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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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it's members fight for racist state route by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence. it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. a. this is deanna is africa coming up on the program? clean ukraine for an uncertain future. what now and where to? for the african students who fled rushes wall and are now in europe. can they stay and continue their studies? walk for what i've gotten this video that just went away going on day. so why study in such
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a fall off country please because of district that make people good to pieces like you green, the seed bits. i do keshawn this, see something just better than what we can afford to. what i do is give, you know, as we find out why the nigerian education system has become so unreliable, forcing many to study abroad and the scramble to stabilize this a how france and the european union have suspended their missions in molly, germany wants to maintain a presence there with the you and force menus map. so what does berlin expect and will by michael, except that also in molly, the ancient woods, if true, we will care how manuscripts, wooden, centuries of a being preserved to live forever. and as we treat from bertina, facile, the country's 1st shockers here, we'll say about the local twist to his problems. ah,
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hello, i'm christine wonder, it's good to have your company. it has been 6 weeks since russia invaded ukraine and the war drags on. on this program, we have reported on the africans who are in ukraine when the bumping began, and the difficulties they faced getting out of the country. many of them are now back home in their countries in africa, but others are still in europe. that while countries have european countries have made provisions for ukrainian refugees, africans who are considered 3rd country nationals are not necessarily entitled to the same arrangements. i will be talking to the former african unions. youth envoy ha, be about what can be done, and what should be done to help young africans, especially those who were studying at universities in ukraine. but 1st is the story
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of one man in the german city of cologne, who says the future he spent so long planning is now uncertain. carolyn, at my house, sent us this report. wisdom, edward has lost his old way of life. the nigerian was studying in hark, if ukraine than the war came and he fled to germany. what a walk for would've gotten booster believe the justs went away going on there and more so a few, sorry for my friends that steamer. don't fight for your country. so su, susan boarded also about them because i've not been able to reach them since i left you grade wisdom found a home with
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a german couple maybe. but it's unlikely that he will be allowed to stay for i know con, you know, all ukrainians get residential rights to so that people from africa or other countries you have left or studied in ukraine. i did not this right quite. this is a great injustice. destiny on dusty course on color coding. ukrainian citizens can stay and work in germany for at least a year. that's not the case for every one fleeing. the war. wisdom might be sent back to his native nigeria or criminal to save of money. to go study in ukraine, the no no hopes of my future just gone. i may be safe physically, no here in call on woodman dunny a month. so because of this, her real chorus of what next
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wisdom tries to keep himself busy. he's joined an organization that helps african students in the same situation with no true wisdom and the other african students hope they can stay with her. and i always go german government with great opportunities because we offer the same issue, the same war, the same tragic situation. the bullet on the bomb doesn't know, nationalities on, doesn't go skin color. and sitting at the table with me now is a, is a, was the 1st ever african youth invoice for the african union. she has been in berlin, where she's been meeting with africans who fled the war and ukraine. welcome. c d w africa a. we've just seen a report, they have one young man's account, but you have been meeting with others africans, if you can. can you tell us
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a little bit about what they told you. so i met with both students who are clean your crane and arrive to billing. we have a think about $300000.00 total fledge. crenan arrived currently in berlin. we don't have the exact number of africans in there. but i meant also with networks are self organized networks who are trying to help and who have been actually in the border, trying to support people with humanitarian aids. and i think it's, it's invisible. the african solidarity in berlin and within europe. i think there is an amazing solidarity for ukraine in general. but we know that people of color face 1st time discrimination in war and especially women and children. and i think bridges over borders because a lot my network and others are african diaspora network are doing amazing work in supporting but they shouldn't be doing the job of the government as well. so i think that's where the difficulty is when you faced the government and can you tell us about what the government should be doing?
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what kind of help should the government governments in the european union be offering specifically to the africans who are in the position that they're in? i think i think european countries and specially germany, it's a great that we're doing exceptional measures for refugees that have never happened before. right. but i think we should apply that to old refugees. an old people who are flee, a conflict and war, and not only for ukraine is which the solidarity with your current is necessary. the government actually germany have put in place article 24 of the residents act to make exceptional measures to have people residency and be able to study or work . but that doesn't apply to non ukrainians at the moment. and a lot of africans tells me that they turn down or turn back, or to put it back to their countries if they don't have the right information to what apply for for what, ok, can you just send us a little bit? the specifics about the africans who fled ukraine and find themselves in e u. member states, and e u countries. how long are they allowed to stay?
