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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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d, w ah ah, this is d w. news life from berlin, ukraine's prime minister vows to fight to the end. as russian forces close in on the besieged port of mario full. moscow also steps off a tax on key cities, including the capital key. po process says the world is see an acer of war. the pontiff tells the faithful ukraine has been dragged into a pool and senseless conflict. class in the buddhist league, up by and munich are closer to another title after winning at armenia,
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b. the felt there now just one victory away from league laurie. ah, i'm here. the bahamas walked to the program. ukrainian troops in the besieged port city of mario paul, having ignored a russian deadline to surrender. moscow says its forces have surrounded around 2500 ukrainian soldiers holding out in a huge steel mill. roches offense. ministry says it will destroy those who continue to resist ukraine's prime minister and says, the city has not fallen, and its forces will continue to fight. more than 10000 civilians have been killed in the weeks long bombardment of mario paul dw. rebecca reuters has more a russians gave the ukrainian soldiers until $1300.00 to day local time to come out
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with their hands up or, or risk being shot, being killed. they have, it seems it would appear have ignored that order. as just as you're reporting the prime minister saying that fighting continues, isn't all that surprising the as of battalion, those ukrainian soldiers defending the city have said that they are gonna fight till the end. they've said that all the way along since the beginning of this war, and they're famous here in ukraine, her for managing to defend that city, back in 2014. when russia invaded the 1st time. so it's very and surprising that they haven't hated that warning. now mary, you paul has been on the seed for weeks as we've been reporting and true atrocities and devastation coming out of that city. the stories are truly shocking, but it is a key target for russia both tactic, lee and territorially, if they are successful in taking mario paul, it will link up areas that the under their control in crimea and the don bass and
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also really give a big knocked the ukrainian economy and not able to use that port to export it. steel and wheat and other products. so definitely a key city, both sides of fighting till the end after that directive or the that ultimatum was given by rushes and, and he came out and said that, you know, if the, if the ukrainian soldiers are kill than any peace negotiations will pace deal a would die with them, but in reality, those pace talks have actually been on hold for some weeks now, ever since russian soldiers retreated from areas around keep around here where i am, i, the atrocities that that were found in their wake of their retreat. the retrieval really put the talks on, on a, on a back burner anyway, the ukrainians and russians not speaking to each other for several weeks. for a couple of weeks now. sorry. i, we were hearing rumors that a russian oligarch, roman abramoff,
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which was in town. he's of course famous for being the former on of chelsea, a football club. he was apparently here trying to sort of revive those talks. but today the foreign minister has said that russia and ukraine and not talking so definitely are still on ice. whatever happens in maryville will be decisive, and whether or not those talks can continue. russia is stepping up, it's offensive on ukraine's 2nd that he car, keith and the capital give images of dead civilians in the town of butcher outside . keith shocked the world earlier this month. and now residents are trying to rebuild their lives while the fighting may have ended in boucher mourning is far from over. locals here struggling to deal with what they went through. yeah, sure. what do you think i just prayed to day to stop crying. i didn't stop crying for a whole day. it is law, very difficult. difficult to talk about the war. now we need to come to our senses and then talk because we've survived these horrors and are constantly crying.
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christina flights of the bodies, the horrified the world a fortnight ago, a gone from the streets, but the russian troops, actions afresh, and residents mines up here again, they chased people like they were on a safari. less they tried to take the highest positions on the top floor of houses that they could see everything. no, no, just look at that rock for region in nearby bird younger. much of the town has been left in ruins, rescue as a still searching good bodies beneath the rebel. dozens of residence remain missing, and feared dead. while i'm bra, junker, and butcher the worst may be over. for now. far to the east in hawk eve residence still living under relentless bombardment in just the last few days, more than a dozen civilians have been killed by russians shelling at least 5 more died in strikes on sunday. survivors are traumatized. isn't i do it because you know, when
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a dog hears a bang and it starts to tremble all over, even if the noise is far away, i'm like that now. everything, every part of me is trembling here. unfortunately for hockey's inhabitants, the worst may still lie ahead. ukrainian officials warned that russia is preparing for a fresh assault on the battered city. hope francis has its leaders to he calls for peace referring to an ether of war. 3 in rome, the pope said the world the love as reconciliation. now more than ever, it was the 1st easter sunday mass with a crowd of the start of the pandemic. boy are going to leave it at other godaddy sheep. tens of thousands gathered in the easter sunshine at 30 revelling and their return to tradition. after 2 years of restrictions,
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pope francis delivered his address on christianity's most joyous day. yet his speech, a plea for peace, condemned to russia's invasion and the war in ukraine. sherpa chick fil a murdidlier though, may there be peace for watch on ukraine? oh, she so sorely tried by the violence and destruction of the cruel and senseless war into which it was dragged. since other inquiries dealt with her, she had been following please, and please let us not get used to war. who am here? let us all commit ourselves to call for peace. it took the okay from our balconies and in our streets, the peace had been left her back g o. pop frances, also appealed for peace in other regions. blighted by y
