forces. it is the picture of put into russia in a sense constantly maggard with excellent analysis as always. constantine, thank you. thank you will. as we mentioned, ukraine is bracing for a new russian assault in the east of the country and its asking its allies to keep sending more weapons. the united states has answered that call approving an additional $800000000.00 worth of military assistance. mar, you, poll is in ruins. after weeks of russian bombardment, the u. s. says it is once again sending arms to ukraine to stop russia's destruction of the country for today. and president announced and authorize
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another presidential drawdown of security assistance, valued it up to an additional $800000000.00 tailored to meet urgent ukrainian needs for today's fight. as russian forces shift the focus of their ruthless aggression now to eastern ukraine, ukraine's president expressed his gratitude. we've agreed on $800000000.00 in military aid for weapons, ammunition, artillery helicopters and more than i am sincerely thankful for the support that you get. the need for more arms as urgent as russian convoys converge on eastern ukraine. analysts say the weapons in the american package, such as long range howitzers, are especially suited to ukraine's defense of the eastern don bass region.
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so you one system like that that can fire your 3040 kilometers away from where you are trying to break up the military long before it gets to close to you. and that's what ukrainian needed this moment they need to destroy the russian convoys before they even get to the cities or near to locations. they want to take. the pentagon said it was rushing to send the equipment, but did not provide a time table for the people in the eastern ukrainian city of seattle, rodonna ask something as simple as walking to get groceries is a calculated risk that could end in tragedy. war has brought life to a standstill though it's a disaster. god. every 10 or 15 minutes in bam. bam. bar, yes. oh, i live on the 7th floor of a 9 floor building. it just imagine boom from one side band from the other. and then you think the roof will cave in until you, well, it's a put asleep for some, the fighting is too much to bear. a bus takes them away from the bombs. but others
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are staying behind, hoping to survive the russian advance. if weapons from the u. s. don't stop at 1st . when he w corresponded rebecca rivers is following this story in key a short time ago, i asked her if this arms delivery from the u. s. is the type of assistance ukraine once now from its western allies? absolutely brands. i mean this has been very welcome. you heard some of what president zalinski had to say in response to the news to the announcement today. this has been met with relief president lance. he has been calling for pretty much since the beginning of this conflict when calling on the you and your and the u. s . rather for more support, more my artillery, more weapons to be able to fight the russian aggression as you can perhaps hear me
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. there's some sirens going on in the background. the era aren't has just come on, that's what you're hearing in the background. and yet, so obviously it's been met with huge relief. i mean, president and i see even played to congress itself in a live video address, as you remember a couple of weeks ago. now, this package doesn't require congressional approval and we are expecting the weapons to arrive as soon as possible. some they will need some training the, the military will need some training, but it's of course, as you just said in that report, as we heard in that report as a com at such a good time for the ukrainian military as they prepared for an onslaught in a much bigger assault in the 8th and southeast in the south, as he said, whilst it has been met with relief and very welcome. this will not, and president to lensky calls for help, or you kind of been putting pressure on germany and other countries to also step up and send in more weapons. let's talk a little bit about the situation in key you arrived earlier today. what's the situation right now in the car?
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well, as it is mentioned, you can hear an air raid siren behind me. and this is by no means a city that you could could say was, was normal. i was he before the war just just before the war and it certainly has a very different feel, although there are some signs of life coming back to the city. there are some shops open supermarkets, open, even even non essential. shops are starting to attend and people are starting to return to the city on the train journey up here. i say to quite a few people that the train was very busy and lot of people returning back to cave, despite authority, saying to not come back at the authorities, he is saying that it just, it still isn't safe. and they're planning on preparing for potential, a renewal of russian attacks on the capital. so really everyone from zalinski to clear co, the mayor of keith and his brother, even on our, i'm a station today says wanting people that it still isn't safe enough to return. and
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as you can hear, their rights are still pretty constant here. that's why we're going to let you go to rebecca, because we don't know how safe it is to be outside right now where you are. so we're let you go take cover. rebecca ritter's there with the latest from key. rebecca, thank a police here. germany have arrested for members of a far white group on suspicion of plodding violent attacks to so civil unrest, prosecutor say that they were planning to blow up power stations and to kidnap japanese health minister coral lauterbach now. professor lauterbach has received lots of criticism because of his support for measures to stop the spread of coping 19 the plot to bring down democracy was said to have been hatched on telegram prosecutor c. far right extremists wanted to trigger power outages and civil war light conditions. it didn't stop. there isn't of boxes to put
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a plan behind. this was to kit, not the federal minister of health. profess allow to back to kill his passionate security and accept this as collateral. damage on us to show the health minister, priest police, and said he was unfazed, man eigen i'll miss, will not affect my own work. i'll continue as before. he is here lout aback, who has supported? tough coven? 19 measures has been a regular targets of protesters. he said the plot showed that such opposition had been co opted by far right elements. if you had a circle, this is about the forces, the intent to destabilize the state and democracy as well. they're obviously taking advantage of the corporate 19 protest. it is a small minority in society, but highly dangerous. we have to keep an eye on that and the via authority said the suspects were affiliated with cove 19 protest groups and the rights burger movement,
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which denies the existence of the modern german state thus far been the one to the unifying and foremost element of the corpus is hatred against our democracy and its government officials, aunt durham. ricky rules for am foreclosure in more than 20 nationwide rage police confiscated firearms, ammunition, cash and gold bars. you're watching the to be news. here's a reminder of our main story. rushes defense ministry and shows that its main worship in the black sea. the moscow has sought while being turned back to port in stormy weather. i was earlier, ukraine said that its missiles had hit the ship, causing an explosion in 5 or 500 crew aboard the vessel were evacuated and the u. s . has approved $800000000.00 and additional military assistance for ukraine. the package includes heavy artillery as the country repairs to the send against a massive russian assault expected in eastern view crate. this is dw news. rob,
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what is up next would be w business news. i will see you tomorrow with what does more do to people are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers for 2 years, lead auto companies a sell a fist family in northern syria. insights into the isolated world of radical islamists and in.


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