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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2022 11:15am-11:30am CEST

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leading violence worshippers can only hope it will be next year in jerusalem that their prayers for peace are answered here watching dw, in use up. next we have the latest edition of sports live, racing and silence, which is about a spanish racer who is successful despite being a woman. and dev, thanks for watching either with these places in europe or smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of you wrote record breaking sites on your back youtube and now also in book form with about us issue when i arrived here, i slept with a single people in a room as a 9th in it was harsh fair. i even got white hair is
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learning the gym and language help. yeah, i love this kids to me and craig help us to nikki, to interact with the say, you want to know their story. val migrants verified and reliable information for migrants with oh, oh oh oh, the passion and fascination of the engines, racing in competition is as old as the automobile itself. ah, lydia impaired?
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his dream was to become a racing driver, but she's had to overcome a huge challenge is i'm on the way. this is how she hits the re section. ah and all you all anyway, i wasn't racing in any championships. i had no sponsor nothing. and now it's amazing just to be in nevada and to be able to finish 3 races. that's already a big achievement. and it's the dream i wanted to fulfill your with the dream of being the 1st woman to win her category. but the spanish tory caught championships and navarro. ah, lydia does her race preparations in the hilly surroundings of alec hunting down in the southeast country? she is unable to rely on
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a hearing whether during training or in every day situations. ah, ah, bundle they don't mean you know, you're warm at night. i don't wear the hearing aids in because they can only be used for a limited number of hours studying. plus it's the time when i can disconnect and rest me. so hit on that, but so in order to wake up on time, i need in the large clock specially adapted to my knee. it has a part that vibrates under the pillow here. paula: i'm guided by physical sensations, which is why need the vibration function to wake up every day that he bohemia, and lydia also uses hearing aids in daily activities, such as listening to music via bluetooth. while watching tv, with the help of subtitles, ah, sometimes he removes the devices and takes advantage of the silence in order to
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relax or concentrate noon. lydia was born deaf and was given cochlear implants. at the age of 2. her father always supported her love for cause and speak, work over me better. it's all thanks to my dad who was a motorcross racer. and as i was his 1st daughter, he couldn't help but pass on that passion would fit. he taught me to ride the motorbike, but there was a problem. i'd lose my balance because bikes aren't very stable. my dad solution was to move on to carting, where you have 4 wheels and far greater stability. and that's how everything began when i was 7 years old and she immediately started choking up her 1st triumphs.
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being the early girl, however, would prove to be another significant obstacle to you when the up one day she said, i don't want to be a girl any more. they bully me at the races. i want you to cut my hair short like a boy. she had long hand, we caught it short and will not say that when she had the helmet on, no one could tell if she was a boy or a go yourself. yes he got to go to grapple yet. oh my god, i shall put it down. no father could bear his son losing to a girl. thank you. i asked to my mother to cut my hair short to look like a boy on bill so that people couldn't tell privacy. and to stop me suffering from that male chauvinist barrier. even hot on mission cletus, alabama. this is how i started carding with short hair, cornell billow court. but today she can focus on her treat with her partner always by her side. just dr. dr. try feel the confidence and push and don't worry. you have the entire day to practice whatever goes wrong to date. it's
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just the practice will corrected and everything will be okay. i'm on the your when i did on the dating lady, i thought when she takes of her hearing aids and goes to the bathroom or whatever, what am i going to do if she can't hear me when i knock at the door? and there's a miracle then i had the idea of writing notes for her. like we opened the door, i'm outside for it or i'm off shopping. if you want to give me the hearing aids to dry and sell, but amelia lo love you philip, will you please be my operating as my primary support for understanding people consol at night i removed the aids and i don't hear anything at all in thought for when i'm lying next to my partner and she's talking to me the lightest to week, i forgot. so i placed my hand on her throat. and that enables me to understand her enough where you get from it. but me, if i'm in and then the law in bridget a mom she always one small and never gives up. her goal is formula racing?