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o king that he made a conflict in europe also make us more concerned about other situations of conflate suffering and sorrow. situations that affect all too many areas of our world useful situations that we cannot overlook and do not want to forget. and jonas of it is a glory. afterwards, the pontiff took a spin through the crowds in his potent bill to celebrate the whole with the fateful, his smile, a rare sight lately. as many of his recent appearances have been somber as in nancy ations of the war in ukraine. ah, well, he has a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. there's been days of unrest in sweden, protests against pans, by a far right group to march and burn copies of islam holy book. the koran turned violent demonstrators clashed with police and several cities throwing stones and
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setting vehicles on fire. police arrested over a dozen protesters more than 440 people have been killed and flooding ad landslides in south africa. quizlet natal province rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors. one of the deadliest storms to hit the area. at least 63 people are still missing and many are fear dead. members, therapy in parliament says it will try to recover money owed by french presidential candidates marine le pen. the eas anti ford body says le pen misappropriated $137000.00 euros of public money when she was an m. e p. the far rights leader faces emmanuel, hong, in an election one off next sunday. sheila lennox. now, many people are heading off on their easter vacations for the 1st time in 2 years. and here in germany, research suggests that a lot of people are choosing to stay closer to home,
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mainly due to cobra 19 restrictions have ease in recent weeks just in time for the start of the busy vacation season. the final touches before service gets underway at this hotel restaurant on germany's baltic coast restrictions on the dining area have been relaxed, somewhat, making things a bit easier for the start of the tourist season via our vote invite or not. we still offer it under the test and vaccinated or recovered system of, of we are used to it by now or, but for restaurants, it's a big relief that regulations are being relaxed. cuffed layton, the beach front hotel is nearly big to capacity. this region alone is expecting some 300000 guests, but costs for holidaymakers have gone up some 15 percent. that stain to increase energy in fit prices, but it doesn't seem to be to tearing anyone to guess the merciless guess isn't it? except that the prices are climbing slowly. it's an unfortunate reality,
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but every one next megan's meter, nobody either finished us, you life. i want the kind of service that i get here. then i've just got to live with the cost of the above with you guys. lim, yavari on a movie, elite one list scoop of ice cream than usual, but no, it's not gonna make a real difference tourism experts see that g to cove. 19 germans still prefer to vacation in their own country. one is understood, we're hoping for a stable season. we're motivated and looking forward. we can live with the regulations that are still in place because the pandemic isn't over yet. i only been the terrorism sector in this region is expecting around $10000000.00 guests this year. and that would be a nearly record breaking season to some sports is now and by him unit coach eulley another's man says he's received death threats from fans at the club, but knocked out of the champions league this weekend. the bavarian moved closer to the been to seek a title after beating in armenia. bill felt julian,
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novels men's bye and have only the bonus league. it's a focus on now. 3 points in bill of feldwood, edge them agonisingly close to attempt straight title. and speaking of close, not even armenia keeper, stephan ortega knew how he kept this 3rd minute. robert levin dusky head are out. a huge slice of luck for the home side, but against by and nobody stays lucky for long. yeah, called the barrett laws and sending the ball into his own net, in the 10th minutes slapstick defending from the danish defender by and made it to nail in 1st half stoppage time. serge gabrey was initially flagged off side following a composed volley. before your shoe chemistry is pass was deemed to be right on cue by the video assistant referee. the bonus league leaders added a 3rd against their hapless hosts late in the game. young germany international
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jamal movie allah with his fourthly goal of a breakout campaign. 3. now the final score. happy ends to a tough week for now, guzman and his players. by a need, one more wins all, but still a tense consecutive march, the shallow only in berlin. keep rising in the buddhist league table toward i would ne scored 4 goals in 7 games. his 1st half strike held, union seal a to know when over i talked. frankfort. berlin, club anal 6 in the table. the been the segers other big showdown saw our be light sick, leap frog by a lever, who's in the table? hungarian dominic, so was light scored the only goal in the match, and important 3 points with leipzig now on the costs of champions the qualification . and here's look at the results for the rest of the we can spin the sticker
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action. as we thought, leipzig edged out, leave a coupon frankfurt, succumb to union, and a by an a knoxville, a felt often heim drew with foot clone, beat, got back toward spend one over volts berg her to berlin, thrash ox, berg and mines, and stood. got ju, nil all. and then fibers down baha and here's how the table shaped up after the end of a matched $830.00. a toddler race isn't done yet. deal dockman. so have a chance despite trailing by and by 9 points. and there's a fight for survival in the low half one point, separate stood guard in the relegation. playoff place from hotter berlin. you ought to dw news. his reminder of our top story, ukrainian defenders of the besieged port city of mario pole have defied a russian deadline. to surrender moscow because arrived at moscow has renewed
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attacks against the 2nd biggest that he car, keith, and also launched missiles at the capitol. keith well that's if you're up to date of next is doubtful. i'll see sim, a bite with people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border families playing bomb attacks in syria to these credit owners. we learned demonstrate people fleeing extreme round off counting 200 people around the world.


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