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what is the status currently in germany per specifically? it's under the 23rd of may, and that's where the government said they would announce by then when they would take any further measures or extend their stay. and that, you know, keeps anyone in the and no, and students who have done medical studies for 6 years and ukraine and their, and the last semester. well, going a future. yeah. they're waiting for them. and also what kind of psychological support they have currently to be able to apply or what kind of legal support they have to go and register and go through the process of the application which mostly also in german. so they face a lot of barriers and they need support, just like any other recognition. and you mentioned the students say people who were in ukraine studying the idea was to get a qualification. those studies have been interrupted. what can be done to assist people in disposition? i think, well, 1st of all, provide a legal framework, but also universities should open their doors and i've been talking to university, they have programs only for ukrainians. and i think if we can get 10 percent,
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20 percent of those scholarships, so those, you know that to an african student to be able to apply for and university here need to have 10 k udall in their account. who is a young person who can have that, that even a european young person. so you can not put all the barriers and expect people to, to find some exceptions to be made for, for students like this essentially would be a at we, we also saw that african governments and we have to be honest with a bit slow to react in all of this and what are some of the lessons to be learned on that front? i think more and more african solidarity because if we act together as african, we've shown it in the pandemic about. we handle the pandemic or because we have a pen african studied archie. i think african government maybe try to do by laterally and get their citizen back. but if we had a better coordination, we could have, even though we did get a lot, we have 16000 in ukraine, we go over 10000 out, and most of them return to their countries. so the one really remaining here are the ones who really need to, to finish their studies. right. and if they go back, they have nothing to do there. and they cannot have equivalence to their said,
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you have to stand him at a when i began the conversation, i was telling the audience about the fact that you were the 1st person to if i had the title of africa and unions, youth and voice, your cv, is, is remarkable in terms of the work that you've done to empower young people on the continent. and if you could just tell us a little bit about what you think young people specifically in africa right now, need not just those in ukraine that we can talk about what the african youth need most. i think too critical things and they're very related. one is financial freedom because we all need to buy to be financially free to have our own choices and to thrive and not just to hustle and worry about 3 meals a day and not have access to any other opportunities. so i think financial freedom and jobs with dignity and didn't hide. employment is the 1st and the 2nd would be leadership. we live in a continent that the average age of african youth is 20 years old, and the average age of the population of the leadership is 64. so we have a 40 year of generation gap and if we don't get the young people in leadership
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positions in masses, how can we have laws that to present us and to stay and the future is young. so this going to double in by end of the century. well, that's absolutely right. it's always good heavy. if it's not on the part of it, we have more time. but that just means we need to get you back. some side of that was a are having chevy. thanks so much. ah. are now as we just heard from air, thousands of african students have been forced to flee ukraine, but why studies so far away? well in nigeria, one reason is the disruption caused by repeated university strikes, which have been going on for years and years covered 19 restrictions on are largely over yet. students are still unable to learn because the lectures are on strike again. now it's a dispute that's a fixing a whole generation of students. d, w, africa's only searchable my santa has this report from lagos. here at the
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university of lagos, the doors are locked and a classrooms empty. normally, these corridors will be buzzing with students by the conscious lectures on strike, adding to the disruption caused by the governments in pandemic, and given to students another lesson in disappointment, academic staff, so the government is simply not paying them enough money to do their jobs properly the whole has university professor and less than $500.00 in a month. and that also has implication for retaining the best breeze in the university is not everybody who live the university, like i teach indian last. so you feel play lecture or us will pony. how to attract the best britain. this comment strike is the 11th time university, lecturers in nigeria have gone on strike since 2009. now that was a crucial year when asked suit, academic staff union and the god meant signed
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a deal, promising better pay and working conditions. but as the states, the government has failed to keep those promises. so they go on strike again. and this has left a whole generation of students, not knowing if they'll get the education they expect a i supposed to have finished last year because of the co v dan asked to strike and this is about our time to ways and so very, very sad is really painful, daria. we are so i can no leisure nor to nails, but is it without for dislike to be set on was are for, and then be nice like again, want to visit what this could take a long time. there is still a big gap between the assa union and the government. we reached out to the nigeria minister of education for every action, but despite several attempts, there has been no response. doctor ashley roo says university lecturers have been neglected for too long. i'm what was the bug raising 2009? how much is it today? the prize off? well, how much is it in 2009 up and delay lecturers in nigeria remained on that same
