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a starts may 3rd on d, w with d w. news alive from berlin. a stunning blow to russia's navy. the flagship of its black sea fleet has sunk. russia says the incident happened as the vessel was being towed back to port in a storm. ukraine says it's missiles took out the ship, also coming up more evidence of atrocities committed by ukraine, by russia's troops before they left, nor the new crane is coming to light. our correspondent needs eye witnesses in one
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town near keith and domestic terrorism in germany. please say they've arrested for members of an extremist group plotting to overthrow democracy. they say the group also planned to kidnap the german health minister over his support for coven 19 lockdown measures. ah, and i am told me all logical welcome. rushes military has confirmed that its main war ship in the black sea. the moskva has sunk, while being towed back to port in stormy weather. earlier moscow acknowledged that the ship had caught fire following an explosion. ukraine is taking credit, saying the fire was caused by its missiles, which hit the vessel on wednesday off the port of odessa. as it turned out, this new ukrainian posted stamp prosthetic showing off just hours before the
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incident by president leukemia zalinski with a message the russian warship always has only one direction. russia blames a fire for the loss. ukraine though, has a slightly different take on the warfare, better seniors or in europe in the black sea region. the mosque far warship was hit by natural until ship myself and sustained substantial damage when a fire started in food. other ships tried to provide assistance in that, but a storm and the powerful explosion of ammunition turned the ship vacuum and it started sinking off the northern. the musk clark came to prominence at the start of the war being told to go f itself when it try to capture ukraine's snake island in the black sea. oh yeah. oh wow.
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shoot. last month, the man behind those words was awarded a metal for his bravery more because it initially feared, killed. he and other soldiers were taken captive before being freed in a prison. a exchange there must clar was the main ship in russia's lexi fleet. it's lost marks, a significant reduction in russia's fire power in the area, and a huge symbolic blow for moscow. did abuse russia analysts constantine agood, explains just how significant the loss of that war ship is for russia. it is stunning indeed. 3 years on the soviets on and nothing could have been imagined. well, it is a blow to perceive, definitely, it is
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a very practical blow to the black simply to colleague mentioned 16 cruise missiles . i spoke to navy experts today all through the day. and they told me that around about 70 of cruise missiles, word before or within the in the arsenal of the a bleckley. that means basically like more than 20 percent off now. and finally, it is important that most club, which is actually, ironically, cold, slobber or glory in russian. in the southern days, it was commission in 1983 was supposed to be the main air defense platform for the whole black c fleet. it was armed with, well, fairly well has miss out that they failed to intercept the. the ukrainian reason is, if you believe the navy is also telling you something, so essentially the whole of the russian. lexi, please, if one believe the x,
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what is the export is now without protection, air, air defense protection, etc. dw constantine against their speaking to us earlier are following the withdrawal of russian troops from many regions of northern ukraine almost every day. new evidence of war crimes comes to light. the mayor of the town of mckyrie, near keith says russian soldiers short more than 130 civilians. much of the town is completely destroyed. our correspondent, yan philip shoulds, went to my carrier to get eye witness accounts of the russians each. it's hard to believe that there is still human life. among all the destruction basil and his wife natalia. where at home, when russian troops took over mackarath in late february when morning. so just came to their house and accused basil of taking pictures. they tied him up and left him outside in his 2 shed, hulu, but it was very cold and particular at night,
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the worst was that i had no idea what happened to my wires rosure the marbles. one day a soldier came and brought me my special medicine. this was the moment when i understood that my wife was still alive, familiar were everywhere. it's a similar picture. neighbors of a sealant natalia tell us that in this neighbourhood alone, russian soldiers killed 53 people. a 17 year old girl was allegedly raped for weeks, the family had to hide in this small basement room. always fearing that they could be the next target. it's hard to imagine a place with more destruction and to with more human suffering than here in my carries. the town of butcher has become a worldwide symbol of rush as war crimes. but it becomes more and more apparent that there are many more butchers all across ukraine. ego worked as a teacher in my car if before the war started. now he walks through the town,
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distributing donated medicine often he only finds and he ruins. 90 percent of my car if residents have left or been killed. egos, friends seems to live in this house. he doesn't know what has become a new really spooky. we used to have the calm and peaceful life here. this family was just renovating their house. they were construct a little summer cottage in their bag yardage, get it, but you are over there. you see the kindergarten, the dutch. what happened to all of it? she's nervously she'll nearby, eager has more success. he finds an elderly men who still lives amongst all the destruction. he has hardly left the house since the attacks began. russian soldiers shot one of his neighbors on the street. you told him, they asked, what are you digging here? he said it's a grey for my dog. then they told him it's all so you are grave now and they just shot him. 3 weeks ago, my carrier was liberated by the ukrainian army. since then,
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many volunteers have come to head with a clean up work. but the gruesome memories of the survivors will probably stay with them forever. ukraine's trains has played a central role in the country's defense against the russian invasion, moving people out of harm's way and bringing in supplies and aid. russia has bombed some lines, but the trains keep moving thanks to the determination of their operators. d. w. 's rebecca ritters has been talking with one of them. when russia invaded ukraine, yvonne was on duty traveling his regular route. for more than 10 years, the train conductor served passengers between separation in the southeast elevator in the west, a 15 hour journey. but on february 20 full life changed forever. as dawn broke news of the invasion broke to hugo block, a woman started to cry and said, have you heard anything?