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i know she is now racing because that will serve as training and ladies future to compete in the women, syria, lewalma city. but a motor sports, an individual sense of hearing is of significant importance. oh, okay. but other forever, kevin crick, i'm brianna mazama with the other drivers. you just tell them to change gear. what is lydia come here? it's all she needs us to tell her. in hike is she has a little bit we can put in loki is nothing. it's all gonna move on by luck while we have a screen that shows her the rebs, i'm with eli delights in the top part as well where she can see the right moment to share what i can not when i go to public on the screen is here in france on the wheel, as i approach a band, the lights let me know that i have to shift down. and then i have to pay attention to see when i have to change gears again. ah ah.
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after each every training session, lydia had team work and further optimizing the car, it was more comfortable than the last time when there was no way i wanted to drive the downhill section at full speed. i didn't go full throttle because i still want to get used to the car, but i felt way more comfortable. more confident my whole wheel. yes, but i still want to improve. yes. okay, now we can see what's happening. lowering the gears and the process is better, right? over here you past way faster and breaking was okay. yes. the most crucial change in the d as career and life as a racing driver was a customized helmet. it meant no more racing in silence. mm hm. playing a paper for rollin that development was former formula one driver, mckinney naco seymour. so we got in touch with mark inane cover,
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who turned out to be the only person who could help with. and that's obviously something that i truly fan him, florida because it changed my life completely. no little in my family, my daughter, she also used hearing aids. i think that made me also be more aware that there's a lot of kids that they may have some type of limitation. how much are modified for formula one. but they only what they do is they do little modifications. but for lydia, they had to do a big modification. i flew with lydia to belgium and to listen to the company owners. and i think they liked her attitude, how willing she was to be racing, and they did that helmet for her will do something they've never done before. i saw the device where every day this goes to my ear and this to my head, connected by a magnet and the mom. and this is the helmet mark, and i have made for me. then i need these 2 gaps here for the magnets to fit inside the helmet properly, but are, can a mon puleo on chrome on there too, because i have to cochlear implant. okay. that allow me to hear while i drive.
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you've been with me there. cool. tough, mean throw, compete. there you can mean a estie don't care. schoolstrore with nothing is impossible. we set our own limits. i almost gave up because i wasn't enjoying it, but i kept going and that's what i want people to see that anything is possible. it gets you closer to the navarro race circuit. and finally, she was about to take the grid for her debut at the spanish touring car championship . ah ah
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ah, yes i was in the garage were now in the as to the 1st waste of the series thing that i'm worried because before i get into the car i'm nervous about once i'm at the wheel, i'm more relaxed. indigo, said ya, spending my time to learn a little martin brought up on it. so 1st grade was a go one step at a time with no rush to be in front and when, because you'll mess it up and you'll get a little bit how to remember when you drove caucus. yes. if you go max, you need maximum concentration to get everything, just focus and go for it. going with this, you fight. and with this you stay cool and think and go for it.
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and then there'll ah ah, she didn't take the check in flag, but everyone is happy. oh oh. oh. oh little yellow hearing may be inhibited but her other sense is a more developed. she needs to feel the vibration and behavior of the calm because i get that channel. i invite anyone to put in some a plugs and hear nothing and then go and drive home quickly. then you'll know what
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it's like for lydia. you sell august, ask you to live with us. yeah, because he's a party and is the 1st woman in the same class fits what it is. he had to go to the podium because you're the 1st woman in the set with the next step in her rigs. in korea, oh, but i mean i can put it on for me. the biggest thing about this race was learning and posting perfectly normal times. that's a solid start for achieving good results with with, with
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in good shape. stop stressing. because evidence shows it makes you sick. stress enhances the risk of an unhealthy lifestyle and flows down the body's natural healing process. it's time to put an end to stress with a few simple but effective training in good shape. d w. what does more do to people are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers. for 2 years. the author accompanies us our fist family in northern syria insights into the isolated world of radical islam. exact fathers and sons. in 60 minutes long
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d w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa. successful radio drama series continues them all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now coming up on dw health show how to combat strength the products of holidays at home, and why fish and sat song can lift your mood and what all that has to do with mind body medicine. welcome to in good shape.


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