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salary. in the last 30 years, the university of lagos used to have a good reputation. but the anti and my jr in education system has become soon reliable. many choose to study abroad, please, because of the strength then the people go to places like ukraine. they seek better education is seek something just better than what we can afford. what nigeria has given us a settlement and the return of reliable university education at home would go far to unlock the potential for generation of nigerian students. ah, now could mildly a the new of canister. that's the question. burning in paris and berlin and other european capitals off to france decided to pull its military out of the crisis torn country in this a hell, a long running international missions to stabilize molly and strengthen its
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institutions are now in big trouble. and molly's in the group of a military june to russia has even been getting involved, or germany is foreign minister. and alina babel paid a visit this week to work out. what berlin's next move should be. b w chief international correspondent richard walker flew with her to molly from where he sent us the snake's report. touching down in a military plane on the edge of the horror in molly, this is a dangerous place. and german soldiers scanned the air field before opening up to the desert sun. an alina burbock has come here. his germany faces decision time here. and molly? should it keep a military present in a region shaken by crises of climate, change, hunger, and terrorism? or after many years and little progress is it now finally, time to quit. france has decided to pull out its forces. a huge step for the former
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colonial power. and the e. u has ended emission training. molly's army. this man is the reason why colonel assuming greater leads, the military hunter that controls molly after to cruise. in his many years. the regime is accused of showing no interest in returning to democracy and its deepening tides with russia. that's a big worry for the west. as the war in ukraine rages on. so the outlook was tough as bare book toward camp cast or the main base for german operations. here. aircraft fly from here run reconnaissance missions as part of united nation to mission called min, no smile. it aims to bring some stability to molly, meeting the troops, their boat made it clear that she wants to stick to the un mission. and the germany might even have to commit more as others pull out, put him into one to again,
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go back to the french have already announced that they will withdraw here. there is now also a special responsibility for our country, for the many other countries that are involved in this mission to consider together how we can continue this important stabilization mission in the future, in computers or for the field. and the question is, can germany deal with the military hunter had towards with hunter leaders in the capital banker there, balkan, her maryan counterpart, loggerheads over molly's military ties to russia, especially after reports were massacre involving russian fighters. doesn't mind, i'm doing this with my urgent appeal. why it's so important, including for the protection of civilians in molly that there is no cooperation with russia actors here on the ground on the might. the situation in molly is the situation in marty. and we hope that each of marley's partners will also respect molly's choices mighty molly makes its choices according to its concerns. just as
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germany makes its choices according to its confidence. ok. so what happens now? well, as an alina babble and the delegation of lawmakers travelling with her returned to germany, you can expect an intense debate to flare up in the weeks ahead. but they don't have that long to decide. next month, the buddhist talk, the parliament will have to vote or whether the mission will continue. the instability in molly hasn't only destroyed lives islamist insurgents and 10 bucks who also destroyed written history. for decades, africa has been seen as a continent, an oral traditions, but with the ancient texts. but we are now turning over a new leaf in that old story by meeting one man in money who has devoted himself to preserving ancient writings from african scholars who studied at the university of tim back to some of these manuscripts, stayed back to the 11th century making them a 1000 years old,
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but now you can access them from the phone in your pockets. dw news africa's flush to cora sent us this report. relics of history handed down from one generation to another. the theme box manuscripts are a collection of documents written by african scholars in miley, from the 11th to the 20th century. more than 400000 of them, a temporary li, stored in this library. the writing score by a broad range of subjects, including arts, medicine, size, astrology, mathematics and politics. don't wanna do that unless everybody says that in africa there is no written heritage. there is no art in history male that it's all oral analysis, but the manuscripts are our identity soon or that they are our history and they are our heritage. i'm a really the manuscripts are everything to us. for decades,
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doctor high dera has walked to preserve, enjoy attention to these manuscripts. in 2012, she had his attached to northern miley and attentive to destroy historical buildings and burned the manuscripts. but with the help of locals, hi dara secretly transported the manuscript. it beats at a time by boats and truck to the capitol by marco. now together with his team, i'm partners like google. hi, dera has been working to digitize the manuscripts. 5th, taking thousands of high definition pictures of the manuscripts and translated the text into different languages. for people all over the world to use. gonna include having a digital copy of the manuscripts will make work easier for researchers for students, for teachers with young and for historian with hulu. this studio for,