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i said, no. she said that bombing me pro. i didn't believe it. i started to check facebook to check the news village, and it turned out that there was bombing all around ukraine. we arrived late to separation and we were told the evacuations would start in them. cavellas will will the reports since then they haven't stopped. and neither has yvonne has worked every day and every night. now he lives on the train to russian troops have occupied his town. those 1st days with a hottest bow. yes, those are bodies over the train was already full and separate regis. when we arrived in april, the platform was packed so many people. and cale started women children. there was so many in the carriage, william, at least a 100 to 150 people, were voiceless for spoke of his of lily law. what with train's get people out,
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but they also get aid eat to where it's needed. ukraine couldn't fight this war without the railway network. it has more than 230000 employees in the all of them have stayed on the job. despite the danger. over 60 railway workers have been killed in the line of duty as trying to come on to rush and fire. that hasn't happened to yvonne, but the work is taking its toll. the will of her, it is very hard psychologically either when you go back to separation or in an empty carriage, and you hear sirens on the stations or the feeling so. so with worrying dreams, i'm very tired. but as a morally i and this little rest and head that is with the railway needs me for half a year. so i can't be called for conscription, which means they will not make me join the army. once that time is up, i'll be drafted and will go to war. until then,
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ivan will be fighting for his country, doing what used to be just a regular job through the stations and towns he knows by heart. crossing his homeland at wal is now a round up of some other well news headlines. u. s. federal court has found a former member of the so called islamic state guilty of all charges l. l shake was a former british national was charge of the abduction, torture and beheading of several. i as hostages in syria, including journalists and aid workers, is the highest profile as fighter to stand trial in the u. s. is ready, security forces kill 3 palestinians in the occupied west bank on thursday. israel has launch a crack down on militants following a wave of deadly attacks on its citizens. 14 israelis have been killed in the past 3 weeks. videos sent to show hundreds of cove in 1900 patients sleeping in
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cramped facilities in shanghai have been circulating on chinese social media. a strict 0 covey policy is being enforced in the city, including a mandatory medical quarantine for people who test positive. raging has denied forcing people to quarantine in substandard conditions. flooding in the south, african city of dublin is killed at least 341 people. according to the latest reports, floodwaters have washed away roads and bridges, but authorities continue to search for survivors and helicopters. some people have been without a water since monday. british prime minister boys, johnson says, tens of thousands of asylum seekers could be sent to rwanda. to be re settled, johnson says the agreement with tackle illegal immigration that migrants will be humanely removed to rwanda opposition. labor party calls it unworkable and
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unethical police here in germany of arrest and for members of the far right group on suspicion of plotting violent attacks to so civil unrest, prosecutors say they were planning to blow up power stations and to kidnapped germany's health minister called a lot of profess a lot about was received heavy criticism because of the support from measures to stop the spread of covered 19 le plot to bring down democracy were said to have been hatched on telegram prosecutor c. far right extremist wanted to trigger power outages and civil war like conditions. it didn't stop there yet into for boxes to plot the plan behind this was to kid, not the federal minister of health. profess allow to back to kill his passion or security and accept this as collateral damage on ost, shivington, the health minister, priest police, and said he was unfazed, man eigen the are miss will not affect my own work. i'll continue as before. he is
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here. lot of back who has supported tough covered 19 measures, has been a regular targets of protesters. he said the plot showed that such opposition had been co opted by far right elements. this other one, this is about forces, the intent to destabilize the state and democracy as well. they're obviously taking advantage of the corporate 19 protest. it is a small minority in society, but highly dangerous. we have to keep an eye on that and via authority said the suspects were affiliated with cove 19 protest groups and the rights burger movement, which denies the existence of the modern german state thus far been the one to the unifying and foremost element of the grouping. is hatred against our democracy and its government officials on durham regularly for antoine tissue in more than 20
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nationwide rage police confiscated firearms, ammunition cash and gold bars. watching dw news. here's a reminder of our main stories. all right, we will be going to those, but thank you very much for joining us. i'm told me a logical and you can join us again at the top of the off one use a.


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