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they'll be able to easily access the manuscripts on their screen score. this particular money schools that i just read is titled good. gov and as i'm the dangers of power and basically talks about how given gifts and money in exchange for justice, east corruption and i find it very, very fascinating that from the 11th century, we can find so much wisdom that people and governments of id can learn from digitizing the manuscripts also means that even if any of them gets lost or stolen, the content will be preserved online. vis. digitization process is part of google's molly magic projects. the technology giant is partnering with his story as like a dora to preserve and share treasures of african heritage with the world
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from the dry smell of dust and parchments to the sweet scent of chocolate. easter bunnies and chocolate eggs are one of the top treats around the egg shaped globe. 75 percent of the world's cocoa is produced in ghana and ivory coast, but very few businesses on the continent produce finished chocolate product or proliance. but now in book, in a fossil, the nation's 1st shocker tear is putting an african spell on his products. and rebel as team of confectioners are perfecting their east transformation. the master toggle etc, learned his craft in the cradle of chocolate, switzerland. but he and rock idaho the prairie news heaven aroma all of their own. as a war local call was of or we have coconuts. we have some bela beans as i wanted because shoe nuts is peanuts and that's what it is of her law. all these ingredients give our chocolates,
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the unique flavor to can you are natural color or keep it. that means that a cannot be. customers can taste. blanca, this chocolate is made in booking. ok for shoes and they identify immediately with as chocolate. since last november, he opened their parties. every school 20 apprentices have already graduated in the sweet arts with a boykin abbey twist. for the last 4 years, he's been producing chocolate for his own boutiques, up in an up market neighborhood of the book in abbey capital. that isn't a chocolate says well, although the price is high, circle files have to pay the equivalent of nearly 4 years for single bar. but those who can afford it appreciate the difference as it is over the should like savoring the taste of home. just thing that you can glen for additional ingredients. recent chocolate is fascinating. more when we didn't know that you can mix more ringo with
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chocolate, to make it taste good. by the bow, bab says amie pepper. it's a beautiful revelation. law said invaluable that boundary by elac and still remember how he was entranced by his 1st taste of chocolate years ago when he was 8 years old and and bribed him with a chocolate bumble to convince him to play somewhere else. there was a start of his dream of popular rising chocolate in his home content. but in part providence means it's not easy to scale product up to look oh it what it, i'm sure this thing that i foreign coco gets only exported in one direction to amsterdam holding on offering. but today, more and more chocolate manufacturers, as setting our businesses, a bowl over the continent is to mobile, can offer food and for us in booking of fafsa, that's a problem. can you say, luke o e warrior? because i've already ins won't believe that our country is
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a good destination, should that cocoa beans lava fall? so we really are facing difficulties to import cocoa beans to picking a fossil liberal chemo fossil to endless dependency. he's piloting his own coco plantations. viola is a man with a passion to convince the booking abbey of his one truth. if i say with pride that i am really in love with chocolate. well, that makes 2 of us and that is that for the program this week, be sure to check out our stories on d. w dot com, forward slash africa. we're also on facebook and on twitter to day will leave you with pictures of isa celebrations on the continent. i'll see you next time, a back tooth
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in 30 minutes on d. w. think for chicken egg modem, chickens, or distress down there been bread to produce maximum heels, more egg or fat he made in record time. animal friendly farming looks different. breeders and scientists are searching a 90 minute r d w o. interest. the global economy. our portfolio d w business. beyond here, the closer look at the project,
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our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. versus wes, get us deb ahead with the w business beyond my name is jonathan dunn and i have paid almost every price of being a journalist and a country like turkey. i was threatened. i was jailed. i was a tad. more people like me and guardians of truth, john done done. and mexican investigative journalist, unable or not, this is, i mean, every day, the government is a mob. she's been digging the country soil to find out the truth. they want to kill me and they try many times. they can some of my
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sources just because they don't with me facing that gun can change your life. people need to know what is happening with gardens of truth. suddenly 3rd on t w ah, this is d w news, and these are our top stories. ukrainian police say more than 900 bodies have been recovered in the area around give. following the withdrawal of russian troops, lee said most of the dead civilians have been shot. an indication that many may have been executed. the number of dead is double that announced by ukrainian authorities almost 2 weeks ago. more than 150 palestinians have been
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injured for.


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